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July 23, 2021

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Notre Dame Students Clueless to Christ

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Many Notre Dame Students are supporting Obama and are glad to see him speaking at their commencement. They are outraged that “outsiders” are raising a stink about Obama.

It is unfornate and sad that these students were able to spend four years at a supposedly Catholic Christian University, but learned nothing about God and about being a disciple of Jesus Christ. Obviously, Notre Dame didn’t do its job and educate these students. The students that were interviewed were clueless as to why the protestors were there. (How much did their parents pay for the education they received??)

Notre Dame was originally founded with the intention of furthering the cause of Christ and raising up new generations of Christians. When and why did Notre Dame leave their original purpose?

Maybe it’s appropriate that Obama receives an honorary degree from this university – a piece of paper earned for just showing up and having paid his dues. Many of these graduates are receiving one as well.