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August 2, 2021

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Stop Obama’s Destructive Legislation

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I recieved this letter from a friend today:

“I am sending this out to some people on my list who profess to adhere to Christian principles or those principles that are similar. As you know, America is in trouble. We now have an administration that is taking advantage of this economic crisis to fund social re-engineering projects under the pretense of “economic stimulus” with no financial basis from which to draw the money being handed out. We are seeing a huge percentage of funds in these early hand-outs going to efforts that will continue to erode the freedoms we now enjoy.

“I normally do not send out a petition like this. In fact, I am often skeptical of them or their effectiveness, but my mind is changing. We are called to peacefully petition our government for righteousness and justice. This is an opportunity. A simple signature on this petition is one more effort to accomplish that. And, passing it on to others you know with similar adherence to the principles of a limited republic established by our founders will allow them to express their position.

“Though we would like to separate abortion, the subject of this petition, from “the economy”, we cannot. And the administration is showing it will not. As Francis Schafer taught us more than 30 years ago, “Abortion leads to infanticide and infanticide leads to genocide.” It happened in Germany and is happening in America.

“With the unfolding of current events as rapidly as they are, this is our first step in resistance to evil. The next step is currently brewing around the United States. I am reading of “tea parties” (open resistance to this massive government spending and taxing) that are already scheduled in over 2,000 cities across the US for tax day, April 15. If we ignore our government‘s actions via methods like this simple petition, we will then be given the opportunity to also ignore the increasingly open rebellion that is brewing. It is best to peacefully resist in favor of freedom, always first and whenever possible. I fear that if we do not, we will be facing the same thing German citizens did prior to Hitler’s rise to power. That rise became unstoppable because the church not only stood aside but often endorsed Mr. Hitler’s philosophies and ultimately his actions of genocide. Few resisted and though there were others, Dietrich Bonhoeffer is the only name that comes to mind. Do I say genocide is coming to America? All I can say is that we are following the same trail and I believe we need to resist every attempt to take our freedoms away unless, like the German people and the illustrated frog in slowly heating water, we wake up one day seeing a cauldron around us and wonder whatever might have caused this?

“If you do not live in the States, I suggest you forward this on to those who you know do.

“President Elect Obama said during the campaign that one of the first things he wanted to do was sign Foca (Freedom of Choice Act) into law.

“Foca would lift all restrictions on abortions.It would force all faith based hospitals to perform abortions. Christian Doctors would be forced to do abortions even if they felt it was wrong, because it would now be law. The Parents of younger girls would not need to be notified. And lots more. We need to sign the petition against F.O.C.A.

Please go to http://www.fightfoca.com/ and sign the petition.
Thank you.

Sincerely, Russ Wahl”