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March 6, 2021

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Christian News

Backlash: Dr. Seuss Books Fill Every Slot on Amazon’s Top 5 Bestseller List

John MacArthur Urges Christians Not to Support Religious Freedom: ‘I Won’t Fight for Idolatry’

‘No moral obligation to accept vaccination’: Christian medical groups push for conscience rights

Tennessee, Mississippi Ban Transgender Athletes from Competing in Girls’ Sports

‘Praise God!’: 125 Unborn Lives Saved So Far during Spring 40 Days for Life Campaign

Museum of the Bible Reaches Out to National Guard Members Who May Be Stuck in DC 60 More Days

‘Unreasonable and unfair’: Quebec cardinal slams authorities for reopening cinemas but not churches

Barna Research: Could Digital Prayer and Worship Be New Norm for Churches?

Amazon Guilty of ‘Woke Groupthink’ for Removing Trans-Critical Book, GOP Senators Say in Letter to Company

Venezuelan Christians Attacked, Branded with Crosses by Group of Hooded Men

Colorado judge dismisses 1 of 2 charges against Jack Phillips for not making pro-transgender cake

Pastor Held in Captivity by Militant Islamist Group Is Finally Released

Dolly Parton’s Rendition of ‘Amazing Grace’ May Become Tennessee’s Official Hymn

19-y-o North Dakota student who survived near-fatal crash was found praying at wreck

Watch: Child Being ‘Brainwashed’ to Recite ‘GayBCs’ Draws Serious Concerns

Belarusian Pastor Asks for Prayer after His Church Is Evicted from Its Building by Police

Evangelist Luis Palau Enters Hospice Care After 3-Year Battle With Lung Cancer

Teens in Moscow, Idaho, Face 13 Criminal Charges for Posting Protest Stickers Opposing Mask Mandates

America Is Burning Dr. Seuss’ Books on His Birthday

Christian in Pakistan Convicted of ‘Blasphemy’ Released on Bail

Conservative United Methodists to Launch New Denomination in 2022

VeggieTales Co-Creator to Release New Animated Series, The Dead Sea Squirrels

279 Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Recovered from Militants

Bethany Christian Services Says They Will Help LGBTQ Families Adopt Children

Pastor Tony Evans, Clark Kellogg Lead First-Ever National Day of Prayer for College Coaches

Iran is fighting two parallel shadow wars, partly to seek retaliation

Boko Haram Terrorists in Nigeria Say They Will Execute Christian Pastor Wednesday if Demands Not Met

Prodigal Father Movie by Master’s University Is Making Grown Men Cry, Filmmaker Says

Pfizer CEO: ‘Every year you will have to get your annual shot for COVID’

Did Cancel Culture Focus on Sean Feucht’s New Music? Distributor Admits Mistake, Releases Azuza Album

Student Suspended from New York-Based University for Opposing Transgenderism

Abby Johnson calls out CPAC for being complicit with the LGBT lobby

Christian Mother in Uganda Hit with Acid for Her Faith, Sources Say

Pastor in India Beaten for Refusing to Help Pay for Tribal Rituals

‘Living in Swamp Better Than Being Enslaved’: How Runaway Slaves Found Freedom in the Great Dismal Swamp 

Muslim Convert Broadcasting Gospel into Iran Says Country’s Growth of Christianity is Prophetic 

‘These Biological Males Are Just Taking It Away From Us’: Biden DOJ Drops Female High School Athletes’ Lawsuit

UK Pastor Is Fined over $14,000 after Church Meets in Pub Parking Lot

In Jesus’ Name We Pray’: New York Woman Loses Job, Leads Pantry Feeding Thousands

‘I Will … Dismantle Them’: Critical Race Theory Critic Ready to Debate at New York Times

9 elderly care home residents die in Spain days after receiving Pfizer’s vaccine jab

One of the World’s Oldest Esther Scrolls Is Gifted to Israel’s National Library

Pastor Jeremiah Johnson Temporarily Suspends His Online Ministry

Regent University to Host National Collegiate Day of Prayer

United Methodists Reschedule Meeting — And Decision on Splitting — Again

Children’s Rights Group Criticizes CA Judge’s Decision to Allow Gay ‘Throuple’ to Be Named Legal Parents of 2 Kids

Islamist Terrorists in Nigeria Threaten to Execute Pastor

Hasbro Drops ‘Mr.’ and ‘Mrs.’ in Mr. Potato Head Logo

Conservative Groups Launch Movement to Protect Children From Gender Identity Politics

New evidence exposes abortion and LGBT agenda pushed by orgs funded by US bishops’ charity arm

Children’s rights activist blasts judge’s decision allowing gay throuple to be named as legal parents of 2 kids

Three Christians Charged in NJ for ‘Intimidating’ Homosexual Salon Owner by Preaching ‘Homophobic Rhetoric’

‘I Will Not Leave Jesus’: Indian Family Forced from Village after Refusing to Renounce Christ

A promising treatment for COVID you’ve likely never heard of

Netflix Drops Trailer for Christian Musical A Week Away

Sean Feucht Brings ‘Let Us Worship’ Protest to Alabama

Chip and Joanna Gaines Transform Emergency Girls’ Shelter

Over 100 Evangelical Leaders Condemn ‘Radicalized Christian Nationalism’ following U.S. Capitol Attack

‘Our World Lost a Giant of a Man Today’: Celebrate Recovery Founder John Baker Dies

Major US pro-family group MassResistance suddenly dropped by bank

Israel’s National Library gains gift of rare 15th-century Scroll of Esther

LifeSite extends Unmasking COVID-19 Conference replays

Candace Cameron Bure’s ‘One Step Closer Bible’ Scores #1 Christian Spot on Amazon: ‘Dig Deeper and Know His Truth’

Abp Vigano: ‘Fratelli tutti’ means acceptance of everything…except being Catholic

Amazon Removes Conservative Author’s Book on Transgenderism Without Reason

Fathers Granted Veto Power over Abortion, Under Proposed Tennessean Bill

China is buying up British schools to teach positive view of Chinese politics

Country Singer Reflects on Rush Limbaugh’s Secret $100,000 Donation to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Lifetime Cancels D. James Kennedy Ministries Programs Due to ‘Controversial’ Biblical Programming

Arizona Church Raises Nearly $2 Million to Provide Counseling Services for Those Struggling amid the Pandemic

Megachurch Pays off $38,000 in School Lunch Debt

Discovery+ to Feature Film on Jesus’ Resurrection ahead of Easter

Social media alternative Gab briefly went offline after spam attack last week

False ‘Progressive’ Church in Nashville Says Bible Isn’t ‘the Word of God … Inerrant or Infallible’

New Movie to Tell the Story of C.S. Lewis’ Conversion from Atheism to Christianity

US Will Reach COVID Herd Immunity by April, Johns Hopkins Doctor Says

UN commission meeting decides against LGBTs’ favorite language

Smartphone generation ‘raised on hardcore porn,’ church must address coming ‘tsunami’: expert warns

The anti-hydroxychloroquine campaign was based in politics, not science: biologist

NYC Restaurant Server Fired for Voicing Hesitancy Over COVID Vaccine

Father Recovers Custody of Kidnapped and Forcibly Converted/Married Daughter

Pastor Turns Himself In to Police for Violating COVID-19 Regulations

Prophetic Movement Must Repent of ‘Idolatry’ of Trump and Politics, Jeremiah Johnson Says

‘The Bible Isn’t the Word of God’: Nashville Church Comes under Fire for Denying the Bible Is God’s Word

Biden Should Stop Calling Himself a ‘Devout Catholic’ while Supporting Abortion, Archbishop Asserts

Mohler Warns: Hallmark Movies Are Now an ‘Engine’ of LGBT ‘Moral Revolution’

‘I turned my back on God’: Franklin Graham’s past faith struggles, his ultimate turn toward God

US News

Video: Facts Matter (March 5): Judge Finds 78% of Mail-In Ballots Invalid, Orders New Election

29 Percent of Americans Welcome Dividing U.S. into Politically Like-Minded Regions: Survey

Court to Decide: Can Obamacare Force Christian Doctors to Perform Transgender Surgery?

Democrats’ horrifying ‘For the People’ Act would supercharge vote fraud, end America

Mother of child conceived in rape responds to Biden’s pro-abortion inaugural poet

New Survey Shows BLM Support Down, Police Support Up

CEO of CNN’s Parent Company Says COVID Pandemic Is ‘Really Good for Ratings’

CPAC 2021: Conservatives must embrace Christ, not LGBT

NY Gov. Cuomo Issues Public Apology Following Sexual Assault Allegations

UAE’s First Ambassador to Israel Arrives in Jerusalem

Texas Gov Announces End to Mask Mandate, Businesses to Open at 100% Capacity on March 10

‘We’re Going to Start Acting Now’ On Reparations, Senior Biden Adviser Says

Abraham Accords sees sweet results in form of D’vash business cooperation

GOP Lays out Strategy to Winning the House Majority in 2022

Freshman GOP Representative Facing New Allegations of Sexual Harassment

Wikipedia’s sharp Left turn leads its co-founder to set up a free-speech alternative

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem: ‘Fauci Is Wrong a Lot’

1,800 former Israeli generals, service members urge Biden not to return to Iran nuclear deal

‘A Sad Day’: New Mexico Repeals Protections for Healthcare Workers Who Oppose Abortion

‘Abortion monopoly’ Planned Parenthood now the second-largest provider of trans hormones in the US

Capitol Police Union Chief: ‘Many’ Officers Want to Retire or Quit After Jan. 6

Trump Says He May Run in 2024: ‘I’m Going to Continue to Fight Right By Your Side’

These Biden Priorities Target Religious Liberty: ‘It Treats Our Beliefs as the Equivalent of Racist Bigotry’

Democrats’ $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill forces taxpayers to bail out abortion industry

U.S. House Advances $1.9 Trillion COVID-19 Relief Measure

5 other times in history the US Capitol was attacked

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Responds to Sexual Assault Allegations

Virginia School District Declines to Celebrate Read Across America Day, Says Dr. Seuss Books Contain ‘Racial Undertones’

U.S. Supreme Court Orders California County to Permit Indoor Church Services

What’s in Store for the Equality Act, and Why Do Some Religions Want a Revision?

Boston Halts Advanced Learning Program Because Too Many Asian, White Students

John Durham Announces Resignation as US Attorney, Will Continue Role as Special Counsel

US Bombs Facilities in Syria Used by Iran-Backed Militia

‘We will not go back to the days of the failed Republican establishment of yesteryear’: CPAC 2021 kicks off

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem Signs Bill Protecting Babies Who Survive Abortions

Censures continue against NeverTrump Republicans who voted for impeachment

‘We Should Be Outraged’: Senator Grills Nominee Over Support for Giving Sex-Change Medicine to Children

House Passes Equality Act in a ‘Severe Blow’ to Religious Liberty, Women’s Rights

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo Accused of Sexual Assault

Gov. Brian Kemp Prohibits Future Georgia Governors from Limiting Religious Services in New Bill

Hundreds of Nigerian Schoolgirls Taken in Mass Abduction

Victim’s glasses found in car of South Dakota AG who said he hit a deer

Justice Thomas slams Supreme Court rejection of mail-in ballot cases: ‘Erosion of voter confidence’

Pence Praises Trump During Meeting With Republicans

NRA Files Lawsuit Against New York AG Over Attempt to Dissolve ‘Political Opponent’

The Great Reset feeds secularization and paves way for de-Christianized society

Nearly two-thirds of white evangelicals don’t believe Biden’s election was ‘legitimate,’ poll finds

5 things to know about the anti-family Equality Act that could pass this week

House Democrats to Challenge Seating of Iowa GOP Rep. Miller-Meeks

46 Percent of Trump Voters Would Leave GOP for Trump-led Third Party: Survey

De Blasio admits NYC was too quick to close Trump-run ice rinks

Biden’s HHS Nominee Defends Partial-Birth Abortion, Labels the Unborn ‘Future Babies’

‘Defying Common Sense’: Biden Admin. Will Let Boys Play in Girls’ Sports in Reversal of Trump Policy

Biden’s ‘kids in cages’ prove his hypocrisy on immigration

We blew our chance to stop the Left from taking over. Now what?

Left-wing Jewish groups urge Biden not to enforce ‘Made in Israel’ label policy

Dems Pressure TV Carriers to Drop Fox News and Newsmax: They’re ‘Misinformation Rumor Mills’

Hundreds of foreign cyber-attack units are targeting US and Israel, says former IDF intel officer

Supreme Court declines to hear Trump lawsuit on Pennsylvania ignoring election deadline

House Democrats Try Pressuring TV Carriers to Stop Hosting Fox, OAN, and Newsmax

The Mess in Texas: Freeze Leaves HUGE Electric bills, Burst Pipes and Water Danger for 10M People

CCP Narrative Doesn’t Represent the Chinese People and Is Repeated by Biden: Gen. Robert Spalding

Pro-Life Leaders Warn against Biden’s HHS Pick as the ‘Worse Case Scenario’ for People of Faith

Supreme Court to Review Trump Pro-Life Rule Defunding Planned Parenthood

Biden Urges Congress to ‘Swiftly Pass’ Equality Act that Would Let Boys Play on Girls’ Teams

San Francisco Walks Back Decision to Rename ‘Racist’ Public Schools

UN Nuclear Watchdog Chief Says Iran Will Start Giving Inspectors ‘Less Access’ to Nuclear Sites

Meghan McCain Blasted for Saying ‘Half of Women’ Are Pro-Life – But Polls Show She’s Mostly Right

Democratic Rep. Proposes Bill to Keep Twice Impeached Presidents from Being Commemorated

South Dakota Governor Calls Biden’s Abrupt Termination of Keystone Pipeline ‘Dangerous’

White House Won’t Rule Out Taxpayer-Funded Abortion in COVID-19 Relief: Biden’s Position Is ‘Well Known’

Biden Voters Are 60 Percent Less Likely to Have a Biblical Worldview: Post-Election Survey

Democratic Congressman, NAACP Sue Donald Trump over Capitol Riot

Pro-life senator gives Democrats simple biology quiz in must-hear speech: ‘Is that a baby?’

Video: State Legislatures Must Push Back Against Federal and Executive Branch Overreach—Daniel Horowitz

Rabbinical group: Omar’s promotion shows ‘Congress willing to tolerate anti-Semitism’

Disgraceful post-impeachment speech proves Mitch McConnell is unfit to lead Senate GOP

Israel Holds Out on Engaging with Biden Administration on Iran Nuclear Program Strategy

North Dakota, Mississippi move to ban gender-confused men in women’s sports

California Legislator Wants Religious Services Deemed Essential During State of Emergency

Catholic author to Joe Biden: ‘Call off the woke online haters stalking your fellow Christians’

New Arkansas Law Says Gov’t Can’t Close Churches Unless Everything Else Is Closed, Too

NY Governor Cuomo Faces Probe for Withholding COVID-19 Nursing Home Death Data

Biden waffles on mask promise, now says they’re needed for a year, not 100 days

Sen. Rand Paul to CBN News: ‘Democrats Guilty of Much More Than They’re Accusing Trump Of’

New York Sues Two Black Pro-Lifers, Accuses Them of Violently Protesting Outside of Planned Parenthood

Senate votes to acquit Trump in second impeachment trial

Legal Scholar: Trump Trial Exposes Double Standard on ‘Irresponsible Political Rhetoric’, Dems Used Exact Phrase Trump Used

‘Lamentable’: Atheist and Secularist Groups Say Biden’s Speeches Are Too Religious

Hack of Florida Water Treatment Plant Exposes Seriousness of Vast Cyber Threat to U.S.

South Dakota Rep. Proposes Bill That Would Exempt State from Biden’s Executive Orders

Virginia delays implementing transgender policy for all K-12 schools after thousands of parents say ‘no’

‘Angel Mom’ Says Biden Creating ‘Super Highway’ to Border

New Senate Bill Would Prohibit Boys in Girls’ Sports: ‘We Are not All the Same’

AOC, House Democrats Urge Biden Administration to Legalize ‘Abortion by Mail’

Many Republican Senators Remain Unconvinced as House Impeachment Managers Accuse Trump for Hours

Talk of ‘Deprogramming’ Trump Supporters is Giving Refugees from Communism ‘Flashbacks’

Bank of America ‘secretly’ combed through financial records of customers following Capitol riots

UN report: Iran, North Korea have resumed joint missile development

Biden Is ‘Pushing Children into Transgenderism,’ Mississippi Governor Says

Bishop Strickland: Joe Biden is on the wrong side of basic moral issues

Evidence Mounts that Capitol Breach Was Pre-Planned, Eroding Incitement Allegation in Trump Impeachment Trial

Trump’s Lawyers Say Impeachment Is Constitutionally Flawed, ‘Selfish’ Ploy by Democrats

Trump appointee sues Biden admin after ‘illegal’ firing from independent federal agency