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June 13, 2021

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Quality of Various ‘Church Finder’ Tools vary. Some do better in some areas than others; all are incomplete (and fall short of the Glory of God)   Try several to get the best results

“Church Finder” Search Engines

Canadian Church Directory

Christian Church Locator

Christian Denomination Lists – Bing

Christian Denomination’s by Family

Christian Denominations by number of members

Christian Denominations – Wikipedia

Christian Denominations – Wikipedia, Simple

Christian Denominations – Yahoo


Church Seek.net

Find a House Church

Find a Church.com

For Ministry.com

National Center for Family Integrated Churches*

Net Ministries – Church Directory Search

USA Church.com – Christian Church Directory

USA Churches.org – Find a Church


Home Churches

Discussing House Churches

Organic Churches: Barna Group Research

House Church Resources

All About God.com – House Church

House Church Defined

House Church Websites

House Church Resource.org

Touch USA.org: Touch Outreach Ministries (helping to develop cell groups)

House Church Resource Links

Church Comes Home.com

The Real Church.com

Problems with the House Church Movement.

Home Church.org

Articles re: House Churches

Worldwide House Church Registry

The House Church.com

The Early Church

Christian Home Church Network.com

Online Church Services

Central Christian Church Online

Flamingo Road Church.com

Grace Chapel

Granger Community Church Online

Life Church.tv 2-4 services daily

Moody Church.org Live weekly

Online Worship Listing

Seacoast Church Online

Trinity Baptist Church – weekly