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August 2, 2021

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Prayer: The Greatest Act of Love We Can Offer

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This woman’s story would break anyone’s heart. She’s a South Sudanese refugee living in Uganda. Her monthly food rations are limited to a little oil and grain, barely enough to last her family for two weeks. Because her children are starving, Laura Grace feels like a failure.
Prayer group

Kelsey Campbell | World Help | Friday, March 6, 2020

My mother pours her prayers onto the page every morning.

Consistently, she sits at her dining room table before anyone else is awake. Before the early sunlight has even trespassed onto the linoleum floor. Before she exercises, eats breakfast, or showers, she brings a list of thanks and requests to God.

Her notebook for prayer requests is simple: a plain, college-ruled notepad. It holds lists of names, circumstances, and dates beside each.

To say my mother is a prayer warrior is an understatement. And she doesn’t just live it out at our dining room table. She exemplifies it in life.

Every once in a while, as I was growing up, I’d catch a glimpse of my name near the top of her list along with my father’s and sister’s names.

And beside my name was usually a need, depending on what I was dealing with at the time. Today, her list also includes my fiancé’s name as she prays for our upcoming wedding and marriage.

But what if we took the time to learn the needs of our friends and neighbors so we could pray for them like we do our family members? And what if we expanded those prayers to include our town or city?

Or imagine being bold enough to take on praying for the entire world. You’d need a pretty big notebook to write down all those prayer requests!

But despite how impossible praying for the world might seem, I believe we can all “up” our prayer game and ask God for some genuine miracles.

Friday, March 6, is World Day of Prayer, initiated by women in the 1890s who believed prayer is vital for both home and foreign missions. It’s also a day when they specifically pray for and look for ways to support women and children in need.

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