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June 13, 2021

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It’s Christmas; be Christ-like

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Your family is readying to share Christmas Eve or Christmas Day together. You’ll have opportunity to be with cousins and uncles whom you rarely see. Someone in the family was diagnosed with cancer this year. Someone else is having a very tough time in this economy. Be there for them.

If you can’t speak the name of Jesus Christ out loud within your extended family, don’t forget to show the face of Jesus Christ in all that you think, do and say over the next few days.

Be a reflection of Jesus Christ for them. Hold your temper. Practice patience. Help with the dishes. Give that extra gift to the sibling or cousin you really can’t stand. Show them love. You might be suprised by what comes back.

Don’t forget to pray before all events. Make sure your on the same page with Him. If you get your heart connected with the Lord before the big dinner, it will all go that much better.

Bless you!

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