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June 12, 2021

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Atheists threaten Pizza parlor’s church discount

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An Atheist group has sent a letter threatening litigation to an Arkansas pizza shop owner – for the crime of offering a discount to customers who bring in a Sunday bulletin.

If a business owner can’t give this type of discount, then how can restaurants give senior citizen discount, military discounts, law enforcement discounts, or free meals to kids under 2?

How can the Crazy Horse Monument in South Dakota give free pass to everyone who is Native American?

Do we really want to be a country where discounts aren’t ever allowed?  Pepperoni Pizza

The restaurant is still open for everyone to use.

A Muslim restaurant should be allowed to give discounts to women wearing scarves. Jewish restaurants should be allowed to give discounts to orthodox Jews.

And what about this?  – “Library Card Can Earn Discounts Around Town” –   http://durangoherald.com/article/20140821/NEWS01/140829935/Library-card-can-earn-discounts-around-town-

I am sure some will try to justify why discounts for the elderly, veterans and Native Americans are okay, but Christian discounts are not. .

We pray that this man does not stand down. He is correct that what he is doing should be legal, and we hope he takes it to the Supreme Court if need be.

God Be With this business owner as he fights this battle… we ask this in the Holy Name of Jesus.


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