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Hundreds Circle Georgia Hospital in Their Cars to Pray for Workers Battling Coronavirus

New York Times Claims 12 Liberty University Students Are Experiencing Coronavirus Symptoms, Jerry Falwell, Jr. Denies

Experts: Universal do-not-resuscitate orders are unethical, un-American, unnecessary

Samaritan’s Purse Sets Up Coronavirus Field Hospital in New York City

NYC Mayor Threatens to Close Churches ‘Permanently’ for Meeting during Coronavirus

6 Christian Organizations Offering Relief amid the Coronavirus Pandemic

Baptist Church Recovers Truck Confiscated Eight Years Ago in Sudan

Black and Latino Startup Churches Work to Stay Afloat during Pandemic

As Coronavirus Keeps Parishioners Homebound, Christian Clergy Debate Online Communion

Police Detain Christians Providing Aid to the Poor in Tamil Nadu, India

Jon Voight shares prayer asking God to wipe away ‘curse of fear’ amid coronavirus

Multiple periods of social distancing will be needed to beat coronavirus, Harvard researchers say

Church leaders urged to prepare for long-term shift in how people worship amid pandemic

Ohio says religious gatherings are ‘essential business,’ bishops cancel Mass anyway

Snowstorm Didn’t Stop This Alaska Church from Hosting Drive-In Worship Service

Virtual Choir’s Powerful ‘It Is Well’ Arrangement Goes Viral with 1.4 Million Views

For King and Country to Live-Stream Concert Supporting Convoy of Hope’s 10 Million Meals Initiative

Church Pools Chick-fil-A Points, Donates 460 Sandwiches to Hospital Workers

Hospitals across US close doors to pastors despite ailing coronavirus patients in need

Pastor Greg Locke says Facebook removed his Sunday service announcement for ‘promoting a crime’

Multiple periods of social distancing will be needed to beat coronavirus, Harvard researchers say

CP Premiere: Matt Redman wants world to know Jesus is the same in every season, even in a pandemic

One world government needed to cope with COVID-19, says former British PM

Hospital Resources Reach Their Limit as Virus Hotspots Race for Contingency Plan

Abortion groups: Coronavirus means ‘supply chains’ for killing unborn need more funding

Planned Parenthood insists abortion continue because women fear for their finances

Left-wing lawsuit demands Trump admin human rights org prioritize homosexuality, abortion

‘We Need Hope’ – I Still Believe to Release Friday on Home Video-on-Demand

Lawyers warn against health care rationing based on age, disability: It violates civil rights law

Washington National Cathedral Donates 5,000 Medical Masks Resurrected from Crypts

Churches Find Innovative Ways to Serve Their Communities during the Coronavirus Pandemic

‘Faith Matters’ during Health Crises but Religious Sentiments May Lead to Blaming Others, Scholar Cautions

Keith Getty Calls Coronavirus an ‘Opportunity’ to ‘Reorder’ Homes for Christ

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Under Fire for Allowing Students Back to Dorms

Old lives matter

Francis Chan tells Church: Coronavirus is ‘one of our greatest opportunities to reach a lost world’

It’s Official: The 2020 Summer Olympics is the Latest Casualty of COVID-19

Texas Bans Abortions during COVID-19 Pandemic, Threatens Doctors with Jail

COVID-19 closes churches, schools, businesses. Why is abortion industry open for business?

Barna ‘Pivots’ to Offer Churches Free Crisis Management Resources

Catholic Cardinal Burke Says Faithful Should Attend Mass Despite Coronavirus

‘I’m Not Imagining No Heaven’: Larry the Cable Guy Calls Out Celebrities for Singing ‘Imagine’ amid Coronavirus Outbreak

34 Coronavirus Cases Linked to One Arkansas Church – ‘Take it Very Seriously,’ Pastor Pleads

Seniors left to die at retirement homes amid coronavirus outbreak, Spain’s defense minister reveals

Israel’s Chief Rabbi Asks Citizens to Fast to End the Coronavirus Pandemic

Southern Baptist Convention cancels Annual Meeting amid COVID-19 outbreak

Pope Francis blames coronavirus on nature ‘having a fit’ over environmental damage

Pope: Confess sins directly to God if no priests available during virus pandemic

Light Against the Darkness: COVID-19 Results in Extreme Acts of Kindness or #Coronakindne

Pope asks Christians worldwide to pray ‘Our Father’ on March 25 in response to coronavirus

Hobby Lobby remains open: ‘God is in control’

U.K. on lockdown, Olympics postponed: Here’s the latest coronavirus news

Church Donates 4,000 N95 Masks to Area Hospitals: ‘Thank You for Your Dedication’

The Bible Quarantine Video Series Brings ‘Light and Laughter’ to Coronavirus Pandemic

Church Leaders Consider ‘Drive-In Churches’ So Congregants Can Worship Together while Respecting Social Distancing

Matt Walsh warns complacent Christians: Tolerance and acceptance are not biblical virtues

New York’s Bowery Mission Adapts Homeless Ministry to Coronavirus Restrictions

Virus Prompts Churches Meeting in Schools to Find New Ways to Preach, Pray

‘I Still Believe’ heads to video on demand amid nationwide theater shutdowns

Ohio says no elective surgical abortions during coronavirus outbreak

Church of England says only 5 people can attend weddings, including bride and groom

Samaritan’s Purse opens field hospital in northern Italy to help coronavirus patients

Bored at Home Quarantine? Watch ‘The Chosen’ for Free on VidAngel

First-Ever Gene Editing Inside Body Raises Questions About Future of Human Species

How to boost your immune system and fight the coronavirus

China could have reduced coronavirus cases by 95%, avoided global pandemic: study

Diocese prepares faithful for lay-led funerals as coronavirus saps priests

Abortionist self-quarantines for coronavirus, worries fewer babies will be killed

US doctor group demands hospitals overwhelmed from coronavirus continue abortions

Abortion activists exploit coronavirus panic to demand abortion pills via webcam

Researchers demand aborted babies’ bodies for coronavirus experiments

HISTORY – What the 1918 Influenza Pandemic Meant for American Churches

Assyrian Christian among 85,000 Prisoners Released in Iran amid Coronavirus Pandemic

‘Give Us Peace for Our Children and Elders’: Actor Jon Voight Prays God Ends the COVID-19 Pandemic

Canadian Bill Would Jail Christian Parents Who Attempt to Discourage Their Child’s Same-Sex Attraction

Anne Graham Lotz Questions if the Coronavirus Is a Sign of the End Times

Christ the Redeemer Statue Is Lit By International Flags in Tribute to Nations Affected by COVID-19

After Canceling Public Services, This Megachurch Is Feeding Hungry Families

Italian bishop links Coronavirus to society’s ‘immoral drifts’

Messianic Leaders Call for Hour of Prayer Today against Coronavirus

United Methodist Church Postpones General Conference amid COVID-19 Pandemic

All priests, half of seminarians at traditional Catholic order infected by coronavirus

Is Coronavirus a Sign of the End Times? Billy Graham’s Daughter Answers

Max Lucado shares how to choose faith over fear: ‘God is talking to the world’ amid coronavirus pandemic

Patients ‘Completely Recovered’: Doctors May Have Found COVID-19 Cure

Coronavirus Good News: More Than 100 New Yorkers Have Recovered From COVID-19 Infections

Sign of the Times? Mideast Religious Leaders Say Pandemic a Sign We Are Nearing ‘The Days of the Messiah’

Mohabat TV Director: Millions of Iranians May Perish as Result of Coronavirus, People Not Obeying the Quarantine

The Church encourages priests to say Masses, even without the faithful

Google employee hits pro-life activist on video, then countersues him for $5 million for ‘injury to feelings’

Lou Engle Calls Christians to Global 3-Day Esther Fast to End Coronavirus

New scientific paper suggests high deaths from coronavirus without effective containment

Chick-fil-A Delivers 1,000 Meals to Washington Hospital Impacted by Coronavirus

Samaritan’s Purse Brings Medical Relief to Italy

Online Church Attendance Quadrupled Sunday in Light of COVID-19, Company Says

Florida Pastor Refuses to Cancel Church despite CDC Recommendations of Social Distancing

Drive-thru confessions, outdoor Masses: Heroic priests find creative ways to nourish faithful

Some Religious Leaders Believe Coronavirus Outbreak Is a Sign of the Messiah’s Return

Despite Coronavirus, in Italy Communion Is Stronger than Quarantine

Albert Mohler Argues There Is ‘No Such Thing as Christian Yoga’

Steph Curry Is Helping Give 1 Million Free Meals to Students during Coronavirus Pandemic

Father Who Sued to Prevent His Teen from Receiving Sex Change Treatments Could Face Jail Time

ISIS Warns Members to Stay Out of Europe Because of COVID-19

Houston Pastor Pleads Guilty to Multimillion-Dollar Fraud of Elderly

Coronavirus Patients, Survivors Talk About What It’s Like: ‘God Began to Tell Me I Was Getting Better’

‘God is in Control’: Powerful Prayer Messages from Dr. Dobson, Rick Warren, and Jentezen Franklin

CBN President Gordon Robertson Prays Psalm 91 Over You as Coronavirus Fears Mount

US News

Trump: ‘With the Grace of God’ America ‘Will Win’ the War against the Coronavirus

My Pillow’s Christian CEO Says Company Will Shift 75 Percent of Production to Make Medical Masks

US Senator: We must end China’s drug control, bring production back home

Economists: Stimulus Package to Provide ‘Financial and Psychological Boost’

Rubio Says Media Reports Claiming US Has Most COVID-19 Cases is ‘Bad Journalism’

New York State Surpasses 1,000 Coronavirus Deaths

Federal Judge Frees Immigration Detainees on CCP Virus Fears

White House Update on the COVID-19 Outbreak in the US

Surgeon General, Disaster Experts Advise Church Leaders in COVID-19 Online Summit

Former U.K. Prime Minister Calls for Temporary Global Government to Combat the Coronavirus

Virginia Gov. Quotes Bible, Pleads with Jerry Falwell, Jr. to Close Liberty University

U.S. Is Best-Prepared Country to Handle a Pandemic, 2019 Study Finds

Planned Parenthood Files Lawsuit against Texas Governor over Temporary Abortion Ban

Most American Think Trump Is Either ‘Not Too’ Religious or Not Religious at All, Pew Finds

COVID-19 Data Doesn’t Match Most Extreme Models: Dr. Birx

NYU Medical Students to Graduate 3 Months Early to Join Pandemic Fight

Group Hopes State Supreme Court Forces Minnesota to Provide Data in Election Fraud Investigation

Trump says it would be ‘beautiful’ to re-open country by Easter: Live pandemic updates

Man who almost died from coronavirus tells Fox News how drug backed by Trump saved his life

Trump DOJ: Boys Shouldn’t Be Allowed to Play in Girls’ Sports

Congress Passes Economic Stimulus Package amid Pandemic

California police dept to use drones to ‘monitor’ shutdown: Latest coronavirus updates

Companies Offer Employment Opportunities as Unemployment Skyrockets amid COVID-19 Pandemic

Trump’s Overall Approval Rating Jumps to 49 Percent since Coronavirus Outbreak, Gallup Says

Congress Reaches Deal on $2 Trillion Relief Package for COVID-19

Scientists Find 69 Drugs and Compounds Potentially Effective Against COVID-19

US House resolution denounces Chinese Communist gov’t for mishandling of coronavirus

Dr. Fauci Tells Media to Stop Pitting Him Against President Trump

As Blue States Push to Abolish Electoral College, Critics Warn: ‘You Would Have Violence’

Dow Surges 2,100 Points as Congress Nears Deal on Virus Aid

With 100 Million Americans Ordered to Stay Home, President Acts as Congress Stalls on Covid-19 Response

MUST SEE: Miss. Governor Uses Facebook Live to Give ‘A Moment of Prayer’ to Constituents

EXCLUSIVE: Trump, Pence, Carson Speak, Pray With Pastors On Coronavirus Pandemic

Partisanship Explodes as Senate Stumbles Toward $2 Trillion CCP Virus Economic Relief Deal

Signs of hope as coronavirus panic sets in: Effective drugs, less bureaucracy

Pelosi Announces Her Own COVID-19 Plan as Senate Leaders Clash Over Details

Airports Empty, Airlines Losing Millions as COVID-19 Quarantines Widen 

President Trump Donates 4th Quarter Salary to Fight the Coronavirus

Trump, Pence Thank Churches for Suspending Services: Americans ‘Are Coming Together’

Mike Pence encourages Americans to pray, keep tithing to church

Trump admin. urges Venezuela to release 5 Americans

Vice President Mike Pence, Wife Test Negative for CCP Virus

Cuomo Announces 4 Temporary Hospital Sites, Warns Coronavirus Could Infect Up to 80% of New York

New York City Becomes the Epicenter of the CCP Virus Outbreak in The US

‘We Don’t Have Definitive Proof That it Works:’ Fauci on Efficacy of Chloroquine Against CCP Virus

Kudlow: COVID-19 Stimulus Package Now Worth $2 Trillion

New York Calls on Retired Medical Workers to Join Fight Against COVID-19

FDA Approves New Test That Could Detect CCP Virus in About 45 Minutes

Homeowners Can Put Off Mortgage Payments Amid Outbreak

Over 70 Million Americans Ordered to Stay Home as States Tighten Travel Restrictions Amid CCP Virus Outbreak

Trump Announces Non-Essential Travel Ban to Mexico, Canada as Illinois Follows CA with ‘Stay Home’ Order

Trump Defends Drastic Gov’t Actions: ‘Millions of Lives’ Being Saved from COVID-19

‘Could Be a Game-Changer’: Trump Announces 2 Possible Treatments for COVID-19

Most White Evangelicals Approve of Trump’s COVID-19 Response, Survey Finds

Gov’t Closure of Churches During COVID-19 Is Legal if Temporary, Group Says

California on lockdown, social gatherings reporting system launched: Here’s the latest coronavirus news

White House Update on the COVID-19 Outbreak in the US

U.S. government preparing for possibility of 18-month pandemic

‘Wake-Up Call’: Pandemic Should Prompt the West to Confront Chinese Regime, Experts Say

HHS Offers 4 Hot Tips for Churches to Stop the Spread of COVID-19

Pence: Defense Department is Ready to Help With Augmenting Hospitals

IRS Pushes Back April 15 Tax Payment Deadline in Midst of COVID-19 Crisis

Trump Signs CCP Virus Aid Bill, Hours After Senate Passage

Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib Retweets: ‘F*** Trump’s National Day of Prayer’

Trump Says US on ‘War-Time Footing’ Against Virus, Senate Passes First Economic Aid Bill

Trump Calls for Immediate Economic Relief to Support Families amid Coronavirus Outbreak

Presidential Prayer Team Launches ‘Health and Prayer’ Feature on Its Pray First Radio Network

Mississippi House Passes Bill that Would Ban Abortions Based on Race, Sex, Genetic Abnormalities

Congress Members Send Letter Demanding Release of American Pastor from India

Trump Tests Negative for Coronavirus After Contact with Several Virus Carriers

Senate Hearing on Coronavirus Crisis Exposes Dangers of US Dependence on China for Drug Sourcing

Fed Slashes Rates to Near Zero, Announces Crisis Management Measures

US Rolling Out Low-Interest Loans to Small Businesses Impacted by Coronavirus

Bioethicist who thinks people should die at 75 advising Biden on coronavirus

Countries With Major Coronavirus Outbreak Clusters Delayed Response Due to Strategic Ties with China: Experts

Stocks Roar Back on Hopes for Government’s Virus Plan

Trump Declares Virus Emergency; Pelosi Announces Aid Deal

Dems fail to ax pro-life language in coronavirus spending bill…for now

Abortion Is the ‘Dismembering of a Living Child,’ Supreme Court Justice Says

Minnesota bill would cut state funding for libraries exposing kids to drag queens

Nancy Pelosi tried to sneak abortion funding into coronavirus emergency bill, Ben Sasse says

White Evangelicals Say Trump Fights for Their Beliefs, Pew Survey Finds

Widespread Testing for Coronavirus Coming in Next Week or Two: US Official

Trump Suspends Travel Between U.S., Most of Europe for 30 Days over Coronavirus Fear

US Health Expert Testifies Virus ’10 Times Deadlier Than the Flu’

Rare 6th Circuit Court Hearing: All 15 Judges Attend Ohio Down Syndrome Abortion Law Arguments

‘Not a Time to Panic’: Global Coronavirus Fear Sends US Stocks Plummeting 10% in 1 Day

Ohio Closes Schools for 3 Weeks as Coronavirus Closings Change American Daily Life

CA Insurance Commissioner Targets Health ‘Cost-Sharing’ Ministries

Supreme Court Upholds Trump’s ‘Remain in Mexico’ Policy

Senator Implores Department of Justice to Investigate Porn Site for Hosting Videos of Exploited Women, Children

Biden Wins Again Thanks to Democrats Believing He Can Beat Trump, Exit Polls Show

Trump DOJ: Christian Photographer Shouldn’t Be Forced to Work Same-Sex Wedding

Biden Unveils Vast LGBT Plan Overturning Trump’s Religious Liberty Protections

Trump Has ‘Effectively Flipped’ the 9th Circuit from Liberal to Conservative

ICYMI – Nov. 10, 2016 – President Trump was elected because sickening, liberal policies were being pushed down our throats. It’s as simple as that.

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