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August 2, 2021

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‘I Can’t Believe I Ever Considered That’: Utah Mom Sought Abortion, Four Words From a Nurse Changed Her Life Forever

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, Faithwire Editor – March 9, 2020

Fourteen years ago, Ashley Mitchell spent the winter harboring a big secret. She was 7-and-a-half-months pregnant before her parents knew she was having a baby.

Mitchell had every intention of having an abortion. She and the guy she was with at the time decided ending the pregnancy was the best option for them, so she headed to a clinic to have the abortion. But after a consultation, a nurse told Mitchell she was too far along in her pregnancy — abortion was no longer an option.

“I went to the abortion clinic in Salt Lake City and a nurse came in and she said four words that changed my life forever,” Mitchell recalled during a recent interview on The Illuminate Podcast. “She said, ‘We can’t help you.’ She said, ‘You’re too far along.’ And in just seconds, four words completely changed the course of my life forever, changed generations, changed so much more than I even knew at the time, that didn’t even exist at the time.”

Pregnant with a baby boy, Mitchell was 26 years old.

She was immediately smacked with two options: adoption or motherhood.

“For me, at that time, adoption just became my option,” she said. “People tell me, ‘Oh my gosh, thank you for choosing life.’ And I was like, ‘You know, life kinda chose him,’ because that’s the headspace I was in. And I’m very grateful for that moment.”

“I didn’t know how much I needed him now and how amazing he is,” she continued, referring to the son she ultimately gave up for adoption. He is now 13 years old. “I look at him now and I can’t believe that I ever considered that,” Mitchell added.
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