The Philosophical Underpinnings and Negative Consequences of the Indian Child Welfare Act

”Despite Victoria’s assertion that it was not possible for the tribes that were visited by the Spanish to give genuine consent, it is evident that in the north, some tribal members did. Tribal members chose to become part of the larger colonial communities for various reasons: including but not limited to protection, trade, education, or even to be part of the Christian church.
In 1740, when Samson Occom (Occum), a member of the Mohegan tribe of Connecticut was 19 years old, he asked his mother if he could go to Eleazar Wheelock’s Bible College to learn to read. He wrote later in 1768:
I was Born and Brought up in the traditional ways…My Parents Lived a wandering life, as did all the Indians at Mohegan. They Chiefly Depended upon Hunting, Fishing, & Fowling for their Living and had no Connection with the English, excepting to Traffic with them in their small Trifles; They Strictly maintained and followed their traditional Ways, Customs & Religion, though there was Some Preaching among them. Once a Fortnight, in ye Summer Season, a Minister from New London used to come up, and everyone attended. Not that they cared about the Christian Religion, but they had Blankets given to them every Fall of the Year and for these things they would come and there was a Sort of School kept, when I was quite young, but I believe there never was one that ever Learnt to read anything,
— when I was about 10 Years of age there was a man who went about among the Indian Wigwams, and wherever he Could find the Indian Children, would make them read; but the Children Used to take Care to keep out of his way; —and he used to Catch me Some times and make me Say over my Letters; and I believe I learnt Some of them. But this was Soon over too; and all this Time there was not one amongst us, that made a Profession of Christianity — Neither did we Cultivate our Land, nor kept any Sort of Creatures except Dogs, which we used in Hunting; and we Dwelt in wigwams. These are a Sort of Tents, Covered with Matts, made of Flags.
And to this Time we were unacquainted with the English Tongue in general though there were a few, who understood a little of it. When I was 16 years of age, we heard a Strange Rumor among the English, that there were Extraordinary Ministers Preaching from place to Place and a Strange Concern among the White People. This was in the Spring of the Year. But we Saw nothing of these things, till Some Time in the Summer, when Some Ministers began to visit us and Preach the Word of God; and the Common People all Came frequently and exhorted us to the things of God…amongst whom I was one that was Impressed with the things we had heard…After I was awakened & converted, I went to all the meetings…”

If Christians don’t personally engage in politics, it’s all over for America

The window of opportunity for implementing successful civic action will not remain open forever, especially if Leftists have their way and succeed in pushing atheistic socialism and curbs on religious liberty. If we truly love our neighbors, and care enough to protect our families and communities from the ever-encroaching and growing persecution of Christians and others who embrace natural law values, then we must become the salt, the light and the leaven of society. If we fail to act in the public square, more immoral policies will spread and harm those we love. Pray, and like the Good Samaritan, also act. The story of Cain and Abel makes clear that we are our “brother’s keeper.”