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‘A bold statement of support’: Tenn. church gives $1,000 each to police dept. employees

‘God’s Going to Take Care of My Son’: Father of 19-Year-Old Believed to Be Killed in ‘CHOP’ Gives Heartbreaking Interview

Actor Terry Crews Defends His Decision to ‘Unite With Good People, No Matter The Race’

Wheaton College Dismisses Chaplain Due to Comments of ‘Racial and Sexual Nature’

Vandals use power saw to behead Catholic ‘stations of the cross’ statues in Canadian diocese

Chinese government now forcing abortion on ethnic minority women

French court acquits young people of ‘homophobia’ charges after their Catholic university denounced them

Sports Commentator Explains Why He Won’t Support Black Lives Matter

University removes feminist professor who affirms importance of biological sex from admin post

LGBT activist thinks he has a plan to stop UK parents from withdrawing kids from sex-ed

Hydroxychloroquine saved coronavirus patients’ lives, study shows

87 Percent of Christians Believe America ‘Has Been Blessed by God,’ Barna Shows

Christian Photographer Could Be Fined $50,000 for Not Working Same-Sex Wedding

Soccer Player Rachel Hill Shares Why She Stood during the National Anthem as Teammates Knelt

Nigeria could be next Rwanda or Darfur if world doesn’t act, advocates warn 

Kanye West Drops New Single, ‘Wash Us in the Blood,’ Announces Upcoming Christian Album

‘Thousands of Christians killed’ in Nigeria: UK lawmakers call for investigation into reports of ‘genocide’

Keeping Safe While Serving, Church Groups Tackle Pandemic and Protests

Louisiana pastor calls out members for skipping church as state struggles with coronavirus

CNN’s Chris Cuomo Dismisses God: ‘You Don’t Need Help From Above’

Refugees make face masks to help American evangelical churches fight coronavirus

‘Physically Present’: Kids Need to Be Back In School, Says American Academy of Pediatrics

New video reveals Planned Parenthood admitting under oath babies are born alive

‘I Was Filled With the Holy Ghost and it Scared Me’: Denzel Washington Recounts Coming to Christ

‘We’re in a New Age’: Disney Channel, Nickelodeon Air Ads Celebrating LGBTQ Pride Month

Planned Parenthood burns American flag to protest ban on aborting babies with heartbeats

Church Members Hospitalized as 200 Officials Destroy Church in China

New Law in Iran Threatens More Arrests of Christians, Rights Advocates Say

Texas hospital starves quadriplegic COVID-19 patient to death against wife’s protests

Archdiocese Defends Statue of Saint Louis IX after Protesters Call for Its Removal

Israel to Postpone West Bank Annexation Plan

Christians in India Experience Increased Persecution from Hindu Radicals as Coronavirus Restrictions Loosen

Israel pulls the plug on GOD TV, claims it is trying to evangelize Jews

China releases Liu Xianbin after 10-year prison sentence, detains his supporters

In a Summer of Pandemic, Vacation Bible School Programs Go Online and Outside

Mike Pence Tells Church: ‘Hold Fast’ to Jesus, Prayer During ‘These Challenging Times’

Hard Times & Healthcare: Is There a Reliable Faith-Based Option?

Police Release Suspect in Attempted Killing of Pastor in India

Most US Christians uncomfortable with returning to church

Bethel Music’s Sean Feucht calls out Instagram, Twitter for censoring Bible verses, worship videos

‘Jesus Christ Is the Most Famous Black Radical Revolutionary In History,’ Black Lives Matter Leader Says

Journalist Suggests Replacing “The Star-Spangled Banner” with Jonh Lennon’s “Imagine”

Only 39 Percent of Americans Believe ‘Life Is Sacred,’ Barna Finds

TobyMac, Michael W. Smith, Others Playing Live Shows Again at Drive-In Theater Tour

Worship Leader, Activist Calls Out Social Media Sites for Censoring Praise, Worship Content

Due to COVID-19, Small Black Churches Are Concerned about Long-Term Stability

California Bans State Travel to Idaho Over Law Limiting Girls’ Sports to Biological Girls

Christian Missionary Opens Up about Life in China amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Warner Brothers Gives Free Access to Just Mercy, Christians Are Calling it a Must-See Film

Employees Accuse Greater New York Planned Parenthood Ex-CEO of Being Racist

‘A National Tragedy’: America Leads World in Single-Parent Homes

Youth Pastor Protects Teenage Victim during Mass Shooting

Christians Attacked in Sudan after Incitement by Mosque Leaders in Khartoum

‘A Moral Issue’: Mississippi Baptist Convention Urges Removal of Confederate Emblem from State Flag

‘Snitch Police’: Virginia Asks Citizens to Report Churches, Establishments Not Following Coronavirus Orders

Former Governor Mike Huckabee Responds to Activist’s Claim that Statues of White Jesus Are a ‘Form of White Supremacy’

Activist Wants Statues of White Jesus Torn Down, Calls Them a ‘Gross Form of White Supremacy’

‘We Are All Children of God’: Man Wrongly Imprisoned Saves Police Officer’s Life following Fiery Car Crash

Atlanta Teen Raises over $160,000 to Help Black-Owned Businesses Destroyed during Riots

Alleged NASCAR ‘Noose’ Was Actually a Garage Door Pull in Place Since 2019, Investigation Reveals

Protesting Isn’t Going Change Anybody,’ Only Jesus Can, Texas Man Professes

Hard-line Hindu Relatives Threaten to Kill Christian’s Children in Uttar Pradesh, India

San Diego Churches, City Leaders to Gather for Prayer Event

SBC’s Ronnie Floyd: ‘The Church of Jesus Christ Must Answer This Moment in American History’

Affirm ‘Black Lives Matter’ but Reject the Organization, Mohler Urges Christians

Bob Reccord Offers Hope to Those Suffering from ‘Father Wounds’

Lankford Takes Senate to Church with Bible Lesson on God’s Rejection of Racism: ‘Every Tribe, Every Nation’

Joshua Aaron Sings ‘The Blessing’ in Hebrew From the Heart of Jerusalem

Hopes Wilt for Teaching Christianity in Schools in Sudan

78 Percent of Black Christians but 38 Percent of White Christians Say ‘U.S. Has a Race Problem,’ Barna Finds

Huge majority in Romanian parliament moves to ban teaching ‘gender studies’

President of German Catholic Women’s Association moonlights as abortion ‘champion’ fanatic

White Christians Must Repent, Fight against Racism, Says Chick-fil-A CEO Dan Cathy

Father’s day video contest honors men across US who exemplify St. Joseph’s virtues

Excommunicated woman masquerading as priest officially represents liberal US priest group

Blind Woman Banned from City Park for ‘Conversations about Jesus’ Files Complaint

Most Churches Have Chosen Not to Return to In-Person Services, Survey Finds

Catholic group to pray rosary in every US state capitol so country will ‘return to order’

CBC ‘kids show’ attacks JK Rowling for her refusal to back transgenderism

76 Percent of American Pastors Support Peaceful Protests, Barna Finds

Canadian Human Rights Museum under fire for allowing touring religious schools to bypass LGBT displays

Woman with Down Syndrome Sues U.K. over Abortion Law that Targets Disabled Babies

Supernatural Revival Ensues at George Floyd Memorial Site

Are we entering the Dark Ages that G.K. Chesterton predicted?

Supreme Court Cannot ‘Overturn the Word of God,’ Franklin Graham Says of LGBT Case

Rev. Rolland Slade, First Black Chair of Southern Baptist Executive Committee, Elected

‘The Gospel Stands Opposed to Racism’: Evangelical Scholars Sign Statement Condemning Racism

Israel Moves Forward with Housing Settlement Named after President Trump

Church Giving Has Rebounded despite COVID-19, New Survey Finds

Lauren Daigle Hosts Virtual Concert for Patients, Staff at Tennessee Children’s Hospital

Militant Extremists Kill More Than 80 in Nigerian Village

Baptist Ministry Sues Illinois over Law that Forces it to Cover Abortions

2 Pro-Life Activists Arrested in New York City

As Coronavirus Restrictions Loosen, Congregations Grapple with Including Older Adults

2 Billion Gospel Presentations: Online Evangelism Ministry Passes Milestone

Christianity Today Calls for Reparations from Churches: ‘Repentance Is Not Enough’

Northeastern Churches Clash with Officials over Reopenings

Christian Boy, 16, Stabbed and Stoned to Death for His Faith in Eastern India

Liberty University Basketball Player to Transfer after ‘Racial Insensitivities’

Christians in India Prevented from Burying Deceased Family Members

Alabama’s Largest Church Comes Under Fire for Posts Its Pastor Liked on Social Media

Community of priests in Wales under threat after celebrating sacraments during lockdown

Elon Musk declares ‘time to break up Amazon’ after it censors dissenting COVID-19 book

Atheist Group Gets Gideons Booted from Georgia School District

Dozens Baptized, Healed at Intersection Where George Floyd Was Killed

34-year-old UK man dies after UK court approved his starvation while in coma after surgery

John MacArthur Forewarned of Evangelicals’ ‘Obsession’ with Social Justice

‘When They Struck My Right Cheek, I Offered Them My Left’: Christian Shares What it Was Like to Be Imprisoned with ISIS

When Churches Reopen, Don’t Sing or Shake Hands, Do Make Sermons Short, Says New Guide

Southern Baptist President J.D. Greear Says ‘Black Lives Matter’

Creator of VeggieTales Discusses How White Privilege Contributed to His Success

Christian Author Debunks Myth that Earthly Memories Won’t Exist in Heaven

Benjamin Netanyahu Corruption Trial Begins This Week

22-Week Abortion Ban Lands on Colorado Ballot Thanks to Pro-Life Signature Drive

Child drag star’s mom claims cross-dressing ‘like mental health care’ for 8-year-old

‘Movement of Unity’: Christians Wash the Feet of Peaceful Black Protestors

Police Unresponsive or Hostile toward Christians Beaten in Jharkhand, India

Catholic school fires teacher for criticizing Black Lives Matter as ‘terrorist’ org

Singer Kanye West Begins College Savings Fund for George Floyd’s Daughter

Court approves death sentence of 34-year-old UK man in coma who didn’t want to live with colostomy bag

“Not a Priority:” Sheriff Says He Won’t Enforce Nevada’s Restriction on Churches

Christianity Rapidly Growing in Oppressive Iran

World Economic Forum: LGBT inclusion will determine cities’ ‘post-pandemic success’

Jemar Tisby and Tyler Burns: Black Christians ‘Cannot Do This Alone’

J.K. Rowling Blasted by LGBT Group for Saying Biological Sex “Is Real”

James Dobson, Tim Scott talk George Floyd; senator urges Christians to oppose ‘bad apples’

3-year-old girl dies of injuries, 9 others hacked to death in Fulani attack on Christian village

Nigerian pastor and Calvin Seminary grad gunned down with his wife on their farm

Chicago Pastor Leads Peaceful Protest Through City

129 babies have been killed in Northern Ireland over past two months

Denzel Washington, Christian Celebrity, in the News for Helping Homeless Man in Danger

Oregon: Coronavirus Restrictions Ease for Places of Worship under Threat of Lawsuit

Chinese Police Secretly Install Surveillance Cameras on Church

Without Annual Meeting, Amid Decline, Southern Baptists Continue Debate on Race, Women’s Roles

DNA Analysis of Dead Sea Scrolls Leads to Discovery

Our World Split Apart and the Hope of Pentecost: Christians in a Time of Social Breakdown

‘Outbreak’: Did COVID-19 Escape from a Lab in China? CBN Documentary Digs Deeper

Teach Your Kids to Love the Bible Today

Nigerian Bishop Abducted by Gunmen, Christian Organization Urges Officials to Take Action

Ex-feminist reveals how abortion, porn are killing culture

27 killed, some burned alive in jihadi attacks on Christian villages in Mali

Islamic terrorism spreading in majority-Christian Mozambique; 700 dead, 100,000 displaced

Christian university to host George Floyd memorial service in Minneapolis Thursday

35 Black Liberty University Alumni Call for Jerry Falwell, Jr.’s Resignation

Attacks on Churches, House of Worship Increase Across the Globe: ‘These Are Turning into Houses of Horror’

The Unborn Baby ‘Bleeds to Death’ – Judge Criticizes Court for Upholding Abortion Procedure

Chinese Government Shuts Down 48 Churches in Two Weeks

Nigerian Christians Call on Officials to Work for the Release of an Abducted Bishop

How a missionary imprisoned in Sudan brought prisoners to Christ

Supreme Court rejects Calif. church’s request to lift limits on in-person services ahead of Pentecost Sunday

What does it really mean to be ‘filled with the Spirit’?

Public schools making it harder for parents to withdraw kids and homeschool: Legal group

As COVID-19 invades Africa, ministry empowers local churches

California churches detail Sunday reopening plans; Rick Warren says Saddleback will wait

Vice President Mike Pence, Lecrae, Tim Tebow and More Honor Ravi Zacharias in Online Memorial Service

Illinois Backs Down, Says Churches Can Meet Again

Public schools making it harder for parents to withdraw kids and homeschool: Legal group

Christians Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria as Herdsmen Threaten Kidnapped Missionary

Napalm girl’ in famous 1970s war photo: ‘Those bombs led me to Christ’

Chicago, California Churches Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court over State Bans

Mississippi Pastor Says He Is Praying for Person Who Burned Down His Church

Actor Who Plays Jesus Says The Chosen TV Series ‘Deepened My Faith Very Intensely’

New Survey: 45 Percent of Churchgoers Prefer Sermons That Are 30 Minutes or Less

Virginia family sues governor over ban on religious gatherings

Did abortion facility director file false police report to get pro-lifers arrested?

China Bulldozes, Shuts Down Churches amid Pandemic: ‘The Government Has Gone Insane’

Church of the Nativity Reopens while Church of the Holy Sepulchre fails to Open Back Up

Pope prays again for Chinese Catholics to be ‘good citizens’ as communists wage persecution

‘Sacrilegious’ to distribute Eucharist with gloves: Vatican theologian

Breakaway Anglican Group That Left Episcopal Diocese of Fort Worth Wins Property Fight

Google deletes COVID-19 ‘conspiracy’ video from personal ‘Google Drive’ account

Nearly half of churchgoers haven’t watched any online service in 4 weeks

Vid of Planned Parenthood legal testimony directly contradicts public statements on body parts sales

From the gay lifestyle back to his wife and family: The story of Doug Mainwaring

Bishop Schneider: Lockdown is a trial that can bring about great ‘spiritual benefit’

Muslim Father in Uganda Burns Daughter for Becoming Christian

California Churches to Reopen under Governor Newsom’s New Guidelines

Mobs in India Threaten 16 Christian Families Every Night for Nearly Three Weeks

‘Whatever Means are Necessary’: Chicago Threatens to Close Church that Defied Order

Disney Plus Debuts Pixar Short, Out, about a Gay Man Coming out to His Parents

Ravi Zacharias Was One of the World’s Most Famous Apologists – He Was Also My Friend

‘Freedom!!!’ American Pastor Held on False Charges for 7 Months in India Finally Returns Home

China Makes Communist Power Grab: ‘The Rule of Law in Hong Kong Is Over’

The Redeemed Life of Ravi Zacharias: How a Skeptic Became a Leading Voice for Christianity

Shock Report Reveals India’s Extreme Levels of Persecution Against Christians

Abby Johnson reveals Norma McCorvey’s lifelong burden not told in ‘AKA Jane Roe’

Ark Encounter, Creation Museum in Kentucky Announces Plan to Reopen on June 8

Preacher who knew ‘Roe’ speaks out amid furor over ‘confession’

Mississippi Church Pushing Back against Lockdown Orders Is Burned to the Ground in Suspected Arson Attack

Gospel Music’s Bill Gaither Plans to Share the Gospel through His Partnership with the Game Show Network

Fears Swell as Beijing Signals It Could Send Security Agencies to Hong Kong

Minnesota Church Leaders Call 10 Person Limit at Services ‘Unfair,’ Plan to Re-Open despite Restrictions

‘Stand up for Jesus’ – Businessman Will Pay $500 Fines for Chicago Churches that Defied Orders

Father Who Encouraged Abortion Forfeited His Parental Rights, Court Rules

Christian Organization Calls for Cancellation of PBS’ LGBTQ Pride Month Miniseries, TV Broadcast

Museum of the Bible Learns Tablet from the Gilgamesh Epic Was Stolen, Vows to Return It

Muslim Fulanis Kill Two Christians, Kidnap Two Others in Kaduna State, Nigeria

67 Percent of Young People Have Turned to Prayer, Spiritual Questions More amid the Pandemic

Following a Brief Reopening, Georgia Church Suspends In-Person Services after Families Contract COVID-19

Barnabas Aid Forms COVID-19 Emergency Fund to Help Impoverished Christians in Developing Countries

Online Simulcast Raises over $150,000 to Help Churches in Financial Crisis

Ravi Zacharias, Beloved Preacher and Apologist, Dies at 74

Police Arrest, Assault Christians Preparing Relief Aid in India

China Forces School Teachers to Renounce Christian Faith or Risk Being Fired

Judge Allows N.C. Churches to Meet: ‘There Is No Pandemic Exception to the Constitution’

Majority in U.S. Believe ‘God Is Telling Humanity to Change How We Are Living’ Through COVID-19

Charges Dropped against Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne for Hosting Church Services amid COVID-19

Clergy, Scientists Grapple with thoughts of Worship without Congregational Singing

Contestant Who Prayed with Judges during Her Audition Sings ‘You Say’ with Lauren Daigle to Win American Idol

New York Church Fights Back after Being Threatened with $1,000 Fine for Drive-In Church Service

United Methodists Would’ve Met This Week to Consider a Split. What Are They Doing Instead?

Some Virginia Churches Begin to Reopen but at 50 Percent Capacity

Christian Families Slain in Their Homes in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Experts warn of alarming spike in mental health emergencies caused by coronavirus lockdowns

California Church Files Class Action Suit against Zoom after Bible Study Is Flooded with Porn

Robot dog patrols Singapore park enforcing ‘social distancing’: Live coronavirus updates

Philip Yancey Encourages Believers to Fix Their Eyes on God amid Uncertainty

American Missionary Pilot Dies in Plane Crash While Delivering Humanitarian Aid

Pastor in Nepal Re-Arrested on New Series or Charges to Keep Him in Jail, Sources Say

Netflix, Disney Plus Traffic up 300 Percent, According to JustWatch

‘LGBTQ+ Studies’ Class Gets Approval for Maryland School District: ‘It Will Open a Lot of Minds’

Christian Film Production Company Launches New Streaming Platform to Help Those Battling Brokenness

‘Knowing That We Have the Peace of Jesus’: Justin, Hailey Bieber Share How God Is ‘Anchoring’ Them through the Pandemic

Christians Pay Tribute to Ravi Zacharias amid News of His Declining Health

Stand Up and Roar’: Megachurch Pastor Urges Churches across U.S. to Meet, Even If it Violates Orders

Outrage Ensues after Price Is Right Special Raises Nearly $100k for Planned Parenthood

Rev. Barber’s Poor People’s Campaign Calls for Resistance to Reopening Plans

‘The Goodness of God’: Mississippi Pastor Advances to the Finale of NBC’s The Voice

Parade of Cars Gather to Thank New York Pastor For Passing Out Emergency Kits to Struggling Families

Over 350K sign petition against mandatory coronavirus vaccination

Franklin Graham’s explanation for pandemic: ‘Man has turned his back on God’

US News

Father of 19-y-o killed in CHOP says Trump is the only public leader who’s called him

Trump defends America, calls cancel culture ‘totalitarianism’ in electrifying Mt. Rushmore speech

Georgia Governor Declares State of Emergency, Sends National Guard Troops to Atlanta 

President Trump Holds 72 Percent Approval Rating among White Evangelicals, Pew Finds

‘We Only Kneel to Almighty God’: Trump Pledges to Defend America’s History and Ideals

7-Year-Old Girl, 14-Year-Old Boy among at Least 15 Dead following Fatal Shootings in Chicago

Herman Cain progressing in COVID-19 recovery; prayers ‘making a difference’

WATCH: Coverup of the Century–The Truth the CCP Concealed From the World

President Trump tweets Catholic author’s warning that ‘there is a war against Christianity’

Experts Weigh in on Obamacare as White House Asks Supreme Court for Termination 

Massachusetts city approves polyamory, the inevitable consequence of gay ‘marriage’

Noted environmentalist apologizes for the ‘climate scare’

Dozens of legislators demand update on investigation into Planned Parenthood

67 Shot, 13 Fatally, Over Fourth of July Weekend in Chicago: Police

President Trump Hosting July 4th Event in District of Columbia

Ex-Bush Officials Launch Super PAC Backing Biden

Boston to Remove Replica of Abraham Lincoln Statue Funded by Freed Slaves

Choir, Orchestra Members at Church Where Vice President Pence Visited Tested Positive for COVID-19

Kimberly Guilfoyle, Girlfriend of Trump’s Son, Tests Positive for CCP Virus

Seattle Police Clear Autonomous Zone After Mayor Declares Unlawful Assembly 

‘A Win for Florida Families’: Florida Gov. Signs Parental Consent Abortion Bill

Supreme Court strikes down state ban on public aid to religious schools

‘Victory for Religious Liberty’: Supreme Court Upholds Montana School Choice Program

Iran Issues Arrest Warrant for President Trump

Full Program: Manipulating America—The Chinese Communist Playbook

Pence at First Baptist Dallas: America’s foundation is freedom, freedom’s foundation is faith

Joe Biden courts evangelicals as polls show Trump slipping with voting bloc

Shocked and Disappointed’: Supreme Court Overturns Louisiana Pro-Life Law, 5-4

Judge: N.Y. Can’t Restrict Churches while Permitting Protests during Pandemic

Racist threats, messages on rise against black US senator behind police reform efforts

NY officials can’t impose greater restrictions on religious services than businesses, protests: judge

Statue Removal Is a ‘Slippery Slope’ to Socialism, Venezuelan Activist Warns

‘America Has a Sin Problem,’ Black Police Officer Explains to White Protester

COVID-19 may have infected 10 times more Americans than previously known: CDC

Ohio Gov. Signs Bill Protecting Students’ ‘Religious Expression’ at School, in Homework

Ben Carson: America Needs to ‘Grow up’ and Stop ‘Being Offended by Everything’

Trump Signs Order Strengthening State, Faith-Based Organization Partnerships in Foster Care

Senate Democrats Block Policing Reform Bill

Historic St. John’s Church Vandalized Again; Seattle Mayor Calls for End of Protests at Night

Trump Commemorates 200th Mile of New Border Wall

Virginia urges residents to anonymously report churches for congregating

Trump accuses Obama of ‘treason’ for ‘spying’ on his 2016 presidential campaign

Obama Raises $7.6 Million at Fundraiser for Biden’s Campaign

Trump DOJ Shuts Down Major Sex Trafficking and Prostitution Website, Charges Owner

Senator Tim Scott Delivers Emotional Rebuttal after His Bill Is Called ‘Token’

Trump to Announce If He Supports Israel’s West Bank Annexation Plan

Democrats May Boot Official Who Implied Planned Parenthood Targets the Black Community

For the 20th Straight Year, Americans Say Abortion is ‘Morally Wrong,’ Gallup Shows

Protesters Target Founding Fathers, Topple Statues of Washington, Jefferson, Grant and Others

‘None More Vulnerable Than the Unborn’ – Tenn. Gov. Will Sign Heartbeat Abortion Ban

At Rally, Trump Warns that Biden Will ‘Subsidize Late-Term Abortion,’ Appoint ‘Radical’ Judges

US science mag explains how to destroy a ‘statue that you decide you no longer like’

Trump DOJ Backs Idaho Law Limiting Girls’ Sports to Biological Girls

Court Rules California Church Can’t Meet in Downtown Building it Owns

Tulsa Mayor Declares Civil Emergency Ahead of Trump Campaign Rally

Trump Says He Will Submit ‘Enhanced Papers’ After Supreme Court DACA Ruling

Grassley Withdraws Hold on Trump Nominees After Getting Reasons for Firing of Inspector Generals

Vandals Topple George Washington Statue in Portland

Will Trump’s Israeli-Palestinian Peace Plan ‘Divide God’s Land?’

Senate Republicans block radical ‘Equality Act’ that ‘steamrolls’ religious liberty

200,000 Copies of Bolton’s Book Already Shipped to Booksellers: Attorneys

‘Look for a God Solution’: Greg Laurie, Sen. Tim Scott Say Faith Is Key to Justice Reform

Court-Martialed for Being Late to a Meeting: Lawmakers Examine Racial Disparity in US Military Justice System

Activists Want to Tear Down an Abraham Lincoln Statue Next – A Statue Tied Directly to Freed Slaves

Atlanta Police Call in Sick After Felony Murder Charge Against Officer Who Shot Rayshard Brooks

Are riots rattling US cities part of Soros’ plan to re-shape America and take down Trump?

Financially Hit by COVID-19, Washington National Cathedral Lays Off Staff

Religious Conservatives Look to the Next Supreme Court Rulings on Religious Liberty

Religious Liberty Is a ‘Bogus Term’ Used to Allow LGBT Discrimination, Says Congressman Sean Maloney

68 Percent of Americans Say Gov’t Should Not Be Involved in Church’s ‘Internal Religious Disputes’

Judge Denies Request to Block Trump Tulsa Rally Over COVID-19 Fears

Judge Denies Request to Block Trump Tulsa Rally Over COVID-19 Fears

Democrat senators rebuke Trump’s USAID head for opposing abortion abroad

Ben Shapiro: ‘There’s No Way’ Civil Rights Act Was Meant to Encompass Gender Identity

Are riots rattling US cities part of Soros’ plan to re-shape America and take down Trump?

Petition asking DC’s Archbishop Gregory to apologize to President Trump hits 33,800

Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Ban Chinese Communist Party Members From Immigrating to US

8 Atlanta Police Officers Resigned This Month as Morale Drops

‘Your Loved Ones Will Not Have Died in Vain,’ Trump Tells Families in Signing Order

Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother Says Trump Showed Compassion During White House Meeting

Ahmaud Arbery’s Mother Says Trump Showed Compassion During White House Meeting

It’s ‘Literally a Life and Death Election,’ Planned Parenthood Says in Biden Endorsement Video

Trump Not Reconsidering Decision to End Relationship With World Health Organization

Pelosi Keeping House Out of DC to Give Dems More Campaign Time as Constituent Services Suffer, House GOPer Claims

CHAZ ‘Security’ Let Arson and Robbery Suspect Go After Seattle PD Refuses Business Owner’s 911 Call for Help

Trump DOJ: States Must Loosen Church Restrictions If They Allow Protests

Media hype Black Lives Matter rallies, decry health risks of new Trump rallies

Landmark: Supreme Court Rules 1964 Civil Rights Act Protects LGBT Employees

Supreme Court’s LGBT Decision Could Pose ‘Grave Threat to Religious Liberty,’ Christian Leaders Say

SCOTUS writing transgenderism into law the ‘Roe v. Wade of religious liberty’

Ben Carson: America Needs to ‘Grow up’ and Stop ‘Being Offended by Everything’

Pro-life protesters decry New York for arresting them while allowing Black Lives Matter crowds

Did Anthony Fauci’s promotion of dangerous research help create the COVID-19 pandemic?

Over 700 police injured in Black Lives Matter riots across America: report

US bishops caught funding radical groups supporting riots, calling for ‘death’ to police

5 interesting things said during Trump’s ‘rebuilding’ roundtable at megachurch

Pelosi Demands Removal of 11 Statues from US Capitol

Schumer Blocks Resolution Supporting Justice for Floyd, Opposing Cuts to Police Funding

Facebook surprisingly rebuffs Biden’s call for censorship of Trump’s re-election campaign

65% of Americans support Trump’s pause on immigration during COVID-19: poll

President Trump Meets With Black Leaders to Discuss Police Reform, Anti-Racism

Armed People at Seattle Autonomous Zone Checking IDs, Extorting Businesses: Police

Flynn Case: 85 Lies, Contradictions, Oddities, and Unusual Occurrences

Trump Authorizes Sanctions Against ICC Officials Over Investigation of American Personnel

Trump tweets Archbishop Viganò’s open letter published by LifeSiteNews: ‘I hope everyone…reads it’

Federal Court Upholds Pro-Life Law Requiring Abortion Clinics to Distribute Booklets Stating, ‘Each Human Being Begins at Conception’

Did you know Black Lives Matter supports abortion, homosexuality, anti-family agenda?

McConnell Blasts Dems for ‘Double Standard’ of Allowing Protests, Banning Church Services

‘Stop the Pain:’ George Floyd’s Brother Asks for Police Reform before Congress

A culture of chaos needs the truth

Trump DOJ to Court: Faith-Based Adoption Agencies Can Refuse Same-Sex Couples

Dr. Ben Carson Criticizes ‘Defund the Police’ Movement: ‘People Will Realize How Irrational it Is’

Trump Faith Advisers Say the President Did the Right Thing by Visiting St. John’s Episcopal Church

Deacon provides solution to America’s civil unrest: ‘Prayer, fasting, and a lot of work’

COVID-19 contact tracker training: Quarantine ‘may be mandated and enforced’ 

Colorado moves to erode parents’ choice to exempt kids from vaccination

Harvard prof: Homeschoolers should be required to attend some public school classes

Graham Says He’s Been Denied Access to FBI Agents Who Met With Key Steele Dossier Source

Law Enforcement Officials Meet With Trump to Discuss Policing Reforms

McEnany Says Trump Will Not Support Some Provisions in Dem’s Initial Policing Reform Bill

Asymptomatic spread of COVID-19 ‘very rare,’ World Health Org admits

Archbishop Viganò’s powerful letter to President Trump: Eternal struggle between good and evil playing out right now

US, Russia Agree on June Nuclear Arms Talks, Invite China: US Envoy

Protests Becoming More Peaceful Due to Federal Law Enforcement: Acting DHS Head

Trump Orders National Guard Withdrawal From Washington

Man Charged With ‘Terroristic Threats’ Over Suggestion to Burn Part of New York

Minneapolis Mayor Opposes City Council’s Pledge to Disband Police Force

Barr: ‘I Don’t Think That the Law Enforcement System Is Systemically Racist’

NY Times Editorial Page Editor Resigns Following Sen. Tom Cotton Op-ed

Barr Says Deploying Troops Within US Should Be ‘Last Resort’ Response to Rioting

Warren, Pressley Announce Bill Making It a Crime for Police to Deny Medical Care to Suspects In Custody

PolitiFact claims Pelosi spending bill didn’t fund abortion; March for Life sets them straight

Doctors insist this cheap, safe drug is “key to preventing huge loss of life” from Wuhan virus

“Our Focus Now Is on Healing,” Mike Pence Tells Black Faith Leaders at Listening Session

MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell Hints at Potentially Running for Governor

Texas Lt. Governor Says Racism Is an “Issue of Love” Healed by Turning to God

Data fueling governments’ rejection of malaria drug to treat COVID-19 may be fraudulent: report

Tucker criticizes political leaders for failing to stop violent leftist riots

Trump Prefers Using National Guard Over Military to Contain Unrest

Senate Passes Bill Giving Flexibility to Paycheck Protection Program

New York Councilman Urges Trump to Revoke Benefits of People Arrested for Looting

65 Percent of Americans Support Trump’s Temporary Pause on Immigration

I Went to the U.S.-Mexico Border: This Is What I Really Saw

Hugging protestor

Police officers nationwide pray, kneel with protesters: ‘A sign of hope in America’

Leaked Document Contradicts China’s Official Narrative on Wuhan Wet Market

Retired police captain killed protecting friend’s pawn shop from looters

Derek Chauvin’s Murder Charge Upgraded, 3 Fellow Cops Charged: Senator

Archbishop Viganò: DC archbishop who criticized Trump’s visit to Catholic shrine is ‘false shepherd’

Majority of Americans Support Use of National Guard, Military to Help Address Riots

Flynn Case: In a Sign of Urgency, Appeals Court Sets Hearing in 10 Days

No Tear Gas Used Ahead of Trump’s Church Visit: Police

Unemployment Fraud Spikes Amid Surge In Claims Due to Pandemic

Trump Administration Suspending Chinese Flights to US

Rosenstein Would No Longer Sign Application to Spy on Trump Associate After Reading DOJ Report

U.S. Senate Chaplain Asks God to ‘Inoculate Our Nation against Hate, Sin and Despair’

Top GOP Senator: Next CCP Virus Recovery Package Will Likely Wait Until July

President Trump Expresses Support of Internationally Persecuted Christians on ‘Global Coptic Day’

New York State Bar Association: ‘Mandatory vaccinations for COVID-19 should be required’ 

Trump Executive Order Provides $50 Million to Advance Religious Freedom Worldwide

President Trump Poses with Bible in Front of St. John’s Church amid Civil Unrest

Widespread Fires Engulf Washington, DC Amid Chaotic George Floyd Protests

Historic St. John’s Church near White House torched by rioters

US riots update: Trump says George Floyd’s memory is being dishonored

Derek Chauvin, ex-Minneapolis officer recorded kneeling on George Floyd’s neck, is charged with murder

Minn. gov. issues ‘full mobilization’ of National Guard, says violent rioters are ‘attacking civil society’

Grassley: Flynn Transcripts Show ‘There Was Nothing Improper’ in Calls With Russian Ambassador

Trump Says Antifa to Be Designated a Terrorist Orgnization

Twitter censors president’s tweet warning looters will be shot as protests intensify

Dana Boente, Last Remaining Signatory of Illegal Spying on Trump Aide, Resigns

Amid Sanctions, Flynn Tried to Salvage Anti-Terror Cooperation With Russia, Transcripts Show

Trump Says He Spoke With George Floyd’s Family

Hydroxychloroquine Study Corrected After More Than 100 Scientists Question Findings

 Trump cuts ties with World Health Organization, depriving it of $450M annually 

35 states now giving coronavirus patient addresses to police: Live COVID-19 updates

President Trump Signs Executive Order to Prevent Social Media Censorship on Political Post

Schools That Let Boys Compete in Girls’ Sports Violate Title IX, Trump Admin. Rules

United Nations ‘experts’ bash America for COVID-19 abortion suspensions

New White House Press Secretary Says God Put Her in the White House ‘For a Purpose’

Sworn Depositions Lead to More Questions in Planned Parenthood Fetal Tissue Sale Case

Police Officers Fired after On-Scene Video Shows Unarmed Minneapolis Man Dying during an Arrest

Jeff Sessions Says God Called Him to Public Service

‘Complete Victory’: ACLU Drops Suit against Pro-Life ‘Sanctuary Cities for the Unborn’

USPS Mail Carrier Charged With Attempted Election Fraud

USPS Mail Carrier Charged With Attempted Election Fraud

States Demanding Biggest Bailouts Do the Least to Control Spending, Deficits

Lawmakers Urge Trump to Cancel July Fourth ‘Salute to America’ Celebration

2 Senators Ask President Trump to Offer Aid to Persecuted Christian in Nigeria

Petition against mandatory coronavirus vaccination surges past half a million

Most Medicare Enrollees Could Get Insulin for $35 a Month

President Trump Thanks Fallen Soldiers for Their Sacrifice at Memorial Day Ceremony

Trump Executive Order Aims to Boost Economy by Reining in Regulatory Abuse

Trump Says Vote-By-Mail Supporters Are Trying to Exploit Pandemic

Flynn Judge Hires Well-Connected DC Attorney to Face Higher Court’s Order

‘A Pile of Lies’: Ted Cruz Sets Record Straight After Magazine Calls Infamous Segregationist a Republican

Homeschool Converts: Poll Shows Vast Number of US Families Might Keep Kids at Home Now

House Bill 6666 Calls for Contact Tracing – Will You Be Tracked?

Trump Deems Churches ‘Essential Services’ – ‘We Need More Prayer, Not Less’

500 doctors warn Trump of ‘millions of casualties’ if shutdown continues

Trump Says Dem. Governors Are Not Treating Churches with Respect: ‘I Want to Get Our Churches Open’

Flynn’s Guilty Plea Is Now Legally Irrelevant, His Lawyer Says

Petition against mandatory coronavirus vaccination surges past half a million

Barr: Law Enforcement and Intelligence Pushed ‘Baseless’ Collusion Narrative Against Trump

Trump Signs Executive Order Cutting Federal Regulations to Spur Economic Growth

Flynn Asks Higher Court to Order His Judge to Let Through DOJ’s Case Dismissal

Trump gives pro-China World Health Org. 30 days to reform or permanently lose funding

Graham Requests Names of Officials Who Unmasked Trump Campaign, Transition Team

Trump has been taking hydroxychloroquine for weeks to protect against coronavirus: Live updates

Trump Labor Department Strengthens Protections for Religious Organizations

USAID head to UN Secretary General: Stop peddling abortion as COVID-19 relief

Pence Asks Americans to Pray that God Will ‘Hear from Heaven’ and ‘Heal this Land’

Trump pledges to remedy ‘illegal situation’ of big tech censorship

Israel Swears in New Government after 3 Elections

‘Unprecedented’: Trump Launches ‘Warp Speed’ Project to Produce Vaccine by Year’s End

UK Churches to Reopen July 4th as Part of Government Strategy

Hillary Clinton Denounces Michigan Lockdown Protests as ‘Domestic Terrorism’

President Pelosi? White House Says ‘We’re Keeping’ Trump, Pence Healthy amid Pandemic

40 Percent of Parents Are ‘More Likely’ to Homeschool after Lockdown Ends

George Soros: We’re now in ‘revolutionary moment’ that allows us to achieve the ‘inconceivable’

Person at Center of Transgender Rights Supreme Court Case against Christian-Owned Funeral Home Dies

Hundreds of faith leaders urge Congress to protect them from COVID-19 lawsuits

49 Percent of Weekly Churchgoers Say Trump Was ‘Anointed by God’ to Be President

Christian Leaders Sign Letter Asking Congress to Protect Voting in 2020 Election

Franklin Graham Offers Support to Elon Musk for Deciding to Reopen a California Factory despite Lockdown Rules

43 Percent of American Adults Believe Trump Has ‘Helped Interests of Evangelical Christians,’ Pew Finds

San Diego Church Organizes the Repair of 263,000 Protective Masks for Healthcare Workers

Uphold the Constitution’: Michigan Sheriff Won’t Enforce Governor’s Lockdown Orders

Judge Delays DOJ Request to Dismiss Flynn Case, Considers Allowing Outside Parties to Weigh in

‘Right to support prostitution’ case could allow US tax funding of foreign abortions

Single Republican joins dozens of Democrats sponsoring COVID govt tracking bill

Jewish rabbi, Catholic priest sue NJ governor and top cop for violating religious rights

Twitter begins to censor ‘disputed or misleading’ tweets with warning label

America Leads the World in CCP Virus Testing: Trump Administration

Senators Seek Funding for Pork Producers Forced to Euthanize Livestock

California Sheriff Says Inmates Tried to Infect Themselves

Lawyers can’t call male athletes ‘males,’ judge rules in transgender track case

U.S. Democrats propose ominous ‘6666’ bill for coronavirus tracing

Hundreds of California Churches Plan Reopen on May 31st despite Governor’s Orders

Trump Admin. Will ‘Protect’ Churches’ Religious Freedom During Pandemic, Pence Says

In Missouri, Clergy Argue for Religious Exemption to Vote by Mail

‘Our Nation Needs Prayer Now’: It’s Not Too Late to Watch the National Day of Prayer Event

ICYMI – Nov. 10, 2016 – President Trump was elected because sickening, liberal policies were being pushed down our throats. It’s as simple as that.

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