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July 23, 2021

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Meet Paula Van Dyk – Compassionate Prayer Warrior

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The Christian Alliance for Indian Child Welfare recently asked Paula Van Dyk, of Alberta, Canada, to be an honorary board member for CAICW and she has accepted.

Paula has been a dear prayer warrior for CAICW from the time if its inception – and from even before that. She has been praying for Roland and Lisa Morris and the work they do from about the time they first met her at Living Faith Bible College in the the fall of 2000.

And when they say prayer warrior – they mean warrior. Her compassion for others, her passion for the Lord, and the steadfast time she spends in prayer is amazing. Many have been truly blessed by her – and her husband, John – over and over and over again.

Paula will be finishing her race soon – possibly within the next few weeks – having decided against further chemo. She is looking forward to being with Jesus. She says she will continue praying for us all from heaven.

Thank you, Paula, for honoring CAICW and others with your prayers, love, and acceptance. You will always held close in hearts.