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August 1, 2021

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Christmas…a time to ignore the mocking and speak the name of Jesus Christ

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While it is true, as they say, that there appears to be a media war on Christmas with many businesses and government entities feeling they can’t even mention the Holiday by name, Christmas is still the one time of the year when it is acceptable to the name Jesus to most of your non-Christian friends, family and co-workers.

It is still okay to send Christian themed Christmas cards with pictures of the baby Jesus adorning the front and perhaps a Scripture verse inside. That’s the simplest way one can express Jesus Christ to one’s non-believing loved ones.

But your newsletter is an even better place to express Christ. It doesn’t have to be an in-your-face declaration of belief or a long drawn out theology essay. But it could be if that’s what you feel drawn to do.

One of the best ways to express Jesus Christ in your Christmas newsletter is to simply tell the wonderful stories of the various events throughout this last year that really spoke to you about God’s love. Tell the story. Tell how He’s been there for you, how He’s taken care of you. How He has taken care of others. How He has directed you to care for others. Tell them the story. I’ve told the story of the tree that came within inches of hitting one of my sons. The timing on that was a miracle, as he’d just gotten in the door when the tree trunk fell smack across the stoop. That was only one of many great stories we’ve had to tell. I’ve been amazed by the responses I get year after year. Now, when I have a crisis, my non-Christian sister has more faith than I do. She says quite sincerely, “oh, it will be resolved in a couple of days. It always is with you.”

I always put somewhere on my newsletter every year that Jesus didn’t stay in the cradle. He grew up, suffered, died on the cross, and rose again for our sin. (not those exact words, but to that effect.) I don’t put much more than that, but I could if I felt it would have an impact. If you feel lead, tell what ever part of the story you wish, or devote your entire newsletter to God’s glory and Gospel. After all, it really is the “Good News.”

The important thing is to not to miss the opportunity to use the newsletter to speak to your beloved family members – especially the ones you rarely have a chance to sit down and have a one-on-one with. Christmas newsletters go out to everyone on your list. It’s time to use them for God Glory.

The other thing that is fun to do at Christmas (and Easter for that matter) is to get Christian themed gifts for your non-believing Grandchildren or the children of your non-believing sibling’s.
I was very surprised at a woman’s Bible study several years ago when a few of the elderly women were saying that they have no idea what to get their young, non-Christian grandchildren. The answer is so simple. Veggie tales movies are a great gifts. They never say the name of Jesus Christ out-right, which might cause non-Christian parents to toss the gift, but focus on the attributes of Christ through fun, creative Bible story oriented cartoon and song.

There are also fun children’s Bible CD’s and colorful books. Christian book stores are full of great gift ideas. They have ideas for the teenagers as well, including CD’s, books, jewelry, clothing, and nick-nacks. Some of these items could be an open door to further discussion. Few things are more important than a Grandparent taking the time to share Jesus Christ with the grand kids.

Most times of the year it’s very difficult to find ways to reach out to non-believing family members. It’s sad to miss the opportunity Christmas gives us to be a witness for Jesus Christ.