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August 1, 2021

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Prayer Warriors, Not Protesters: Memphis Woman Leads Group Gathering to Pray Outside Hospitals

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“It’s a very uplifting feeling to know you are doing something through God,” she explained. “Doing something during a time where you might feel powerless.”
Praying in the streets

, Editor

A group of people from Memphis have been gathering together to pray at local hospitals as medical workers fight against the novel coronavirus.

Footage of the prayer gathering has been shared across social media thousands of times, according to WHBQ-TV.

The woman who has organized the prayer demonstrations, Aimee Coccodrilli, doesn’t take credit for it. Instead, she told the local news outlet, the attention should be on the “group of prayer warriors that care.”

Of those suffering from the coronavirus, she said: “Some people are dying. Their families can’t say goodbye. I can’t even comprehend that.” She went on to say she “can’t imagine” how difficult it must be for medical personnel on the front lines.

Even in the midst of this incredibly difficult time, though, Coccodrilli is grateful for the opportunity to pray.


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