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September 21, 2020

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Calif. pastor moves worship outdoors after county fines church $112K for indoor services

Franklin Graham ahead of national prayer march: US is ‘crumbling,’ God is only hope

Man whom Tim Tebow prayed over at baseball game is seizure-free after 2 years, praises God

‘That Was Divine Intervention’: Two Men Rescue Cop during Traffic Stop Gone Awry

CBS Sportscaster James Brown on Racial Divisions: the ‘Word of God Is Still the Answer’

Benjamin Watson Urges Americans to Fight for Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

WATCH: Student sues university after being booted from student senate for privately stating Catholic beliefs

‘The Goal Was to Emphasize Diversity’: Church Apologizes for Ad Featuring Jesus with Breasts, Wearing Makeup

ClearPlay Now Filters Disney Plus Titles: Remove the ‘Scenes and Language You Don’t Want’

Evangelicals for Social Action Drops ‘Evangelicals’ from Name

John MacArthur Says He’ll Start a ‘Jail Ministry’ if Arrested for Worshiping Indoors

Christians ‘have a responsibility’ to stop the Marxist revolution: Anti-Islamist activist censored by SPLC

Christian Girls Are Being Kidnapped at an Alarming Rate in Egypt

Self-constructed, Build-a-Bear, buffet-style Christianity is no Christianity at all

It ‘Isn’t Fair’: Female Athletes Ask Court to Uphold Idaho Law Banning Boys in Girls’ Sports

Lifetime to Release Its First LGBTQ Christmas Film

Scientist who fled China: Chinese Communists ‘intentionally’ released ‘Frankenstein’ COVID-19

Kroger Fires Christian Employees Who Refused to Wear LGBT Rainbow, U.S. Suit Says

Cuban Journalist Imprisoned for Covering Arrest of Christian Homeschool Parents Is Released from Forced Labor Camp

Netflix Cancellations Are 8 Times Higher Than Average following Cuties Backlash

Hillsong Worship Releases Children’s Book Based on Award-Winning Song ‘What a Beautiful Name’

Hurricane Sally Leaves Nearly 500,000 without Power

Salvation Army Starts Red Kettle Program Early amid ‘Tsunami of Human Need’

‘Christ Has Forgiven Me for So Much More’: Mechanic Forgives Attacker following Brutal Stabbing

Calif. Church That Faced Fines Moves to Outdoor Services: ‘I Do Not Want to See People Lost on My Watch’

Scandalous abuse story of former Vatican official raises questions about Benedict’s resignation

After Year-Long Legal Battle, Chick-fil-A Is Allowed to Return to San Antonio Airport

Eric Metaxas Urges Young Christians to Stay Active in Politics and the Church

China Bans Massive House Church after They Refused to Install Surveillance Cameras Inside the Church

Pastor Charles Stanley to Step Down as Head Pastor of First Baptist Church

‘A modern-day St. John the Baptist’: Rosary rally supporting Fr. James Altman draws hundreds

375,000 Sign Petition to Pull Cuties as Netflix Defends Film as ‘Social Commentary’

Archbishop Viganò hints he believes God will deliver the election to President Trump

English Catholics urge bishops to reverse support for compulsory pro-abortion, pro-LGBT sex ed

US priest: Why it’s time for Catholics to talk religion and politics

Newest VeggieTales Is a Combination of Muppets and ‘Classic VeggieTales,’ Co-Creator Says

John MacArthur’s Church Defies Judge, Says Outdoor Restrictions Would ‘Shut the Church Down’

Black Lives Matter Co-Founder Rejects Pat Robertson’s Claim That the Movement Is ‘Trying to Destroy Christianity’

Australian state reverses COVID ban on Last Rites, senior politician apologizes for regulation

UK crime minister asks citizens to report gatherings of 7 or more people

This pope’s defense of scripture’s inerrancy is more relevant today than it was 100 years ago

1 in 5 evangelicals reject Bible’s teaching on gender: report

Chicago church pays off $19M in medical debt for area residents

UK LGBT activists threaten to burn down church, attack pastor over Facebook post

Petition supporting priest who said ‘You can’t be a Catholic and a Democrat’ goes viral

Comedians discovering that joking about transgenderism will get you canceled

People behind COVID scam are ‘deeply cruel, evil, and psychotic people’

New York Times: ‘up to 90 percent’ of positive COVID cases don’t need to isolate

Pediatric group condemns California bill to soften penalties for sex offenders against minors

Pastor’s Daughter Sent Home from School for Wearing ‘Homosexuality Is a Sin’ T-Shirt

22 Percent of Evangelicals Believe in ‘Gender Fluidity,’ Report Finds

California Judge Bans John MacArthur, Church from Worshiping Indoors

Bible Signed by Trump Days after St. John’s Church Photo-Op Is Being Sold for $37,500

Omission of Christianity as School Subject in Sudan an Error, Official Says

Hundreds of Ethiopian Christians Killed in Coordinated Attacks by Extremists since June

Wildfires Continue to Ravage California

Schools in England Are Now Required to Teach about Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity

Pew: Evangelical Teens ‘Far More Likely’ to Practice Faith than Mainline and Catholic Teens

St. John’s Church Puts Up Murals Promoting Racial Unity, Togetherness

Southwestern, Baylor University File Lawsuit Against Foundation, Claim It’s Siphoning Funds

Christians in Northern India Forced to Stop Worship, Pastor Says

North Carolina School Removes Bible Verses from Donated Planners

Church Suing Washington State for Forcing Abortions into Healthcare Plan

Chinese Officials Offer Citizens $70 for Pictures of Illegal Underground Churches

Another Christian Sentenced to Death in Pakistan on Weak Blasphemy Charges

LGBTQ+ Group Threatens to Burn Down Church after Pastor Says Homosexuality Is a Sin

California leads nation in systemic sexualization of children

Repent of Democratic Support or ‘Face the Fires of Hell,’ Catholic Priest Warns

Lauren Daigle’s ‘You Say’ Tops Billboard Hot Christian Songs Chart for 100 Weeks

Police Let Pro-Lifers Paint ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ Outside Planned Parenthood in Baltimore

Left-wing Gates Foundation spent $250 million on favorable press coverage: report

Church gathers in kayaks, canoes for creative worship on water amid pandemic

16,000 Accept Christ, 1.8 Million Watch Greg Laurie’s Virtual ‘Cinematic Crusade’

Greg Laurie talks what it means to be Christian; thousands commit to Christ at virtual Harvest crusade

Greg Laurie Hosting ‘Cinematic Crusade’ and Tackling ‘Life’s Greatest Questions’

12,000 People Gather for Worship Service at California State Capitol

In culture pushing Gospel without God, Sunday School isn’t enough for Christian kids: Tim Keller

CBN Helping Christian Missionary Hospitals in Malawi Get More Doctors to Treat Nation’s Poor

After Jerry Falwell Jr., a Reckoning for Liberty University

Liberty tells staff to refrain from interacting with Falwell

How Jerry Falwell Jr. mixed his personal finances with his university’s

Nova Scotia judge rules man can be lethally injected despite wife’s protests

Apathy a greater threat to religious belief than atheism: J. Warner Wallace

12-year-old suspended after teacher spots toy gun during virtual class

Canadian doctor: Smear against Hydroxychloroquine drug in stopping COVID ‘needs to stop’

Homosexual abuse scandal and cover-up during Benedict’s pontificate shakes Vatican 

Canadian dad fighting daughter’s ‘transition’ faces contempt-of-court charges for revealing names

Pro-life priests denounce ‘Catholics for Biden’ as scam: ‘No Catholic can vote for Biden’

Rare Artifacts from the First-Temple Era Discovered in Jerusalem

Greg Laurie Hosting ‘Cinematic Crusade’ and Tackling ‘Life’s Greatest Questions’

7 steps you can take to defend your privacy from Big Tech spies

‘China Is an Atheist Country’: Communist Nation Expands Ban on Christian Funerals

Pandemic has revealed weaknesses in Church culture, Francis Chan says

Apathy a greater threat to religious belief than atheism: J. Warner Wallace

Kanye West says he spent $50M hosting Sunday Services: ‘I invested in spreading the Gospel’

2 million back petition to shut down Pornhub over sex trafficking, child abuse videos

Star Trek: Discovery Introduces Franchise’s First Non-Binary and Transgender Characters

‘We Are Not Closing,’ Pastor Declares after County Fines Church $52,750 for Worship Services

Abby Johnson Responds to Journalist Who Said Her Abortion Smelled ‘Like Freedom’

Pregnant Australian woman arrested at home for promoting anti-lockdown protest on Facebook

Mainstream TV bans ads asking women who’ve had abortions to help expose Planned Parenthood

Black Christian Commentator, Bible Teacher Claims BLM Founders Practice Witchcraft, Summon the Dead

Abortion orgs sue Tennessee to block word of abortion pill reversal spreading

Pope Francis again uses COVID outbreak to push globalist environmental agenda 

Student sues university for unconstitutional ‘retaliation’ against his Catholic beliefs

25 More Missing, Trafficked Children Recovered by Authorities In Ohio

82-year-old Canadian woman continues court battle to stop husband’s euthanasia

Google is spying on your private conversations, manipulating search results: Harvard-trained researcher

Keith And Kristyn Getty’s Sing! Conference Goes Online, Focuses on Singing at Home

‘Divine Intervention’ – Christian Ministry Buys Former Strip Club, Converts it to ‘Revival Center’

Liberty University Launches Investigation into Jerry Falwell, Jr. following Alleged Sexual Misconduct

France gives 14-year-olds free contraception

Petition demands CBS stop Stephen Colbert from blasphemously using Jesus to pummel Pence

Faith is a gift from God we should not take for granted

WATCH: Priest warns US voters: ‘You cannot be Catholic and be a Democrat’

Conmen Pretending to Be Pastors Steal over $28 Million from More Than 1,000 People

L.A. County Boots Grace Community Church Off Parking Lot It’s Leased for 45 Years

Schools’ multi-billion-dollar tech investments don’t translate to kids learning

98 Percent of American Adults Who Support Socialism Also Reject a Biblical Worldview, Survey Finds

UK Lawmakers to Consider Making At-Home Abortions Permanent after More Than 90,000 Are Performed Since March

Pakistani Christian Could Face Life in Prison after Pages of Quran Found in Drain

This Is Harassment’: Los Angeles Officials Terminate Lease with John MacArthur’s Church

Kenosha’s John Cooper on Racial Divisions: ‘Jesus Can Change all of This’

Bold pro-life nun who spoke at RNC evokes what old-school Catholic sisters used to be

‘Riots to Revival’ Event Brings Baptisms and Worship to Kenosha, Wisconsin

Amid Pandemic, Domestic and Sexual Abuse Is Skyrocketing, Activists Worry That News Is Being Buried

Evangelical Leaders Harassed by Rioters following Trump’s RNC Speech

Most COVID deaths in US had other factors, CDC admits

NASA Researcher Arrested for Allegedly Concealing Ties to China

Eviction Moratoriums Cause Big Problems for Mom-and-Pop Landlords

US Marshals Rescue 39 Missing Children, Arrest Suspects on Trafficking Charges After Two-Week Operation

Former Liberty University Student Accuses Becki Falwell of Sexual Misconduct

Hurricane Laura Strikes Gulf Coast

Scandal-ridden WHO ‘listening in’ on online conversations to counter ‘fake COVID-19 news’

Barna President: 1 in 5 Churches May Shut Their Doors Because of the Pandemic

Allie Beth Stuckey: the toxic lie of ‘self-love’ on social media is making teens miserable’

Ark Encounter Adds $3 Million Virtual Reality Simulator of the Great Flood

Atheist TikTok User Says She’s Come to Jesus after Watching Christian Videos on the Platform

China Forcibly Removes 900 Church Crosses in a Single Province, Threatens Christians

How a false hydroxychloroquine narrative was created, and more

‘Drifting Away’ from Scripture: 30 Percent of Evangelicals Say Jesus Was Not God, Poll Shows

Christian Girl Kidnapped in Pakistan Says Muslim ‘Husband’ Raped, Threatened Her

Judge Denies L.A. County’s 4th Attempt to Shut Down John MacArthur’s Church

A Liberty Alum’s Hopeful Message During the Christian University’s ‘Stormy Transition’

Archaeologists Uncover 3,200-Year-Old Canaanite Fortress Dating to Book of Judges

Have we reached peak LGBT insanity with gender-transcendent mermaid royalty?

Teens from Massachusetts Church Raise over $7,000 for Victims of Beirut Explosion

Missionary’s Eye-Opening Observation About Christian Bookstores Shows How Tyrants Suppress Religion

Christian Dies, Cousin in Critical Condition after Assault in Uganda

Liberty accepts Jerry Falwell Jr.’s resignation amid sex-and-blackmail scandal

Liberty University accepts Jerry Falwell Jr.’s resignation ‘effective immediately’

2 Shot Dead, One Injured as Kenosha Riots Enter Third Night

John MacArthur’s church can worship Sunday with singing, no attendance cap: judge

‘This Activity Is Unlawful’: California Church Fined $10,000 for Singing, Meeting Indoors

Yale prof: ‘Evidence overwhelming’ for fighting COVID with hydroxychloroquine

Tucker Carlson: World Health Organization using COVID to push climate change agenda

Pastor Sam Collier Opens Up about Trusting God to Make His Story Great

Chinese Hospitals Conduct Forced Abortions on Religious, Ethnic Minorities

Tony Dungy on Pro-Choice Pastors: What Are They Reading? ‘It Couldn’t Be the Bible’

Amazon bans book describing ‘health hazards’ of active gay lifestyle

‘Church Is Essential’ – John MacArthur, Church Win Again in Court

India Predicted to Have 6.8 Million Fewer Female Birth by 2030 due to Sex-Selective Abortions

Pastor, 16-Year-Old Girl among 11 Christians Killed in Kaduna State, Nigeria

Netflix Accused of Sexualizing Young Girls in Upcoming Film Cuties

Falwells Reveal Affair, Alleged Blackmail but Say ‘Our Faith in Christ Is Greater Than Ever’

5 trends changing pastors’ outreach to millennials, Gen Z: Barna

California Bombarded by Tens of Thousands of Lightning Strikes, Sparking Wildfires

50 pastors who graduated from Liberty University demand Falwell be ‘permanently removed’

Singing is no more of a risk in spreading COVID-19 than talking: study

Pope Francis backs ‘universal’ COVID vaccination ‘for all’, WHO thrilled

Ark Encounter gearing up to host massive 2021 Christian music festival lasting 40 days, 40 nights

5 Things Christians Should Know about QAnon

Catholic historian: If Cdl. Zen rightly criticizes Vatican Ostpolitik, why not ‘catastrophic’ Vatican II?

Children are ‘status symbol’ for homosexual men: Israeli film director

US bishop: If we’re living in end times, you’d better ‘return to God…Just in case’

Evangelical Leaders Ask Ohio’s Board of Health to Deem Pornography a Public Health Crisis

‘Church Is Essential’ – John MacArthur, Church Win Again in Court

L.A. Wants John MacArthur Held in Contempt of Court, Issued Hefty Fines for Meeting

Pasadena Threatens Church Members with 1 Year of Jail for Attending Indoor Worship Service

University Professor Warns Students: Opposing Abortion Is ‘Grounds for Dismissal’

Massachusetts Town Paints over Noah’s Ark Display after Atheist Group Complains

Local Officials in Nepal Order Halt to Construction of Church Building

Tony Dungy on Pro-Choice Pastors: What Are They Reading? ‘It Couldn’t Be the Bible’

New Netflix film shows 11-year-old girls imitating ‘twerking’ hyper-sexualized dance routines

Netflix film about 11-year-old joining ‘twerking team’ shows collapse of modern morality

Steven Furtick to Replace Kenneth Copeland on TBN

Duck Dynasty Star Phil Robertson Is Baptizing Fans of His Podcast: ‘They Just Keep Coming’

Why Jerry Falwell Jr.’s Social Media ‘Yacht’ Posts Were Problematic for Liberty University

Texas Judge Gives Mom Who Wants to Transition Her Son’s Gender Sole Rights

Judge Blocks Idaho Law that Prohibited Biological Boys from Playing on Girls’ Teams

Mother of 9-Year-Old Dying from COVID-19 Says She’s ‘Waiting for a Miracle’

China Fines Christian Man $2,870 for Holding Online Bible Study, Violating Anti-Religion Law

Lauren Daigle, Kirk Franklin, and Kanye West among Nominees for 51st Dove Awards

As Outcry Grows, 37 More Christians Killed in Nigeria

‘It Was as If the Holy Spirit Is Saying, Go!’: Pastor Says God Told Him to Send Church Staff Home Just before Explosion in Beirut

‘They Just Want to Shut Us Down’: John MacArthur’s Church Defies Court and Meets

Christian Headmaster May Face Execution by Radical Islamist Group

Verdict in Pakistan Portends More Forced Marriages/Conversions of Christian Girls

Disney Channel Reveals First Bisexual Lead Character in The Owl House

Church Conflict during COVID-19 Growing Worry for Pastors, Says LifeWay Research

Evangelical Christian Colleges Take Steps to Address Racial Justice after Criticism

Pakistani Christian Man Charged with Deadly Blasphemy Sentence over Facebook Post

Pro-life activist David Daleiden sues Kamala Harris, Planned Parenthood for conspiracy

Court axes ‘Save James’ ruling, mom who wants gender ‘transition’ for 8-yr-old regains decision rights

County Asks Judge to Hold Church in Contempt of Court for Worshiping Together

Liberty University Appoints Acting University President amid Jerry Falwell’s Leave of Absence

Ap. Viganò: Christ the King has been ‘dethroned’ not only ‘from society but also from the Church’

‘Children Are a Heritage From the Lord’: Chris Pratt, Katherine Schwarzenegger Celebrate the Birth of New Baby Girl

‘People Feel Betrayed’: Hallmark Channel Movie to Feature its First Same-Sex Wedding

Chinese Communist Party Forces Churches to Donate to State COVID-19 Relief Funds or Stay Closed

Alumni Organization Asks Liberty Board to ‘Permanently Remove’ Falwell as President

John MacArthur Welcomes Sunday Churchgoers to the ‘Grace Community Church Peaceful Protest’

Israel’s Prime Minister Says West Bank Annexation Can Only Begin with the United States’ Help

Thousands of Christians Gather in Portland for ‘Riots to Revival’ Worship Event

‘I Pointed Him to Jesus’: Phil Robertson Says He and Trump Always Discuss ‘Spiritual Matters’

Franklin Graham Invites Christians to Attend Prayer March in Washington D.C.

Mark Batterson: God ‘activating gifts of the Holy Spirit’ in new ways amid COVID-19, racial tension

Kansas pastor pleads for help to find missing wife, mother of 3

US Christians increasingly departing from core truths of Christian worldview, survey finds

Pakistan court orders 14-y-o Christian girl to return to Muslim man who kidnapped her

Church gathering bans, masks: What does the Bible say about religious liberty?

The difference between breaking trust and making a mistake

33 Nigerians slaughtered in mass killing during 24-hour curfew

Amazon Removes Pro-Life Video Despite Mostly 5 Star Reviews

Leaked email shows deadly fallout of UK ‘do it yourself’ abortion pill program

Born with spina bifida, doctors gave her 60 seconds to live. Now she’s turning 60

Pro-life advocates succeed in putting major abortion bill on hold in Kenya

LGBT website doxxes women athletes opposed to diluting sex-specific sports

The Satanic Temple Raffles Free Abortion, Admits that Aborting Unborn Babies is a Satanic Ritual

Liberty University’s Jerry Falwell Jr. taking leave of absence

Does the Bible Trump COVID-19 Public Health Orders? Legal Scholars Say No

‘Wakeup Call for the Church’: Half of Americans Say Good Deeds Get You to Heaven, Poll Shows

Luis Palau identifies key to bringing wayward children back to Christ

Activist Bevelyn Beatty Explains Why She Defaced a Black Lives Matter Mural in New York

5 Things Christians Should Know about the Faith of Kanye West

US group to start design contest for universal pro-life flag

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Apologizes for Posting ‘Hypocritical’ Photo of Himself on Instagram

‘My Daughter Is Dying’: Police Arrest Father for Refusing to Leave Sick Child’s Bedside

Tony Dungy Defends Athletes Who Stand for Anthem: God Examines ‘Our Attitude,’ Not Posture

Born with spina bifida, doctors gave her 60 seconds to live. Now she’s turning 60

Leaked email shows deadly fallout of UK ‘do it yourself’ abortion pill program

Leftist ‘wokeness’ is a new religion, and it’s coming to convert you

MSNBC Producer Quits, Calls Network a ‘Cancer’ Stoking ‘National Division’

CNN Criticized for Redefining Women to ‘Individuals with a Cervix’ in Medical Story

Massive Explosion in Lebanon Leaves at Least 100 Dead, 4,000 Injured

Chinese Churches Are Ordered to Praise Socialism, Slander the United States

Two-Thirds in U.S. Pray at Least Weekly and Only 15 Percent Never Pray, Poll Shows

Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce ‘Fixer Upper’ Reboot on Magnolia Network

Pastor John MacArthur Could Face Fines, Be Arrested for Holding In-Person Church Services amid COVID-19

‘God Can Use All of Us,’ Tony and Lauren Dungy Chair Salvation Army Campaign for New Emergency Shelter

This Year, Harvest Crusade Takes Shape as a Cinematic Event

‘Jesus Is the Answer’ to America’s Problems, NBA’s Jonathan Isaac Says after Standing for Anthem

140 French Jews Immigrate to Israel amid Rising Anti-Semitism

Students at Christian College Stand against Radical Protestors Who Want to Tear Down Cross

Turkey Deporting Foreign Christians or Banning Their Return, Sources Say

Pastor Jentezen Franklin Calls for National 21-Day Fast over America’s Future

Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Kill 14 Baptist Christians in Kogi State, Nigeria

New York Church to Devote $200,000 to ‘Reparations’

God Is Grey’s Brenda Davies Receives Cease and Desist from Christian Parenting Experts

‘The Way of Ending Veteran Suicide is with Jesus’: Epidemic Levels of Military Suicide Spurs Launch of New Campaign

Portland rioters burn Bibles outside federal building

Matthew West to Christians: ‘Take heart;’ singer hosts concert at Museum of the Bible

School convinces girl she is a boy, now court demands father comply

Terry Crews defends comments against ‘black supremacy;’ talks challenging strict church rules as a kid

Franklin Graham’s explanation for pandemic: ‘Man has turned his back on God’

US News

‘APOCALYPSE NOW’: America braces for bitter Supreme Court confirmation fight weeks before election

2 GOP Senators Oppose Vote as Trump Prepares to Nominate Female Justice

Trump Jokes to Supporters If He Loses Election: ‘You’ll Never See Me Again’share21comments28

Deadly ricin mailed to Pres. Trump at White House, authorities in Texas

Trump to Launch ‘1776 Commission’ to ‘Promote Patriotic Education’ in Schools

Pro-abortion Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg dead at 87, 45 days before election

McConnell: Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee Will Get Senate Vote

Judge Orders School District to Halt Prayers, Bible Reading after ACLU Suit

Marxist-planned ‘50-day siege’ at White House, set to begin yesterday, fizzles with empty park

Breitbart author provides evidence Google, Facebook are trying to ‘steal’ election from Trump

Ohio Governor Signs Bill Banning Officals from Closing Houses of Worship

‘Praying God’s Protection over You’: Police Officers Finds Encouraging Note on the Hood of His Car

U.S. Department of Defense to Implement Guidelines to Protect Service Members’ Religious Freedom

Fox News host tells Newt Gingrich not to mention Soros’ funding of far-left DAs

John MacArthur says ‘true believers’ will vote for Trump, can’t affirm abortion and trans activism

‘God Got Us Here’: Eric Trump Says Faith Was an Essential Part of the President’s Victory in 2016

‘Blessed Are the Peacemakers’: Christian Leaders Praise Trump for Israel-UAE Peace Deal

Trump admin. can end humanitarian protections for refugees: appeals court

‘Women for Trump’ board member: the left is ‘afraid’ of Roe v. Wade being overturned

Pentagon guidance strengthens religious liberty protections for service members

Louisville Reaches $12 Million Settlement with Family of Breonna Taylor

‘Boldly Defending Life’: Trump Admin. Expands Ban on Int’l Funding of Abortion

Representatives for Israel, the UAE Sign Peace Agreement at the White House

Vatican’s former doctrine head: Vote for ‘good Protestant’ over ‘bad Catholic’

Calif. Governor Signs Bill Bringing Sentencing Equality for Adults Who Have Sex with Minors

Trump hits Biden for supporting ‘after-term abortion, which is basically baby execution’

Israel, UAE, Bahrain Set to Sign Milestone Abraham Accords at White House

Austin City Council Slashes Police Budget, Diverts Funds to ‘Abortion Access’

Google deletes interview with Trump COVID advisor for contradicting pro-China WHO

Bible Reading Marathon Kicks Off in Washington, D.C.

Senator calls on Justice Department to investigate Netflix for ‘child porn’ film ‘Cuties’

Supposed ‘Pro-life’ Republican Kasich endorses Biden, says abortion issue ‘dwarfed’ by other issues

WATCH: Trump in 9/11 speech acknowledges pregnant mom and her unborn baby who died on Flight 93

‘Stunning irony’: Pro-abortion Biden quotes St. John Paul II’s famous motto in slam against Trump

Judge rules Los Angeles can ban religious worship

Wisconsin Supreme Court hands huge victory to schools to teach kids in classrooms

Oregon’s Top Fire Official Resigns, Governor’s Office ‘Preparing for a Mass Fatality Event’

Texas lawmaker demands investigation of ‘child porn’ Netflix film ‘Cuties’

US Senate Fails to Approve Coronavirus Relief Package

Pence Says He and Trump ‘Stand without Apology’ for ‘the Right to Life’

Department of Education Implements Trump Order Protecting Religious Freedom on College Campuses

Trump Unveils New Supreme Court List, Warns of ‘Radical Left’ Judges Backed by Biden

President Trump Receives Nobel Peace Prize Nomination

Pro-Life Group to Reach 7 Million Swing State Voters, Spend $52 Million to Reelect Trump

BREAKING: Trump announces potential Supreme Court nominees, one of whom defended pro-life hero Daleiden

Trump promises to provide school choice to every parent in America if reelected

62 Percent of Americans Say Jesus Is Returning to ‘Judge’ Everyone, Poll Shows

Unplanned Producer Highlights President Trump’s Faith in Upcoming Film, The Trump I Know

Google, Twitter plotting ‘wholesale suppression’ of Trump supporters, insider claims

Top Rochester Police Leaders Retire Following Protests

The racial violence that erupted in Obama’s and Biden’s America

Latest Jobs Numbers Blast Past Expectations, Unemployment Rate Drops to 8.4%

Russia and Turkey Getting Cozy? Why It Could Point to Bible Prophecy of Gog and Magog Being Fulfilled

Universities Helped Train the Rioters Burning American Cities by ‘Cranking Out Utter Madness’

Advocate for legalized teen prostitution takes influential UN post

Did Calif. legislators just vote to protect (gay) adults who have sex with minors?

$4 million dollar ad blitz hits Biden, Dems for supporting trans hormones for minors

UN secretary general tells feminists he won’t let Trump undermine abortion ‘rights’

God Is Pro-Life, Pence Says: He ‘Will Fight Alongside Us’ and ‘Touch Hearts and Minds’

Over 120 black leaders blast systemic racism within Planned Parenthood: ‘Too many black lives lost to abortion’

Schools Allowing Boys in Girls’ Sports Are Violating the Law, Even after Court Ruling, Trump Admin. Says

Trump Campaign Adds Religious Freedom, Protection of Unborn Lives to Second Term Agenda

Petition Calls Samaritan’s Purse to Remove Franklin Graham as President and CEO

California Passes Bill Lightening Sentences For LGBTQ Adults Who Have Sex with Minors

WATCH: Hundreds of Virginians rally against making COVID vaccine mandatory

The deadly truth about lockdowns and masking policies

Biden blames Trump for leftist violence, destruction in Dem-run cities

Democrats to open floodgates to taxpayer-funded abortions if they win in November

Supreme Court ‘Bostock’ ruling doesn’t require girls to compete against boys, Education Dept determines

D.C. Mayor Report Targets Washington Monument, Jefferson Memorial for Removal, Relocation or ‘Contextualization’

75 Percent of Churches, Christian Organizations Stayed Open Thanks to Paycheck Protection Program

Trump admin. grants $1M to Kenosha Police, $4M to businesses damaged from rioters

Republican congressman echoes Rand Paul’s call for DOJ probe into funding of riots

‘We Need God’s Help,’ Franklin Graham Warns of the Democratic Party’s Socialist Agenda

WHO admits to using ‘artificial intelligence,’ ‘social listening’ to control COVID news

Will Left’s brilliant strategy of fomenting riots and then blaming them on Trump work?

Former Dem vote ‘fixer’ says election fraud rampant, will spark ‘war’ in November

Israeli, American and UAE Delegates Gather for Prayer Service Ahead of Peace Talks

‘A Priority’ – Pelosi Will Push for Taxpayer-Funded Abortion in 2021, She Tells Allies

Joe Biden Is ‘Morally Bankrupt,’ Democrats Are a ‘Godless Party’, Pastor Robert Jeffress Says

Dept. of Justice wants answers from Cuomo, other Dem governors over COVID-19 nursing home deaths

Trump Wants to Restore ‘Patriotic Education’ in Schools

Study Suggests Polls Fail to Capture Full Extent of Trump Support Due to ‘Shy’ Voter Phenomenon

Pentagon Warns China Over Ballistic Missile Launches in South China Sea as Tensions Escalate

Carter Page on Kevin Clinesmith’s Guilty Plea, FISA Abuse, and Page’s New Book ‘Abuse and Power’

Election-Related Briefing to Congress to Be ‘Written Finished’: ODNI

Gov. Kristi Noem ‘Shocked’ at How Much ‘Fear’ She Heard From Governors Who Issued Lockdowns

Charlotte Man Who Proclaims ‘Jesus Saves’ Attacked by Protesters During RNC

Franklin Graham Prays for America at Final Night of RNC

VIDEO: BLM mob threatens, chases Rand Paul down streets of DC

The 10 best pro-life, pro-America highlights of the Republican National Convention

Citing Scripture, Pence Switches out Jesus for the American Flag in Convention Speech

Biden campaign hits Pence for supporting marriage defense law…that Biden also supported

Trump Pardons Alice Johnson Following Faith-Filled RNC Speech

‘We Don’t Turn to Government,’ Trump Says: ‘We Put Our Faith in Almighty God’

Ben Carson calls out racism of abortion at Republican National Convention

‘Ave Maria’ caps Republican National Convention: ‘Most Catholic moment in American history’

Biden Is a Catholic ‘In Name Only’ and Is ‘Radically Pro-Abortion,’ Lou Holtz Says

God Will Reveal a ‘Healing Process’ for America, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem Says

WATCH: Police block LifeSite delivering viral petition against Big Tech censorship to Pelosi

Biden Is a ‘Trojan Horse for the Radical Left,’ Pence Warns Americans

Army doctor at RNC who became nun: ‘I’m not just pro-life. I’m pro–eternal life’

Free speech org launches public push to change law protecting Big Tech censorship

Trump Has ‘Done More for the Unborn Than Any Other President,’ Abby Johnson Tells RNC

‘May This Be a Land Where He Rules Supreme,’ Ohio Mayor Surrenders City to Christ

New Trump policy doc prioritizes women over LGBT, enrages leftists

Left-leaning fact-checker Snopes botches fact-check on born-alive bill

Biden-Harris Vision of America ‘Leaves No Room for People of Faith,’ Cissie Graham Lynch Says

House May Consider Legislation That Would Make Sex Reassignment Procedures on Minors Illegal

Second Night of the RNC Highlights Faith, Freedom and Justice

5 Faith Facts about Vice President Mike Pence: A ‘Born-Again, Evangelical Catholic’

Republican National Convention to Include Several Conservative Christian Speakers

Franklin Graham’s Daughter Cissie Graham Lynch to Speak at RNC

‘Any Real True Believer’ Will Support Trump in November, John MacArthur Says

Ex-Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson describes brutal reality of abortion during RNC speech

5 Takeaways from the First Night of the Republican National Convention

Nick Sandmann at RNC: Americans must ‘unite around’ Trump who calls the media out

China Communists want Biden to become president because Trump isn’t letting them rip off America

5 Things Christians Should Know about QAnon

‘Jesus Is Always the Winner’: Thousands Order ‘Jesus2020’ Signs ahead of Election

Democratic Party’s Platform Promises Taxpayer-Funded Abortion, ‘LGBTQ+ Inclusive’ Sex-Ed, Pro-Roe Judges

Current, Former Black Employees of Planned Parenthood, NARAL Pro-Choice America Say They Faced Racism at Their Jobs

North Carolina Bishop Argues That Kamala Harris ‘Ain’t Good for Black Folk’

President Trump Says the 2020 DNC Was the ‘Darkest and Angriest’ Convention in U.S. History

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That’s God Testing Me,’ Trump Says of Virus-Induced Economic Crisis

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ND ballot measure 3Port: ‘I can’t believe I signed that thing’

‘Hands Off of Our Daughters’: Appeals Court Upholds Male-Only Draft

100 Democratic Politicians Ask the Democratic National Committee to Adjust Its ‘Extreme’ Position on Abortion

John MacArthur Sues California over COVID-19 Restrictions on Church

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Prominent Colombian Socialist, Former Guerrilla Fighter Endorses Joe Biden for President

Kamala Harris Is the ‘Most Pro-Abortion of Pro-Abortion Politicians,’ Nat’l Right to Life Says

Filmmaker Says Amazon Pulled His Documentary from Prime Video over Its Pro-Life Content

Landmark: Court Says Schools Must Allow Transgender Students to Use Restroom of Choosing

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California District Attorney Will Not Arrest Church Members for Meeting

Evangelicals For Trump Host Las Vegas Rally in Casino amid Restrictions on Houses of Worship

CatholicVote Urges Joe Biden to ‘Publicly Condemn Attacks’ against the Church

Evangelicals Voting for Biden Have ‘Sold Their Soul to the Devil,’ Pastor Robert Jeffress Asserts

Appeals Court OKs Ban on ‘Dismemberment Abortion,’ Citing John Roberts

Chinese Regime Targeting US Election Infrastructure With Cyberattacks: O’Brien

Kahele Wins Hawaii Democratic Primary for Gabbard’s Seat

Lawmaker Calls for DOJ Investigation Into ‘Disturbing Trend’ of Attacks Against Churches

California city threatened with lawsuit for wanting to ax saint’s image from county seal, police badges

Ratings Crash for NBA, MLB After Protest-Filled Debuts

Evangelicals For Trump Speaker Says the Democratic Party Has Been Seized by ‘the Spirit of the Anti-Christ’

Biden Is ‘Following the Radical Left Agenda’ That Is ‘Against God,’ Trump Says

LA Mayor Threatens to Shut Off Electricity and Water to Churches that Meet

CDC director agrees hospitals have monetary incentive to inflate COVID-19 data

September surprise? Gregg Jarrett predicts when Durham report will drop, indictments

Nearly 2 Million Jobs Were Added in the U.S. in July

Pence kicks off pro-life tour across America at pregnancy center, meets mom who chose life

One in 5 Mail-In Ballots Not Counted in New York City Primary

Joe Biden Backtracks After Saying Black Communities Not As ‘Diverse’ As Latino Communities

Trump’s Personal Attorney to Represent John MacArthur amid Threats of Fines, Arrest for Holding Indoor Services

Trump to Sign Sweeping Executive Order to Reduce US Reliance on China

Yates Contradicts Strzok, Says Comey Brought Up Use of Archaic Law on Flynn

Vice President Mike Pence Calls Chief Justice John Roberts a ‘Disappointment to Conservatives’

Anti-Trump Republican Group Teams Up with Progressives to Draw Faith Votes Away from President Trump

Senator Ted Cruz Calls out Department of Defense for ‘Unabashedly Discriminating’ against Believers

Trump Is ‘the Most Pro-Life President in American History,’ Pence Says

Trump Administration Grants $35 Million to Fight Human Trafficking

‘This Is Truly God’s Creation’: Trump Signs Landmark Great American Outdoors Act

Blasting Lawmakers, USAID Official Quits over Alleged ‘Anti-Christian Sentiment’

Evangelicals For Trump Speaker Says the Democratic Party Has Been Seized by ‘the Spirit of the Anti-Christ’

Democrats Will Require Taxpayer Funding of Abortion if Biden Wins, Draft DNC Platform Says

Bibles, American Flags Set Ablaze by Portland Rioters

2 Pro-Life Activists Arrested in D.C. for Drawing ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ Outside of Planned Parenthood Clinic

Billy Graham Statue to Replace That of White Supremacist in US Capitol

Double standard? DC mayor exempts from quarantine lawmakers returning from Lewis funeral

77 Percent of Conservatives Keep Their Views Private Due to ‘Political Climate,’ Poll Shows

Censored Frontline Doctors speak out: ‘We want to help people’

UN orgs’ abortion advocacy renews Trump admin interest in defunding

AOC Targets Statue of Missionary Who Sacrificed His Life to Help Lepers in Hawaii

Trump Administration Asks Judge to Seize Bolton’s $2 Million Book Advance

Microsoft Says It Will Continue Talks to Purchase TikTok While Addressing Trump’s Security Concerns

More Americans see coronavirus as a bigger threat to the economy than health: poll

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Trump ambassador insists to Congress: ‘No internationally recognized right to abortion’

Report Finds 250 US Collaborators with Chinese Military-Tied Researchers

Matt Gaetz urges Jeff Bezos to cut ties with SPLC over AmazonSmile bans

Veteran journalist fights back after union tries to ‘cancel’ him for exposing Soros

Trump to mobilize military to deliver COVID vaccine to millions ‘very, very quickly’

Pro-lifers arrested trying to chalk ‘Black Preborn Lives Matter’ at DC Planned Parenthood

‘Our Nation Needs Prayer Now’: It’s Not Too Late to Watch the National Day of Prayer Event

ICYMI – Nov. 10, 2016 – President Trump was elected because sickening, liberal policies were being pushed down our throats. It’s as simple as that.