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July 23, 2021

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‘God Alone… the Giver of Grace’: Did You Miss This Apology in Trump’s Prayer Breakfast Speech?

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“I’m sorry. I’m trying,” Trump said. ...Rep. Jason Smith reports, “A lot of people think Republicans and Democrats don’t get along. But every Thursday morning at 8 o clock, we get together Republicans and Democrats for prayer and fellowship.”
President Trump

By Abigail Robertson  – Contributor   February 7, 2020

WASHINGTON, DC – During his appearance at the 68th National Prayer Breakfast, President Trump took a few thinly-veiled swipes at his top political rivals, and that’s what the major news outlets focused on.  But what got overlooked by many was that the president also apologized for not always loving his enemies.

“(People of faith) like people, and I’ll be honest, they sometimes hate people. I’m sorry. I’m trying. When they impeach you, it’s not easy. I’m trying my best,” Trump said.

That “I’m sorry” came after the normally politics-free morning of prayer had already taken a partisan turn with the president still reeling from years of impeachment attacks and threats by his political opponents.

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