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August 1, 2021

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WATCH: ‘To Pray Down Walls’: Georgia Prayer March to Go Around State Capitol Seven Times Saturday, Jan 2

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Garlow said the prayer march is not about politics but about the kingdom of God. "We want the will of God to be lifted up," he continued. "We want the word of God to be lifted up. We want righteousness, which exalts a nation to be lifted up."
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12-30-2020,Charlene Aaron

Georgia’s runoff elections are less than a week away on January 5.

The two races are between Democratic US Senate candidate Jon Ossoff and Republican incumbent Senator David Purdue and Democratic candidate Raphael Warnock and Republican incumbent Senator Kelly Loeffler. Before Election Day arrives, a group of believers is rallying Christians in the state and across the country to pray as part of an event called “The Georgia Prayer March.”

WATCH the event live below:


The march will be held at the Georgia State House in Atlanta on Saturday, Jan. 2.

Dr. Jim Garlow, co-founder of Well Versed along with Bishop Wellington Boone, of Wellington Boone Ministries are co-chairs of the prayer event.

“We’re going to be marching around the capitol building, the statehouse building in Georgia, seven times, just like a Jericho march,” Garlow told CBN News.”

“The purpose of the prayer is to see the Republic saved, to put it in blunt terms,” said Garlow.  “We have a critical election in Georgia and that election is going to determine the future of America. If we have an America or not.”

Garlow stressed that the prayer march is a non-partisan event.

“We are not specific regarding candidates, but we are specific regarding issues and policies,” he said.

“What we’re praying is holiness and righteousness, biblical justice and truth to prevail on the land,” he said. “We start marching at 12 noon. We’ll go around the capitol seven times. We want to pray down things like abortion. We want to pray down the walls of things like the wrong definition of marriage. We want to pray down anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism, anti-Israel. We want to pray down racial prejudice and speak racial healing across our land.

Garlow also highlighted why it is important for not only the citizens of Georgia but for all Americans to take part in the prayer event.

“What happens there is going to affect forty-nine other states in a way that we have never seen,” he said. “It’s really unusual for a state to have both their senatorial elections the same year. They’re generally staggered. They fell together for various reasons. Now we have the eyes of the world are focused on Georgia.”

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