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June 12, 2021

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POWERFUL Message at the 2013 Inaugural Prayer Breakfast Remains Valid –

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The initial link to this speech was quickly removed.  A new link had this message under it…

“Published on Jan 27, 2013…This video has been erased, made “private”, and held back from people seeing it. So, what truth is in it making it such a battle to see it? Speak! The World Is Listening!”

This was an amazing message given to a huge roomful of politicians in DC on Monday, January 21, 2013 … Many of the politicians were probably there just to be ‘seen’ and probably expected nothing more than standard fluff to be spewed –

This is a MUST see! –



….“We have now reached the point, this day, that a minister was driven out of the public square, barred from praying at the inaugural service for the simple reason that years ago he preached a sermon simply saying what the Bible has always clearly said regarding sin. It is a new America in which one can be banned from the public square simply for believing the Bible, where profanity it treated as holy and the Holy as profane, a new America where the Bible is treated as contraband and nativity scenes are seen as dangerous.

“Our culture has grown increasingly vulgar, godless, and darkened. We too now defile, ridicule, and blaspheme the name of God. It wasn’t that long ago that American television closed its broadcasting days with sermons. Now our televisions and computers screens are filled with word and images once unimaginable and God and Jesus have now become objects of comedy and mockery. It’s as if a spiritual amnesia has overtaken the land. The Lord asked Israel, “Can a nation forget its God?” And yet Israel forgot. And now we too have forgotten. America too has forgotten her God.

“And we too, as a nation, have partaken in the darkest of sins. Tomorrow is also a milestone of history. Tomorrow marks the fortieth anniversary of the day that America legalized the killing of its unborn children. Israel offered up thousands of its children. America has offered up millions. Fifty million souls are not here today. Fifty million people will not be here, watching or cheering at the inauguration. They’re silent, for their lives were legislated out of existence, even from this city. And in order to hide the magnitude of our moral descent, we redefine words and change their meanings on this and other sins. And yet a thousand apostate ministers swearing on a thousand Bibles will not change a jot or tittle of God’s word. Though silent, they cry out in bearing witness to the darkest of our sins. And God hears them. And as He spoke through the ancient prophets to Israel, so His words now echo down to us, “When you lift up your hands to be in prayer I will not listen. For your hands are covered with blood.”

“The time is late. The hour is critical. A great nation proceeds in rapid spiritual descent. And the signs of warning and judgment are manifesting in the land. The shadow of judgment is upon us. And for those who would be ask “How, in light of judgment, can one be saved, or safe?” We give this answer – The word in Hebrew for safety and salvation is Yeshua. Yeshua is the name which we know in English as ‘Jesus.’ Outside of Him there is no safety. But inside of Him there is no fear. It was for Him and in His name that this nation, this civilization, this city on a hill, named America, came into existence. And it is only to Him and in His name that its problems can ultimately be answered. He remains the answer, the light in the darkness, and the hope when all other hopes are faded and gone. And to all who come, He will receive. And He calls out ‘Come.

“For all you who dwell in darkness, it’s time to come. And you will not be turned away.

“And for all you who know Him, for you His people, it is time to put away any shade of darkness and compromise – and take up the mantle of your calling.

“It’s time to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world you were called to be, in truth, in power, and love. It is time to light up the darkness.

“It’s time to be strong. It’s time to be bold. It’s time to be radical.

“The watchmen are crying out, and the trumpets are sounding.

“And the voice of the Lord is calling to this nation, and saying “Return,”

“And calling to His people and saying, “Return,”

“Let the word go forth. Let the power of God be seen in this land. And let revival burst forth like a mighty river.

“The voice of one crying in the wilderness:

Prepare the way of the Lord

Prepare the way of the Lord

Make straight in the wilderness a highway for our God”