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June 12, 2021

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Help save 6-yr-old Lexi!

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URGENT PRAYER: A little 6-yr-old girl was torn from her home Monday, 3/21/16 – taken from the only home she has known and loved to be placed with strangers.
This is due to the Indian Child Welfare Act – which pushes the false and racist notion that children of even a small amount of heritage are somehow different from other children – and do not bond, love or thrive in homes outside of Indian Country.
Tribal governments – which receive more federal money per head – claim it is in the genes.
This racist notion is pushed by media and even our Congress – BIA - DC - Copyalthough no such gene has been shown to exist – and despite testimony of myriad children, adults, and families of heritage across the nation that they are content, happy and thriving in their homes outside of Indian Country.
Many families have left Indian Country because they DO NOT want to be chattel for tribal governments.  
– The  family of the author of this post is one of them.

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