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June 12, 2021

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Thanksgiving Honesty from a Fellow Traveler –

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by Mahto Oyuspa –

“I know we are living in a day and age wherein a few whiny Indians (well, at least they look and sound like Indians), and their activist buddies (with really loud voices) are trying to tell the American public that Native people don’t celebrate Thanksgiving but rather celebrate a National Day of Mourning.
This small, but noisy group fancy themselves as experts in history and love to re-hash, and even rewrite the facts of the original Thanksgiving.

Well, I can only speak for myself here but I could really care less what happened in 1620, or 1720, or 1820 and so on. I love Thanksgiving, plain and simple. We put on a community A-slice-of-pumpkin-pie-on-a-thanksgiving-dinner-tableThanksgiving feed this past Sunday and had a great turnout. Matter of fact we ran out of food and actually had to shut down early (which was my fault).

I bought a turkey this afternoon and it is thawing in lukewarn water as I write this. Every Native person I know here on SRST is also preparing for a festive time of family, fun, good eats, football, hunting, and other events surrounding this Thanksgiving weekend.

So, to my Native squad, near and far, I say have a great Thanksgiving and G-D bless.
And to all my non-Native brothers and sisters, I also say Happy Thanksgiving, and don’t waste your time feeling sorry for Native people, don’t apologize for history you had no part in, and don’t let anyone decieve you into believing all Native people embrace the image of the “perpetual victim”.”