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Victory: Court Rejects Atheist Suit, Says 79-Year-Old Public Cross Is Constitutional

‘Grateful God Put You in Front of Us’: American Idol Contestant Prays with Judges after Emotional Audition

Chinese Churches ‘Must Support’ Communist Leaders and Gov’t, New Law Says

Patients using ‘homophobic,’ ‘transphobic’ language could be denied medical care under new UK rules

Hospital cleared of malpractice after seizing teen from parents for over a year

Therapy ban will make spiritual counseling a crime in Canada: psychotherapist

Victory: Court Rejects Atheist Suit, Says 79-Year-Old Public Cross Is Constitutional

Famine Looms as Exodus Like Plague of Locusts Wreaks Havoc across East Africa

2 Years after Billy Graham’s Death, His Gospel Legacy Continues

US bishop orders priest to delete blog criticizing Church’s sex abuse cover-up

SBC Removes Church with Convicted Sex Offender Pastor from National Body

Director: I Still Believe Is a ‘Huge Opportunity’ to Reach the Unchurched

14-Year-Old Pakistani Christian Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam Is Reunited with Her Family

Christian Professor Must Use Student’s Transgender Pronouns, Judge Rules

Mass Revival Breaks out across Tennessee: ‘The Holy Spirit Came and Took Control’

Study: Conservative Students Are Far More Tolerant than Liberal Students

Abortionist Says Repeat Patients Are a ‘Huge Compliment’; Makes His Day to See Them Again

14 Parents Sue School District over Policy Allowing Children to Change Name, Gender Identity at School without Parental Consent

TN City Pastors Say Revival Exploding Among Various Churches Shows ‘God is Moving’ 

Beth Moore Urges SBC to Stop ‘Infighting’ over Women Preachers

New Marvel superhero film to feature ‘beautiful,’ ‘moving’ homosexual kiss

Judge muzzles blogger for interviewing Canadian dad trying to stop daughter’s ‘transition’ to male

Franklin Graham Says the Gospel ‘Is What Is Really Being Banned’ in Britain

Hundreds Gather at Western Wall to Pray for China, End to Coronavirus

Boy Scouts of America File for Bankruptcy

North Carolina Pastor Calls Out ‘Woke’ People Who Support Abortion, Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger

Jesus ‘Found Me in My Dirt and Pulled Me Out,’ Justin Bieber Says

For Now, Southern Baptists Stick by Hosanna Wong, Spoken Word Artist and Pastor

Priscilla Shirer Expresses Thanks for Prayers following Successful Lung Surgery

Conservative College Students Are More Tolerant Than Liberal Peers, Survey Shows

Pakistani Christian girl reunited with family after kidnapping, forced conversion

China appoints new Hong Kong chief known for persecuting Christians

From late-term abortions to NICU: Nurse shares her pro-life conversion story

4 ways to get closer to God if you don’t attend church

‘Making Hate Pay’: New book documents corruption, scandals at Southern Poverty Law Center

John Piper, Al Mohler address why God only answers certain prayers for healing

Sex Fest on university campus: Corruption in the heartland

Are churches too shallow? Over half of seminary students don’t want to do full-time ministry

Protestants to take Catholic communion at Calvin’s Cathedral in Geneva on leap year day

Christians risk lives to help fight coronavirus in China as death toll rises

Catholic historian calls for ‘a trial of communism analogous to the Nuremberg Trials’

Russian author imprisoned for opposing communism warned about dangers of socialism

China Raids Churches for ‘Illegal’ Bibles, Threatens Fines up to $1,400

EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Zen criticizes Vatican for ‘despis[ing] the heroes of faith’ in China

Conservative Baptist Network launched amid ‘woke’ trend in SBC, emphasizing Scripture, evangelism

North Korean Christian Risks Life, Walks ‘Many Hours’ to Be Baptized

SBC Pastors Threaten to Boycott Conference over Planned Spoken Word Performance by Female Pastor

Francis Chan Tells of Incredible Physical Healings While Ministering in Myanmar

HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ Celebrates Polyamorous ‘Throuple’ Family

Lord of the Rings Star Says the World Owes Christianity ‘the Greatest Debt of Thanks’

Inside the Prison From Hell: Christian Missionary’s Stunning Report Exposes Unimaginable Conditions in Haitian Prison

LGBT activist Catholic teacher brags about reading pro-gay, trans books to 5th, 6th graders

United Nations Releases ‘Blacklist’ of Companies Operating in Israeli Settlements

Nurse tells Senate about babies thrown in garbage, left to die after failed abortions

‘Brazil Belongs to God’: Brazil’s President Professes His Faith at Christian Worship Event

I Still Believe to Become 1st Faith-Based Movie on IMAX

A detransitioner in agony recounts how gender doctors manipulated him into castration, hormones

Christian group sends face masks, food to China as coronavirus death toll rises above 1,000

Judges Rule Against Kidnapped 14-Year-Old Christian Girl: ‘Unable to Treat Christians as Pakistani Citizens’

How one pro-life org is harnessing the internet to save countless babies from abortion

R.I. Priest Bans Legislators Who Support Abortion from Taking Communion

New Analysis Suggests Growth of Religious ‘Nones’ May Be Slowing

Amazon, Netflix, TikTok Among World’s Worst Sexual Exploiters, Group Says

Mark Zuckerberg Says He’s Continuing to ‘Become More Religious’

Postal Worker Gives Glory to God after Finding Missing Toddler

Has America Reached Peak Atheism? Study Shows Growth Among Religious ‘Nones’ Declining

Hobby Lobby President Steve Green Shares How Important the Bible Is in His Life, Business

99-Year-Old Has Read Through Bible 60 Times: ‘Might as Well Make it 61’

Christian Actor Chris Pratt Forms Production Company to ‘Bridge the Growing Divide’

‘It Was God-Ordained’: Postal Worker Rescues Barefoot Toddler Found Along Maryland Highway

Judge: Boston City Hall Can Refuse to Fly Christian Flag despite Flying Other Religious, Cultural Flags

‘Watered-Down’ Gospel in U.S. Is Major Concern for 72 Percent of Pastors

Starbucks Partners with Organization Promoting Sex-Changes for Minors

United Methodist Group Enlists Ministers to Perform LGBTQ Marriages

US bishop says ‘climate change’ more deadly than abortion: threatens ‘very future of humanity’

Religious persecution crisis highlighted at Holocaust Museum Nat’l Day of Prayer event

‘Dirty baker’s dozen’: 13 companies facilitating sexual exploitation

Doctor’s Death From Coronavirus Unleashes Mourning, Fury at Chinese Officials

Japan Confirms 61 Cases of Coronavirus on Cruise Ship Near Tokyo

Christians in China Courageously Share Gospel in Coronavirus Crisis Zone

US parents want online porn banned. Here’s how to do it

Major Christian Group Pledges $50M to Re-Elect Trump

NYT mocks Christians who ‘just trust God’ with health care sharing — Our side of the story

Tony Perkins Says Trump Is Dismantling the Left’s ‘Anti-Faith Agenda’

Doctor who promotes ‘terminal sedation’ of sick patients to keynote LA Archdiocese end-of-life conference

Iranian Christian who met with Trump details how regime shut down her family’s church

EXCLUSIVE: New Effort to Mobilize Millions of Evangelicals for Trump

Kanye West Claims Some Record Labels Prohibit Musicians from Mentioning Jesus

Discrimination against Christians? 7 UK Venues Cancel Franklin Graham Tour

Singer Chynna Phillips Says Jesus Is the ‘Way, the Truth and the Light’

Uganda ‘Studying’ to See If Embassy Should Be Opened in Jerusalem

Superintendent Stands Up to Atheist Group, Says School Is Not ‘A Religion-Free Zone’

Christian, Muslim Parents Join Together to Protest State-Mandated LGBT Curriculum in New Jersey

Hindu Extremists in Southern India Beat Christian Children, Accuse Worshippers

Largest Christian Adoption Agency in U.S. to Stop International Adoptions

U.S., 17 Other Countries Launch First-Ever International Religious Freedom Alliance

Super Bowl Champions Kansas City Chiefs Praise God for Their Success

Risqué Super Bowl Halftime Show ‘Sexualized’ Women, Crossed Line, Many Say

LGBT activists force France venue to cancel public debate on artificial procreation for lesbians

Sesame Street to Feature Actor Billy Porter Wearing a Dress

Kanye West Brings His Sunday Service to Miami Ahead of Super Bowl

At the Top of Their Game, These Super Bowl LIV Stars Are Still Looking Up: ‘My Faith in Christ Is Unwavering’

49ers Studied Biblical Themes of Hope and Trust During Season, Chaplain Says

Kansas City Chiefs Have Inspiring ‘Faith-Filled,’ Family Environment, Chaplain Says

Google censors conservatives to appease left-wing pressure, docs reveal

Church of England apologizes for saying sex only for heterosexual married couples

Pope Francis opens door to abolish priestly celibacy according to leaked Amazon Synod doc

Expert, Theologian Offer Guidance on How Christians Should Respond to Coronavirus Outbreak

WATCH: Govt agents interrogate Canadian author for publishing book critical of Trudeau during election

S.D. House Passes Landmark Bill Banning Transgender Treatment on Children

Christian Churchgoers Widely Mixed on Satisfaction with Sermons, Pew Study Reports

Over Half of U.S. Church Use Armed Security Teams after Recent Shootings

3,000-Year-Old Jar Might Confirm Biblical Site Was Israelite City

David Platt Wishes He Preached Sooner on Abortion

Israel Folau Signs to New Team that Forbids Him from Talking About His Faith

Can a Bestselling Christian Marriage Book about Love and Respect Lead to Abuse?

Most Christian Parents Choose Church Based on Children’s Programs, Barna Finds

Petition calls for Super Bowl boycott for airing ad with drag queens

Texas mom who wanted to ‘transition’ 7-year-old son to girl loses again in court

Christian school raided by California gov’t as religious freedom concerns cloud future

Cardinal Sarah’s beautiful defense of priestly celibacy must be read

Pro-Life Group Accuses Fox of Censoring Super Bowl Ad

Liberty University’s Debate between Religious Liberals and Conservatives Hits a Snag

Christian Aid Workers Go Missing in Iraq

‘Persecuted Even after Death’ – China Bans Christian Funerals

Tennis Players Petition for Sports Arena to Be Renamed over Margaret Court’s Christian Views

Archaeological discovery confirms biblical narrative yet again

Desiring God Examines How Politics Has Changed the Meaning of ‘Evangelicals’

‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ Moves into Public Schools: ‘The 1st Graders Loved It’

Willow Creek Confirms Abuse Allegations Made by Hybels’ Mentor

Franklin Graham responds after UK venue cancels tour event over evangelist’s views 

Tim Tebow Foundation Prepares for 6th Annual Night to Shine Event for People with Special Needs

Babies Can Feel Pain as Early as 13 Weeks, New Report Finds

‘God Is Great’: 2006 Interview with Kobe Bryant Gives Sneak Peek into Late Basketball Star’s Faith

Covington Catholic School Student Nick Sandmann Returns to March for Life One Year after Confrontation

Paula White Comes Under Fire after Appearing to Pray for ‘All Satanic Pregnancies to Miscarry’

China Refused American Offer of Assistance in Studying Corona Virus Outbreak: US Health Chief

Yale Drops Introductory Art History Course as ‘Overwhelmingly White’

ISIS child soldier executes Nigerian Christian student, declares ‘we will not stop’

Tennessee gov promises ‘enhanced’ heartbeat bill to protect unborn babies

5 notable moments at March for Life 2020

Nick Sandmann posts photos of his return to March for Life

The Year of the Bible underway as ministries look to spark ‘Bible revival’

Gen Z, millennials: Leaving a legacy of narcissism?

International missions leaders designate 2020 as ‘Global Year of the Bible’

Why are there so many Gen Z atheists?

Time-lapse video shows massive turnout for 2020 March for Life

Hundreds of thousands protest abortion, hear Trump speak at March for Life

Here are just some of the awesome signs we saw at the 2020 March for Life

The Bible Can Help Companies Restore Public Trust, Princeton Professor Finds

‘I’ve Killed More People than Ted Bundy,’ Former Abortion Doc Says

Church of England Stresses that Sex Is Exclusively for Married Heterosexual Couples

Franklin Graham Will Attend March for Life: ‘Every Life Matters’

‘Ain’t Nothing Has Made Me as High as Jesus Does,’ Ex-Drug Addict Says

‘Lives Worth Protecting’ – Trump Admin. Backs Ohio Down Syndrome Abortion Ban

Missouri Lawmaker Introduces Bill to Shield Kids from Drag Queen Story Hours

Youth pastor who got flu shot dies from flu complications

Christian Association of Nigeria demands answers after Boko Haram kills pastor

Liberty U founder discusses American Christianity, Trump and church growth

‘Friend of the Court’ Brief Filed in Supreme Court Case That Could Overturn Roe v. Wade


US News

Pete Buttigieg Believes Supporting Trump Is Incompatible with Christianity

Critics slam Buttigieg’s defiant declaration that he ‘won’t be lectured on family values by Trump supporters’

Dem 2020 candidate Bloomberg: Deny treatment to old people with health issues

Utah Senate Seeks to Decriminalize Polygamy

How Founding Fathers Who Loved the God of Liberty and Their Freedom Built the Freest of Free Nations

‘God, Family, Country Matter Most’: President Trump Kicks Off NASCAR’s Daytona 500 Race

Senate to Vote on Two Pro-Life Bills, House Democrats Not Onboard with ‘Pain Capable’ Bill

Trump and Erdogan Discuss Escalating Violence in Syria, Halt to Idlib Crisis

US Senators Meet With Zelensky in Ukraine, Vow Bipartisan Support

Dershowitz: Obama Told FBI to Investigate Someone on Soros’s Request

Virginia Senate Committee Rejects ‘Assault Weapons’ Ban

House Leader Steny Hoyer Leads Trip to Puerto Rico to Survey Disaster Needs

Lawmakers Criticize $3.8 Billion Funding Shift to Support Southern Border Wall

Trump: Reports Saying Border Wall Fell Over Are Misleading

Ukraine President Says He’s Ready for Another Phone Call With Trump

Ukraine President Says He’s Ready for Another Phone Call With Trump

Navy chaplain accused of violating Constitution for encouraging soldiers to ‘lead like Jesus’

AOC ‘pledges allegiance to the drag’ as guest judge on ‘Ru Paul’s Drag Race’

Pelosi Names First Head of House Whistleblower Office

New House Bill Aims to Protect Americans from Chinese Censorship

Bloomberg Campaign Responds to Report That He Is Considering Hillary Clinton as His VP Pick

Mississippi Democrat introduces bill to force homeschoolers to use govt-approved courses

Colorado Democrats Strike Down Bill Protecting Babies Born following Failed Abortions

Defense Secretary Stands by Shifting of Funds for US-Mexico Border Wall

Graham Wants Interviews With 17 DOJ, FBI Officials Over FISA Abuse Case

Slippery Slope: Utah Senate Approves Bill to Essentially Legalize Polygamy

Social Conservative Bronx Pastor Among 5 Democrats Challenging Ocasio-Cortez in Primary

How to Pray for the President, Other Civil Leaders

Indiana Attorney General Holds Mass Funeral for Remains of 2,411 Aborted Babies

Justice Department Drops Case Against Former Acting FBI Director McCabe

Dem controlled House votes to revive pro-abortion Equal Rights Amendment

Concerned Women for America President: ‘ERA is About Taxpayer-Funded Abortion’

Trump Might End Practice of People Listening in on President’s Calls

BREAKING: Senate to vote on banning late-term abortion, infanticide

Eight GOP Senators Join Democrats in Passing Resolution to Limit Trump’s Iran War Powers

215 House Democrats Back Bill that Would Overturn Hundreds of Pro-Life State Laws

Liberal Supreme Court Justice RBG Slams Door Shut on Democrats Trying to Revive the ERA

‘I Think It Was Wrong’: Democrat Voters Sound Off About Impeachment Efforts

Trump Wins 94 Percent of N.H. Evangelical Vote; Sanders Wins Non-Religious Vote, Exit Polls Show

Democrats Walk Out of House Meeting after Pastor Prays for Rights of the Unborn

House Republicans Boycott Intelligence Panel Hearing, Say FISA Abuse More Important

Federal Judge: State Can Exclude Christian School from State Voucher Program over LGBT Views

Senate Debates Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act

Senate Confirms Trump’s 51st Federal Appeals Court Judge

Oklahoma House Passes Bill Revoking Medical Licenses of Abortion Doctors

Nancy Pelosi leaves out Christians when naming persecuted religious minorities

Florida Republican Proposes Bill to Outlaw Sex Change Surgery for Kids

Trump unveils budget plan to defund abortion centers like Planned Parenthood

No Room for Pro-Lifers in Democratic Party, Sanders Says: Abortion Rights Are ‘Essential’

Facebook, Twitter Deny Pelosi’s Request to Censor Edited Video of Her Ripping Trump’s Speech

Dem Presidential Candidate Told to Drop Out After Admitting He Thinks Abortion Is ‘a Tragedy’

Trump Lies’ — And Other False Statements We Are Told

Nearly All U.S. Presidents Have Been Christians

Dennis Haysbert ‘Got Emotional’ Narrating TBN Christian History Documentary Series

Economy Adds 225,000 Jobs, Labor Force Roomier Than Expected

Poll: N.H. Democrats Would Rather ‘Giant Meteor’ Hit Earth than Trump Win

More Voters Than People? Judicial Watch’s Tom Fitton Reveals Voter Fraud Concerns

US, Kenya Launch Talks on Trade Deal in Move Welcomed by Industry

VA Popular Vote Election Bills Fail, Leaving Electoral College Unchanged – Why It Matters

Rick Scott Calls for Constitutional Amendment to Raise Threshold for Impeachment

Christian Democrats mostly support Biden; atheists more likely to support Sanders, Warren: Pew

Senators Say Redacted Footnotes Contradict IG Report Statements

The Bible Could Become Tennessee’s ‘Official State Book’ under New Bill

WATCH: Globalist attacks USA at Vatican conference, calls Trump ‘dangerous’ to one-world ‘big consensus’

Utah Lawmaker Proposes Bill Requiring Pornography to Have a Warning Label

Romney Cites Faith as Inspiring His Vote to Convict Trump

Nat’l Prayer Breakfast speaker tells audience including Trump, Pelosi: ‘Jesus said love your enemies’

President Trump Speaks at 68th Annual National Prayer Breakfast

 Senate votes to acquit Trump on impeachment charges

‘God’s Grace Is Still Shining’: Extended Coverage of Trump’s State of the Union

President and Mrs. Trump

‘Life Is a Sacred Gift from God’ – Trump Backs Ban on Late-Term Abortion in State of the Union Address

See the Top 5 Most Beautifully Stunning Moments at the State of the Union

Former ‘Miracle’ Micro-Preemie Just One of Trump’s Invited Guests to State of the Union

11 featured guests at President Trump’s 2020 State of the Union address

What Trump Said About Religious Liberty, Late-Term Abortion, and Socialism in His Third State of the Union

‘The Great American Comeback’: Trump’s State of the Union Amid Impeachment Trial

‘In America, We Don’t Punish Prayer’: President Trump’s Vigorous Defense of Religious Liberty During the State of the Union Speech

Massive Delays Cause Democrats to Release Partial Results for Iowa Caucuses

Trump Prepares Optimistic State of the Union Address: CBN News LIVE Coverage Begins at 8:30

Trump Administration, GOP-Led States Urge Supreme Court to Delay Review of Obamacare Ruling

Trump Administration, GOP-Led States Urge Supreme Court to Delay Review of Obamacare Ruling

‘The Great American Comeback’: Trump’s State of the Union Amid Impeachment Trial

Supreme Court Justice Documentary, ‘Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words’

Atheists, Agnostics Prefer Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Pew Finds

6 States Sue Trump Admin. to Restore Obamacare’s ‘Hidden’ Abortion Fee

Democrat Attorneys General Try to Force Government to Ratify ERA – Here’s Why It’s Technically Dead

Last Year VA Dems Stunned Nation with Abortion ‘Til Birth, Now Their Agenda Is Flooding Through

CNN Won’t Release Iowa Poll, Says It May Have Been ‘Compromised’

New Soros-Funded University to Combat Climate Change, Nationalism

Senate to Vote on Witnesses in Impeachment Trial as Trump Acquittal Eyed by Republicans

Chief Justice Roberts Blocks Question From Sen. Paul About Ciaramella, Allows Question About Schiff Staffer

‘Do Not Travel’: US State Department Posts Highest Alert for China Amid Virus Outbreak

Conservative Virginia Counties Float Seceding to West Virginia

Netanyahu wants to name Golan Heights settlement in honor of Trump

EXCLUSIVEVP Pence to CBN News: Democrats Pushing ‘Weak’ Impeachment Case to Overturn Devastating Election Loss

Trump’s Legal Team Accuses Democrats of Trying to Unseat a Duly Elected Leader

Virginia Democrats Dismantle Abortion Restrictions as Bills Advance in State Legislature

Blue State of NJ Sees Massive Crowd Attend Trump Rally; Many Had Lined Up 24 Hours in Advance

Supreme Court allows DHS rule on immigrant welfare benefits heavily criticized by evangelical groups

CNN mocks Trump supporters, Republicans turn it into powerful political ad

Jerry Falwell Jr., W.Va. Governor Invite Discontent Virginians to Secede, Join West Virginia

Trump rolls out ‘deal of the century’ with Israel, annexation of West Bank

Attending the World Holocaust Forum in Israel Was Deeply Spiritual for Vice President Mike Pence 

Jack Graham Defends His Trump Support: He’s ‘Exceeded Our Expectations’

Joe Biden: ‘transgender equality is the civil rights issue of our time’

Buttigieg: I’d be ‘tricking’ pro-life Democrats if I said they had place in party

Romney, Collins Push for Witnesses After John Bolton’s Book Rocks Impeachment Trial

White House Officials Challenge Leaked Details From Bolton Book

VP Pence to CBN News: Congress Hasn’t Done Enough to Confront Anti-Semitism

Trump admin announces action against California for forcing churches to fund abortions

‘Making Me Think About Things’: Sen. Manchin Says Trump Legal Team Doing a ‘Good Job’

Sen. Ernst Says Trump’s Lawyers ‘Shredded’ Impeachment Case as Democrats Double Down on Call for Witnesses

Economic Sanctions Erode Iran’s Appetite to Escalate Conflict With US: Experts

Coronavirus: Millions on lockdown in China as virus spreads worldwide

California Patient Is 3rd US Case of New Virus From China

California Patient Is 3rd US Case of New Virus From China

FULL TEXT: President Trump’s historic 2020 March for Life speech

‘We are the Voice for the Voiceless,’ Trump Tells March for Life in Historic Speech

Virginia Passes Series of Pro-LGBT Laws, Introduces Bans on Conversion Therapy

Trump Tells Mayors ‘We’re All on the Same Team’

Trump Declares Roe v. Wade Anniversary National Sanctity of Human Life Day

President Trump to Meet with Israeli Prime Minister at White House

President Trump to Meet with Israeli Prime Minister at White House

Virginia Senate Passes ‘Red Flag’ Law Following Gun Rights Rally

Ted Cruz says Christian faith enabled him to forgive Trump’s 2016 attacks on family

Trump to be first president to attend March for Life

Here Are the Senate Rules for Trump’s Trial and How McConnell Plans to Expedite It

VA Bill Is Latest Effort by Democrats to Change Electoral College, Taking Away Voice of Rural Americans

Daily CBN News Coverage of the Senate Impeachment Trial of President Trump


Trump Scores Major Back-to-Back Trade Victories

Keep an Eye on These 4 GOP Senators in Trump Impeachment Trial

Vice President Mike Pence Under Fire for Attending ‘Homophobic’ Bible-Based Sermon

Pro-Life Group Pledges $52 Million to Re-Elect Trump, ‘the Most Pro-Life President’ in History

Federal Appeals Court Rules Obamacare Insurance Mandate Unconstitutional

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