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June 13, 2021

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Life is so hard. Nothing is working

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We only made it 20 miles last night before our radiator blew. I am grieving, because we needed so badly to get away as a family to Bible camp at LFBC. This last year has been so very hard.

Praise God that we were still close enough to be towed home. But the Lord knows that I don’t have the money to fix the Suburban. Why are all these things happening?

I am grieving, but trying to praise God at the same time – I cried out to Him this morning. I do not understand what is happening or why, but I do understand He has a Refining fire and God willing, all things can be accomplished no matter where we are. I need to submit to that. And praise him.

The Lord provided a miracle two years ago when some kids busted most of the windows in the suburban. That next morning, a church that had never met us went to a junk yard, bought new windows, and installed them that afternoon. Please, please, please pray with us another miracle.

I need, need, need to go to the camp. I need to be away with people, praying and listening, and thinking and talking and fellowship. The speaker is said to be very good. I had told the 14 year-old, who was rushed to the hospital three weeks ago with alcohol poisoning, to take the opportunity to see and hear. And the other two kids wanted to see their friends so badly. And we were to meet my 19-year old there tonight and spend the week with her there. We were bringing her her dog because I can’t take care of it. And I was going to get to play with my grandson all week. I was going to take his stroller and push him around and play in the park after sessions.

Is there any chance for us still to go? Only by a miracle of the Lord. Please, please help us pray for a miracle. I have so many questions, and such a struggle here with our business and in where we live. I need help.