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August 4, 2021

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Six Self-Destructive Tendencies:

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The following destructive tendencies alienate us from people, prevent spiritual growth, and make us miserable:

· Treating people as objects to be manipulated.
· Resenting and dwelling on circumstances that are painful, unpleasant, or humiliating.
· Becoming angry and resentful when you lose control of a situation.
· Giving up or reacting with anger when shown to be wrong.
· Becoming paralyzed – unwilling to move forward when afraid
· Dreading problems instead of accepting them as challenges.


· Avoid dwelling on the negative – that is, thinking critical thoughts or making negative, argumentative comments. These alienate others, arouse hostility in you, and undermine your own self-esteem.

· Give frequent encouragement to every person in the house. Compliment and respect others. Respecting people whom God has created helps us to respect ourselves.

· Meditate regularly on God’s Word. He loves us and communicates with us through the Bible. This book can help individuals keep a realistic perspective when there is a tendency instead to slip into thoughts of one’s own inferiorities and incompetence.

These are all points that I pray the Lord helps me to remember and practice every day of my life, but especially this time of year – when I want so badly to be a blessing to my family, rather than a pain in the rear. Lord Jesus, please help me to be courageous over my fears and positive with my family. Help me to remember to read your Word daily and take time to be alone with you. I ask this in your Holy Name, Amen,