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July 23, 2021

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Very Simple. Will God answer your Prayer?

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When I read that, I bawled. I wanted very badly to "be good" to "be on God's side".

My friend Ann rarely posts to Facebook.  But today she posted this;

When I was in high school, I saw the following conversation in a book I was reading:

I would like to be one of those who follows Jesus, but I’m not good enough,” said the one fellow.
You don’t understand,” answered the other, “Christians are people who know they’re not good enough, so they ask Jesus to help them.”

When I read that, I bawled. I wanted very badly to “be good” to “be on God’s side”.

My late husband, Jack (God bless him!) thought of a bumper sticker:

Christ died to save sinners.
I qualified.

My friend told me something her father told her: “A prayer said in a jam ain’t worth a damn.

I disagree. It is a very good thing to ask God for help WHENEVER you need it. Maybe this would be a good time?

….Yes, indeed.  Thank you for posting this, Ann.  prayer