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June 22, 2021

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Kanye West Shares Testimony at Youth Conference: ‘Jesus Can Save a Wretch Like Me’

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“If some of our leaders would show that type of humility, maybe we’d start seeing revival across our country,” he said. “What you’re seeing is that the gospel never changes, but the gospel can penetrate any culture. And I think what’s happened is a lot of times we tried to retreat when in Scripture it always tells us to go forward. I think it may be Christianity going into pop culture instead of pop culture coming into Christianity.”
Kanye West

Mikaela Mathews | ChristianHeadlines.com Contributor | Tuesday, January 21, 2020

Kanye West has yet to show signs of stopping his Sunday Service tour. As reported by The Christian Post, the rapper-turned-evangelist gave a gospel-oriented performance over the weekend at the Strength to Stand youth conference in Tennessee, declaring his victory in Jesus.

“I believe Jesus died for my sins. There was a time when the devil had me,” he said to over 12,000 students. “Do you know the good news? Jesus can save a wretch like me.”

The Sunday Service choir was also in attendance and sang songs such as “Ultralight Beam,” “Every Hour” and “Revelation 19:1.” Their performance also included traditional hymns such as “How Great Thou Art” and “Jesus Loves Me.”

The choir members were dressed in all gray, including Kanye. He spoke the lyrics of songs from his smash hit “Jesus is King” album, which included “Selah,” “Follow God,” and “Closed on Sunday.” Then, he handed the stage to his pastor, Adam Tyson.

“The Father is saying to his son, ‘If you’ll come back, I’m so glad you’re back, I love you,’” Tyson said while sharing the story of the Prodigal Son. “Are you hearing me this morning? If you come back to the Father, He runs after you. He loves you. He wants to embrace you. He wants to give you a holy kiss; a kiss of mercy; a kiss of love; a kiss of acceptance. It’s from the Father and it’s for you. It’s forgiveness for you.

“When you come to Christ, when you come to the Father through the blood of Jesus, He gives you the garment of praise,” he said. “He gives you authority over sin and you have authority over the devil and over this world.”

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