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June 22, 2021

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Charismatic leaders insist election not over, predictions that Trump would win were not wrong

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"All of this is about revival. It is about the Lord Jesus Christ," not a political candidate, he said.
President Donald Trump

By Brandon Showalter, CP Reporter, Nov , 2020

Several charismatic Christian pastors and leaders who proclaimed that President Donald Trump would be reelected are maintaining that the election is not yet over and are holding fast to their predictions.

Though former Vice President Joe Biden has been declared the projected winner by many mass media outlets, and Biden and his running mate, U.S. Senator Kamala Harris of California, have also declared victory, a cadre of charismatic evangelical leaders who prophesied that Trump would serve two terms are standing by their words and that the 45th U.S. president will yet serve another four years in office.

“The rocks are about to move and Trump will be President no matter what you hear,” said Kat Kerr, a self-described “revelator” in a recent livestream of The Elijah List, a hub where many charismatic voices publish prophetic words and spiritual insights.

“It will start with a phone call and I can tell you, you will be shocked to see how much exposure comes from that, but Trump will win. He will be president of the United States, he will sit in that office for four more years and God will have His way in this country.”

Pastor Kent Christmas of Regeneration-Nashville — whose words at the Sept. 26 intercessory prayer event The Return in Washington, D.C., about a great revival coming to America went viral — said in a Saturday update on his YouTube channel that he knows many people are disheartened with the apparent election results but that he did not believe they were final despite some who are apologizing for proclaiming Trump would win.

“This is not political,” Christmas said. “This is not about Donald Trump or Joe Biden or politics or Democrats or Republicans. This is a war between Heaven and Hell and it’s about the destiny of this nation.”

“One of the things that God is doing [is] He’s knocking the silliness out of the Church. We have for so long had a haphazard and lackadaisical approach. And we’ve been so used to everything just working for us that we just assume that it’s going to work.”

Satan is not going to give up and permit the Church to assume its destiny, he continued.

“The Lion of Judah is going to roar again in this nation. This story, the ending has not yet been written. You cannot listen to what the Enemy is saying. You cannot allow the indicators that you’re seeing in the natural begin to shape your faith.”

Mike Thompson, who pastors Word of Life church in the Las Vegas area and who has also said Trump would be reelected, said both in a Saturday update and a Sunday sermon that the prophetic voices have not missed it and that the Lord impressed upon him that amid the ongoing election drama that he was to “give Moses a chance to work.”

“I realize that right now there’s going to be a lot of persecution coming against the prophets and those are in the prophetic and those who are followers of the prophets,” he said.

He believes that the election will ultimately be decided in the courts, likely the United States Supreme Court.

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