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WATCH: 5-Year-Old Boy Invites Entire Kindergarten Class to Witness His Legal Adoption

Louie Giglio’s new children’s devotional hopes to bridge the divide between God and science

Swiss bishop stands firm against proposed law to criminalize criticism of LGBT

Twitter isn’t the first to try to silence us, but we won’t be stopped

Preparing for the Worst: Churches Anticipate and Train to Handle a Violent Attack

Saturday Night Live shows comedic sketch of impersonated Nancy Pelosi praying for Trump

Lebanese Christian Is Recognized for Buying Nazi Artifacts, Donating Them to Yad Vashem

Churches Work with Non-Profit to Erase Millions of Dollars in Medical Debt

The 49ers’ Richard Sherman Donates over $27,000 to Clear Student Lunch Debt

Anti-Religion Group Asks Alabama Sheriff to Stop Referencing Prayer after Tragedies

‘I’m Blessed to Be Here’ – Sooners’ QB Jalen Hurts Shares His Faith-Filled Journey

Bankrupt PG&E Reaches $13.5 Billion Settlement With California Wildfire Victims

Bankrupt PG&E Reaches $13.5 Billion Settlement With California Wildfire Victims

Kanye West says the devil is causing black versus white Christian radio racial divide

Jamie Grace: If every church in America fostered 1 child ‘there’d be no more waiting children’

5 reasons rural and small town churches are making a comeback

Judge Drops Counts in Criminal Case of Undercover Journalists Who Exposed Planned Parenthood Baby Body Part Harvesting

Worship Leaders Lift Jesus in White House: ‘Let This Sound Give You Great Hope for America!’

Despite Intense Persecution and Death Threats, National Bible Translators Remain Committed to Translating the Scriptures

TX Family Wins 5-Month Battle, Gets Son Back From High-Handed, Overreaching Child Protective Services

Contraceptive use linked to shrinking brain size, researchers find

629 Pakistani Christian women, young girls trafficked to China as brides: report

Baby body parts criminal trial to proceed against Daleiden with possible jail time

Joel Osteen, Kanye West to Host Massive Evangelical Event at Yankee Stadium

Atheism Is Not a Religion, Canadian Court Rules in Tax Case

Quebec considers allowing doctors to euthanize dementia patients without their active consent

14-Year-Old Kidnapped, Forced to Convert to Islam, Married Off to Muslim Man in Pakistan

Egypt Arrests Coptic Community Rights Activist amid Heightened Surveillance Measures

Pope Francis Wants You to Set Up a Nativity Scene to Fight Banal Consumer Christmas

Pope’s charity helped finance sexually explicit pro-LGBT Elton John biopic

Pastor Arrested at Drag Queen Story Hour Wins in Court

Kim Kardashian Resolves to Dress More Modestly in the New Year

Christian Artist Lecrae, Pastor Benjamin Wills Share How God Is Using Them to Further the Kingdom in Atlanta

Philippians 4:6 Was the Most Popular Bible Verse of 2019, YouVersion Says

Animists Opposing Christianity in India Find Allies in Maoists, Police, Hindu Extremists

France Passes Resolution Classifying Hatred of Israel as Anti-Semitism

China’s Communist Party Censors Phone Owners Use of ‘Sensitive Words’ like ‘Almighty God’

Why Are We Still Funding This? The Failure of Embryonic Stem Cell Research

Openly Gay Presidential Candidate Pete Buttigieg Criticized for Volunteering with Salvation Army

Chick-fil-A Distances Itself from Donation to Anti-Christian Southern Poverty Law Center

Israel Folau Reaches Settlement after Being Fired for Biblical Instagram Post

The Church Really Can Strengthen Marriage (In Fact, Only the Church Can)

Disabled pastor in Mexico leads hundreds of unreached people to Jesus by using Christmas shoebox gifts

Pray for persecuted Christians — It makes a difference

VIRAL VIDEO: Freedom March Co-Founder Belts Out ‘Nothing But the Blood of Jesus’ Inside the Capitol

‘Soul Fuel’: Finding Faith for Life’s Journey in the Simplicity of Christ’s Love

Dr. Dobson: We Must Support Initiatives That Promote Religious Liberty in US and Around the World

Babies Intact for Organ Harvesting: Company Admits Selling Aborted Baby Parts a Lucrative Business

World Evangelical Alliance announces plans to strengthen, expand network for spiritual awakening

Keith Getty: Modern worship mov’t is ‘utterly dangerous,’ causing ‘de-Christianizing of God’s people’

Lecrae says even if Kanye West’s faith is insincere, ‘Jesus Is King’ album gives God the glory 

Horror of abortion is ‘exactly what the pictures show,’ ex-abortionist confirms

Focus on the Family to Bring Live 4D Ultrasounds of Third Trimester Babies to 5 New Cities

Francis Chan Announces Shock Move to Asia to Become a Missionary

Florida High School Denies Pro-Life Club, Allows LGBTQ Group: It’s ‘Blatantly Illegal’

Museum of the Bible Displays Medieval Hebrew Pentateuch

Florida Sheriff Rebuffs Atheists, Won’t Remove ‘In God We Trust’ from Patrol Cars

Mohler, Prominent Southern Baptist, Will Be Nominated to Lead Denomination

Thousands of evangelicals exhorted at global meeting to finish the Great Commission

Student: School suspended me for ‘hate speech’ when I protested wearing LGBT rainbow poppy

Dutch priest on pope post–Amazon Synod: ‘On good grounds I think he is a heretic’

Pope Francis denounces Amazon Synod critics as racist

Francis’ go-to interviewer claims Pope denies Jesus’ bodily resurrection

Rwandan Genocide Survivor: God Used a Christmas Shoebox to Save Me as a Child

Mom trying to ‘transition’ 7-year-old asks for judge’s recusal, seeks to become sole guardian 

At Daleiden trial, Planned Parenthood tries to ‘inflame’ jury by claiming pro-lifers are violent

Keith Getty Explains the ‘Different’ Goals of Hymns, Modern Worship Songs

Dealing With Painful Memories: Helping First Responders Heal from Trauma

Kayne West’s Jesus Is King Hits No. 1 on Top Christian Albums Chart, Billboard 200 Chart

Violent Tensions Rise in Ethiopia as Churches Burned, Protestors Killed

7-year-old whose mom tried to ‘transition’ him chooses to attend school as a boy

Street Preacher Files Suit against Portland for Attempting to Prohibit Him from Sharing Pro-Life Views

VIDEO – Man who threw Pachamama idol into Tiber speaks out

EXCLUSIVE: LifeSiteNews translates Final Document of the Synod on the Amazon into English

Daleiden: Planned Parenthood was willing to sell me aborted baby livers for $750

‘Black Panther’ Star Calls Out Journalists for Removing Her Faith from Interviews

Over 88,000 Sign Petition to Free Tennessee Pastor Arrested for His Christian Faith in India

‘Over 1,000’ Accept Christ at Kanye West’s Sunday Service – It’s ‘a New Wave of Revival,’ Pastor Says

Gallup: Religion Isn’t Dying: ‘People Return’ to Church as They Age

Delta Air Lines will now show unedited gay sex scenes in movies on its flights

Harvest Bible Chapel Says Former Pastor James MacDonald Is ‘Biblically Disqualified’ from Ministry

Christians, Church Gather in Prayer for International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church

You Need to Read the Bible Every Day’: Greg Laurie Encourages Kanye West in an Open Letter

Harriet Tubman, in Movie and Real Life, Guided by Faith in Fight for Freedom

‘Show the Redemption of Jesus Christ…Do Altar Call’: Former Devil Worshipper Encourages Churches Not to Celebrate but Evangelize on Halloween

Controversial Sex Education Discussing Gender Identity, Orientation Approved in Austin, Texas

‘My Only Mission Is to Spread the Gospel’: Kanye West Opens Up about Pornography Addiction, Music, Faith

Norway’s Capital Bans Goods Made in Israeli Settlement Territories

Italian bishops’ mission org publishes ‘prayer to Pachamama’ in official booklet

Supreme Court Rejects Case of Christian Student Forced to Write Islamic Prayer

Benevolent Teenager Raises over $12,000 for Local Food Pantry

ISIS Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Is Killed in US Raid

Series of Wildfires Break Out across California, Thousands of Acres Scorched

Kanye West Releases Highly Anticipated Jesus Is King Gospel Album

Burger King Taunts Chick-fil-A with ‘Open on Sunday’ Tweet, Faces Backlash

Pastor Andy Savage Is Planting New Church after Resigning over Sexual Assault

‘People won’t allow this to happen to children’: How pro-family media helped save James Younger

Major family planning groups reveal how they use crises to push abortion in poor nations

Israeli Archaeologists Uncover 1,500-Year-Old Church Dedicated to a ‘Glorious Martyr’

Christian NGO opens 58 food distribution centers to aid civilians fleeing war-torn northern Syria

Jury hears how easy it was to order, ship aborted baby body parts in Daleiden trial

Pope calls statues ‘Pachamamas’ and apologizes for their removal from church

Texas AG calls for immediate investigation into mother trying to ‘transition’ 7-year-old boy

4-year-old seized by state after parents disagreed with doctor allowed to go home – for now

Pastor Rescued Hundreds of North Koreans on ‘Underground Railroad’

Atheist Richard Dawkins Says God Informs Morality, Ending Religion Would Be a Bad Idea

TobyMac Releases Gut Wrenching Statement Following the Death of His 21-Year-Old Son

Chinese Church Fined $1,400 for Owning ‘Wrong’ Version of Bible

Hindu Extremists Beat Pastor Unconscious in Gujarat State, India

Skillet’s John Cooper Says Christians Must Learn to Talk about Controversial Topics

Judge rules dad will have say in gender ‘transition’ of 7-year-old

Couple Is Adopting a Baby after Their ‘Don’t Abort. We Will Adopt!’ Post Went Viral

Cardinal Müller: ‘The great mistake was to bring the idols into the Church, not to put them out’

Pa. Gov. Pledges to Veto Heartbeat Abortion Ban, Says it Lacks ‘Scientific Basis’

The Nationals’ Anthony Rendon, Juan Soto, Victor Robles Share How God Influences Their Lives on and off the Baseball Field

Judge delays ruling on 7-year-old’s gender ‘transition’ until tomorrow

Businesses Cut Ties with Church over Sermon on Transgenderism: ‘It’s Hate Speech’

Texas gov. investigating case involving mom who wants gender ‘transition’ for 7-yr-old

Abortion, Same-Sex Marriage Are Legalized in Northern Ireland

Abortion Doctor Arrested for Allegedly Pulling Gun on Pro-Life Protestor

Cross Still Standing after Tornado Destroys Texas Church

Charity Aid Group Plans More Than One Million Meals for Pittsburgh, PA’s Less Fortunate

FOCUS ‘We Believe in Miracles’: Iraqi Christian Family Forced to Make Life-or-Death Decision

Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu Fails to Form Unified Government

Texas Court Forces Dad to Allow Son to Undergo Chemical Castration

So Far, 296 Unborn Babies Have Been Saved During 40 Days for Life Campaign

Young People of Faith Are Less Anxious than Nonreligious Young People, New Study Shows

Christianity Booming, Atheism Declining around the World, Report Says

How Two Churches Are Working to Share Jesus across Washington D.C.

John MacArthur skewers Beth Moore, Paula White, evangelicals who support women preachers

Christian Family in Muslim Area of Kenya Loses House, Stable Life

Bureaucrats Threaten Fines & Possible Jail for Ministry that Gives Glasses to Homeless

Priest defends removing ‘pagan’ statues from Rome church: Jesus drove money-changers from temple

Jury rules AGAINST dad trying to save his 7-year-old from gender ‘transition’

Mom trying to ‘transition’ 7-year-old admits he’s not her biological son, she used egg donor

LGBT Protesters Force Closing of 1st British Chick-fil-A

Syrian Christians Face Grim Future after Turkey’s Invasion

Astros’ Jose Altuve Was ‘Thanking God’ While Hitting ALCS-Winning Home Run

Thomas Rhett Prays during Acceptance Speech at CMT Awards

Planned Parenthood star witness impeached, jury sees video for first time in baby parts case

Pastor on battle over 7-year-old’s ‘transition’: It’s an ‘effort to have this young boy mutilated’

Controversial Amazon Synod statues seized and thrown into the Tiber River (FULL VIDEO)

As college tuition costs continue to rise, one school is fighting back

Attorneys grill dad trying to save 7-year-old from gender ‘transition’

‘Satanic Services’ at US Naval Academy? Midshipmen Want ‘Satanic Temple’ Study Space

Anti-Religion Group Says Public School Mentoring Program By Christians Unconstitutional

Legalizing Assisted Suicide Will Remove Treatment Options from Patients Based on Cost Effectiveness, New Report Finds

Who Are the Kurdish People in Syria Being Attacked by Turkey?

Hindu Extremists, Police Shut Down Worship Services in Uttar Pradesh, India

‘Sad Day’ in Algeria as Officials Seal Buildings of Country’s Largest Churches

New Bill Seeks to Introduce Bible Classes across Florida Public Schools

Chip and Joanna Gaines to Host Their 5th Annual ‘Silobration’ This Weekend

Pro-LGBT adults admit 7-year-old in gender ‘transition’ case isn’t totally convinced he’s a girl

Sculptress whose pro-life statue sparked feminist protest speaks out: My art is made in love

Christian Tourists Warned to Not Display Bibles in Saudi Arabia

School Administrator Suspended for Questioning Why School Introduced LGBT Agenda

Key group behind Amazon Synod accepting funds from large U.S. pro-abortion charity

Pope appoints cardinals with ties to UN, gay activists to help draft Amazon Synod doc

US News

Confidential Documents Reveal U.S. Officials ‘Did Not Tell Truth About War in Afghanistan’ and ‘Distorted Public Evidence’

Confidential Documents Reveal U.S. Officials ‘Did Not Tell Truth About War in Afghanistan’ and ‘Distorted

DOJ Watchdog’s Russia Report Finds No Political Bias, While Attorney General Calls Probe ‘Intrusive’

Attorney General Slams Abuse of Spy Powers in Probe of Trump Campaign

Pro-Life Win: High Court Upholds Law Requiring Ultrasounds before Abortions

An Examination of Irregularities in FBI’s FISA Application on Carter Page

Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren supporters more likely to support speech bans

House Minority Leader to Vulnerable House Democrats: Pelosi ‘Just Gave Up Your Job’

Giuliani Will Make Report on Ukraine to Attorney General and Congress, Trump Says

Giuliani Will Make Report on Ukraine to Attorney General and Congress, Trump Says

DeSantis Urges Stronger Precautions, Increased Vetting for Foreign Nationals Training With US Military After Pensacola Shooting

Poll: Fewer Americans Care About Impeachment, Could Spell Trouble for Democrats

FBI Says It Presumes Naval Base Shooting Was Act of Terrorism

Highlighting prosperity of Trump’s presidency, Pence urges faith leaders to pray for 4 more years

President Trump: The Cross of Jesus Christ Reminds Us of the True Meaning of Christmas

First Lady Melania Trump Visits Children’s Hospital to Bring Holiday Cheer

Christian groups back new LGBT civil rights bill that protects religious institutions

Amazon Follows Facebook to Expand in NYC After Earlier Pullout

President Trump, First Lady Illuminate the National Christmas Tree

President Trump Pledges to Donate His 3rd Quarter Salary to Fight the Opioid Crisis

Democrats Release Impeachment Report, Republicans Respond

U.S. Army Orders Group to Stop Stamping Bible Verses on Dog Tags

Greg Abbott Responds to ‘God Put You in a Wheelchair’ Tweet: Paying the Price to Change Someone’s Life Today

First Lady Melania Trump’s Visit Spotlights Programs Helping Families in Aftermath of Addiction

Warren’s Medicare for All Plan Would Kick 149 Million Americans Off Their Health Insurance: Klobuchar

Nikki Haley Claims Tillerson, Kelly Tried to Recruit Her to ‘Save the Country’ by Undermining Trump

Gabbard Attorneys Demand Retraction of Hillary Clinton’s ‘Defamation’

House Minority Leader Calls Impeachment Inquiry a ‘Calculated Coup’ Against Trump

Poll: Michael Bloomberg’s Potential Run Not Resonating With Voters

Former AG Jeff Sessions Announces Alabama Senate Bid to Forcefully Support Trump’s Agenda

US Troops Working ‘Shoulder to Shoulder’ with Kurds to Protect Syrian Oil Fields from ISIS

Leftists resurrecting ‘Equal Rights Amendment’ to make US Constitution pro-abortion

President Trump Celebrates Appointment of 150th Federal Judge

US paid to tie down, blindfold, sterilize indigenous Peruvian women. Now they’re suing

American Family Massacred near U.S.-Mexico Border, 9 Dead, Including 6 Children

AG Barr Says America Was Founded on Christian Values, Progressive Group Calls Statement ‘Toxic Christian Nationalism’

President Trump Officially Pulls US out of ‘Disastrous’ Paris Agreement

BREAKING: Judge voids Trump rule protecting doctors, nurses from being forced to do abortions

Leak reveals ABC News spiked Epstein story that implicated Clinton, ‘had everything’

U.S. Lawmakers Implore UN to Address Hezbollah’s Threats against Israel

Has Denying Communion Lost Its Political Luster?

Senate leader pulls funding bill that promotes abortion, homosexuality

11,000 scientists demand population control because of ‘climate emergency’

Pennsylvania Dem’s ‘apology’ fails to quell outrage over callous miscarriage remarks

Trump HHS Rule Will Overturn Obama-era Rule, Protect Christian Adoption Agencies in LGBT Disputes

Trump Admin. Keeps Pro-Abortion Language out of U.N. Resolution

Street Preacher Files Suit against Portland for Attempting to Prohibit Him from Sharing Pro-Life Views

Paula White to Head Trump’s Faith Office

5 Things Christians Should Know about the Faith of Pete Buttigieg

Anne Graham Lotz: Trump Removing Troops from Syria Could Lead to ‘Last of the Last Days’

U.S. State Department Says al-Baghdadi’s ‘Number Two’ was Killed in Separate Attack

Pete Buttigieg Speaks on Foreign Policy, Says We Must ‘See Humanity in Our Enemy’

Joe Biden Denied Communion by S.C. Priest over Abortion Advocacy

US Christians to Rally in DC for Special Night of Prayer for Kurds

After Deep State attacks, US top diplomat with powerful pro-life record resigns

5 Reasons Evangelicals Like President Trump and 5 Reasons They Don’t

Ben Carson’s Prayer Upsets Secularists

Republicans Storm Democrats’ Secret Impeachment Deposition, Demand Transparency

Elizabeth Warren Would Consider ‘Secular Outreach Coordinator’ for Atheists

Court blocks Trump’s efforts to provide religious exemptions from Obamacare birth control mandate

Secular Group Asks Inspector General to Investigate Mike Pompeo for Endorsing Christianity

PRAY – Thousands of Witches Plan to Cast ‘Binding’ Spell on Trump

Effort to Silence the Opposition’: Group Warns of Politically Correct Muzzle on Conservative Lawyers

Appeals Court Upholds Ban of Protests Outside Abortion Clinics But Says Pro-Life Counseling Is Still Allowed

63 Percent of Evangelicals Say Trump’s Behavior Doesn’t Impact Their Support of Him

Trump Reverses Decision to Hold G7 Summit at His Resort

Syrian Democratic Forces Commander Says Turkey Violated the Ceasefire Order

What are the biggest threats to religious liberty in the US?

‘Our Broken America’: How to Save the Nation from the Menace of Fake News and Political Polarization

Trump signs bill to aid ISIS genocide victims; Iraqi Christians ‘beginning to see a difference’

Mike Pence Announces Major Policy Change That Iraqi Christians Have Been Begging For

‘Trust in God’s Infinite Mercy’: Never Before Seen Letters from President Reagan Reveal His Thoughts on God, Israel

Lt. Gov.’s Prayer for Atheist Group Was Unconstitutional, Atheist Group Says

Rhode Island cuts abortion restrictions 1 week after woman hospitalized for torn uterus

US, Turkey agree to 5-day ‘ceasefire’ in Syria, Vice President Mike Pence says

San Francisco Blacklists 22 Pro-Life States – Banning Travel and Business

Abortion Rate Decreased under New Tennessee Pro-Life Law, Study Finds

Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s New Immigration Rule

Pastor Brunson Just Prayed for Trump, Now He’s Opened the US Senate with Prayer Too

Franklin Graham: ‘The Left, the Socialists Have Made It Very Clear That They Stand Against the Church’

Leftists attack Attorney General Barr for denouncing ‘militant secularists’ in Notre Dame speech

‘I Respect His Decision’: Franklin Graham Tells CBN News He Won’t Second-Guess Trump on Syria

House Democrats Will Not Vote to Formalize Impeachment Probe into President Trump

Biden, Warren Pledge to ‘Codify’ Roe v. Wade into Federal Law

Watchdog Finds Major Increase in TV Profanity and Violence, Says Congress Should Act

Pro-life congressman, wife welcome ‘perfect’ baby girl with Down syndrome

Trump, Congress Threaten Economic Sanctions on Turkey for Endangering Religious Minorities

Why Do So Many Americans Embrace the 20th Century’s Deadliest Ideology?

Conservatives consider impeachment ‘political theater,’ more concerned about Syria, Tony Perkins says

‘Our Rights Come from God Almighty:’ President Trump Reassures Christians at Values Voter Summit

Trump talks religious freedom, Kavanaugh, impeachment at Values Voter Summit

Justice Clarence Thomas once left the church ‘disillusioned,’ but found faith again in ‘darkest’ hour

Edward Graham responds to Beto O’Rourke’s threat to churches: ‘God is bigger than tax exemption’

We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God’: Trump Speaks at Values Voter Summit

Authorities Order 100,000 Evacuated in California Wildfire

Todd Starnes: ‘The Left is Bulldozing Through American History’ – But ‘We the People’ Can Stop Them

‘Our Deepest Needs Are Met Through God’: Clarence Thomas Speaks Openly About His Fall From Faith

‘Look Back to Jesus’: Young Immigrant Prays for Trump at White House Young Black Leadership Summit

Ukrainian President Makes Statement, Says President Trump Did Not Blackmail Him


Thousands of Christians Flee Syria as Violence Continues between Turkey and Syria

Criticism of President Trump’s Syria Decision Escalates: How Should Christians Relate to Him?

Stand by the Kurds—and Our Christian Brothers and Sisters: Let the White House Know

O’Rourke: Churches Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage Should Lose Tax-Exempt Status

President Trump Secures ‘Tremendous Victory for American Farmers, Businesses’ in New Trade Agreement with Japan

Evangelical Christians must demand Trump stand by the Kurds, protect Christians

US attorneys ignoring Trump’s orders to prioritize religious liberty

US Supreme Court divided in LGBT discrimination cases; Justice Gorsuch weighs both sides

Fox News Poll Shows Majority of Americans Want Trump Out of Office

Democrats presidential candidates compete for LGBT votes at CNN town hall

President Trump Encourages Inclusion of People with Down Syndrome in Awareness Month Message

California Faces Historic Power Outage Due to Fire Danger

Judge Strikes down Tampa Ban on Conversion Therapy: ‘Parental Rights’ at Stake

Christians Urge California Governor to Veto Bill for Abortion Pill Access at Colleges

Gorsuch Is Key Vote on Supreme Court LGBT Cases, Observers Say

Alveda King: A Message to the Church on Love and Kindness, and a Warning to Beware of George Soros’ ‘Counterfeit Kindness Campaign’

Trump Says “Biggest Pastors” Believe His Feud with Democrats, Media Is Fueling a Great Revival

Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments that Could Redefine ‘Sex’ as ‘Gender Identity’

A Crushing Burden of Debt’? US Deficit Approaches $1 Trillion Mark, Highest in 7 Years

Dems: Ben Carson is ‘transphobic’ for trying to keep men out of women’s shelters

Republicans introduce bill to require states to report when babies survive abortions

Franklin Graham’s Tar Heel State Tour Draws Crowds In a Decisive Swing State 

Worship artist Sean Feucht explains why he’s running for Congress

‘It Just Exploded’: #WalkAway Movement Grows as Former Democrats Leave Party 

‘Use This Case to Overturn Roe v. Wade’: Supreme Court to Hear Louisiana Case, Tackle Abortion for First Time in 3 Years

‘TYRANNICAL’: CA Foster Care Bill Allows Secret Abortions, Forces Parents to Use Preferred Pronouns

Who’s Behind America’s Immigration Crisis? Michelle Malkin Follows the Money to Find the Truth

Thousands sign petition asking Trump to defend life, marriage and make family ‘great again’

Mike Pence: Abortionist’s 2,200 baby ‘trophies’ ‘should shock conscience of every American’

If Christians don’t personally engage in politics, it’s all over for America

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