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June 21, 2021

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‘The Only Race Is the Human Race’: Black Father Condemns Critical Race Theory in Viral Video

Christian artist shares journey from the occult to ministry: ‘Love invaded the darkness’

Fathers, bless your children and they will change the world

UK Christian group ‘alarmed’ by push to criminalize prayer in ‘conversion therapy’ ban

Christian Video Game Creator Refuses to Cave to Cancel Culture: ‘I Will Not Apologize’

Messianic Jews in Israel Win Important Supreme Court Victory

Practicing Christians Are More Satisfied in Their Marriages Than Non-Practicing Christians, Non-Christians: Study

Death rate from variant COVID virus six times higher for vaccinated than unvaccinated, UK health data show

US bishops vote to draft doc on Eucharist, address worthiness to receive Communion

‘Substantial win’: Conservative Christians react to Supreme Court foster care ruling

Voddie Baucham Jr. Sounds Off on CRT: ‘Demonic Ideology’

Canada’s federal court rules mandatory quarantine hotels are ‘constitutional’

Manchin Proposes Changes to Federal Voting Overhaul Bill, McConnell Calls it ‘Equally Unacceptable’

‘Revival is coming’: Ted Cruz says ‘the slumbering church needs to wake up’

Chris Pratt Surprises Four Deployed Soldiers Ahead of Father’s Day, ‘Tomorrow War’ Release

Christian Pastor Slain over Outreach to Muslims, Sources Say

Controversy erupts over school board member calling LGBTQ+ book display in school library ‘evil’

Study Shows Drop In Support for Israel Among US Evangelical Young Adults

Poll: Most Catholics Say Pro-Choice Public Officials Should Be Denied Communion

Physician: ‘Fanaticism’ — not science — governs CDC’s aggressive push to vaccinate even those with natural immunity

Evangelicals Take Brunt of COVID-19 Collateral Damage in Vietnam

Saddleback Church’s Ordination of Women Pastors to Be Considered by SBC Committee

First day of US bishops’ meeting marked by division over Eucharist for abortion promoters

Canadian Pastor Arrested at Home for Underground Service: ‘We Are Shaken, But Our Faith Is Not’

Elisabeth Elliot: A woman who suffered and persisted for her faith

‘We Will Appeal This Decision’: Court Rules Against Jack Phillips in Transgender Cake Case

Compromised: Fauci and other COVID-players have ties to Wuhan lab

Four fires in southern Israel caused by arson balloons sent from Gaza

Defector Says College Indoctrination Worse Than North Korean Regime: ‘Regression in Civilization’

Southern Baptists Warn: Equality Act Would Have ‘Devastating’ Effect on Religious Liberty

Sex Abuse Survivors Call for System-Wide Audit of Southern Baptist Convention

Report: Nickelodeon’s Ratings Drop as the Network Pushes LGBT Content to Children

The Francis effect: LGBT-promoting bishops come out publicly

Germany bans killing chick embryos because they feel pain, but still allows abortion of humans

Kevin Hart Blasts Cancel Culture: It’s Crazy ‘Life Should Be Over Because of a Mistake’

At Least 17 Palestinians Injured in Clash with Israeli Police prior to Jerusalem Flag March

Pastor Tony Evans Calls for Gospel Unity amid Racial Tensions in the Church

At Least Three Critical Race Theory Statements Proposed for Southern Baptist Meeting

‘How Do I Have Two Medical Degrees If I’m Oppressed?’: Man Blasts Critical Race Theory With Powerful Speech

CDC to hold emergency meeting about heart inflammation after COVID vaccination

WATCH: Hundreds gather for first ever Men’s March against abortion in DC

Canadian Pastor Arrested on New Charges After ‘Underground Worship’ Following Church Building Seizure

U.S. Catholic Bishops to Discuss if Biden Should Be Denied Communion over Pro-Abortion, Pro-LGBTQ Stances

8th-Grade Girl Blasts Board for Transgender Policy: ‘Everyone Knows What a Boy Is – Even You’

British Woman Who Lost Her Job after Saying Men Cannot Become Women Wins Appeal

New Jersey Catholics to gather in prayer against Satanic music played by diocesan university radio station

Majority of Pastors Say Denominations Are ‘Vital’ but Worry about Their Future, New Poll Shows

Wisconsin Heath Departments Can’t Close Private, Religious Schools amid Pandemic, Court Rules

Edinburgh Pays Church after Cancelling Event over Speaker’s Views on Homosexuality

LifeSite VP warns Guatemalan experts about the Biden-Harris plan to export abortion, LGBT abroad

What is fueling the trend of Christians ‘deconstructing’ their faith? (podcast)

Canadians to gather on Parliament Hill this Saturday to publicly pray for right to worship

If God does not exist then injustice does not exist

‘We are on a trajectory towards communism’: Family gives up European travel rather than mask, take coronavirus vaccine

Criticizing me is attacking ‘science and truth,’ Fauci declares

As Inflation Spikes, What Does It Mean for Your Pocketbook, and How Long Will It Last

‘Preserve the Base’: Leaked Audio of SBC Leaders Shows Reluctance on Dealing with Sex Abuse

Nevada to Pay Church $175,000 Following Lawsuit over COVID-19 Worship Restrictions

Archeologists Unearth Arrowhead from Biblical Battle in Goliath’s Hometown

Massive Fires Break Out across Israel

400 Britons a day contract coronavirus, even after two jabs, expert says

Liberty Grad, Cancer Warrior Inspires Millions on America’s Got Talent’: ‘I’m There to Give People a Gift’

Jerry Falwell Jr. Submits Court Filing Claiming Liberty University Leaders Are on a ‘Mission’ to Ruin His Reputation

‘Sacred Betrayals’ translator explains corruption of Francis, ‘vice-pope’ Maradiaga

Woman testifies about brutality in Nigeria, says babies were ripped from wombs

Anne Graham Lotz: ‘I Just Have to Follow the Lord and What He’s Called Me to Do’

Jack Phillips Details the Difficulties, Threats He Faced after Declining to Bake a Same-Sex Wedding Cake

‘It’s Been on Our Heart’: Kendrick Brothers to Release 2 Father-Centric Films this Fall

Adrianne Curry Apologizes for Judging Kirk Cameron for His Faith, Says She was Brainwashed by Hollywood Elites

Ancient Bible Fragments at Heart of Crime Case Pitting Hobby Lobby Against Former Oxford Professor

Pro-Life Activist Who Regrets Her Abortion Responds to Pro-Abortion Valedictorian

The scientific, technological elite is not where to put our ultimate faith

The feminization of the modern man

Christian alternative to Boy Scouts sees growth amid pandemic, 70% more new members in 2021

Lockheed Martin Sent Over 1,000 Top Employees to ‘White Male Privilege’ Training, CEO Says

‘Top Story,’ Episode 5: What’s Behind the Surge in Anti-Semitism?

‘Fairness for All’ is a bad bargain

Pride Month shows: Christians must opt out of mainstream culture in America

FDA Approves New Alzheimer’s Drug Despite Little Evidence It Works

Christian Couple Acquitted of Alleged Blasphemy Charges by Pakistani High Court

Pastor’s Religious Freedom Was Not Violated When He Was Arrest for Holding Church Services despite COVID-19 Restrictions, Judge Says

Burger King Mocks Chick-fil-A with Donations to LGBT Group for Every Chicken Sandwich Sold

Employer Allegedly Sends Hit Men to Kill Christian

Nickelodeon Casts First Trans-Identified Teen following ‘Trans Youth Acting Challenge’

Pence Attempts to Energize GOP Base at Faith and Freedom Coalition’s ‘Road to the Majority’ Conference

Juneteenth: America’s First New National Holiday in 4 Decades

New government, new threats

Officials Say Deadly Pride Parade Crash Was Not Intentional

Nazis Burned Books, Stalin & Mao Crushed Critics, Now America Faces a ‘Dangerous Wave’ of Censorship

Court’s Decision Was a ‘Profound Victory for Religious Liberty’ in LGBT Disputes: Experts

Biden Gives Vladimir Putin a List of Infrastructure Entities That Are ‘Off-Limits’ to Russian Cyberattacks

Post-election forensic audits ‘only way’ to verify election integrity, experts say

Texas passes legislation to outlaw all abortions if SCOTUS overturns Roe v Wade

Congressman: ‘We are headed to a socialist, Marxist existence in this country’

Donald Trump to Hold First Post-White House Rally on June 26 in Ohio

This Man Was Tried 6 Times for the Same Crime, so Who’s Holding Prosecutors Accountable?

Pompeo Calls Out ‘Socialist Left’ for Trying to Change How Americans Vote, Making Voter Fraud Easier

Critics Warn Biden’s Energy Plans ‘Remake America in Image of California’

Is a 15-Week Unborn Baby Human? Dem. Senator Says He’ll ‘Wait for the Supreme Court Decision’

Critics Warn Biden’s Energy Plans ‘Remake America in Image of California’

Ex-Clinton advisor banned from Twitter: De-platforming is ‘terrifying’ for democracy

Trump to Visit US-Mexico Border This Month as TX Seeks Donations to Finish Border Wall Construction

Texas Governor Demands Biden Return Border Wall Land Seized by Federal Government

Department of Education Says Sports, Bathrooms Must Be Open to Transgender Students

Orwellian ‘guidelines,’ not laws, are now dictating permitted speech and acceptable behavior

IRS Denies Tax-Exempt Status to Christian Non-Profit Saying ‘Bible Teachings’ Are Affiliated with Republican Beliefs

Florida Gov. Signs Bill Requiring Moment of Silence in Schools: You Can’t ‘Be Successful’ without God

Top House Republicans Demand Answers From Biden Admin on CCP Influence in Higher Education

Senate Confirms Biden’s Appellate Court Judge Nominee

Video Game Creator Refuses to Apologize for Donating to GOP, Pro-Life Candidates

Republican congressman confronts Navy admiral on promoting book by leftist race agitator

DeSantis, Cruz, Pence to Headline Faith & Freedom Coalition’s ‘Road to Majority’, Aiming to Win Congress in 2022

Arizona AG Tells DOJ He ‘Will Not Tolerate’ Efforts to Thwart Election Audit in Maricopa County

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Criticizes the Biden Administration in His Farewell Speech

Trump Administration Safeguarded America Better Than Most

Pro-life group files complaint with SBA over Planned Parenthood clinic obtaining $2.7 million PPP loan

Governor Greg Abbott Announces That Texas Plans to Continue Building Border Wall

Biden Cancels Trump’s ‘American Heroes Garden’ and its Statues of Billy Graham, Others

How safe are encrypted platforms? FBI created ‘secure’ messaging app as part of international sting to catch drug lords

Democrats join the growing chorus of Georgians suspicious of voter fraud as election audit continues

Trump wasn’t involved in tear-gassing protestors for ‘Bible photo-op,’ new report confirms

Atheist Group Demands Texas Hospital Remove Banner Featuring Prayer to God, Chaplain Videos

‘Disturbing’: Biden HHS Secretary Won’t Admit Partial-Birth Abortion Is Banned in America

Texas creates ‘1836 Project’ to teach ‘patriotic education,’ ‘Christian heritage’

Experts Warn Cyber Hackers, EMP Attacks and Solar Storms Could ‘Annihilate Our Electric System’

Can Biden administration capitalize on an inexperienced Bennett-Lapid government?

Jewish Democrats slam Omar for remarks equating Israel and US to Hamas and Taliban

Judge Lifts Suspension of Virginia Teacher Who Refused to Use Transgender Pronouns

‘America Last’: Biden Kills US Keystone XL Pipeline, Backs Russian Pipeline That Will Hurt America

VP Harris’ Visit to Central America Receives Criticism from All Sides: ‘She Is Going to Be Haunted by This Trip’

Argentine judge suspends abortion law throughout country

New Poll Finds ‘Broad Support’ for 15-Week Abortion Ban: Americans ‘Reject Abortion on Demand’

Record-High 70 Percent of U.S. Adults Support Same-Sex Marriage, Gallup Poll Finds

Trump applauds Nigeria for banning Twitter after its president’s post was deleted

‘Our Democracy Is at Risk’: Black Pastors in Georgia Call for Federal Voting Bills amid New State Voting Laws

Biden DOJ Splits with LGBT Groups, Defends Religious Exemption for Christian Schools

DC’s Lafayette Park Was Not Cleared for Trump’s Bible Photo Op, Watchdog Finds

People Fleeing Collapsing Economies of Blue States Advise Those Who Remain: ‘Start Making Better Decisions on Who You Vote For’

Texas governor bans segregation based on vaccination status

The DOJ Strikes Back, Turns the Tables Against ‘Darkside’ Ransomware Hackers

It’s Not Unfair to Let Biological Boys Win Girls’ Races, Biden Education Secretary Says

Undocumented Immigrants with Temporary Protection Status Are Ineligible for Permanent Citizenship, Supreme Court Rules

Is Joe Biden the ‘Master of Disaster’ on Foreign Policy?

Biden’s proposed budget for 2022 uses term ‘birthing people’ instead of ‘mothers’

Abortion ‘Without Limitations’: 224 Democrats Back Bill Eliminating All Pro-Life Laws

What Fauci’s emails tell us about his deadly incompetence and mishandling of COVID

Public health’s racist experimentation and eugenics programs have fueled deep mistrust of vaccines – from blacks and whites

President Biden’s Stutter and the Image of God

Illinois School Reverses Course after Banning 2nd Grade Girl from Reading Her Bible during Recess

Pro-Life Group Buys Parking Lot Next to Abortion Clinic so it Can Counsel Women

‘Turning to Almighty God’: 5 profound Memorial Day proclamations

To confront anti-Semitism, advocates say it’s time for Jews to unite, mobilize and take action

Pastor Greg Laurie shares how to ‘overcome the devil’ in sermon on Revelation 11-12

American Missionary Shares How God Is Moving in Mozambique amid ISIS Attacks

STILL FIGHTING! Fr. James Altman says he won’t quit or be sent away to ‘re-education camp’

Remains of 215 children found at former indigenous school site in Canada

Fox News Host and Army Vet Pete Hegseth Recalls How Mother’s Prayer Impacted Combat Mission

62 Percent of Americans Oppose Allowing Transgender Girls to Play on Biological Girls’ Sports Teams, Gallup Says

Michigan High School That Forbade Christian Language in Valedictorian’s Graduation Speech Reverses Decision

QAnon Is a False Teaching in the Church that Must Be Opposed, Pastor Says

Facebook flip-flops on COVID origins, stops censoring Wuhan lab-leak theory posts

Lockdowns ‘heaped misery’ on Canada’s largest provinces, ratings index shows

2021 SBC Annual Meeting on Track to Hit Highest Participation Ever

Woman conceived during rape and abandoned now on a mission to save unwanted babies

Marylanders rally against baseless coronavirus vaccine mandate for state college students 

‘They Were Burning Houses and Taking Children’: American Missionary Preaches Gospel as ISIS Threat Looms

Over 60 bishops urge delay on debate over communion for pro-choice politicians

Leftist ideology permeating Church ‘extremely dangerous’ to Body of Christ: pastor

’60 Minutes’ slammed for airing detransitioners who regret transgender medicalization

4 Female Athletes Appeal Judge’s Decision that Allows Boys to Win Girls’ Races

Colorado Hospital System Declares ‘Pediatric Mental Health State of Emergency’ amid Rising Youth Suicide Rates

Study: More Churches Closing Than Opening

French court removes 6 children from British parents of 10 after dispute over Catholic schooling

Chicago Drops Charges against 2 Illinois Churches Cited for Holding In-Person Services despite COIVD-19 Restrictions

Chinese Pastor Brutally Beaten in Police Custody Encourages Others to Hold Fast to the Faith

Romanian Group Arrested in Florida for Stealing over $740,000 from 636 Churches

Netflix’s Blue Miracle Spotlights the ‘Blessing’ of Fatherhood and Family, Film’s Writer Says

Only 6% of Americans have a ‘biblical worldview,’ survey finds

As More High-Profile Christians Leave the Faith, Francis Chan Calls for a Return to ‘Sacredness’ in Our Worship

Experts Warn That Illegal Immigrants Are ‘Renting’ Children to Cross the Border

Catholic Politicians Who Support Abortion Should Be Excommunicated, Cardinal Says

VIDEO- America’s Battle for Liberty Began in Prayer – By Men Who Didn’t Believe They Could Pray Together

VIDEO – Bibles That Went to War: How God’s Word Has Sustained American Troops on the Front Lines

A Memorial Day reflection: What we should remember today

Sen. Johnson: No COVID-19 Vaccine Because High Levels of Antibodies

Florida Concert Charging $18 for Vaccinated, $1,000 for Unvaccinated

Fewer Americans Support Black Lives Matter Movement, Poll Finds

Biden 2022 Budget Proposes Taxpayer-Funded Abortion: It ‘Cements’ Him as a ‘Pro-Abortion President’

Secretary of State Antony Blinken Announces Plan to Give Palestine about $40 Million in Aid

Election Questions: New GA Audit Checks for Fake Ballots, Dominion Machines in PA Primary Mislabel GOP Ballots as Dems

Biden administration quietly canceled Trump-initiated study on origins of COVID-19

117 Healthcare Workers File Lawsuit Against Hospital for Requiring COVID-19 Vaccine

18 Connecticut teens hospitalized for heart problems after COVID vaccines, White House says young people should still get the shots

Biden admin. has de-prioritized religious liberty, ‘disowned that work’: Mike Pompeo

ACLU sues Arkansas to stop law protecting children from castration, puberty blockers

COVID-19 restrictions ‘harmed’ religious minorities, violated freedom to practice faith: USCIRF report

Beijing’s Propaganda Arm Continues Paying Millions to Spread Influence in the West

3,166 Percent More Sex Offenders Have Been Arrested Along Border Patrol Sector in Texas

President Biden Shuts Down Inquiry Seeking to Determine If COVID-19 Originated in a Chinese Lab

Ohio City Declares Itself ‘Sanctuary’ for the Unborn, Calls Roe a ‘Lawless’ Act

More election fraud charges announced in Illinois, North Carolina