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April 19, 2021

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The Leprechaun has no clothes: Notre Dame violates the Nuremberg Code of 1947

‘Blessed Be the Name of the Lord,’ Says Man Who Lost All 4 Limbs and Inspired Mercy Me’s New Charting Song

Liberty Sues Jerry Falwell Jr. for $10 Million, Alleges He ‘Damaged’ School’s Reputation

Black Millennials, Get Zers Are Leaving the Church at Increased Rates due to Racism, Growing Secularism

Fatal Shooting of 13-Year-Old Chicago Boy Sparks Outrage

Canadian Pastor Could Face 1 Year in Jail for Leading Easter Worship Service

78 Percent of Practicing Christians Say They Usually Feel Inspired after Worshipping God: Survey

Sixth Circuit Sides With Christian Professor Who Refused to Use Student’s ‘Preferred Pronouns’

Christians Confined to Home by Police, Tribal Threats in India

Famous Harvard-trained psychiatrist calls for ‘moratorium’ on COVID vaccines

Israel Will Be ‘1st Country’ to Beat Covid Thanks to World-Leading Vaccination Rate, Netanyahu Says

104-Year-Old Man Just Boxed His 1,000th Box for Operation Christmas Child

John Piper’s Son Takes to TikTok to Denounce Evangelicalism

2 Pakistani Christian Nurses Charged With Blasphemy, Attacked by Colleague for Removing Religious Sticker

8 Christians kidnapped from Nigerian church bus released: ‘Glory be to Jesus’

‘This Means Everything’: Sean Feucht Receives William J. Seymour Award at 2021 Azusafest

1,000 Canadians Gather to Protest Govt’s Closure of Church: ‘It Is Time to End’ the Lockdown

‘Diminished in the name of equality’: Legal scholars discuss America’s shifting religious freedom landscape

Parent in New York sues to ‘marry’ their adult child

Doctor who wrote about presence of angels, fragility of life killed in SC mass shooting

Beth Moore to take a ‘time out’ from Twitter

The public health agency documents that explain the exaggerated COVID death numbers

40 Percent of Evangelicals Rarely or Never Go to Church: Study

Hillsong Church pauses Dallas campus after investigation of former pastors

Christian Nurses Attacked, Arrested under Blasphemy Law in Pakistan

Prince Philip, 99, Has Died

Francis Chan criticizes Western Church for lack of unity, obsession with busyness

China to Stamp Out 5 ‘Illegal Social Organizations,’ Including House Churches

Beloved Christian Doctor Killed in South Carolina by Former NFL Player Often Wrote About His Faith in Jesus

UPDATE: Church Responds as Police Barricade Sanctuary While Pastor Awaits Trial for Breaking COVID Orders

Video: Facts Matter (April 9): Experts Warn That Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Renting’ Children to Cross the Border

Catholic Politicians Who Support Abortion Should Be Excommunicated, Cardinal Says

US News

Biden administration repudiates unalienable human rights, elevates sexual rights instead

Federal Judge Compares Abortion Industry to Nazi Eugenics: It’s ‘Pure Evil’ to Target Certain Babies

Reporter Grills White House Spokesperson: Why Does Biden ‘Insist that Pro-Life Americans Pay for Abortions?’

Florida Gov. DeSantis says lockdowns have been a ‘huge, huge mistake’

Former Vice President Mike Pence Recovering After Receiving a Pacemaker

Facebook blocks users from sharing news reports on Black Lives Matter co-founder’s mansions

Alabama Legislature Passes Bill Banning Transgender Athletes from Female Sports

Mike Pompeo joins Liberty U’s Freedom Center to advance people’s ‘God-given rights to practice faith’

Hundreds of CEOs, companies launch attack against election integrity bills

‘Republicans Stole’ the Supreme Court, Dems Say in Introducing Court-Packing Bill

US Expels Russian Diplomats, Imposes New Round of Sanctions

House Panel Votes to Advance Bill On Slavery Reparations

Illinois School Board Decides It’s Unacceptable to Name Middle School After Obama

‘Pig Book’ Shows Even with America’s $28 Trillion Debt, Congress Just Keeps Ladling Out Cash

Twitter suspends James O’Keefe after CNN bombshells; O’Keefe vows to sue for defamation

Amazon blocks review of pro-life devotional book that reviewer said helps her pray to end abortion

YouTube censors LifeSite’s John-Henry Westen interviewing Catholic podcaster Patrick Coffin

House GOP files petition to force vote on bill to protect newborns from infanticide

Former Minnesota Cop Charged With Manslaughter In Shooting Of Daunte Wright

Biden FDA Says it Will Allow ‘Abortion by Mail’ during Pandemic

Texas Lawmakers Seek to Make Transgender Treatments Illegal for Minors

The House Oversight Committee Approves Bill Seeking to Make Washington D.C. a State

Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Says He May Consider Running for President

National Institute of Health awards $500K grant to General Electric to build COVID-detecting microchip

Representative Dan Crenshaw Requests Prayers following Emergency Eye Surgery

More than 30 states now considering bills to ban sexually confused boys from girls sports

Pro-Life Democrats Hold ‘Save Hyde National Day of Action’ In Support of the Hyde Amendment

Arkansas House Passes Bill to Protect Teachers Who Refuse to Use Transgender Students’ Preferred Names, Pronouns

How global warming alarmism is being used to promote population control and abortion

‘Supreme Court Coup’: Conservatives Lambast Biden’s Court-Packing Commission as ‘Dangerous’

ADL calls for Tucker Carlson’s firing after he endorses conspiracy theory

President Biden Issues 6 Executive Orders on Gun Control

Trump blasts Arkansas gov. for vetoing law banning chemical castration of kids

Biden’s push for restoring aid to Palestinians faces legal hurdles, brewing political crisis

Texas Lawmaker Urges ‘Bold Stance’ Against Organ Harvesting in China

’60 Minutes’ Defends Report Drawing Bipartisan Backlash: ‘It was an Obvious Hit Job’ 

Biden admin. backtracks after expressing openness to boycotting Beijing Olympics

Immigration Agents Capture Heartbreaking Video of Boy Abandoned at Border

Experts Testify That Former Police Officer Derek Chauvin Used Excessive Force during Arrest of George Floyd

More election fraud charges announced in Illinois, North Carolina