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August 2, 2021

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Liberty bans disruptive, attention-seeking pastor from campus

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On Monday, Liberty University banned from campus a pastor who had threatened to come onto campus and hold what he claimed would be a “prayerful” protest against the conservative stance the Liberty administration has taken over the last few months. 
The founders of Liberty University have historically taken strong and controversial stands on issues – the Trump administration is not a new direction for the school.  However, the banned pastor claimed the school – which is one of the largest Christian schools in the world and preaches the Gospel daily – is now “one of the most hostile environments for the gospel in the US.”  A few days ago, he tweeted that he planned to hold a protest against the school, and then showed up on campus Monday.  
The campus police escorted him off the grounds and told him never to come back.  Good for them. The man can most certainly pray for the University in myriad other ways and places off campus if he wishes.  But he is not entitled to do it on their private property, potentially disrupting students and classes.  Liberty University is not a public institution.  It is a private school and its students pay quite a bit of money to be there for the well-known brand of education that the school offers.  The students chose the school – none were required to enroll there.
Liberty is under no obligation to entertain demands for attention from those who do not agree with the mission of the school.
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