High Demand for Newly Translated Bibles Prompts Wycliffe Associates to Step Up Printing Systems for Underground Churches

(Orlando, Florida, USA)—Wycliffe Associates, an international organization that empowers mother-tongue Bible translators and partners with local churches in the advancement of Bible translation, says the demand for Bibles has dramatically increased—especially in the Middle East. In areas where Christianity is a minority religion and Christians risk persecution, even death, Wycliffe Associates’ Print On Demand system […]

Our God is a Missionary God –

In the late 1700’s, a young English shoemaker, read “The Last Voyage of Captain Cook” and was fascinated. That book sparked his interest, and he found himself suddenly curious about people all over the world. He began to read any book he could lay his hands on. He placed a world map on the wall […]

Wycliffe Associates Working to Launch 30 New Bible Translations Amid Tribal Violence in Papua New Guinea

(Orlando, Florida, USA)—Wycliffe Associates, an international organization involving people in the advancement of Bible translation, is undertaking efforts to launch at least 30 new Bible translations in the next month in Papua New Guinea despite recent civil unrest and tribal violence in some regions of the country. “We have seen how God’s Word heals even […]

When your child says, “Quit pushing religion on me!”

Have you ever heard this from your kids? “Why do you Keep Trying to Make me a Christian!” “You’re always trying to stuff God down my throat!” “Quit pushing your religion on me!” Sometimes, as parents, we want to just throw in the towel. Who needs this? If the kid doesn’t appreciate what your trying to […]

Walking the Walk – The Final Answer: What we are really Supposed to be Doing

Continued from Part IV: What Exactly are We Supposed to Do? Part V of V: Walking the Walk – What we are really supposed to be doing… But now …what does that mean for us on a daily basis! What, exactly, are God’s instructions for our imperfect… but trying our best …Christian Walk…? Walking our […]

Walking the Walk – WITHOUT Ten Commandments? PART IV

Continued from Part III – Fulfilling the Law Part IV of V: What exactly are we supposed to do in our Walk? Are all Ten Commandments mandatory? Of Course.  Some people try to cause division between Christians by pointing out that different churches number the Commandments differently, or put different emphasis on this one or that one. […]

Walking the Walk and..What?? “Fulfill what Law?” Part III –

Continued from Part II – “Does That Include Mosaic Law?” Part III of V: Are we supposed to kill Chickens or what? To fulfill the law…to fulfill the law…What did Jesus mean by that? Well, here are some other verses that mention fulfilling the law… [ Love, for the Day is Near ] “Let no debt remain […]

Walking the Walk, Part II – Does that include Mosaic law?

Continued from Part I; Walking the Walk, …and Why Part II of V:  So …what exactly are God’s instructions…. Well, there are the books of Leviticus and Deuteronomy, as well as the Ten commandments…for starters. Hmmm…but…do we really have to follow Mosaic Law in order to please God? Well, Yes and No. Yes, definitely we are […]

An Ambassador in Chains Explains Why

This morning before prayer, I saw myself standing in my tiny apartment. Then I saw myself as just one tiny person  – standing in that whole big building full of people. Then the building – just one in a city of buildings, and the city just one in a nation of cities, and then the entire world. I […]

Scriptural Perspectives on Euthanasia

A) It’s not up to us to decide when a person should live and when they should die. Christians can reject the humanistic idea that death is nothing more than a natural process: Gen. 2:17, Death is an unnatural intrusion into our lives as a consequence of the Fall. 1 Cor. 15:26, 56 Death is […]