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August 1, 2021

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Prayer for dealing with hurts

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Forgiveness, jailhouse ministry

Continued from Part III, Seven Promises of Forgiveness

Steps in Prayer to find relief and release from the pain of having been hurt by someone –

Some like to have a Prayer Partner to walk through this with.  Others prefer it to be just between them and God.  Either way, Go before God in prayer and…

  1. · Identify the hurt you feel.
  2. · Admit you are angry.
  3. · Admit you want to hurt back.
  4. · Acknowledge that hurting back is futile, damaging and increases evil.
  5. · Release the need and choose not to hurt back.
  6. · Absorb the hurt for Jesus’ sake.
  7. · Turn your self and hurt over to God.
  8. · Turn your “enemy” over to God, trusting Him for justice.
  9. · Meditate on the justice and mercy of God
  10. · Feel your enemy’s need for mercy in the face of God’s justice.
  11. · Pray for your enemy from a heart of compassion.
  12. · Look beyond their faults and see their needs.
  13. · Respond to their needs rather than punish them for their faults.
  14. · Thank God for lifting the burden of justice from you and fore making you a minister of mercy, reconciliation and healing.
  15. · Worship God who is glorious in satisfying both justice and love.