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August 1, 2021

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Praying for the 2008 Election

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Lord Jesus,
Lord we bring this country before you. Thy will be done. We pray for all the very, very angry people on both sides of the debate. Lord, in Jesus’ name, help our country to turn to You and trust You. Bring peace and understanding where there is none, but at the same time – Your righteous discipline and response to sin where it is required.

Lord, I pray this country will turn to You on bended knee and know You are God. And I pray for all the Candidates, McCain, Obama, Palin and Biden. In Jesus’ name, Thy will be done.

We pray for God’s hand and choice in this election. May the right man – the man of Your choice – win this election. No matter how much money is spent, what accusations are made, what other countries think, or what kind of fraud is attempted, we pray for Your Will – and Your will alone – as to who will be president of our United States of America.

May the power of God be felt right now in our country. In Jesus’ name.