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July 23, 2021

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Impromptu Baptism—the Start of Something Wonderful

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Five young men confess Christ, help translate 14 books of the Bible.

Wycliffe Associates, Oct 21, 2016

The sun was setting on the final day of the MAST workshop. It had been a labor-intensive two weeks, with 27 mother tongue speakers coming together to translate Scripture into their heart language. But it had been a labor of love . . . and blessing. The team had completed drafts for 14 books of the New Testament!

An air of celebration and humility filled the place as God’s spirit washed over the participants. Then something wonderful happened. Five young men—new believers with hearts overflowing with the knowledge of God’s grace and goodness—asked to be baptized. Right then.

Under the cover of darkness, the group slipped down to the Indian Ocean. With hands held high, they sang praises to God. And one by one, they were baptized in the name of the Living Water.

While this was a beautiful ending to a very productive training workshop, it really reflects the beginning of exciting things to come. In fact, we’re already seeing fruits of the labor.

One of the men who was baptized returned home and led 10 people to Christ.

With support from friends like you, a follow-up translation workshop occurred and another 20 people accepted Christ and were also baptized! Please join us in covering them in prayer as they seek to complete the New Testament.

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