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August 2, 2021

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Political Climate Preventing 62 Percent of Americans From Sharing Their Views

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BY IVAN PENTCHOUKOV, The Epoch Times, July 23, 2020
A growing number of Americans feel that the political climate is preventing them from sharing their views, according to a new survey by the Cato Institute.

The institute surveyed 2,000 Americans and found that 62 percent are reluctant to share their views due to the political climate. In 2017, 58 percent of people surveyed expressed the same opinion.

Republicans are much more likely to be afraid to share their opinions than Democrats and independents, the survey found. More than 3 in 4 Republicans—77 percent—said they are afraid to share their views compared to 52 percent of the Democrats and 59 percent of the independents.

The reluctance to share one’s views appears to grow as respondents shift right on the political spectrum, the survey found.

The increase in reluctance was more pronounced among strong liberals, rising 12 points to 42 percent, compared to 2017. Reluctance to share their views among strong conservatives notched up 1 point to 77 percent.
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