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June 22, 2021

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God Bless the Palins and McCains

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Some are already blaming Sarah Palin, Fox News, President Bush, and even Joe the Plumber for Senator McCain’s loss. They are saying Conservatives are dead and America has moved left.


Despite Bush’s unpopularity, fatigue with Iraq, Obama’s charisma, McCain’s age, the fact that this was a Democratic year, the $600 million that Obama received, the blanketing of Obama ads, the media bias for Obama, and the economy, John McCain got 46% of the popular vote.
Stop and think – that means despite all those things against him, almost half of America still preferred McCain over Obama.

If McCain had run a good campaign and brought home the fact that he had been fighting for years to stop Fannie and Freddie from doing what they were doing, and just a couple of those above factors didn’t exist – what would have been the result?

I think that all things considered, Senator McCain did very well. This election in no way means that Conservative views were rejected.

Sarah Palin still represents the conservative half of America – which still has a right to exist and is not going away.

God Bless the Palins and McCains. I pray the Lord now leads them in the direction they are to go in order to serve His – The Lord’s – Holy purposes. And I pray the Lord leads us as well. Lord, please give us all the wisdom and courage to do whatever you ask of us. I ask this in the Holy Name of Jesus.