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August 1, 2021

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Truly Faith Based Family Bible Camp: Hungry Horse, Montana

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For over thirty years, Mjorud Family Bible Camp operated without charge to the hundreds of diverse families that attended. There, families received housing, three full meals a day, as well as amazing speakers, prayer, music, sports, hiking, fellowship and rest at no cost. Nightly, the ministry made a request for free will offerings. There was never any pressure to donate, and no questions were asked or record kept if one didn’t.

Amazingly, without fail, enough funds were brought in each year to meet the budget. In fact, more than enough was consistently donated. Did they save the excess for the next year? No. Genuinely a faith-based non-profit, the excess was annually donated to a mission in Sri Lanka.

Twenty years ago I told Pastor Mjorud that if not for this camp, my family wouldn’t be able to afford going to any family Bible camp. He responded, “That’s why we do it.”

Pastor Mjorud retired the Family Camp eleven years ago, and two years later, he passed away. But last year, on the tenth anniversary of the retirement, families having missed the blessing of such a truly faith-based ministry, gathered again at Glacier Bible Camp in Hungry Horse Montana. The families, blessed by the renewed experience, asked the organizers if this could again become an annual event.

So the Mjorud Family Bible Camp is scheduled again August 6-11, 2016, in Hungry Horse, Montana. The Family Camp rents the A of G Bible campground for the week, where there are cabins, lodge’s, camping spaces, a cafeteria, and large sanctuary available, as well as playground, miniature golf, and close proximity to Glacier National Park.

So in the words of the organizers, “Come and renew acquaintances with old friends – and/or make new ones. Bring your family, friends, and neighbors. Expect great things from our wonderful Lord Jesus Christ as we gather to honor, worship, and learn from Him.”

Mjorud camp is Christian, evangelical, and non-denominational, and praying fervently for a fresh outpouring of the Holy Spirit this year. Visit http://mjorudfamilybiblecamp.com/to register.