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July 23, 2021

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Way Cool! Hold on to that memory.-

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We were practicing music, and I asked Natasha to play the song she played for Roland at his funeral. In the midst of difficult times for the family, it helps to remember the Blessings we’ve had. To be reminded that they were real…
She hadn’t played it for a long time, so she hesitated, and then began to slowly play that familiar melody that always moves me. Ronald began to work in a delicate accompaniment with the drum. I closed my eyes and just felt the music, swayng where I stood. I almost imagined Roland listening along. When I opened my eyes, Ronald had stopped, and Natasha, following his lead, was finishing up. Then Ronald grimaced with his face, and wiped at a tear. I thought he was joking like he usually does, so I laughed. Then I realized he was really crying, and hard. I’ve never heard him sob like that, hardly able to get his breath. I went over and held him for a little while, until the heavy sobbing subsided. Then I sat down, and we all waited for him, as he continued to cry silently for about another ten or fifteen minutes.

When he could finally talk, he told us that he could feel Roland’s presence in the room while we were playing, and when he looked up, he saw Roland standing next to me with his arms around my shoulders.

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October, 2005
From: Pastor Jeff

Way Cool! Hold on to that memory.

From: Callie
> Lisa Dear, As I read your e-mail, I immediately began to cry…even from a > computer screen the spirit> overwhelmed me. What a glorious vision and comfort. What a comfort and a > hope for Ronald. As we try to sort out so many things, rights and wrongs, > misunderstandings, etc. they seem to encompass and overwhelm us at times. > The whispers from the Lord like Ronald’s vision remind us that it’s about > God’s perfect love and grace for each of us, that He cares about us and it > means everything to Him to let us know His comfort and perfect love. What a > precious gift, especially after the difficult weekend you’ve had. Thank you > Jesus. Love, Callie

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From: Jenny

Oh my God

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From: Leslie

O Lisa. How very, very special. Thank you for sharing this lovely thing the Lord did for you all.

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From: Andi
What a blessing after that rough weekend you just had! I think you are receiving the strength that I was praying for. Roland is there with you, and Ronald saw him. Your family in Canada is bonding more tightly than they ever have before, and that’s exactly what helps everyone be strong in tough times.

My DAD –

A moving story indeed. I hope you all felt comforted by your experience.Tell Ronald that it is okay to cry in a situation like that.What I am worried about is, that there may be times when you do*not* have such experiences. That’s okay, too. It does not mean that God suddenly cares for you less. He doesn’t. He cares for you and for Ronald and for all of you just as much as before. It’s just that He isn’t always so demonstrative about it.Love, Dad

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From: My Brother

He’s not done with you guys yet…?