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Billy Graham gives 'final, most important' message to America

- Billy Graham: Does Bible Teach That Some Races Are Superior?

- Billy Graham: ‘Don’t Let Shame, or Fear…Keep You from Christ’

- Billy Graham "Prays in His Preaching Voice and is Still Kicking": Here's Why

- Billy Graham: Now is time for 'fresh awakening'

- Billy Graham Makes Case for Existence of Christ for Those Who Doubt


World News

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US News


Democrat chief: Abortion is ‘not negotiable,’ all Democrats must support it


President Trump Extols "Unbreakable Spirit of the Jewish People"


U.S. lawmakers seek to end impunity for online sale of children


Nikki Haley Urges UN to Shift its Criticism from Israel to Iran


Iowa House Votes To Defund Planned Parenthood


New England Patriots at the White House Compare Their Comeback Super Bowl Win to Trump's Presidential Race


Meet the Pro-Life Woman From Georgia Who Won the First Round Congressional Seat Race Against Planned Parenthood Supporter Jon Ossoff


BREAKING! Bill O'Reilly, Host of Hugely Popular "O-Reilly Factor" is Officially Done at Fox News


Vice-President Pence Thanks American and South Korean Troops at "Historic Frontier of Freedom"


Vice-President Pence Reassures Japan as North Korea Threatens "Weekly" Tests


Trump on Easter: 'Life Always Triumphs Over Death'


Trump Approval Hits 50 Percent


Facebook Crisis: Zuckerberg in Hot Seat as Controversies Grow


Vice-President Pence and Wife Spend Thankful Easter In South Korea: Extols "Heroes and Sacrifice"


North Carolina bill: Supreme Court overstepped Constitution and God in legalizing gay ‘marriage’


China's President Xi Urges a Peaceful Resolution of North Korea Tensions in Call With President Trump


Gorsuch Filibuster: Symptom or Cause of Our Divided Nation?


Trump picks pro-life conservative to lead HHS civil rights office


Trump picks Christian conservative to replace homosexual as Army Secretary


Trump Cuts Funding for Forced Abortions in China


Still No Sign of Leader for White House Faith Partnership Office


Unmasked: Multiple Sources Claim This Obama Administration Official Requested the Names of Trump Campaign Staffers


Trump Revokes Obama Executive Order Awarding Contracts to Companies With LGBT Policies


US Senate axes Obama order forcing states to fund Planned Parenthood


Trump Tackles Opioid Addiction Crisis: "This Is a Total Epidemic"


Franklin Graham Criticizes Both Parties for Failing to Pass Healthcare Bill


VP Pence "Cherishes" Israel: "Her Cause Is Our Cause, Her Fight Is Our Fight"


How TIME murdered truth, and framed Trump


Attorney General Jeff Sessions Says Sanctuary Cities Must End: Threatens to Withhold Funds


President Trump Restores a Day Meant to Honor Our Nation's Greatest Heroes


US Lawmakers Urge India to Lift Restrictions on Christian Charity Compassion International


Does President Trump Want Speaker Paul Ryan to Resign?


Family Research Council Sides With Conservatives Against Trump in Healthcare Battle


Iowa House Committee Passes 20-Week Abortion Ban Bill


White House Announces New Transparency Measure


Sec. of State Rex Tillerson Was Planning to Retire This Year, Until His Wife Told Him: "God's Not Through With You Yet"


Community Activists are Calling Attention to Government's Apology for Slavery and Jim Crowism


Vindication? House Intel Chairman Finds that Trump's Team Communications WERE Captured by Surveillance


Trump Gives Republicans an Ultimatum: Pass Healthcare Bill or He’ll Move On


Gorsuch promises to consider facts if 20-week abortion ban goes to SCOTUS


Princeton Theological Seminary Rescinds Award to be Given to Tim Keller


Pro-abort Senator grills Gorsuch on whether Roe v Wade is ‘super precedent’




ISIS’s Intriguing Silence about Donald Trump’s Approach to Muslims


In historic move, Trump envoy to Israel meets with the religious leaders that John Kerry ignored: "Most important meeting of all"


More organizations appeal to Trump – ‘Religious liberty is in crisis’


10 Reasons Why Taxpayers Should Defund Planned Parenthood


South Dakota gov signs religious adoption protections


Pence’s defense of Obama’s pro-LGBT order raises concerns


PINK-SLIPPED: AG Sessions asks remaining 46 US attorneys from Obama administration to resign


Planned Parenthood refuses Trump offer to give up abortions and keep funding


Travel Ban: Protecting us From Jihad or Discarding Jesus' Call to Help Strangers?


New Republican healthcare bill will cut most of Planned Parenthood’s funding


Obama Audited Billy Graham, So Wiretapping Trump Tower is Not a Stretch


House Republicans Release Obamacare Replacement: American Health Care Act


Soft-Toned Trump Reaches out to Religious and Other Minorities


President Trump Launches New Temporary Travel Ban; Here's What's in It


Pro-life Dr. Ben Carson confirmed as Trump’s Housing Secretary


Sen. Marco Rubio Explains Why He Stopped Doing Town Halls


President Donald Trump Address to Congress Transcript

- "We are one people, with one destiny. We all bleed the same blood. We all salute the same flag. And we are all made by the same God."--President Trump's Speech Hailed across the Board as His Best


Most Americans Agree With Trump, Not Obama, on Transgender Bathroom


Which Lawmakers Fight for International Religious Freedom? New Report Says These Two Have 'Top Scores'


Sen. James Lankford Says Religious Freedom Must be for All Faiths


Swedish Leaders: President Trump "Did Not Exaggerate Sweden's Problems"


George W. Bush's Daughter to Give Keynote Speech at Planned Parenthood Fundraiser


Kellyanne Conway: Modern feminism is ‘anti-male and pro-abortion,’ I’m not


Trump to CPAC: If we ‘trust in God, there is no goal beyond our reach’


Trump Rocks CPAC: Our "Great, Great" Border Wall is "Way, Way, Way" Ahead of Schedule!




Pence at CPAC: 'ObamaCare nightmare is about to end'


Nikki Haley, America's U.N. Envoy, Meets Family of Slain Israeli Soldier


Watchdog: Obama revamp of federal bureaucracy created 'widespread' security policies violations


Judge blocks Texas from defunding Planned Parenthood

- Virginia governor vetoes bill defunding Planned Parenthood


Marco Rubio: 'We're Becoming a Society Incapable of Having Debate; Everyone Hates Everybody'


Trump is not a fascist, but abortion advocates might be


God Delivered US From 'Spirit of Witchcraft in the Oval Office' Through Trump, Says Christian Leader


House of Reps Votes to Allow States to Decide Whether to Fund Planned Parenthood

- House Votes to Overturn Obama Reg Forcing States to Fund Planned Parenthood


Netanyahu and Paul Ryan Affirm Their Commitment to Hold Iran Accountable for Its Actions


Most Europeans Agree with Trump's Travel Order


Trump Open to One-State Solution to Israeli-Palestinian Conflict


Trump Retains LGBT State Department Official, Frustrating Christian Conservatives


Former Obama Officials, Loyalists, Waged a Secret Campaign to Oust Flynn: What the Mainstream News Doesn't Want You to Know


Three Months Ago, This Middle East Expert Presented His Grave Concerns about Now-Ousted General Michael Flynn


Trump Tries to Strike Deal with These Drug Companies to Lower Prices: The Poor and Elderly Need Help


Trump Sends Mixed Messages on Religious Liberty


Virginia Legislature Passes Bill to Protect Religious Institutions Opposed to Gay Marriage


Does Neil Gorsuch's Liberal Church Matter?


Tom Price Confirmed as Health Secretary After Bitter Senate Fight


Our New Secretary of Education Wants to Advance God's Kingdom: Here Are 5 Faith Facts About Betsy DeVos You'll Want to Know


So Hypocritical! 6 Of The 7 Countries Listed On Trump's Temporary Immigration Ban Don't Let Israelis In


Really? Surprising Poll Reveals that a Majority of Democrats Consider Christianity as Violent as Islam


Appeals Court Refuses to Reinstate Trump Travel Ban: President Says "See You in Court, the Security of Our Nation is at Stake!"


Jeff Sessions is Confirmed as Attorney General


Putin is Again Bombing Ukraine: Will Evangelicals Call on Trump to Take Action?


Paul Ryan: Obamacare Repeal Will Happen ‘This Year’


Ivanka Trump, husband reportedly stopped religious freedom order; Pence affirms pro-LGBT rights move


So Hypocritical! 6 Of The 7 Countries Listed On Trump's Temporary Immigration Ban Don't Let Israelis In


The Free Speech Fairness Act Needs Your Help NOW, Says Tony Perkins


DeVos confirmed as education secretary, Pence casts historic tie-breaking vote


Morgan Freeman Has Hope for Donald Trump, Predicts He Will Be a Good President


DeVos foes in furious push to defeat nomination, still one vote short


Pence Defends Trump's Decision to Renew Obama's LGBT Executive Order


SEE YOU IN COURT Justice Dept. files notice of appeal to restore Trump's immigration ban


Senate Considers Bill Restricting Underage Girls from Getting Abortions without Parental Consent


Obama is Being Sued by the Founder of Judicial Watch for Defying Trump's Immigration Ban


Fact Check: Fake News Did Not Alter Election Results


'I am Praying for You.' Those are the Five Words That Never, Ever Fail to Touch My Heart": Trump Tells Prayer Breakfast Attendants America Must Never Stop Asking God for Wisdom

- President Trump Speaks at National Prayer Breakfast: 'This World Is in Trouble'


Two Republicans Oppose Besty DeVos, Making Her Confirmation Difficult


Trump Reportedly Preparing to Issue Executive Order Protecting Religious Freedom


Senate committee votes to confirm pro-life Jeff Sessions as U.S. Attorney General


Experts: California voter registration system 'highly susceptible' to fraud


I was no Trump fan. But this hysteria is hypocritical.


Trump nominates Judge Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court


Five Things You Need to Know about President Trump's Temporary 'Refugee Ban'

- Rasmussen Poll: Most Support Travel Ban


Persecution Groups Divided on Trump's Plan to Prioritize Christian Refugees


Supreme Court Rejected Obama Arguments More Than Any President in Over 80 Years, Study Finds


Pro-life Tsunami Floods State Legislatures


National Study Finds Little Proof of Pot’s Medical Benefits


Trump's Approval Rating Hits 59 Percent


Why Were the Presidential Polls Wrong?


President Trump tweets to March for Life: ‘You have my full support!’


These Europeans Say Trump is Good for Western Civilization


Why I'm so Filled with HOPE - After the Inauguration of Donald J. Trump!


This Major U.S. Metropolis is the First to Surrender Their Sanctuary City Status: Will Others Follow Suit?


Days Into Trump Admin, Corrupt Employees Are Already Being Fired At The VA


US quietly sent $221M to Palestinians in Obama's last hours


'MILLIONS WHO VOTED ILLEGALLY' Trump pledges 'major investigation' of alleged election voter fraud


President Trump Signs Orders Reviving Keystone Pipeline, Dakota Access, and the Making of Pipeline Pipes in the U.S.


This Conservative Judge is Now the Top Contender to Replace Scalia on Supreme Court


"Fire Up the Weed Whacker!" Trump's New FCC Chairman to Save Freedom of Online Media


New Rasmussen Poll Gives Trump 57% Approval Rating


Skywriter Scrawls "Trump" Across Sydney Sky During Anti-Trump "Women's March"


With Trump, "Old World of the 20th Century is Finally Over" Says German Foreign Minister


10 Questions We Should Ask as President Trump Prepares to Name a New Supreme Court Justice


President Trump takes office: Here are six key promises he made on abortion, marriage, and liberty


Pres. Trump's Inaugural Speech: Americans 'Righteous,' 'Protected by God'


"It All Begins Today!" President Donald Trump, America's "Blue-Collar Billionaire" Makes History


GETTING DOWN TO BUSINESS Trump orders federal agencies to 'ease the burden' of ObamaCare


Donald Trump Inauguration Speech Transcript [Full Video] - Presidential address of 45th POTUS


Polls Show U.S. is Divided Yet Optimistic at Start of Trump Presidency


A List of All the Presidents Who Mentioned God in an Inaugural Address


Jerusalem’s Mayor Posts Video Praising Trump, Criticizing Obama


Trump to Be Sworn in on 2 Bibles: Abraham Lincoln's and His Own


Clarence Thomas Will be First African-American to Administer Oath of Office

- Mike Pence to Swear on Reagan's Bible, Will Place Hand on 2 Chronicles at Inauguration


Top 20 Actions Trump Should Take in First 100 Days to Defend Life, Marriage, Religious Freedom: FRC


Sanctuary Congregations Have Doubled Since Trump Election, Say Faith Leaders


Former First Lady Barbara Bush Admitted to Houston Hospital, Joining Husband, President H.W. Bush, Who Is in ICU; Will Not Be Able to Make Inauguration


Obama Frees Traitor Chelsea Manning: Huge White House Hypocrisy


Paul Anka to Perform New Version of His Iconic 'My Way' for Trump's Inaugural Dance


Trump Chooses His Son-in-Law, Jared Kushner, to be the Next Peace Envoy to the Middle East: "He'll Secure an Israel Deal"


MLK's Niece Voted for Trump, Prays for Congressman Lewis


Actress Zoe Saldana on Hollywood's Treatment of Trump: "We Got Cocky and Became Arrogant and We Also Became Bullies"


CLINTON FDN/Global Initiative Closing Down. Sudden Lack of Donations?


6 in 10 Democrats Want Religious Freedom Protected Even When It Conflicts With Law: Poll


Why are These Pro-Life Groups Taking Part in the "Women's March on Washington?"


10 Times Barack Obama Disappointed Evangelicals


Obama State Department Responsible for Rise in Global Christian Persecution, Tony Perkins Says


Ben Carson doubles down: LGBT don’t get ‘extra rights’


Historically black college raises $280G for Trump inauguration appearance


Supporters praise Sessions’ record, opponents bash him as racist during second day of confirmation hearings


Poll: Majority of Americans Support Repealing and Replacing Obamacare


A "New Day" for Christians Under Trump Administration?


WATCH: Paul Ryan defends ending Planned Parenthood funding at CNN townhall

- Nailed it: Paul Ryan’s perfect answer to why Planned Parenthood should be defunded

- Celebs will be busy during inauguration hosting Facebook Live ‘Love-a-Thon’ for Planned Parenthood

- DC radio station pulls ad exposing Planned Parenthood abortion business

- Would you like an abortion with that? Maryland diner sells $20 burgers to fund Planned Parenthood


New poll: 80% of Americans want SCOTUS nominees who apply Constitution as originally written


Trump Proposes 'Good Relations' With Russia, Saying 'Only Fools' Would Oppose It


Black Pastors Say Trump's Atty. Gen Pick Jeff Sessions Is Not Racist


President-Elect Donald Trump Nominates Former Senator, and Another Christian to Be Director of National Intelligence


Pew Research Finds: Congress Looks a Lot Like It Did in 1961-Many Christians


Chinese Online Retail Giant Meets with President-elect Trump to Create One Million New U.S. Jobs


Toyota Announces $10 Billion U.S. Investment Days after Trump Warning


Intel report on Russian interference finds no documents forged


GOP congressman takes down colleague's sponsored 'art' depicting police as pigs


Congress certifies Trump’s Electoral win


Rockettes Given Choice Over Trump While Christians Forced to Serve Gay Weddings: FRC's Tony Perkins


~ Election of Donald Trump in Headlines, Fall 2016 (Here)


Paul Ryan: We’ll defund Planned Parenthood in fast-tracked Obamacare repeal bill

- Capitol Showdown: Democrats, GOP Face Off over the Future of Obamacare


Senate Takes First Step to Defund Planned Parenthood


US Senators Introduce Bill to Recognize Jerusalem as Israel's Capital


Christianophobia Cost Clinton the Election


Congressional panel publishes final report on Planned Parenthood body parts scandal


Should Christians be Concerned about Paula White Speaking at Trump's Inauguration?

- Paula White Hits Back at Critics: Reaffirms Her Belief in the Trinity, Inerrancy of the Bible and Divinity of Christ


Religious Makeup of the New Congress Overwhelmingly Christian


Former Obama Administration Staffer Says Democrats Don’t Understand Religion


Celebrity Chef Anthony Bourdain Defends America's "God-Fearing" Citizens: Rips "Privileged East Coast Elites"


4 Things to Know About the Dec. 23 UN Resolution Against Israel


Hundreds of Churches Vow to Protect Immigrants Facing Deportation as Trump Presidency Looms


Turkey's President Erdogan Seeks Donald Trump's Help to Defeat ISIS in Syria


Obama In Final Days Stabs Israel In the Back




Pro-life Catholic mother Kellyanne Conway to serve as counselor to Trump in White House


Southern Baptist Pastors Consider Defunding Russell Moore Due to Anti-Trump Stance


Illinois judge halts state’s free speech assault on pro-life docs, clinics


SCOTUS: Senate doesn’t have to vote on Obama’s pro-abortion nominee


Alleged Pro-Lifer Who Went against Pro-Life Movement is Defeated in Election


Trump Not Afraid to Call out Radical Islam, Unlike President Obama


Trump's Cabinet Is Super Rich. Is That a Problem?


Israel's Top Spy Travels to New York to Brief Trump on Middle East


Trump Thanks Evangelicals, Franklin Graham, at Alabama "Thank You" Rally


Government Demands Family-Planning Gunds Go to Abortion Centers


5 Devout Christians Who Will Serve in the Donald Trump Administration


The U.S. House Passes Law Allowing Disabled People to be "Chipped": Fears It Could Just the Tip of the Iceberg


Israeli Right Wing Has High Hopes for Relations with Trump Admin


Senate committee refers Planned Parenthood to FBI for criminal investigation


"Revival On The Way:" Congressmen on Their Knees before the Lord at Capitol


Nine Members of Trump’s Cabinet Identify as Christians


Federal Judge Blocks Elector Revolts against Trump


Congress Passes First Bill Devoted to Fighting Boko Haram


There is no Latino groupthink


Schwarzenegger: Unfazed Trump is still 'Apprentice' producer


Did Transgender Bathrooms Cost North Carolina's Gov. Pat McCrory His Reelection? 4 Views


President Obama's Retirement Video


Yes, There Was "Fake News" During the Election, But the Truth Is...


Judge Stops Recount in Michigan, But Trump's Battles Continue With "Divisive" Democrats


Congressman: "This Targeting of Christians Needs to Stop!"


McCrory concedes NC governor’s race, but bathroom law likely to remain in place


House backs away from vote to impeach IRS commissioner


Robert Jeffress: Why Is Gay Marriage Settled Law but Abortion Not?


Donald Trump Did Not Win More Evangelical Support Than Romney, Barna Poll Finds


ISIS Threatens President-Elect Donald Trump With 'Assassination' in Video


Trump Wows on "Thank You" Tour: "Now is Not the Time to Downsize Our Dreams, But Set Our Sights Higher Than Ever Before!"


Why Conservative Senator Mike Lee Praised Barack Obama


VA Backpedals on Gender Reassignment Surgery


Trump and Pence Head Out on "USA Thank You Tour"-Pray for Their Protection


Texas Elector Resigns, Claims Trump Not 'Biblically Qualified' to Serve as President


The 4 States Where Trump Did Better Than Expected All Had This in Common


UC President and Former Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano Tells Campus Police NOT to Enforce Federal Immigration Laws


8 Trump Cabinet Members and Their Christian Faith


Trump Was Right: Illegal Immigrants Are Already Voting and Deciding the Outcome in Many Close US Elections


Why Trump's HHS Pick Tom Price Has Abortion Activists in a Frenzy


Trump Won: What's Next for the Pro-Life Movement?


Will Sessions Champion Criminal Justice Reform?


Franklin Graham Calls Mike Pence 'Class Act' for Response to 'Hamilton' Actor


Keep the Electoral College


Ben Carson Has Ideas How Trump Could Unlock the Church's Prophetic Voice


Jon Stewart on Trump's Election Victory, Leftist Hypocrites Branding Voters as Racists


Trump asks God to ‘bless America’ in Thanksgiving address. Obama doesn’t


"Most Radical Candidate Imaginable!": Why Keith Ellison's Bid for Democrat Chairman Is Drawing Heavy Jewish Opposition


The Melania Trump Fashion Boycott Just Exposed the Glaring Double Standard against Christians


Muslim Registry Rumors are "Completely False" Says Trump Spokesman


Trump picks Betsy DeVos, pro-family school choice advocate, for Education Secretary


The media have a dark new theory about how Trump won the election (And we need to pay attention)


President-Elect Trump Appoints This Pro-Life Governor as UN Ambassador


Tea for Two? Queen Elizabeth Invites Trump to Visit UK


Pence’s Response to the Crowd’s Boos and Cheers: 'This is What Freedom Sounds Like'


President-Elect Donald Trump and VP-Elect Pence Went to Church Together This Last Sunday




House Speaker Paul Ryan promises bill to defund Planned Parenthood: ‘Our position has not changed’


Minnesota judge’s ruling clears the way for Medicaid to pay for ‘gender reassignment’ surgery


Conservatives Prayerful Pence May Pave Way to Positive Change in New Admin


Trump's Win Is Not an 'Affirmation' of Republican Leadership, Gov. Nikki Haley Says


Ted Cruz Explains Why Jeff Sessions Will Make An 'Extraordinary' Attorney General

- Trump appoints strongly pro-life, pro-marriage Sen. Jeff Sessions as Attorney General


Solidly pro-life Kansas Rep. Mike Pompeo selected as CIA director


Finally! New Documents Reveal IRS Official Admitted Targeting Groups


Justice Alito: US Constitution Faced 'Unprecedented Challenges' Under Obama


Trump Releases a "Contract with the American Voter" for 1st 100 Days in Office


Trump Phenomenon: Already Apple Computers is Preparing to Manufacture iPhones in America


Donald Trump Reportedly Donated to Help Jews Expelled from the Gaza Strip in 2005


Pence removing lobbyists from Trump transition team


Trump Reportedly Considering Ted Cruz for Attorney General


The Truth about Miscarriage: Grieving the Loss of an Embodied Spirit


Ben Carson turns down cabinet position [video].




CLINTON PROBES STILL ON Congressional investigations will go forward, GOP lawmakers say


Bogus reports of Trump-fueled violence proliferate on social media


Trump Appoints Priebus and Bannon to Lead: What You Need to Know


After Saying Trump Is Bad for America, Mitt Romney, Bush Family, John Kasich, Congratulate Him on Victory


Clinton’s Critical Mistake: Ignoring Evangelicals


‘Not settled’: Social conservatives say Trump got it wrong on same-sex ‘marriage’


Trump’s transition website promises he’ll ‘protect human life from conception’

- Here's What President Donald Trump's Cabinet Might Look Like




Trump Protesters Are Behaving Like Children Because Colleges Treat Them Like Children


National Black Pro-Life President Congratulates Donald Trump: He's Truly a President for ALL




TIME TO 'COME TOGETHER' President Obama welcomes Trump to Oval Office to talk transition of power


Pro-life vote ‘paved the way’ for Trump, GOP victories: Susan B. Anthony List


Unhappy with Obama, These Middle East Nations Are Hailing Trump Victory


5 World Leaders React to Trump Victory: Putin Pops Champagne


Netanyahu Hails Donald Trump as a 'True Friend' Of Israel

- Israeli Leaders Congratulate President-Elect Donald Trump


Jeb Bush Congratulates President-Elect Trump: "I Will Pray for You"


President Obama Invites President-Elect Trump to the White House


Donald Trump is Elected 45th President of the U.S.


Bill Clinton’s 1993 tax plan cut Trump’s taxes.


FBI'S DECISION STANDS: Clinton email review finished, will not prosecute


Key pro-life races to watch on Election Night besides Trump-Clinton


Clinton directed her maid to print out classified material, including emails


Does Podesta partake in “spirit cooking” and molestation of children?


GOP lobbyist joins quest to solve murder of DNC staffer Seth Rich


Mike Pence Shares Story of Personal Faith in Effort to Sway More Evangelicals


Clinton Foundation admits it didn't notify State Department of $1 million Qatar gift


Multiple news reports shows U.S Voter Fraud is massive!


Hillary Campaign Told DNC to Hold Sham Meetings, Make Primary Look Less Rigged


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: ISIS


Remember That Controversial Meeting between Bill Clinton and Loretta Lynch in June? Why the Justice Department Is Now Being Sued over It


Democratic Fixer Revealed


Former State Dept employee says FBI is ones who have released info to Wikileaks. Listen, Decide


Washington DC Takes Steps to Legalize Assisted Suicide


Supreme Court to Hear Case on Transgender Rights in Schools


Black Trump Voters in North Carolina Tell MSNBC: "Let's Not be Deceived, Trump Loves America—He Loves All People"


FBI Records of the Hillary Rodham Clinton Investigation. The FBI conducted an investigation into allegations that classified information was improperly stored or transmitted on a personal e-mail server she used during her tenure.


FBI releases files related to the William J. Clinton Foundation. The bulk of these records come from a 2001 FBI investigation into the pardon of Marc Rich (1934-2013)


The "Blistering Letter" Black Faith Leaders Just "Nailed" to Hillary Clinton's Door


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Immigration


Tim Keller Warns Christians About Being Divided by Politics: 'You're Christian First'


Hillary's Server and Weiner Scandals Converge; 3 Things You Need to Know


Unbelievable: MSNBC Morning Joe panel trashes Clintons over Wikileaks revelations


Wikileaks: Clinton will fund overseas abortion without conscience protections

- I Will Vote for the Babies on November 8


WH knew Clinton’s email was used for gov’t business


WikiLeaks Revelation: Clinton's Aide Intentionally Fed False Racism Charges against Israel's Netanyahu


Media Publicly Outed! A Full 91 Percent of Evening Newscasts are "Hostile" To Donald Trump


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Christian Persecution


Priest tells Fox News he was ‘upset’ Clinton cited Pope Francis to justify some of her positions


Prominent Evangelical Theologian Wayne Grudem Reverses Course, Re-endorses Trump, Stating: "Clinton's Policies Will Seriously Damage the Nation, Perhaps Forever"


Is Hillary REALLY Ahead in the Polls? Explosive New Wikileaks is a Smoking Gun for "Rigged" System


Is the Voting Machine in YOUR State One of These? Wikileaks Exposes Corruption, But Here's What You Can Do...


DONNA DEBUNKED? Tech blogger finds proof DNC chief's emails weren't 'doctored' despite repeated claims


Priest tells Fox news he was “upset” Clinton cited Pope Francis to justify some of her positions


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: The Supreme Court


Franklin Graham: America In More Dangerous Position Today Than 8 Years Ago


Lance Wallnau, Who Prophesied Trump Would be Like Bible’s King Cyrus, on Trump's Lewd Tape Controversy


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Abortion

- Fact-checking the fact-checkers: Yes, Hillary does support unrestricted abortion


Undercover Videos Show Clinton Camp Playing Dirty


ONSTAGE SLIPUP? Clinton may have revealed sensitive info at debate


BENGHAZI CONNECTION Email at center of ‘quid pro quo’ scandal included terror attack intel




Hillary Clinton Defends Aborting Babies Through Full Term of Pregnancy in 3rd Presidential Debate


Clinton campaign and DNC incited the vilolence at Trump rallies - NOT the people who were there to listen to and decide on a candidate.


James Dobson Answers Hypocrisy Charge: 'Trump Has Never ... Had Oral Sex in Oval Office'


Hillary Clinton vs. Donald Trump: Foreign Policy


Clinton campaign chair worked to create liberal Catholic revolt against bishops


Planned Parenthood invests $30 million in Hillary as most pro-abort president ‘ever’


Email Reveals State Department under Hillary Prioritized Bill Clinton’s Friends


Ben Carson: Trump Asked God for Forgiveness, Prayed With James Robison


The next ‘deplorables’? Clinton campaign rips ‘backwards’ Catholic beliefs in leaked e-mails


Franklin Graham: Trump's 'Crude Comments' as Indefensible as Clinton's 'Godless Agenda'


Hillary renews vow to appoint pro-abort Supreme Court justices


What's Worse for America: Trump or Progressives? Dueling Petitions Show Evangelical Divide


Sex, Email, Abortion, Gay Marriage: 5 Clinton-Trump Debate Moments


Trump 2005 Sex Talk Video Scandal: Evangelical, Republican Leaders Divided on Supporting GOP Presidential Nominee


Fact-Checkers Dispute Tim Kaine Claim That Hillary Clinton Eliminated Iran's Nuclear Weapons Program


Trump May be Speeding Up Evangelical Break with GOP


With Kaine and Pence, Religion Finally Takes Center Stage in Election 2016


The contrast between the VP candidates on life/family couldn’t be more stark

- Kaine ‘the interrupter’ hit for debate demeanor


Gary Bauer’s Take on the 2016 VP Debate


Newt Gingrich warns this election could lead to ‘secular totalitarianism’


Mike Pence to James Dobson: Trump Will Resolve Birth Control Mandate, Transgender Bathroom Issues


Pope Francis tells American Catholics to 'vote your conscience'


Law That Hillary Clinton Wants Repealed Saved Over 2 Million Lives, Study Finds


Globalism Is Anti-Christ, Demonic, Theologians Argue


New Bill Would Repeal Johnson Amendment, Protect Pastors Rights to Endorse Candidates, Political Positions


GOP backs down in fight to keep Zika funding away from abortion industry


IRS changes status of Billy Graham’s ministry


U.S. Navy Removes "Man" From Most Enlisted Titles


Presidential Candidates Yet to Address Christian Persecution


Donald Trump names 32 pro-life leaders to his Pro-Life Coalition


Stopping the IRS from Forcing Pastors to Censor their Sermons


Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection


EXCLUSIVE: FBI Used Agents As Pawns To Insulate Hillary, Aides & Clinton Foundation From Prosecutions


Senate: 9/11 Bill-Vetoed by the President-Override Vote Scheduled Wednesday


Pro-life Democrat loses primary election after his own party viciously attacks him


Trump Says Minorities 'Living in Hell'; Clinton Praises 'Vibrancy of Black Church'


Online polls declare Trump debate winner, despite media consensus for Clinton


God's Purpose in the 2016 Election?


Trump Vows, if Elected, U.S. Will Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital


Clinton, Trump Accuse Each Other of Racism, Dishonesty in First Debate


Ted Cruz: Why I'm Endorsing Donald Trump


Priest: ‘You might not have a church to go to if you don’t vote the right way in November’


Planned Parenthood warns supporters: If Trump’s elected he’ll defund us


Hillary Clinton in Distant 3rd Place Among Military Voters, Poll Finds


Trump Says Terence Crutcher Did Everything Right; Blames Tulsa Cop for Choking


George H.W. Bush Will Reportedly Vote for Hillary Clinton


Dallas cop files lawsuit against Black Lives Matter, Obama


Judge Suggests Mike Pence’s Syrian Refugee Ban Rooted in Religious Bias


U.S. Gives Mexico $75 Million in Aid for an Anti-Immigrant Wall


Israel and U.S. Finally Sign Huge, Historic Agreement: But Does the Deal Heal the Relationship Between Leaders?


Freedom of Religion or Belief ‘the Defining Issue of Our Time’


Does Obama Administration Favor Muslim over Christian Refugees?


Trump has undergone a transformation that many didn't think possible


Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton Are 'Christophobic,' Christian Humanitarian Johnnie Moore Says


Was Trump lured into a trap at Flint, Michigan church? (video)


Benghazi whistleblower: Clinton sent people into harm's way (video)


Priest rebukes Tim Kaine’s parish for giving him standing ovation


At Values Summit, Trump urges repeal of restrictions on churches’ freedom of speech


Donald Trump’s 4 promises to the Values Voter Summit


Senator: We’ll have to ‘fight tooth and nail to protect our religious liberties’


"Complete Extortion" is Happening Over Common Sense Transgender Bathroom Bill: NC Lieutenant Governor Fires Up Values Voter Summit

- North Carolina Lt. Gov.: Biology has everything to do with bathrooms


Proposed personhood amendment in Ohio would ban abortion without exception


Washington Football Coach Fired for Praying Shows Up at Values Voter Summit: Why He's Not Backing Down


Why Tim Kaine Is Wrong About Genesis Endorsing Homosexual Acts


Mike Pence to Values Voters: Faith Is at the 'Very Core' of Donald Trump


On 9-11 anniversary, Homeland's Johnson says advanced plots unknown to public foiled 'all the time'


Are Millennials Moving Toward Conservatism?


Trump to Evangelicals: 1 John 4:12 Is What America Needs to Be Great Again


Democrats choose Planned Parenthood over Zika funding for the third time


Laura Ingraham: Taking Ted Cruz seriously: What 'vote your conscience' means for conservatives


Franklin Graham: 2016 Election is the ‘Most Critical in Our Lifetime'




New federal rule would bar states from defunding Planned Parenthood


Obama 'Shortchanged' Blacks, Rapper, Music Mogul Diddy Says




Why This San Diego Pastor Claims Donald Trump is "Humble and Teachable"


Frustration, questions after satellite bringing Africa internet blows up


Trump tells Detroit church congregation 'here to listen'


National 40-Day "Pray for America" Campaign Ahead of the Elections


Catholic Group Exposes Mainstream Media's Lie and Shows that Donald Trump was NOT Mocking a Disabled Reporter as the Press Claims


China Releases Five Christians Imprisoned for Protesting Church Demolition Ahead of G20 Summit


How billionaire George Soros is trying to hijack the Catholic Church for his progressive agenda


Obama’s population control office promotes taxpayer-funded abortifacients for poor women




Leaked Document: George Soros Is Attempting to Create a Federal Police Force


U.S. Welcomes Slated 10,000 Syrian Refugees Ahead of Schedule


ObamaCare coverage options disappearing across country, report finds


Catholics protest at Tim Kaine’s parish: If priest won’t ‘instruct parishioners’ on Church teaching, we will


Donald Trump Ratings Among Evangelical Leaders Double After His Pro-Life Supreme Court Shortlist


Wasserman Schultz avoids talking about her email controversy, with tough primary days away


Black Lives Matter Shows Southern Poverty Law Center's Hypocrisy


Obama Administration: We Can and Will Force Christians to Act Against Their Faith


A Political Glossary Part IV - Addressing laws such as ICWA


Rare Footage of Pres. Ronald Reagan Speaking the Gospel

- Reagan's 'Sign Of The Cross Speech'


Should Christians be in politics?

 - Our Citizenship: Social Activism

- The Mount Vernon Statement

- SIGN the Manhattan Declaration



World News


Assad Regime Reportedly Holding Syrian Boy in Viral Video under House Arrest


Colombia: Mudslide Death Toll over 250


Mexico: Another Priest Killed in Increasing Violence


Syria: Christians Killed for Refusing to Deny Jesus, Staying to Help Victims


UK Defies 70 Nations to Defend Israel, Refuses to Sign Paris Summit Statement


Ethnic-Religious Cleansing Cited as Herdsmen Kill More Christians in Nigeria


Over 75 Percent of North Koreans Don’t Survive Persecution


200 New Christian Converts are Baptized in Iran


Opposition in India Forces Shift in Evangelism


Evangelical Pastor Wins Election, Becomes Mayor of Rio


Pakistan Bans Honor Killings but Support for Murderers Persists


Boko Haram Victims: ‘We are in a Catastrophe’


Indonesia: Faith of Christians Remains Strong Despite Muslim Threats


Boko Haram Health Crisis: Polio Returns to Nigeria


China Criticized for Trial against House Church Leaders and Activists


Iraq: Few Christians Who Remain Vow to Stay and Rebuild Country


China: Seminary Students Forced to Deny God, Obey Communist Party


Assyrian Christian Church Attacked and Burned by Gunmen


Church of England Increasingly Divided over Same-Sex Marriage


Death and Destruction by Fulani Herdsmen Continues in Central Nigeria


77 dead, 50 injured after truck drives into Bastille Day crowd in France


Churches to Russia: We’re Not Leaving


Nepal: 8 Christians Face Trial for Handing out Bibles


Nigeria: Woman Preacher Hacked to Death


New Zealand denies abortion parental notification rights for girls 15 and younger


United Reformed Church approves same-sex ‘marriages’ in churches in UK


Pakistan: Christian Lawyer Forced into Hiding after Receiving Death Threats










Christian Persecution


(Below Ministry & Missions - click here)


Ministry & Missions


The Prayer & Bible Study that Are an Ongoing Part of the President's Cabinet


Wycliffe Associates Helping Mother-Tongue Translators Print Bibles Where Churches and Christians Are in Hiding


Baptist Missionaries From 3 States Biking Over 2,000 Miles to Help Kids in Nicaragua


Hate Hollywood But Want to Love and Pray for the Lost There? Insider Explains How Christianity is Growing in "One of the Loneliest Cities Ever"


Thousands Gathered at Lincoln Memorial to "Celebrate the Name of Jesus"


"Inspired" Easter Exhibit in Hong Kong Draws People Into a Deeper Relationship With The Lord


Look How These CHILDREN Are Leading Their Muslim Parents to Jesus!


Brazil: Evangelical Churches Growing in Poorest Communities


Prison Fellowship Declares April The First-Ever "Second Chance" Month


Survivors Remember Ebola Epidemic as Samaritan’s Purse Releases Documentary


Christian Ministry Working to Combat Child Bride Epidemic in U.S.


You Won't Believe How Much This Sweet 86-Year-Old Man Has Given to a Children's Home and Family Ministry and He's Raised it All Just By...


The Important Work of the Samaritan's Purse Field Hospital in Iraq, and the Need for More Medical Volunteer Personnel


Faith-Based Shows Compete to Be on Primetime TV This Spring


22 Nations Shake Off Communism and Embrace the Holy Spirit at Kyiv Empowered21


Pastors Rip Off Band-Aid, Expose 'Ugly' Racism as They Seek Healing in Divided US


Muslim-Turned-Christian-Apologist Says Jesus Appeared to Him in a Dream


Preparing Young People for a Lifetime of Faith: Why Summit is a Must


Pastor Teams Up with Law Enforcement to Stop Brutal Child Sacrifices


Pence Tells Florida Megachurch 'We Feel It' When People Pray for President Trump


Christians Don't Retire from Kingdom Work: Staying in the Game at any Stage of Life


Fighting for the True Gospel in Africa


Former Gang Member Transformed by Gospel, Now Leads a Church


The Most-Watched Film in History, "JESUS" Reaches Its 1,500th Language Translation


Azerbaijan: Pastor Says It's His Dream to See Country's 9 Million Muslims Turn to Christ


Wycliffe Associates Seeks to Accelerate Bible Translation for Remaining Languages in Southeast Asian Country, Citing Persecution of Christians


American Pastor Paid for Rescuers to Liberate ISIS Sex Slaves (Interview)


Florida Democrat Invokes Blood of Jesus Against Witches, Warlocks Seeking to Harm Donald Trump


Digital Devotion: Christians Get Social Media, Other Online Tools to Observe Lent


Daughter of Martyred Missionary Jim Elliot: ‘His Life was Not Wasted’


Senator Leads 13 African Leaders to Christ


How Manny Pacquiao is Changing the World One House at a Time


Hillsong is Opening a Church in Israel


CBN EXCLUSIVE: When One U.S. Missionary Dared to Share the Gospel in Putin's Russia...


Samaritan's Purse Brings Aid to Victims of Louisiana Tornado Outbreak


Blind Woman Says She Now Can See after Visiting Church


Are Altar Calls Biblical?


PRAYER ALERT: Crisis-trained Chaplains Responding after Devastating Tornadoes Sweep New Orleans


Denzel Washington Shares Church Woman's Prophetic Vision of Him 'Preaching Before Millions'


How These Trump Supporters Showed God's Love to Muslim Victim of Rioters


How 50 Weeks of Prayer Kept Scalia's Supreme Court Seat Open for Neil Gorsuch


Homeless Find Rest in Faith-Based Shelters More Than Others


Compassion Int'l Being Forced to End Aid to 147,000 Children in India


Severe Drought Brings Starving Kenyans to Church Doorsteps


Bibles for China Renewing Efforts for Chinese New Year


Aleppo: Church Working to Restore Hope by Providing Aid and Encouraging Families


Eric Metaxas Prays for Madonna at March for Life


Christ is Being Brought to China through a Musical Based on the Life of Ruth


Charity MAP International Providing Aid to Syrian Refugees in Jordan


Billy Graham's Granddaughter, Cissie Graham Lynch: Millennials Must Stand Strong for the Gospel of Jesus Christ


So Powerful!!! High Schooler's Impromptu Prayer Comforts His Peers Mourning Classmate's Death: Video of Him Defying Secular Rules Goes Viral


Pastor Calls for Prayer for Gambia in Wake of Political Unrest


This Muslim Man is Defying ISIS by Creating a Very Special Show of Support for Christians in Mosul


Francis Chan: We Need to Think of Evangelism Like 'Raising the Dead,' as Impossible


Holy Spirit Drawing Thousands of Muslims to Pray With Christian Missionaries in Syria


Samaritan's Purse Opens New Hospital 6 Miles Outside ISIS' War Zone in Mosul


An Uber Driver Brings This NFL Payer to Jesus


World's Top Online Brothel Falls "In the Name of Jesus"


So Impressed with the Incredible Work of Christian Missionary Doctors, This Jewish Entrepreneur Gives Millions in Support


Deaf Muslim Man Who Learns About the Gospel for First Time Leaves Islam for Christ


"Jesus Told Me to Talk to You": Actor Chris Pratt on How an Encounter With a Mysterious Stranger Led to His Conversion


"There is Something Quite Subversive About Prayer": Inspiring Tips From Founder of the 24/7 Prayer Movement


5 Steps Toward a Great Awakening in 2017


The best Christmas gift is Christ’s Truth


Denzel Washington: 'I'm in the Service Business Now ... I'm Here to Serve God' (Watch)




5 Surefire Ways to Share The True Meaning of Christmas


Franklin Graham Meets, and Prays With, Donald Trump: We Need to Pray for a "Smooth Transition"


Samaritan's Purse Named in Top 10 Charities Changing the World


Franklin Graham Issues Urgent Call to Pray for Christian Gov. of Jakarta


A Christian and a Jew Join Together for Medical Missions Program in Africa


Compassion International Weeks Away from Withdrawing Operations in India


China: Christians Preparing to Evangelize in North Korea Say They are Ready to Die for Christ


How Holy Spirit Wants to Use Intercessors Now That Elections Are Over


A Christian and a Jew Join Together for Medical Missions Program in Africa


Are Short-Term Mission Trips a Waste of Time and Money?


Compassion International Faces Eviction from India


WATCH: 'American Idol' Winner Stops Her Concert, Drops to her Knees to Praise the Lord; and Fans Come to Jesus


Christian Bishop Spearheads Movement That Saves over 200 Assyrian Christians from ISIS


Tim Tebow Blesses 89-Year-Old Woman with Surprise Visit


Samaritan's Purse Aids Victims of TN Wildfires


This Muslim Immigrant Led 600 Iranians to Jesus


250 Million Downloads of YouVersion Bible App Later: 'Never Could Have Imagined'


Christians Look to Revive This ISIS-Ravaged Town: "They Can't Defeat God"


Indonesia Governor—a Christian—Asks for Prayer for a 'Fair Trial' in So-called Blasphemy Case


Anglican Priest in Rural Kenya Works to Change Perceptions about HIV/AIDS


Girl Finds $100, Feeds Families in Need


Fastest-Growing Churches Have Modern Worship, Teach Literal Interpretation of the Bible: Study


Ministries and Money: Christian Charities That Use Your Money Wisely


Over 170,000 Hear the Gospel at Franklin Graham's 3-Day Myanmar Festival


Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Brings Message of Hope to 600 Prisons in America: God Is Good


See What This Texas Police Department is Handing out Instead of Tickets




Print On Demand keeps Bible translation secret


Evangelist Alveda King with Post Election Prayers for the Holidays


Black Friday Becomes Bless Friday®—Christians Unite by Serving Christ

- Churches Take Part in 'Bless Friday' to Combat Black Friday's 'Trap of Greed'


New digital TV network to bring faith and family-oriented programming to light


Mariam Ibraheem, Other Persecuted Christians Share Testimonies at Prayer Gathering in DC


Hundreds Gather to Support Christian-Grandma Florist in Appeal Case for Not Working Gay Wedding


Christians Everywhere Urged to Light a Candle for Aleppo


Germany: Christians Told Not to Try to Convert Jews


What Was the Role of Prophecy in 2016 Election?


Iraq: As Many as 50,000 Christians to Pray for Peace


American Church Called to Pray for Mosul, as Battle against ISIS' Hold Continues and Affects Refugees


There's an Unquenchable Revival Raging Through Iran: With Now Over 300,000 Converts to Christ


"It's Critical That God's People Pray for Trump."


Christians in North Korea 'Not Praying for Freedom,' but for Westerners Who 'Put Their Faith in Money'


300,000 Kids of Inmates to Receive Christmas Gifts, Bibles From Parents Despite Separation




Amazing Testimonies from Aleppo Church: "For the First Time in History, Muslims Are Coming to Us ...We Tell Them the Good News; They Are Waiting for It"

- Aleppo Churches Open Doors to Displaced Muslim Families


San Francisco: Priest Walks Streets, Praying Where Homicides Occurred


Franklin Graham Calls Nation to Prayer on Eve of Election Day, Father Billy Graham's 98th Birthday


Mosul: Christians Gather for 100 Hours of Prayer and Worship


One Christian's experience leaving the gay community


China: Christian Man Arrested for Printing Devotionals


Impromptu Baptism—the Start of Something Wonderful; Wycliffe


Thousands of Christians From Around the World Gather in New York City for Movement Day


12 Christians Brutally Executed By ISIS Refused to Renounce Name of Christ, Died Praying, Reciting Lord's Prayer


Franklin Graham Concludes 'Decision America Tour' in Home State of NC

- Graham's 'Decision America' Tour: 8,200 Unite in Prayer at Virginia's Capitol




Christian Aid Groups Rush to Help Hurricane Matthew Victims


Wonderful Testimonies, Photos, Pour In From Students' "Bring Your Bible to School Day"


Christian Group Encourages People to Share the Gospel on Election Day


By 2017, Wycliffe Associates Expects to Reach 1,000 Bible Translation Workshops Using Pioneering Rapid-Translation Method


Virginia Ballet Company Uses Ballet to Point to God, Fight against Occult


24/7 Prayer to be Held for Persecuted Christian Asia Bibi


Christian Group Sponsors First Ethiopian Aliyah after Three-Year Stall


2,000 Schools Join 'I AM HOPE' Mov't Inspired by Columbine HS Martyr Rachel Joy Scott's Christian Faith


Andy Stanley at Catalyst: Jesus Called Christians to Unite, Not Argue Over Minor Theological Differences


Lou Engle's Word About the Elections! A Call For a 40-Day Fast Starting Today!


Billy Graham Answers: What Should Christians Be Doing Before They Go to Heaven?


Catholics rally outside Richmond bishop’s office urging him to deny Communion to Tim Kaine


'Atheist Delusion' Movie 'Destroys Atheism With One Question,' Says Evangelist Ray Comfort


Ministry to Millennials Announces '17 Conference


Jesus Rocks a Hard-Core Buddhist's World


Kenya: Thousands Accept Christ during 10-Day Revival


Aleppo: Muslim, Christian Children Unite in Prayer to End Conflict


Thousands Attend Harvest Georgia With Greg Laurie Preaching About Troubled Hearts; Hundreds Accept Jesus Christ


Vatican enthusiastically endorses 40 Days For Life in surprise letter


Tales of Faith, Hope and Love in the Midst of Charlotte Chaos




Ending the Nightmare: Protecting Kids From Sexual Abuse


Breaking Chicago's Cycle of Violence and Murder: This Christian-Developed Program Is Turning Lives Around


Christian Volunteers Harvest Grapes in Samaria in Fulfillment of Jeremiah 31:4


UK: Church Leaders Meet Together to Launch Large-Scale Prayer Initiative


Christian Businessman Used Struggle with Depression to Minister to Mental Illness Sufferers


Hungary Opens First Ever Office to Tackle Christian Persecution


Little Girl Can Walk again Thanks to Donation from Christian Ministry


Christians to Unite in Texas for 'The Gathering' to Pray for the Nation


Archbishops of Canterbury and York Launch New Evangelism Initiative


Christian Groups Working to Designate Homeland for Persecuted Christians


Wycliffe Associates Develop Way of Getting Scripture to Those with No Written Language


Neighbor Helping Neighbor in Baton Rouge


Evangelicals Unite to Offer Support to Italians After Earthquake: Wants "Profound, Lasting Impact"




Wycliffe Bible Translators Launch #WhyBible Campaign to Show Millennials Why the Bible Still Matters


The Hardship and HOPE of Refugees in Turkey; How Christians are Truly Helping


A Whopping 65% of UK Christians Have Had a Supernatural Experience with God


Priest calls for ‘prayerful protest’ against Planned Parenthood’s new DC ‘flagship’ abortion facility


WATCH: Toledo abortion facility destroyed, to become pro-life ‘Hope Center’


Tim Tebow Opens Up about Philippines Mission Trip: ‘There are So Many People Who Need Our Help’


6 Terrible Ways to Recruit Ministry Volunteers in Your Church


Faith-Based Volunteers Help Search for Quake Victims


3 Decades of Harvest Crusades With Greg Laurie Includes Stories of Transformation Into Christian Leadership


Christian Aid Agencies Welcome Colombian Peace Treaty


Christians and Jews Join Together to Support Israel


Churches are Offering Comfort and Aid to Flood-Ravaged Louisiana


Louisiana Church: Trump's Visit Helped "Generate A Lot of Interest Across the Country from People Who Want to Help" in Flood Recovery


The Holy Spirit Overtakes Olympic Runner Who Gives Up the Gold






Flooded Louisiana pro-life pregnancy centers plead for help


Hundreds of Muslim Refugees Who Have Converted to Christianity Are Now Hoping to Return Home to Spread the Gospel


Samaritan’s Purse Disaster Relief Specialists on the Ground in Louisiana and Mississippi


Powerful: Missionary in Thailand Shares True Love With Sex-Trafficking Victims


15 Christian Clerics Follow Priest’s Lead and Donate Kidneys


Brian 'Head' Welch to Christians: Transformation Doesn't Happen Overnight, Let God Do His Work (Interview)


Billy Graham: 3 Warning Signs That a Church Is Actually a Cult


Japanese Mobster Bows to Christ, Now Pastors Church of Ex-Drug Addicts and Criminals


Swedish Church Plans to Use Drones to Drop Bibles into ISIS-Controlled Territory


Jailhouse Religion: How Ex-Prostitute Turned Death Row to "Life Row"


Chinese Believers Refuse to Give In to Fear: Leading Author Says Christianity is China's Future


‘Worship Wagon’ Brings Church to the Homeless in Kansas City


Christians in Russia Refuse to Stop Sharing the Gospel Despite Putin's Ban on Evangelism


How Christianity is "Exploding" in Iran: Beautiful Testimonies Born From Tragic Lives


Salvations and Re-dedications to Jesus "Not Like Anything I Have Ever Seen... Before" Says Reading, UK Pastor


Katy Perry's Parents Ask for Prayer That Their Daughter Would Return to Jesus; "Don't Judge Her! Pray for Her!" (Amen, amen.)


Texas Seminary Hosts Pokémon Go Outreach Event


Mexico: Missionary Influencing Gang Members to Join the 'Gang of Christ'


Billy Graham Evangelistic Association Offers 5 Biblical Ways to Respond in Troubled Times


While Some Debate the Dangers of "Pokeman Go," This Seminary Used the App to Lead 6 Gamers to Jesus


Iran: Christian Revival Sweeping Country Despite Persecution


Ministry Turns Vacant Hospital into Refuge for Poor


Evangelist Ray Comfort Tells Atheists 'Hell Is a Very Real Place' Ahead of 'Atheist Delusion' Release


Could the "Pokemon Go" Craze Actually Help Syrian Child Victims of War?


Bangladesh: Thousands of Muslims Converting to Christianity Despite Persecution


China on Track to Have World's Largest Christian Population, 200M Believers by 2030


Rejected by Mosques, Muslim Refugees in the UK Are Turning to Christ


Thousands of Christians Open GOP Convention Week with Prayer


Hashtag Tips for Inter net Evangelism and Networking


Ministry Is Shaped by the Condition of the Heart: Awe Puts Us in Our Place


Internet Evangelism Tip - Collect Prayer Requests on Facebook


Humility Key to Effective Leadership

- 8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders

- The most appreciated pastors preach and teach Word of God


Feature: is God calling you to become a 'techie missionary'?

- Social Media: Latest Evangelism Tool

- Internet Evangelism Site Making Disciples

- Burgeoning internet is helping Christians spread the Word in China

- Become an Online Missionary!

- Internet Evangelism Is Effective

- Apps and Spirituality? Blend Can be Mixed Blessing, Baylor Author Says

- Microsoft VP: God Can Use Whatever You Have to Spread the Gospel


Has God Told You NOT to do Ministry?



Christian Persecution


Top 7 Nations With Worst Record of Christian Persecution: Report


Hindu Extremists Torture 29 Christians for Their Faith



- UK Anti-Semitic Incidents Hit Record in 2014

- Pew Study: Christians Are The World’s Most Oppressed Religious Group

- Key findings about growing religious hostilities around the world


- Report: 9 out of 10 Top Christian Persecution Countries Due to Islamic Extremism

- Survey: Reported Christian "martyr" deaths doubled in 2013

- New Web Site encourages prayer for persecuted Christians

- China Still Persecuting Christians, Just Better at Hiding It

- Raymond Ibrahim and Pat Robertson Discuss Muslim Persecution of Christians

- World Watch List: 50 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians

- Christian Persecution: The world was not worthy of them

- A Day in the Tortured Life of Christians in the Middle East

- Human Rights Activist: Many Christians 'Ignorant' of Extent of Persecution

- 400% Increase in Persecution of Christians Prompts Urgent Prayer Call

- Persecution Podcast #123: Vietnam, Iran, Kenya, and Pakistan

- Persecution Podcast #124: Kyrgyzstan, India, China, and Laos

- Stunning historical attack on Christians

- Christians 'Most Persecuted' Religion in World

- Report focus: Religious persecution and 'diplomatic leverage'

- Crackdown targets SK missionaries helping defectors in China

- Is Religious Intolerance on the Rise Globally

- New commissioners appointed to monitor intern'l religious freedom

- Muslim Persecution: January 2013

- What Happens to the Children?

- Chair of US Commission on Inter'l Religious Freedom on Persecution

- Open Doors to Release Religious Freedom Abuser World Watch List

' - Religious persecutors' list incomplete

- Church, Americans Quiet on Persecution

- Afghan Christian Sayed Musa tells how he survived imprisonment, abuse

- "Have Christians in US heard about me?"

- 4 steps to fight religious persecution

- What We Don’t Know re Persecuted Church

- Christian dies for beliefs every 5 minutes

- Shocking Figures Reveal 105,000 Christians Martyred Each Year

- "They electrified, strangled him, broke his teeth...Hany died a Christian"



- Convert Back To Islam or Die

- Letter from man in prison for faith


- Muslim persecutors target believers


- Church Leaders Beaten

- Christian beaten for Defending Girls


- Christians Attacked During Christmas

- Christian Converts Lose Jobs & Homes

- Christian Civilians Targeted


- Christian Pastors Arrested in Buddhist Bhutan


- Chinese Authorities Destroy Christian Statues Depicting Passion of Christ in Wenzhou

- How Should Global Christians Respond to the Destruction of China’s Sanjiang Church?

- China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins

- China to become 'world's most Christian nation'...

- China clamps down on families who rescue abandoned babies

- New Campaign to Rid House Churches

- Christian Woman kidnapped, tortured

- Chinese Christians Protest Rule Requiring Bishops Be Elected by Gov't

- Farmer in Jiangsu attacked by 20+ family planning officials who beat him to near death

- Torture? See China's victims

- Editorial by Gao Zhisheng


- Official Admits Persecution


- Pastor Executed for Conversions


- Egypt: Jizya-vigilantes target Christian minorities

- Egypt’s Young Coptic Christians Energized to Fight for Civil Rights


- The cost of Christianity in Egypt

- Coptic teacher tried for 'insulting religion'

- Christian paper Accused of Insulting Islam

- Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children

- New video shows Egyptian police allowing deadly attack on Coptic cathedral

- Coptic Christians Need Help Now

- Attacks on Copts Significantly Increasing

- Video: Christian Girls Gang Raped in Egypt to Screams of ‘Allahu Akbar!’

- The Kidnapping of Coptic Girls

- The ‘Epidemic’ of Sexual Harassment—and Rape—in Egypt

- Raymond Ibrahim: Blasphemy Charges Soar Against Christians in Egypt

- Coptic Billionaire Tried for "Insulting Islam"

- Egypt Arresting Copts for Massacre

- Massacre in Cairo (warning: graphic)


- Gov't Beats & Detains 125 Christians

- Arrests continue

- Christians Finding No Escape


- Released Christian finds kids missing

- Christian Churches / Homes torched


- Eunuchs coming to Christ in India

- India's Christians Shrug

- India: unrelenting persecution

- Karnataka Most Dangerous for Christians

- Christians targeted for trafficking


- Indonesian police demolish church

- Bombing at packed church injures 22

- Indonesia Frees Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as “Ramadan Present”



- Iran’s Oppressed Christians


- “I am in a fight with myself every day”

- Iran court convicts Pastor to death

- Pressure on Pastor to Convert or die


- Kids lead 2 lives to avoid beatings

- Silent killings of 'Christian Dogs'


- Israel Called a "Paradise for Christians" - Where Believers Say "We Enjoy Our Freedom"


- Arab Christians No Longer Grouped as Muslims in Israel

- Group targets Messianics


- Kazakh court orders Bibles to be destroyed


- Worship Service Targeted in Grenae Attacks

- YWAM Missionary Murderedd


- Women, kids, elderly slaughtered


- Police Arrest Pastor for Spreading Faith

- Officials Confiscate Church Buildings

- Christians Forced to Recant for Burial

- Officials: Give Up Faith or Face Eviction


- Seven Christians Executed in Libya


- Islam’s Persecution of Christians


- Crime wave targets Christians

- Persecuted Christians of Mexico


- 21 House Church leaders detained


- “Those words were pricking my heart”

- Churches under threat, Discrimination


- World powers join hunt for abducted Nigerian schoolgirls

- Amid Sorrow Losing Pastor & husbands at Hands of Boko Haram, Three Nigerian Widows are Filled with Joy of Jesus Christ

- Nigeria Islamists kill 68 in two village attacks: witnesses

- Churches Bombed in Kano, Killing 45 People

- Christians Targeted in Univ Killings

- Fifty Christians Burned Alive in Pastor's Home

- Dozens Killed in Attacks on Christian Villages

- 'Christians must convert,' says Islamist group

- Boko Haram Explains Why It Kills Christians, Desire for an Islamic Nigeria

- President Jonathan Urges the Church to Intensify Prayers for the Country

- Hundreds of Christians slaughtered

- Christian Blood on Obama’s Hands?

- Obama: Slaughter of Christians a misunderstanding

- ‘Religion Not Driving Violence’ in Nigeria, Says Obama Official After Church Bombings

- Protecting Christians near impossible

- Boko Haram Declares War on Christians

- Army helped slaughter Christians

-  Read this Updating Blog

North Korea

- North Korea: Believers Say God Is at Work despite Severe Persecution

- Christian Activists allegedly murdered

- 3 House Church Leaders Executed


- Christians in Pakistan sentenced to death over text message...

- Forced Conversions hike Fears

- Another Christian Martyred

- Pakistan tops worst list for religious freedom

- Christian sex-slaves


- Missionary Shot Dead In Pasig

- Christian Philippinos beheaded


- Pastor Beaten to Death

Saudi Arabia:

- Saudi Arabian Sheiks Legally Importing Bibles

- Families come to faith in Saudi Arabia

- Dozens jailed during prayer meeting

- Church members jailed w/o trial


- Islamic Extremists in Somalia Behead Two Christians

- Convert to Christ beheaded

- Christian Widow Killed Four Months After Husband Slain

- Christian Girl Kidnapped

Sri Lanka:

- Pastor Dragged, Beaten in Sri Lanka

- Increasing violence from extremists


- Sudanese Christian woman, enslaved 19 years, liberated for $50

- Muslims Burn Down Church in Sudan

- Christians Fear Forced Repatriation

- Silent Scream: Ethnically Cleanse Christians


- Islamic Extremists Now Crucifying People in Syria—and Tweeting Out the Pictures

- Al Qaeda-Linked Islamists Capture Syrian Christian Village

- Christians Consider Fleeing Syria

- Christians in Syria City nearly wiped out


- Turkey’s New Jihad on Christian Armenians


- 10 religious prisoners in one camp


- Muslims Slaughter Convert to Christ

- Muslims Threaten Church, Cover Cross


- USSR's genocide against Christians ignored

- Martyred in the USSR, Militant Atheism in the Former Soviet Union


- Crackdown Worsens


- Recent Convert Tortured, Imprisoned

- Vietnam's Two-Front War on Religion

- Officials Destroy 2 New Church Buildings

- Hmong families evicted for turning to Christ

- Hmong Christians “Beheaded”


- God transforms lives in Yemen



Compass Direct News

Christian Life News


Film Review: "Awake: A Dream From Standing Rock," is Full Scaremongering Claims and No Evidence


Wow, a Rare Copy of the Declaration of Independence Discovered Here...


Planned Parenthood behind High Abortion Rate of Black Babies


Australian Prayer Leaders Call the World to Pray and Fast for America


Did You Know a River Has the Right to Sue You?


Harvard: Students can change gender daily, saying otherwise is ‘violence’


Technology Making It Harder to Raise Children: Barna Study


The Ramifications of Native American Heritage on U.S. Constitutional Protections* (20-minute Video)


Wisconsin man accused of committing ‘crude abortion’ on sixth grader he raped


Fla. Teacher Bans Cross Necklaces in Class, Promotes LGBT Day of Silence


'The Promise' Incites Anger within Turkish Media


117 Years! World's Oldest Woman Says Serving God Is the Secret


Lions Reportedly Save Pastor and His Friends from Attack by Islamic Extremists


ISIS Takes Responsibility for Paris Attack That Killed Police Officer


Can gov’t withhold benefits from churches? Supreme Court will decide


Judge orders Christian to betray friends who helped him evangelize gays


This "Widow's Mite" Saved Her Church


Anne Graham Lotz: 'America Is Disintegrating Into Anarchy; Political Correctness Is Rejecting God'


Muslim Man Disrupts Christian Conference, Threatens Violence in Facebook Video


Dublin archbishop calls Catholicism a ‘harsh,’ ‘judgmental’ ‘religion of fear’ in Holy Week homilies




Franklin Graham: 7 Christian Families Remain in Iraq's Largest Christian Town


Family of Man Killed in Facebook Live Video Extends Forgiveness to Murderer


A Confident Neil Gorsuch Had "Clear Views on How Cases Should be Resolved" on First Day in Court: Was "Energetic, Enthusiastic, and Well-Prepared"


Senate approval moves Iowa closer to full 20-week abortion ban


These Easter Day Photos From Iraq Went Viral. Here's Why


ISIS Kills Policeman, Wounds 4 Others in Foiled Attack on St. Catherine's Monastery in Egypt


Octopuses Are Outsmarting Darwin: "Evidence Demolishes Evolution"


British Prime Minister Theresa May Defends the Right of Citizens to Speak About Their "Faith in Christ"

- UK PM Theresa May Champions Role of Christianity in British Society


A Cup of Tea Every Day Keeps Dementia Away


Supreme Court Readies for Religious Liberty Showdown


How Christians Celebrated Easter This Year in Jerusalem and Egypt


Muslim Prof. Resigns After Controversy Surrounding Suspended Christian Student


Have Octopuses Outsmarted Darwin?


The Sky is This Summer’s Biggest Attraction


President Trump's Easter Message: "It is a Holy Day of Reverence and Worship"




'The Case for Christ’ Moves up to #9 at Box Office


Easter: What Americans Take for Granted, Persecuted Christians Cling to for Hope


Key Detail in Jesus' Resurrection Story Should Convince Even Biggest Skeptics


Mariam Ibraheem Deplores Saeed Abedini's Public Tirade: 'This Is Not What the Bible Taught Us'


Billy Graham Answers: What Makes Jesus' Death Unique?


This Mom Was Told Her Brain Tumor Was Inoperable. Trusting God, Her Blog Went Viral... Then a Miracle Happened


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Thousands of Christians Expected for Rapturous Holy Fire Ceremony


Teens are becoming transgender because it’s trendy, expert says


Pro-lifers ask courts to stop blocking release of Planned Parenthood baby parts videos


Parents share pictures of Baby Gabriel miscarried at 14 weeks: ‘He was perfect’


Egypt: Coptic Churches Cancel Easter Services in Aftermath of Palm Sunday Bombings

- US Copts Pray, Raise Money for Victims of Egypt Church Bombings


Ole Miss Football Coach under Fire for Tweeting Bible Verses


Study: 14 Percent of U.S. Christians Left Their Churches after Trump was Elected


Pastor Saeed Accuses Franklin Graham of Exploiting His Situation


Why Did Jesus Die? 4 Views on the Atonement


Fr. James Martin’s Vatican appointment will only embolden LGBT activists


Sister of American Pastor Jailed in Turkey: ‘We Believe God is with Him’


Claremont College Students Silence Conservative Speaker


Trump Signs Law Allowing States to Defund Planned Parenthood!


In Just Four Days: The Most Potent, Vibrant Symbols of Our Faith


ISIS Cubs of the Caliphate Who 'Chopped Off Heads' Are Struggling to Reintegrate at Home


Mom furious after daughter implanted with dangerous contraception on school trip


Senator to Trump: Remove Obama's 'Shame List' of Christian Colleges


Church Files Lawsuit to Determine Who Is Entitled to $200K Raised for Saeed Abedini's Family


Franklin Graham: Piers Morgan Is Right, ISIS Has 'Declared War on Christianity'


Second Lady Karen Pence on Her Faith, Kingdom Moments and God Appointments


Facebook Bans 20 MILLION Users From This Pastor's Page


Coptic Christians Cut Back on Easter Celebrations After Palm Sunday Massacre; Pope Francis Still Coming


Target Transgender Policy Causes Retail Chain to Take Major Financial Hit


Marvel Comics Apologizes for Anti-Christian References Drawn by Muslim Artist in "X-Men Gold"


Dr. Dobson: "This Is Why Many Christians Voted for Trump"—a Call to Action


Is There a 'War on Easter'? Robert Jeffress Denounces Progressives


Princeton Prof. Claims Raping Man With Cerebral Palsy OK if He Doesn't Understand 'Consent'


Abortionist ‘really enjoyed’ aborting babies of ‘pretty young girls’


Christians the 'Butt of Jokes' at the Workplace, Uncomfortable Admitting They Go to Church: Study


UK Buses to Display Bible Verses during Easter


Chip and Joanna Gaines Announce New Show


Franklin Graham Puts "Big Spotlight" on Christian Persecution in New TV Special


Pro-Life Professor Speaks Out After Being Banned From Catholic University


Russia Subway Bombing: ISIS Supporters Call Terror Attack "a Metro to Hell for the Worshipers of the Cross"


Pro-Choice LA Times Defends Pro-Life Undercover Investigators Against 'Disturbingly Aggressive' Charges


Compound in Salmon Switches on "Longevity Gene"


NFL Player Benjamin Watson's God-Inspired Journey to Heal the Racial Divide in America Brings Him to the Billy Graham Library


Carman's New 'Go Fund Me' Album Project Will Include His Newly Written "President Trump Blues"


Canada’s New Transgender Rights Bill Could Threaten Religious Freedom


Senate Addresses Sex Abuse in Olympic Gymnastics


Appeals Court Panel Upholds Injunction Against Undercover Pro-Life Videos


UK: Christian Nurse Fired for Offering to Pray With Her Ailing Patients


So What if Rolling Stone Slams Duck Dynasty Stars as "Christian-Right Hillbillies?" As for Me and My House: "We Thank You for Their Faithfulness and Christian Witness"


Is Islam Luring the Christian Church Into Denying Jesus? Converted Imam Answers


‘Matty was dead, and now he’s perfect:’ Incredible story of a toddler brought back to life


Christian Survivors of Garissa Student Massacre Recall 'Exam': Muslims Lived, Christians Shot Dead


Porn is dangerous … That’s why Arkansas lawmakers are calling it a ‘public health crisis’


Canada is Harvesting the Organs of Euthanasia Patients


Secular Uproar Over Mike Pence’s Protection of His Marriage Goes Over the Top


Harvard students smash, graffiti, throw meat at bus saying boys and girls are different


Ex-Gay Christian Group Says It's Not 'Inciting Hatred' as Branded by Vimeo

- Vimeo Pulls Christian Ministry’s Videos for Biblical Perspective on Homosexuality


College Reinstates Suspended Christian Student


Church of England Institutes New Procedures to Prevent Sexual Abuse


Utah Adopts Informed Consent Law for Medication Abortions


China: Imprisoned Pastor in Critical Condition is Refused Adequate Medical Attention


Iran: Women Forced to Wear Hijabs Even When Entering Christian Church


Christian Band We Are Messengers Miraculously Survive Terrible Accident


North Carolina repeals ‘bathroom bill,’ allowing ‘transgenders’ to use any restroom


Johns Hopkins Researcher Responds After Over 500 Experts Condemn His Sexuality, Gender Report


The Russian Issue on Which We Should be Focusing: Putin’s War on Christianity


Mike Pence's Wife Karen is His "Strongest Supporter and Prayer Warrior"


Please Pray: Tragic Crash Takes the Lives of 13 Seniors Returning from a Church Retreat


Report: China Aborted 336 Million Babies Since 1971

- Pro-life investigators charged with 15 felonies for exposing PP baby parts sales


"The Zookeeper's Wife," in Theaters Friday: the True Story of Two Christians Who Saved the Lives of Over 300 Jews


Netanyahu Thanks Americans for Helping to Secure the World's One and Only Jewish State: "We Confront the Same Enemies and Defend the Same Values"


Brexit Begins: Britain's "Historic Moment" with "No Turning Back"


Pope Francis is playing with fire. Hell fire.


Huge Pro-Israel Conference Kicks Off in DC: Promoting Much-Needed Improvement in US/Israeli Relationship


After Debate Gets Heated, Assisted-Suicide Bill is Defeated in Hawaii


The Ex-Terrorist Who Led the Women's March in Washington Gets Her Just Due


South Carolina and Baylor March Madness Teams Joined in Post-Game Prayer


Polish Pro-Lifers Roll Out 'Hospitals without Abortionists' Initiative


Pakistan's Christians Are Called to Protest Police Failure in Rape, Murder of Christian Girl


Alabama Lawmaker Wants to Nix Marriage Licenses


Student Sues School over Girl in Boys’ Locker Room


Did You Miss This Emotional, Family Moment from Gorsuch? It's Worth Watching


Clues About the Life Of Jesus Revealed in "Ali Baba Cave"


Ex-Felon Who Found God Saves the Life of Police Trooper Being Viciously Assaulted


CHILLING: Canada Just Passed This Motion to Silence Critics of Islam


Culprit in Bomb Threats to Jewish Centers in U.S. and Around the World is Finally Caught


Lance Wallnau Weighs in on 'God's Chaos Candidate,' Now America's President


"The Case For Christ": Atheist-Turned-Christian Lee Strobel's Book Premieres as New Movie


North Carolina's Economy Remains Strong Despite Boycott Over Bathroom Law


"War Room" Star Priscilla Shirer Returning to the Big Screen


ISIS Sex Slave Survivor: Terror Group Says Raping Underage Girls is OK 'Under Islamic Law'


"The Case For Christ": Atheist-Turned-Christian Lee Strobel's Book Premieres as New Movie


Prayer Vigil Held in Trafalgar Square after Terror Attack


Nigeria: Christians Denied Aid in Refugee Camps


Family Adopts a Precious Girl Born Without Limbs: "Loving Her was What Mattered Most"


The NASCAR Driver People "Loved to Hate" Had No Time for God until a Horrible Crash "Knocked Him Conscious"


African-American pro-lifer tells Trump: ‘no taxpayer funding of abortion’ in healthcare plan




CHILLING: Canada Just Passed This Motion to Silence Critics of Islam


6 "Spring Fever" Symptoms to Look For


President Trump Announced as Liberty University Commencement Speaker


Chaplains Allowed to Pray at Air Force Base Despite Atheist Complaints


Guatemala’s President Seeks Out Famous Evangelist after Horrific Tragedy


ISIS Training Child Fighters to Block Christians from Returning Home to Mosul


‘Vicar of Baghdad’ Says Christianity is Gone from Middle East: ‘It is Over’


Cancer-Stricken Nabeel Qureshi Saw Jesus in a Dream, Was Given 'Prophetic Act' to Carry Out


Bus gets window smashed, graffitied in broad daylight…for saying boys and girls are different


Southern Baptist Leaders Stand by Moore after His Apologies

- Russell Moore Apologizes for 'Harsh' Language During Election: ERLC Statement


Student sues after school forced him to share locker room with girl


Paul Washer, HeartCry Missionary Society Founder, Suffers Heart Attack


Liberal mom’s harrowing account of a man in the women’s restroom at Disneyland


'David's Sling' Joins Israel's Anti-Missile Defense Batteries


Christian Homeschool Mom Says Facebook Is Still Censoring Her Page


Just what, exactly, is happening at the Vatican?


Conservative South Dakota Pundit Tomi Lahren Calls Pro-Lifers 'Hypocrites' on 'The View,' Could Leave 'The Blaze'


LGBT activists threatened deadly violence if they weren’t allowed in Boston St. Patrick’s parade


Is Christian school in trouble over non-conformity with LGBTQ rules? Alberta gvmt won’t say


Canadian Journalist's Viral Video about Surprising, Myth-busting Truth in Israel


Students at Evangelical University Host 'LGBT Solidarity Week'; Demand More Pro-LGBT Policies


Sanctuary for the Undocumented Comes with Legal Consequences


Tim Allen: ‘Being a Conservative in Hollywood is Like Living in '30s Germany’


Kenyan Bus Ambush in Which Muslims Shielded Christians is Now a Movie


Statistics Show Those with Down Syndrome are Happiest People Alive


Saints, American Christianity Face off in Religious March Madness Alternatives


1,400-Year-Old Coins Belonging to Persecuted Christians Found Near Jerusalem


A doomed pilot asked for prayers, then air controllers guided her out of the sky


Beauty And The Beast director: ‘I wish I could say I…rip pages out of the Bible’


Jamie Lynn Spears Thanks God for Saving Her Daughter after Terrible Accident


Texas Senate looking at bill to ban punishment of doctors for ‘wrongful birth’ of disabled kids

- SHOCKING: In Iceland 100% of Babies Diagnosed with Down Syndrome are Aborted — Think About That


New research shows pornography use decreases satisfaction in relationships 


Law banning abortion on babies that can feel pain takes effect in Ohio


Justice Alito Says America Is Becoming Increasingly 'Hostile' to 'Traditional Moral Beliefs'

- Supreme Court judge: Marriage, religious liberty under attack

- Supreme Court Judge Tells Americans to "Evangelize" for Religious Freedom


West Virginia city tables transgender bathroom bill after concerned citizens jam-pack council meeting


LGBTQ ratings flop: Americans keep rejecting ‘gay’ programming


95% of ‘faith-driven consumers’ turned off by Beauty and the Beast’s gay content: survey

- Disney’s ‘Gay Moment’ Unwelcome in Some Countries


What’s Driving Muslim Refugees to Christianity?


Malaysian Pastor Kidnapped after Helping Muslims


‘Jumping Genes’ Further Debunk Evolution


The Atlantic Acknowledges Secularism is Hurting America


Miss North Dakota Gives Pro-Life Speech to State Senate


Former Planned Parenthood Workers Reveal Gruesome Process of Sorting Baby Body Parts

- Feminists Act out Abortion on Woman Dressed as Virgin Mary


Franklin Graham Calls out Snoop Dogg for Video Staging Shooting of Trump


Israel's Army to Seal off the West Bank during the Festival of Purim


Happening AGAIN: More Syrian Refugees Convert after Seeing Jesus in Dream


Christians Beat Down by Egyptian Authorities for Demanding Release of Girl Kidnapped by Muslims


Black Southern Baptists Not on Board With Efforts to Defund Russell Moore


ISIS' List of 14 Laws Found Inside Church Turned Into Jihadi Base


Busted for Pandering in Political Correctness! Air Force Warns Words like "Boy" and "Girl" Could Be Offensive


Ex-Radical Islamist: Jihadists Are Sending Students to Top US Colleges


ACLU Loses Effort to Charge Kim Davis $231K in Legal Fees


Christians Worldwide Proclaim Jerusalem the "Undivided Capital of Jewish State"


Pope Francis Willing to Allow Married Men to Become Priests Amid Clergy Shortage


Is this the solution Christians need to survive the collapse of the West?


Public Prosecutor: Quoting KJV Bible Should be Considered ‘Abusive’ and ‘Criminal’


'Great Liberal Dream' of Human Dignity Without Christianity Is Dead, Says Al Mohler


Ken Ham Says Too Many Christians Are Abandoning the Bible, Calls for 'New Reformation'


Notre Dame goes against tradition by inviting Pence instead of Trump as graduation speaker


Is New York Times signaling that SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch is pro-homosexual?


8-year-old boy says 'angels' helped him save his father's life


POTUS SHIELD Heartbeat Ohio, Convening March 9th!


Alabama Churchgoers Walk Out of Service When Speaker Mentions Voter ID Law


Christian Bakers Accused of Hate Will Continue to Serve God at "Whatever the Cost"


Israel: Archaeologists Discover 4,000-Year-Old Rock Art


Christian Groups Launch ‘Why Israel Matters’ TV Documentary Series


Bishop Urges Christians to Remain in Church of England Despite Gay Marriage Controversy


Alveda King, Niece Of Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King, Jr., Authors New Book, "America Return To God"


Social conservatives applaud, LGBTQ lobby condemns SCOTUS rejection of transgender school case


Pediatricians Warn Parents: Pot is Not Benign


Coptic Christians in NYC Repurpose Catholic Church for Worship Services


Air Force Base Removes Religious Posters after Accusations of Sexism


Judge Orders School to Open Restrooms to Transgender Students


Church of England’s Stance on Gay Marriage is ‘Untenable’ Say MPs


Droves of Canadian Doctors Opt Out of Euthanasia


Claims of New Habitable Planets Overly Optimistic


Are Attacks Against President Trump a Satanic Ploy to Destroy America?


Palace of Biblical King Sennacherib Discovered under Tomb of Prophet Jonah


Dakota Access Pipeline expected to bring $100M a year to North Dakota


Why Should Evangelicals Observe Lent?


Prayer Alert! Oregon Christian Bakers, Aaron and Melissa Klein, Appear Before Appeal Court to Uphold Their Religious Freedom


Archbishop awarded for defending Catholic teaching on marriage against ‘misuses’ of Amoris Laetitia


Christians' Freedom Challenged by Homosexuality, Islam: NRB Head


Franklin Graham: Supporting Planned Parenthood is Like ‘Raising Money to Fund a Nazi Death Camp’


Report Reveals 'Terrifying' Abuse, Rape of African Women, Children at Migrant Centers


In Canada, Doctors Are Beginning to Have Qualms About Helping People Die


China: Pastor Arrested for Refusing to Submit to Surveillance


Ignore the baby on the monitor: The Atlantic’s unbelievably bizarre attack on ultrasound


Family Christian Stores, Largest Christian Retailer, Closing All Stores after 'Two Very Difficult Years'


North Dakota’s Assistance Program for #NoDAPL Protesters Closed Down After Hotel Room Was Trashed


I'm Sorry, But Caitlyn Jenner Is a Man Wearing a Dress


Disney airs its first-ever same-sex cartoon kiss


Vice President Mike Pence Solicits Prayers, Quotes Bible Verse at CPAC


Texas Conservatives Take on Transgender Restroom Fight

- Will High Court Still Hear Transgender Restroom Case?


6 Traits of Preacher Eater Churches


Transgender Policies Cause 'Erasure' of Females, 'Voyeurism,' 'Eugenics' on Children, Say Women's Rights Activists


‘Catholic’ senator introduces bill to force Christian hospitals to do abortions


CNN Anchor Calls Parents Concerned about Restroom Bills 'Overprotective' and 'Intolerant'


Central African Republic Tries to Curb Religious War Crimes


Wife of Gospel Singer Kirk Franklin: ‘Counseling and Prayer Saved Our Marriage’


Liberal pastors try to block Franklin Graham rally, but he’s not backing down

- Vancouver Mayor Wants to Remove Franklin Graham as Lead Speaker at Festival


WNBA star: Other players bullied me because I wasn’t gay like them


Steven Spielberg Movie to Examine Notorious Catholic Kidnapping of Jewish Boy


Christians in the Pew and Pulpit Diverge over Trump Policies on Refugees


IS the Pope Catholic???

- Pope Francis: Following Jesus Is Not a Career


Family Christian Stores Closing after 85 Years


Audio: Governor Doug Burgum Says More #NoDAPL Protesters Have Moved to Other Camps Than Left

- Dakota pipeline camp raided after protesters defy deadline, refuse to leave


3 Prophetic Ways Israel is Fulfilling Genesis 12:3 Right Now


Defending Trump, Former Israeli Ambassador to U.S. Notes Nobody Blamed Obama for the Widespread Leftist Anti-Semitism


VP Mike Pence Rolls Up His Sleeves, Helps Clean Up Vandalized Jewish Cemetery, While Taking a Stand for "Mercy and Truth"


NASA Telescope Reveals Largest Batch of Earth-Size, Habitable-Zone Planets Around a Single Star


5 Ways Christians Should Judge Others


LGBT activist admits they want to force Ohio churches to host gay ‘weddings’


WH revokes Obama-era transgender bathroom guidance for schools


Aglow International's Leader is Asking YOU to Send President Trump a Postcard Letting Him Know You're Praying—Here's Why...


Why George Washington Was Not a Deist, but a Practicing Christian


Melania Trump surprised her husband by leading the Lord’s Prayer at rally


Home-Schooled Athletes Sidelined: Virginia Governor vetoes Tim Tebow Bill


President Trump praises MLK’s pro-life champion niece: a ‘tremendous fighter for justice’


Husband and wife prayed to adopt a baby girl — and he was right there to make the special delivery


Founder of first ‘ex-gay’ ministry dies, and the tributes are pouring in

- Facebook freezes out Christian mom for quoting Bible about homosexuality


Cardinal Burke is ‘de facto’ suspended, claims Knights of Malta condom promoter


EXCLUSIVE: Cardinal Zen says ‘naïve’ Pope and bad advisors are betraying underground Church in China

- Pope’s support of UN’s 2030 Agenda a major threat to children’s lives: new analysis

- Pope Francis has removed every single member of the Vatican pro-life academy


Watch this pro-life teen destroy Teen Vogue over their post-abortion ‘gift guide’


Norma McCorvey, "Jane Roe" in Roe v. Wade abortion case, dead at 69


France passes law imposing up to two years prison for running pro-life websites


Does God Actually Hate Sinners? Well, Yes.


Redemption for Dylann Roof? Pastor Who Marked Him 'With Cross of Christ' Says God Never Forsakes


Same-Sex Attracted Pastor Says He's Bullied by the Church for Opposing Gay Marriage


'Devastating Blow' to Religious Liberty in Ruling Against Florist


South Dakota and Virginia Declare Porn a Public Health Crisis


The Contraceptive Sanctuary: Why you SHOULD Bring Baby to Church


He’s not Heavy, He’s My Baby. (New Research Explains Why Carrying = Comfort)


4 Lessons From the Life of George Whitefield for Christians Today


Pro-Religious Freedom Advocates Flood Supreme Court as It Readies to Hear Historic Case: Huge Implications for All Americans


She wanted an abortion, but one phone call saved her baby’s life


Franklin Graham Has Harsh Words for Transgenders, Says ‘Jesus Wasn't Real Loving Sometimes’


Did you pray God's Will for the election??


Pastors Call a "Personal Foul" on the NFL for Threatening Texas: "We Choose Daughters Over Dollars"


Does God Actually Hate Sinners? Well, Yes.


Planned Parenthood Doesn't Care About Moms Who Want to Keep Their Baby


Willie Moore Jr: Why 'Happily Ever After' Doesn't Exist (Interview)


100,000 Massacred, Over 2 Million Displaced in Boko Haram's War to Eradicate Christianity


Sold into Slavery at Just 11-years-old, This Victim Has Chosen to Rise Above, with Three Words for Her Abusers


Petition for Trump to Sign Religious Freedom Order Gets 107,000 Signatures in a Week


Saeed Abedini Sentenced to Jail for Violating Restraining Order


Oklahoma Bill Would Force Women Seeking Abortions to Obtain Permission from Baby’s Father


India: Christian Couple Who Refused to Deny Christ Forced to Stand in Freezing Pond for 17 Hours


12 Megachurch Salary, Tithing and Mission Trends: Report


Thousands of Pro-Lifers Rally Across US to Defund Planned Parenthood


Meet the 3 Leading Candidates for Trump Religious Freedom Post


Woman With 'Irreversible' Blindness Says Sight Returned After Prayer at Church


Is Jesus' Yoke Really Easy? Is His Burden Actually Light?


NASA Scientists Baffled by Colored Lights Shooting Into Space


This Well-Known Medical Association Wants to Change the Term "Expectant Mother" to "Pregnant Person": It's Simply Political Correctness Gone Mad!


This Woman's Amazing Recovery From Two Strokes Dumbfounds Doctors: "We Have No Theory to Account for It"


Queen Elizabeth's Long Reign Sets Records: Fans of "The Crown" Are Especially Touched by the Queen's Love of Her Late Father


Ex-Atheist Lee Strobel Explores Shroud of Turin in 'The Case for Christ' (Trailer)


Planting the Seeds of the Third Temple—Literally!


"Historic Day in Israel" as Gov't Passes Controversial New "Regulation Law"


"People Need to Know Prayer Works, Angels Exist and Miracles Happen Every Day": No Coincidence This Nanny's Amazing Sacrifice Saved Her Ward


This Christian Father of Seven Just Won a Huge Victory for Free Speech in Australia


Radical Feminists Team up with Christians to Stop Transgender Bathroom Bill: Whoever Would Have Thought?


Victory! Council Restores Cross to Military Memorial in Minnesota


A Bible Study Group is Being Credited with Saving a Woman from Being Kidnapped


Not Germany, This Happened Here in America: Single Mom's Children Seized by CPS after Her Decision to Homeschool


These NFL Stars Will Visit Israel and Get Baptized in the Jordan River


Lady Gaga's Former Teacher Speaks Out After Her Declaration to God at Super Bowl


Protests to Take Place at 200 Planned Parenthood Clinics This Weekend


12th Dead Sea Scrolls Cave is Discovered


Puerto Rican Baptists Boycott Franklin Graham Rally Due to His Support for Trump Travel Ban


Girl Scouts: PP’s founder is among ‘most inspiring ... women in American history’


Why We Should Pray for Japan's Fukushima Nuclear Plant: Potential Great Danger to Northern Hemisphere as Radiation Spikes to "Unimaginable" Levels


"My Children Are the Apple of My Eyes"—Jesus Confronts a Jail Officer Holding Two Christians; What Happened Next...


Euthanasia and Organ Harvesting: Do You Understand Where This Leads?


Dr. Alveda King: Sen. Warren Used the King Name to Stir Up Emotions: "My family we are peacemakers, we bring people together, we do not divide people"




Former Girl Scouts leader finds organization’s ‘money trail’ to abortion


Catholic youth turn brutal attack during March for Life trip into an amazing display of faith, forgiveness



- WATCH: Pro-aborts baffled by the multitude of young pro-life supporters


Scientist cooked climate change books ahead of Obama presentation, whistle blower charges


Poll: 7 in 10 Democrats Believe Christianity is as Violent as Islam


US Army Corps of Engineers to grant easement for Dakota Access Pipeline


Oregon bill would let doctors starve, dehydrate mentally ill patients


New UN LGBT expert: Religious freedom is ‘not absolute,’ can be curtailed


God, Betsy DeVos, and the liberal war on religion


Author Lee Strobel on ‘The Case for Christ,’ Now a Movie


Pakistani Christian Accused of Blasphemy out on Bail after Three Years in Prison


Canadian Study Touts Euthanasia’s Cost ‘Benefit’


Mississippi Town Protests after Mayor is Forced to Take Down Christian Flag


Street Preacher Arrested, Accused of Hate Crime after Sharing Scripture with Gay Teen


Atheist Group Files Complaint against School after Pastor Prays with Injured Student


Flynn’s plan to beat radical Islam starts with schools and social media

- Accept That We Were Founded by a Judeo-Christian Ideology and Fight Those Who Want to Impose Sharia Law": The Unapologetic Plan of Trump's National Security Advisor


Over 25 groups united to fight sex trafficking on game day


Franklin Graham defends 'deplorable' Americans


Judge Neil Gorsuch: A Great Choice for the Supreme Court


YouTube Briefly Terminated Christian Account With Over 5,600 Sermon Videos


Iranian baby will be allowed into US for emergency procedure


Trump Vows to Let Churches Engage in Politics


Islamic Terrorist Attack at Louvre Museum in Paris


Siberian Man Builds Orthodox Church out of Snow


5 Facts About IRS Law Restricting Political Sermons


Congressmen: Planned Parenthood ‘is an abortion enterprise,’ new videos prove it

- Planned Parenthood caught falsely advertising ‘prenatal’ care on its website


New York Times Leaves Book about Notorious Abortion Doctor off Bestseller List


Iowa Senate passes bill to stop Medicaid funds from going to Planned Parenthood

- Tennessee County under Fire for Refusing to Approve Grant Money for Planned Parenthood


70 Evangelical Leaders Meet with U.S. Ambassador to Israel


Trump and Pence Prayed with Gorsuch before His Nomination


Leaked Draft of Trump Executive Order Would Protect Religious Freedom for Gay Marriage, Abortion Opponents


Christian Healthcare Companies Wonder about Their Future after Obamacare Repeal


New Museum Exploring Bible's Impact on Founding of America to Open in Philly


Pope accuses Christians of ‘cowardliness’ for following ‘all’ 10 Commandments


SBC Leader Sends Letter to President Trump about Refugee Order


Denzel Washington at Screen Actors Guild Awards: ‘I’m a God-fearing Man’


Liam Neeson Says Film ‘Silence’ Impacted His Faith




Boy Scouts' Transgender Policy Is a 'Rebellion Against God; It's Time to Get Out,' Christian Leader Says


76 protesters arrested at Dakota pipeline site


California May Become First State to Legally Recognize 'Non-Binary Gender'


Rick Warren to Speak at National Prayer Breakfast, Says Election Has 'Really Divided America'


ISIS Burns Iraqi Mom, 4 Children Alive for Trying to Flee 'Caliphate'


Pope told Knights of Malta chief to accuse Cardinal Burke in his resignation letter


Time for Churches to Sever Ties With Boy Scouts: The Days of Teaching Ethics and Morals to Boys are "Long Gone"


Dutch gov’t panel: Doctor who forcibly euthanized elderly woman ‘acted in good faith’


INTERVIEW: Author’s admiration for Pope Francis turns to disenchantment over his ‘superficiality,’ ‘ambiguity’


How Sleeping in a Cardboard Box Could Save Babies' Lives


This Abortion Doctor's Haunting Dreams Made Him Want to Quit, and Then Horror Became Reality...


Planned Parenthood caught on video: ‘We only do ultrasounds’ for abortion


President Trump Reacts to Gift of Bible-Inspired Joshua 1:9 Dog Tags


Seattle Seahawks Assistant Coach Leaving Job to Pursue Full-time Ministry


Franklin Graham on Immigration Ban: It's Not a Biblical Matter


INTERVIEW: How the left ‘brainwashes’ kids to accept its sexual ideology - and how parents can fight back


The Heartbreak of a Child Who Leaves the Faith


Man conceived in rape to March for Life: Every life has purpose, Planned Parenthood steals it


Trump Says He 'Needs God Even More' as President


Donald Trump to Prioritize Persecuted Christians as Refugees


First Baby Girl Born with Three Parents


Church of England Clergy Hold Firm to Orthodox Views on Gay Marriage


Somalia: Even Those Suspected of Being Christians Face Execution


Netanyahu Warns Israel’s Enemies They Will End Up in the ‘Ash Bin’ of History


World Relief President on Trump’s Refugee Ban: ‘Security and Compassion Not Mutually Exclusive’


What I'm Thankful for Today: 9 Reminders from the Inauguration


AP Covers "Triumphant" March for Life: "Life is Winning Again in America"


Full transcript of VP Mike Pence’s historic speech to March for Life

- VP Mike Pence hosted pro-life leaders at White House on eve of March for Life


Anti-Abortion Student Group Sues New York School Over 'Second Class' Treatment


Kermit Gosnell's 'House of Horrors' Abortion Crimes Exposed in New Book on 'America's Most Prolific Serial Killer'


Netanyahu Warns Israel’s Enemies They Will End Up in the ‘Ash Bin’ of History


5 Things You Should Know About the March for Life


Amy Grant’s Daughter Donates Kidney to Best Friend


Planned Parenthood: Our Name Is 'Deceptive,' We Don't Help Pregnant Women


Huckabee: "Vulgar" Women's March Showed Americans "Dodged a Bullet"


Trump White House promises ‘heavy Administration presence’ at March for Life


Evangelist Alveda King: "With Mexico City Policy, President Trump begins First 100 Days with Prayers and Executive Actions that Promise Healing for America"


'Gosnell Effect' Shows Why Roe v. Wade Won't Survive


Pope Francis: Don't Judge Trump Prematurely, but He May Be Like Hitler


Trump, Netanyahu Plan First Meeting to Cement New, Stronger Ties


Franklin Graham Applauds Pro-Life Women's March


74% of Americans want to ban 2nd, 3rd trimester abortions: poll


Women's March Activists Spit on Pro-Life Millennial Feminists at 'Peaceful' Anti-Trump Protest


Singer Vicki Yohe Apologizes for Pro-Donald Trump, Jesus in White House Post


European Court Rules Russian Adoption Ban Discriminatory


First Lady Melania Trump Weeps at National Cathedral


The exclusionary hypocrisy of the Women’s March on Washington


Robert Jeffress at Prayer Service: Donald Trump Like Bible's Nehemiah, Who Built Wall to Keep Out Enemies


Christians Gather at Site of Jesus’ Baptism, Despite Threat of Landmines


Franklin Graham on the Country's Division and God's Role in the Presidential Election


What to Do When Your Child Abandons Jesus Christ


Billy Graham Answers: Is It OK to Skip Church and Watch Sermons at Home?


When the 'Enlightened' Left Doesn't Get Its Way, Expect Riots and Death Threats


9 Myths Surrounding Abortion Rights and Roe v. Wade


Pope yet again derides defenders of Church teaching as not like Christ


Holy Spirit's Unchanging Message for You in the Midst of Sorrow's Deluge


Pres. Trump's Inaugural Speech: Americans 'Righteous,' 'Protected by God'


More Religious Leaders Than Ever Before Take Part in President Trump's Inauguration: Record Breaking


Michigan Pastor Prays President Trump Will Have 'Wisdom of Solomon, Vision of Joseph, Meekness of Christ'


New 124-page dossier details Georgetown U’s betrayal of Catholic faith


Ivanka Trump and Husband Jared Kushner Get Rabbinic Permission to Drive on Sabbath After Inauguration


Franklin Graham on Donald Trump's Inauguration: Politicians Must Drop Boycott, Unite in Prayer


China: 6 Christian Women Face Charges for Holding Bible Study


Pope Francis rebukes ‘lazy,’ ‘egotistical,’ ‘constantly condemning’ Christians


Christian Leaders Mark Start of Trump Term: 'God Will Sweep the Nation'


BREAKING: Trump to end Obama funding of foreign abortions by Sunday, claims report


Did God Choose Trump? What it Means to Believe in Divine Intervention


Time for Church to Wake Up, Fight Against Tide of 'Forced Acceptance' of Homosexuality, Abortion: AFA


Parents Upset Over Indiana School Worksheet That Paints 'Sharia Law' in Positive Light


'Shielding Our New President in Prayer,' Believers Called to Intercessory Action


Donald Trump Is 'Morally Unqualified' But Christians Don't Need Qualified Gov't, John Piper Says


These Catholic parishes openly celebrate LGBT. Why aren’t bishops stopping it?


Think Trump’s ‘not normal’? I’ll tell you what’s really not normal.


Archbishop: I ‘will not comply’ with law forcing Church to hire abortion activists


‘Saturday Night Live’ skit ends with an unexpected pro-life twist


This State is Preparing to Defund Planned Parenthood in Spite of Obama's Threats


Why Some Muslims Are Trying to Stop Franklin Graham From Praying for Donald Trump at His Inauguration


UK Defies 70 Nations to Defend Israel, Refuses to Sign Paris Summit Statement


Toby Keith Refuses to Apologize for Inauguration Performance: Unlike Jennifer Holliday Who Caved to Anti-Trump Pressure


King David Era Wall Discovered in Israel: May Confirm Samuel 8:13


US abortion rates lower than they’ve ever been since Roe v. Wade: new study

- New video: Planned Parenthood was caught covering up child sex trafficking, did nothing about it


Washington Post: Martin Luther King Was a "True Conservative"

- Trump Meets with Son of Martin Luther King Jr. in Honor of MLK Day


Bill Banning Abortion From Baby's First Heartbeat Introduced in Congress: "If a Heartbeat is Detected, a Baby is Protected"


Mass Murderer Dylann Roof Receives "Astounding, Super-Human" Offers of Prayers for Salvation From Victims


Syria: Christians Are Being Killed for Refusing to Deny Jesus, Staying Behind to Help Victims (Interview)


Paris Peace Talks Were A Win for Israel Despite Being "A Last Gasp for Breath From Yesterday's World"


How Christianity in America Changed During Obama's Presidency: Pew Report


‘Scandalous,’ ‘shocking:’ Catholic experts blast Vatican invite to pro-abort ‘Population Bomb’ author


National urban myths league: When race trumps truth


Fox's 'The Mick' Hits 'Bottom of Cultural Barrel,' Pushes 'Child Abuse, Exploitation': AFA


Well-Known Evangelist John Piper Confesses Previous Marital Problems: Here's What Saved His Marriage


"Glooooory!": 100th Birthday With Shouts of Praise to God


Surprise Move: Morocco "Bans the Burqa"—Here's Why...


Using "Jesus" or Scripture as a Password is Not Safe


Family advocacy groups submit legal briefs with Supreme Court in school bathroom case


Cardinal Burke: I’m more concerned about Last Judgment than losing my title?


Wycliffe Associates Asking Christians in the US to Pray for Oppressed, Persecuted National Bible Translators


CANADA: Liberals okay Muslim prayer rooms in Catholic schools


SHOCK: 20+ faith leaders ‘bless’ Planned Parenthood’s new flagship DC abortion center


I was just like the ‘trans’ 9-year-old in National Geographic. Now I know it’s pure fantasy


The Surprising Response of Victims’ Families to the Violent Actions of Church Shooter Dylann Roof


Thousands Push Back against the UK’s Plan to Have Government Inspect Sunday Schools


How TV Star Patricia Heaton’s Faith Has Helped Her Flourish and Help Others


Group: 90,000 Christians killed for their faith last year (video)


U.S. Bishops invite faithful to join in Nine Days for Life novena to end abortion


Rift grows between Pope Francis, ancient Catholic order


WATCH: Kentucky governor rips state AG for refusing to defend pro-life laws

- Judge: Pro-lifers can sue Chicago over law that keeps them from abortion clinics


Congressmen introduce bill to block DC assisted suicide

- Congressman says he’ll work to overturn DC’s new assisted suicide law


Virginia school board rejects bid to give special protections for ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’


Victory: Two Massachusetts Planned Parenthoods close


Kentucky kicks off the new year by passing healthy dose of pro-life laws

- Victory: Two Massachusetts Planned Parenthoods close


Va. Governor Issues Executive Order Allowing Only Pro-LGBT Groups to Receive State Contracts


An inside look at the International LGBT Leaders Conference and what really goes on


Children's Magazine Highlights to Feature Same-Sex Parents in February Issue


The Faith of Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump's Tireless Counselor


Iraq: Teenage Boy Shares Struggle of Being a Christian in ISIS-Controlled Area


Bathroom bill will keep ‘transgender’ men out of girls’ bathrooms in Texas


Top Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway to speak at 2017 March for Life


Radical Revival Falls on China's State-Controlled Churches


Family of Tortured Special-Needs Man in Chicago Ask for Healing Prayer




"Grisly, Hardness and Callousness Toward Women and Infants": The Damning Final House Report on Investigation into Planned Parenthood


Sudan Acquits and Releases Christian Pastor from Sudanese Church of Christ


Pediatrician Group Slams National Geographic Cover of 9-Year-Old Transgender


2016: The year Pope Francis finally showed his hand


‘Damaging’ transgender curriculum is about to invade 7-year-olds’ classrooms in the UK


Porn ruins lives, so families should be able to sue for damages: Utah legislator


Moroccan King Mohammed VI Restores Jewish Names of Marrakech Ghetto


Girl Impregnated by 3 Boko Haram Fighters Details Sex Slavery Horrors


Pro-lifers Look Forward to 2017


Over 2,400 Faith Leaders Request Meeting with Trump to Discuss ‘Moral Agenda’


Christians most persecuted group for second year, says study


Illinois School District Bars Students From Announcing Prayer Gatherings on Facebook


Woman launches suit to force Catholic hospital into doing ‘sex change’ surgery


Standing Rock Chair Archambault Gives Surprising Answers in Interview

- Standing Rock Tribal Council Member to #NoDAPL Protesters: “Go Home”

- Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Council Meeting 1/5/17


Nepal: Persecuted Christians See Bodies of Dead Loved Ones Dug Up, Dumped on Streets


Judge Rules Government Cannot Mandate Sex Change Coverage


Radical Revival Falls on China's State-Controlled Churches


Pro-Life Women Not Invited to 'Women's March on Washington'


New low: FOX uses kids to promote Planned Parenthood, homosexuality, transgenderism in obscene comedy


Urgent Prayer Strategy For Israel, and Through the U.S. Presidential Inauguration


Doctors declared ‘miracle’ Christmas baby and his mom both dead. Then the incredible happened.


EXPOSED: Planned Parenthood guilty of $13 million in abuse of taxpayer funds, other illegal activity, says report


Pediatrician Group Slams National Geographic Cover of 9-Year-Old Transgender


Inauguration Speaker Franklin Graham: God Allowed Donald Trump to Win


Laodicea Church Brought Back To Its "Original State 2,000 Years Ago"


"In Jesus Name!" How This Man Miraculously Saved a Girl From Her Burning Car


Alveda King: 2017 Revelation: America Return to God!


Christian Mother Asia Bibi Spends 7th Christmas on Death Row


Alabama Supreme Court Rules Unborn Baby is a Person


Vietnam Vet Dies Alone With No Family or Friends, But These Amazing Teens Honor Him with a "Proper Send Off"


Billy Graham: 'Death Is Not the End' for Christians Living With Terminal Illness


Court Strikes Down Transgender Mandate, Protecting Freedom of Conscience


YEAR IN REVIEW: Why Some Believers Experience More Spiritual Warfare


Billy Graham Named among 10 'Most Admired' Men in World for 60th Time


Catholic Diocese Files Lawsuit Against Obama's Transgender Health Care Mandate


90,000 Christians Killed in 2016, One Every 6 Minutes: Study


"Rocking Bible Critics to the Core": This Ancient Hebrew Discovery is About to Rewrite History


The Praying Side of Dak Prescott: Christian Quarterback of the Dallas Cowboys


Court Decides Pro-Life Teachers Can Be Forced to Facilitate Planned Parenthood Projects


Denzel Washington Says He Was Covered in Prayer While Filming 'Fences'


Christians, Jews Vow to Stand Together at Trump's Inauguration


Study: Fastest Growing Churches Have Modern Worship, Teach Literal Bible Interpretation


Kentucky Governor Matt Bevin Declares 2017 Another 'Year of the Bible'


NFL Star Ben Watson: We Must Teach 'Life Begins at Conception'

- Report: Abortion More Dangerous Than Clinics Claim


Study on True Happiness Reveals Results Consistent with Scripture


"Sacred Duty": Why Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, President of the World's Largest Hispanic Christian Organization, is Attending Donald Trump's Inauguration


Trumps Attend Christmas Eve Services at Florida Church Where They Married


Survey: When Christmas Has 'Religious' Meaning besides Just Cultural, It Doubles People's Happiness


Persecution of Jakarta's Christian Governor in Blasphemy Trial: What's at Stake?


ISIS Lone Wolf Suspect Arrested in Arizona Searched Google for 'Midnight Mass,' 'Most Powerful Gun'


The best Christmas gift is Christ’s Truth

- Netanyahu Greets Christians Worldwide for Christmas




Pediatricians condemn National Geographic over 9-year-old ‘trans’ child on January cover


The strange thing God did at Bethlehem (and in my family) when everything seemed to go wrong


Christians 'Defenseless' on Christmas 'Under Yoke of Genocide,' Warns Watchdog




Pro-life Christmas carolers save six babies in Orlando, more in other areas by touching hearts with their singing


Catholic health educator fired for refusing to promote contraception, attend class at Planned Parenthood


Most Americans Prefer 'Merry Christmas' to 'Happy Holidays': Poll


North Carolina Senate defeats bid to repeal controversial 'bathroom bill'


John Piper: Why Do We Give Children Santa Claus When They Can Have Jesus Christ?


Climate of fear in Vatican is very real


Shocker: UN Leader Ban Ki-Moon Admits There's Anti-Israel Bias at the United Nations


2016 survey says largest attempt in decades to expand abortion has failed


How Conservative Christians Got Racism Wrong (And Still Do)


Investigation uncovers abortion providers paying huge salaries to executives


How my daughter saved her unborn sister’s life


Even With President-elect Trump's Victory Sealed, We Still Need to Pray


Protections for ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ threaten freedom: 75 Christian leaders


ISIS Claims Responsibility for Christmas Market Terror Attack in Berlin as Police Launch New Manhunt for Killer




When a lawsuit forced an Indiana town to remove its Christmas tree cross, residents did this


The Greatest Christmas Hymn of All Time


Democrats Twice as Likely to 'Unfriend' People on Facebook After Election: Survey


Liberty University to Open First On-Campus Shooting Range in Nation to Help Students Fend Off Terrorists


Transgender Bathroom Compromise in NC: Charlotte Repeals Ordinance, Legislature Repeals HB2


Scrooged: These Parents Are Furious after School Boots Tiny Tim


Muslim Refugees in UK are Having Visions and Dreams of Jesus


"We Won't Stand By as Horrors Unfold"—How Israel Is Aiding Syria War Victims


U.S. psychiatrists not ready or willing to endorse euthanasia for mental suffering


Drinking in Moderation Advocate, R.C. Sproul Jr., Arrested for DUI


School Ordered to RESTORE Charlie Brown Christmas Decorations: "God Bless Texas and Merry Christmas, America!"


Court orders family-friendly video streaming service to shut down


Texas Catholic Cemeteries Offer to Bury Fetal Remains at No Cost


Atheists File Lawsuit Claiming Tax-Exemptions for Pastors are Unconstitutional


Sean Hannity to Produce Faith-Based Film Featuring Actor Kevin Sorbo


Coptic Christians 'Ready to Forgive' After Bombing Kills 24 in Cairo Church


Iraq: Muslim Businessman Erects Giant Christmas Tree in Show of Solidarity with Christians


LGBT Studies Were Fabricated for Politically Correct Outcomes

- Amazon sells eroticized child nudity books, sexualized baby products, sex trafficking how-to guides, and more


"Hate Spaces" Film Exposes Campus Intolerance; Anti-Semitism


Emotions Swirl as Blasphemy Trial Begins in Indonesia


Investigation reveals shocking health violations at 200+ abortion clinics


Muslim Women Speak out against Sharia Law


Egyptian Christians’ Strong Prayers after Deadly Attack: “God Protect Us and Your People from Evil”


Slovakia Passes Law Banning Islam from Being a Recognized Religion


Trump: ‘We’re gonna start saying Merry Christmas again’


Iran: Church Retreat Center Confiscated for ‘Being Funded by CIA’


CNN ‘Hero of the Year’ Says God Chose Him to Help Disabled Children


Actor Andrew Garfield Encounters God while Studying for Role as Jesuit Priest


Christian Nurse Fired for Praying With Patients, Talking About Jesus at Hospital in England

- England: Nurse Sues after Being Fired for Talking about Her Faith


Macy’s No Longer Gives Funds to Planned Parenthood


Washington Post Reporter Warns Evangelicals about Their Rhetoric against ‘The Media’


Huge Dust Storm Over Israeli Border Forms ‘Hand of God’ Protection from ISIS


Turkey Jails US Pastor for ‘Terrorism’


Israel Braces for "Tidal Wave" of Hostile UN Resolutions: "Shameful!"


Mother Sues Abortionists for Misleading Consent Forms


Joni Eareckson Tada: Christians Are Giving Up, Enabling Culture to Be Worse (Interview)


Senior Cleric Says British Government Has Failed Middle East Christians


African Conflicts Displaced More Than 2 Million People in 2015


Singing Contractors 'Nail' This Favorite Christmas Tune; and It Soon Goes Viral


Texas attorney general drops a great big Yuletide truth bomb on school district


‘Duck Dynasty’ Producers Fired and Sued by ITV


Trump’s new Interior Secretary: Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal ‘despicable,’ ‘unspeakable,’ ‘unthinkable’

- Pro-life teacher fired for opposing abortion – it only took one student complaint


World-Famous Geert Wilders, a Voice Against the Dangers of Radical Islam, is Found Guilty of Hate Speech


Benham Brothers Urge 'Fixer Upper' Fans to Hang Magnolia Wreaths to Support Chip and Joanna Gaines


I didn’t understand liberal protestors. Until I heard MILO at MSU




Bishop Schneider: ‘We are witnessing today a strange form of schism’ within the Church


Ohio's 'Pastor Protection Act' Clears House Committee


Living Nativity Scene on Display outside Supreme Court Building


Could this be the year Roe v. Wade gets overturned?

- Ohio Senate passes ‘Heartbeat Bill’ after lengthy battle


Appeals court ruling allows LGBTQ clubs to expand into middle schools


Vatican Re-affirms that Homosexual Men Should Not be Admitted to the Priesthood


Alveda King and Friends Launch a New Project to "Say Merry Christmas Again!"


Notre Dame may break 64-year tradition by not inviting Trump to graduation


Boko Haram Brainwashing Boys to Kill Their Christian Teachers


‘Nuisance’? Planned Parenthood sues pro-life medical center for using its own property

- Girl Scouts puberty workshop hosted by pro-abort organization


Publisher Refuses to Cancel Tullian Tchividjian Book Deal Despite Scandal


Ethics prof: Students only adopt ‘politically correct opinions’ and ‘shut down debate’


Connecticut threatens to ban employee donations to American Family Association for alleged LGBT ‘discrimination’


New Mexico woman files lawsuit over aborted baby body parts: ‘I was deceived’




Pastors and Friends of Tullian Tchividjian Say He is Permanently Disqualified from Ministry


Satanic Temple vows to defy new Texas law on respectful handling of aborted babies




What Christians Are Doing to Show Support for HGTV's 'Fixer Upper' Couple


Illinois Commission Panel Says Christian-Owned Bed & Breakfast Must Host Gay Weddings


Advent, Not Just Another Christmas Countdown


Stunning Miracle: Numbers 14 Biblical Pillar Shields Israel From the Islamic State


Fewer Hotels Allowing Bibles in Rooms


New York mayor promises city will pay for abortions if Planned Parenthood loses federal funding


Religious Freedom Law Doesn't Require Removing 'God' From Currency


Ken Ham Responds to Muslim Reporter Who Asks If He's Going to Hell


Abortion advocates seek to sway Trump to keep foreign abortion funds


ISIS to Crucified Christians: 'If You Love Jesus, You Will Die Like Jesus'


7 Things to Consider When Your Sermon Stinks


Sarah Palin Doesn't Endorse Trump's Carrier $7M Incentive Deal; Warns of 'Crony Capitalism'


‘Expendable’ Christians ‘Victims of Organ Harvesting’ in China


What Happens on the Final Judgment in the End Times? Pastor Greg Laurie Answers


Planned Parenthood Broke Law by Selling Aborted Baby Parts, Congressional Panel Rules

- Congress doubles budget for investigation of Planned Parenthood baby parts scandal


Philippines Churches Could Cancel Services over Terrorism Threat


Jimmy Carter Calls for Dividing Land of Israel


HGTV responds to LGBT ‘witch hunt’ against Chip and Joanna Gaines


Liberty Defends Hiring of Athletic Director Involved in Baylor Scandal

- Liberty U. Hires Controversial Baylor Athletic Director Involved in Rape Scandal


North Korea's Secret Prisons Where Over 5,000 Are Being Tortured, Raped Seen in Satellite Photos


Benham brothers blast LGBT ‘bully mafia’ waging ‘witch hunt’ against Christian HGTV stars

- Openly gay man defends HGTV’s Chip and Joanna Gaines: ‘Does ideological diversity count for nothing?’


Billy Graham Didn't Expect His Children to 'Catch Faith,' Daughter Anne Graham Lotz Reveals


Christian Children Are Being Bullied by Muslim Migrants in Germany, Priest Says


Film on Genesis Coming to Theaters in February


TX now requires a proper burial for aborted babies; abortionists are outraged


Evangelist Mario Murillo Warns Donald Trump is Not Our Savior: He's Our "Stay of Execution"


San Diego bishop bans outspoken pro-life priest from writing bulletin columns


Christians and Jews Must Battle Surging Anti-Semitism Together


Public university gives credit for volunteering at Planned Parenthood, but not at church


We Can't 'Agree to Disagree' on Homosexuality and Marriage


Psychology Professor: Liberals Who Like Fidel Castro Are 'Self-Righteous Hypocrites'


Billy Graham Urges Americans to Celebrate the Sacredness of the Holidays


Before Being Killed Ohio State Attacker Threatened Americans: ‘We are Not Weak, Remember That’


Israeli Noise Pollution Bill Stirs Claims of Islamophobia


Refocusing on Jesus this Advent Season: Advice from the Psalms




Jerry Falwell Jr. Says Trump Offered Him Secretary of Education Position


Christian Hospitals Opt Out of Canada’s Euthanasia Law


New Christmas Cards Combine Middle East War Scenes with Traditional Nativity


Christian Leaders Respond to the Death of Fidel Castro

- Castro’s legacy of despair: a police state with one of the highest abortion rates in the world


Pro-family group assails Zales Jewelers for ‘normalizing sin’ with ad featuring lesbian ‘wedding’


San Diego bishop to priests: Embrace ‘LGBT families’, give Communion to ‘remarried’


Italian pro-abort senator: Pope is ‘going in the right direction,’ calls for persecution of pro-life doctors

- FBI: Fire that wrecked New Mexico pro-life pregnancy center was intentional


Nick Cannon doubles down against Planned Parenthood: ‘It’s modern day eugenics. It’s population control’


Amid the mass destruction in northern Iraq, genocide investigators come upon an incredible, wonderful sight


Prince Charles Decries 'Unbearable Misery' of Christians Suffering in Syria


I grew up with two moms: here’s the uncomfortable truth that nobody wants to hear


Lesbian prof slams colleague for resisting transgender speech… but her own classes were filled with hate speech


Young men giving up on marriage: ‘Women aren’t women anymore’


Planned Parenthood Abortionist Thanks God for 'Guiding My Hand' When Killing Babies


Trudeau opening door to ‘outright persecution’ as he fast-tracks ‘trans rights’ bathroom bill: critic


Our anti-bullying programs are failing kids. Here’s how to fix thgem


Pastor Spraying Doom on Congregants' Faces to 'Heal' Denounced as Abusive by Churches


Willow Creek Community Church to Open New 72,000 Square Foot Campus First Sunday in December


Dr. Alveda King Slams Democrats for 'Throwing Race Card' Re: Trump Appointees


New Revelations on the Reopening of Jesus' Tomb: "I'm Absolutely Amazed. My Knees Are Shaking a Little Bit"


You Can Say "Thank You" to Kent State for Refusing to Cave to Anti-Semitic Activists


Planned Parenthood gave us talking points to defend mass child slaughter at Thanksgiving. Yum…?


ISIS Militants Are the 'Grandson of Satan': Christian Survivors Find Iraq Church Turned Into Military Base


Standing Rock chairman says Army Corps to close camp access Dec 5


Allen West rips abortion: ‘We will not be truly blessed as a nation until we right this wrong’


3D interactive ‘embryo atlas’ gives never-before-seen detail of unborn baby

- Late-term abortionist LeRoy Carhart calls it quits in Maryland


Nearly 40 Percent of Americans Do Not Thank God on Thanksgiving: Survey


BREAKING: Web host shuts down Target boycott site for being ‘hateful’


Here’s Why the Progressive Left Keeps Sticking Up for Pedophiles


Standing Rock Protests appear to be funded by Railroad Billionaire


Texas judge refuses to lift injunction against Obama transgender student bathroom policy


Target Boycott Group Lists Top 10 Christmas Shopping Alternatives Ahead of Black Friday


China Committing 'Barbaric' Forced Organ-Harvesting of Christian Prisoners, Lawyers Claim


As Colorado Legalizes Assisted Suicide, Don't Be Conned by the Agenda of Death


Target Boycott Over Transgender Bathroom Re-energized for Christmas, AFA Declares


Christians to Participate in 'Bless Friday,' a God-Centered Alternative to Black Friday


Christian Colleges Grapple with Trump’s Election, Views on Women and Minorities


Former Gay Pride marshal faces triple-murder charges


45 Killed in Yet Another Attack on Christian Communities in Nigeria


Rwandan Catholic Church Issues Apology for Their Part in 1994 Genocide


Most Voters Support Banning Abortions After 5 Months: Poll

- Texas initiates bill to ban selling aborted baby parts, stop partial-birth abortion


Cardinal Cupich on the question of Pope’s animosity towards JPII Catholics


The Ontario gov’t is about to redefine your relationship with your child to appease the LGBT lobby


Kurdish All-Female Militia Launches Offensive Against ISIS to Avenge Sex Slaves


Standing Rock Reservation ranchers struggle to keep buffalo alive amid disingenuous N.D. pipeline protests

- Confrontation between protesters and police escalates near site of pipeline


Oxford’s Word of the Year is ‘Post-Truth’


Menorah and Oil Stand Ready for Third Temple as Hanukkah Approaches


Christian Gov. of Jakarta Facing Blasphemy Charge After 100,000 Protesters Claim He Insulted Islam


Fastest-Growing Churches Teach Literal Interpretation of the Bible, Study Finds


Satan Club to Open in Washington Elementary School Before Christmas


Study: Churches with Conservative Theology Have Better Growth Rates


Actress Roma Downey and Producer Husband Mark Burnett Launch Faith-Based TV Network


What's YOUR Mindset? Seeing with Kingdom Eyes; an Important Strategy for Believers in This Season


DC city council approves assisted suicide again, sends bill to mayor’s desk


Indiana University paid $200 each for brains harvested from aborted babies


Israel to Begin Search for More Dead Sea Scrolls


BREAKING: Minnesota mom files lawsuit over parental rights in 17-year-old son’s gender change


Media Rethinking Issue of Religious Freedom after Trump Election


Abortionist: Providers would be willing to break the law if abortion becomes illegal


Trump undermined Justices Scalia, Roberts, Thomas and Alito in saying marriage issue ‘settled’


Longtime Friend of Billy Graham, Cliff Barrows goes Home to Jesus at 93


Dobson to California pro-life centers: ‘Do not comply’ with law forcing you to promote abortion


Ireland Desperately Needs Your Help NOW to Stay a Pro-Life Nation: Especially If You're of Irish Descent


The painfully obvious reason Christians voted for Trump (that liberals just don’t understand)


The LGBT fraud has been exposed, and they’re definitely not happy about it


Franklin Graham: Hillary Clinton Playing Blame Game for Loss to Trump


Gay activists want Canadians to pay them for past ‘discrimination’: here’s why we shouldn’t


Atheist Radio Program Pulled From Airwaves, Replaced by Nonstop Christmas Music


Uganda: Muslim Boys Come to Christ Then Must Flee for Their Lives


ISIS Targets Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade as Site for Lone-Wolf Attack


In Case You Missed It: 2016 Supermoon in Pictures


This Divisive Election Is an Opportunity to Share the Gospel


Medication Abortions Soar after FDA Eases Regulation


3 Ways to Practice Civility after a Very Uncivil Election


Indonesia: Christians Hopeful One Year after Churches Destroyed by Extremists


Satanist Sent to Destroy Church Ends up Coming to Christ


Franklin Graham: Media Didn't Understand 'God-Factor' in Election Outcome


Still No Justice 2 Years After Muslim Mob Burned Christian Couple Alive in Brick Kiln


ISIS Forcing Children, Elderly to Carry Out Barbaric Executions in Mosul


Five Nigerian Men Set Free After Killing Christian Woman for 'Blasphemy'


Christian Law School Can't Be Denied Accreditation Over Biblical Stance on Homosexuality, Canadian Court Rules


Jesus' Limestone Burial Bed Uncovered for First Time at Church of the Holy Sepulchre (Video)


Trump’s transition website promises he’ll ‘protect human life from conception’


Poll: 60% of Trump voters impacted by pro-life, pro-religious liberty platform


Donald Trump Expresses His Deep Gratitude to Christians: "Surround Me With Prayers!"




Pro-family activists call on Trump to undo Obama transgender ‘guidance’


Sick, liberal policies were being pushed down our throats. It's as simple as that.


President Elect Donald Trump to Israel: "I Love You"


Pakistani Christians Refused Entry into UK: ‘They Were Not Wealthy Enough’


Battle for Mosul: ISIS Hangs Bodies of 40 Civilians from Poles


The Religious Right, Thought Dead, Helped Trump Win


This woman is weeping at Clinton’s defeat: but wait until you learn who she is


Trump’s transition website promises he’ll ‘protect innocent human life from conception’


Christians Must Hold President Trump to His Pro-Life Promises


America rejects Planned Parenthood and its party


Time to keep his ‘feet to the fire’: pro-life leaders vow to hold Trump to his promises

- The abortion movement just lost the war on the unborn


‘Devastated. Angry. Disgusted.’: Planned Parenthood reeling over Trump’s ‘unthinkable’ victory


Britain Planning Huge March in Support of Brexit during Historic Supreme Court Hearing


Franklin Graham Makes Final Appeal to Christians: It's All about the Supreme Court and to Not Vote is Wrong


Australia Calls for Prayer for U.S. Election, and Declaration on Social Media


Thousands of Christians Will Celebrate Communion after the Election


Christian Couple Prevented from Adopting after Criticizing Gay Adoption


Agents Must Now Blow Whistle on Clinton/Obama Corruption


Mel Gibson Working on Sequel to ‘The Passion of the Christ’ Called ‘The Resurrection’


LifeWay Stores Will Not Sell Amy Grant’s New Christmas Album


Persecuted Christians Lifted Up in Prayer by Churches Worldwide This Sunday


Key pro-life races to watch on Election Night besides Trump-Clinton


Thousands of Churches to Air Pence Ad: Trump Will 'Free Up Voices of Faith''


Franklin Graham Explains Why There Won’t be a Big Party for Billy Graham’s 98th Birthday


The Prophet Nahum’s Town in Iraq Remains a Miraculous Hold Out against ISIS: "Christianity in Alqosh is Like Gold"


Mosul: ISIS Forcing Children and Elderly to Carry Out Brutal Executions


Oklahoma ballot initiative aims to overturn ban on state funding for faith-based orgs


Biggest Supermoon Since 1948 to Appear on Nov. 14


Planned Parenthood’s ‘mega-center’ strategy — and how it will flourish if Hillary is elected


Little Sister of the Poor reflects on D.C.‘s tragic legalization of assisted suicide


"The Great British Betrayal": Supporters of Brexit May Have to "Take to the Streets" to Ensure Their Will to Leave EU is Heeded


Highlights’ kids magazine to include same-sex families after flak from gays


Is the Dakota Access Pipeline a threat to water quality and cultural resources?


Black Clergy Send Letter to Clinton Demanding She Defend Unborn


Iraqi Christians Erect Cross for First Time Since ISIS Takeover


Pope and Lutheran Leaders Sign Joint Declaration on Reformation Day


Chicago Cubs Ben Zobrist Shares Christian Faith: ‘We All Need Christ’


New Bible Funded by Kickstarter is Finished after 2 Years


Former Lesbian Calls out Jen Hatmaker’s Embrace of LGBT Relationships


Franklin Graham: The Most Important Election "Since Abraham Lincoln Was Chosen"—Extensive Voter's Guide


Tim Tebow Knows All About Ridicule and Being Hated: Now He's Helping Others Survive When Their Life is "Shaken"


Discovery of Ancient Muslim Inscription Confirms the Dome of the Rock's Jewish Temple Origins


Federal Judge: Iowa Churches Safe from Anti-Bias Law


Dallas Church Denounced for Dismissing Unrepentant Gay Man


Iraqi Christians Seek to Rebuild Ancient Heartland; ISIS Uses Thousands of Hostages as Human Shields in Mosul


Obama Threatens to Veto Military Spending Bill Because It Protects Religious Freedom of Faith Groups


Over 20K Sign Petition Condemning Georgia for Demanding Pastor Turn Over His Sermons and Bible


Asia Bibi's Supreme Court Judge Suddenly Quits Over Apparent Fear of Pakistani Mob Attack


ISIS' New Propaganda Video Shows Killings of Christians, Crucifixions, Cubs of the Caliphate Executing Captives


Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas: "We Are Destroying Our Institutions"


Should Christian Parents Celebrate Halloween?


Dear pro-lifers, stop whining about media bias… and start Facebooking


"Easy Meat": Britain's Unbelievably Huge Muslim Rape Gang Cover-Up


Northwestern Univ. Historian Claims Christian Fundamentalism 'Greater Threat' Than Islamic Jihadists


WATCH: Fire me, fine me, jail me. I won’t back down to speech police, says U of T prof


It’s beyond time to end the Al Smith Dinner


Billy Graham: Parents Should Welcome Back Rebellious Children


WATCH: Cardinal Burke denounces ‘intercommunion’ ahead of pope’s tribute to Luther in Sweden


Pastor fights back as Georgia tries to confiscate his sermon notes and Bible


Franklin Graham Reminds Voters that They're Also Electing the VP—the 'President of the Senate'


British UFO investigator found dead after 'vomiting black liquid,' sending chilling text message to mother


New Leaked Emails Prove Obama Administration Sought Muslims Over Christians for Top Jobs: They Were "Obsessed with Gender, Race and Religion"


Black Lives Matter has a dark side that most Christians don’t know about


‘Highlights for Children’ faces pressure to include gay families in magazines


Alberta NDP gvmt closes down Christian home-schooling association


Russians conduct nuclear-bomb survival drills as Cold War heats up


Iraqi Christian Girls, Hiding under Bed from ISIS, Text Priest: ‘Please Come for Us’

ISIS Burns 6 Men Alive in Bakery, Uses Dough Mixer to Kill 250 Children

- Historic Christian Town of Bartella Liberated from ISIS Control

- More Iraqi Towns ‘Freed’ but Nineveh Christians Not Confident about Safe Return


Baby is Born Twice, Once for Surgery, Once at Full Gestation


Must-see video: Randy Travis sings ‘Amazing Grace’ after doctors wanted to ‘pull the plug’




Obama fights back after judge blocks transgender bathroom mandate


Max Lucado Never Agreed to Be in Anti-Trump Ad Launched by Progressive Christian Group






At Feast of Tabernacles Celebration, Jews Remember Exodus From Egypt


Mosul: Iraqi Kurdish Fighters Liberate Town; Within 3 Miles of ISIS Stronghold


Authorities open fire at unmanned drone during North Dakota pipeline protests


Atheist Billboard in Nebraska Removed After Residents Complain


‘The Boy Without a Brain’ stuns doctors after parents refuse abortion


Pope’s favored journalist publishes ‘most wanted’ list of Francis’ alleged enemies


Pakistan Delays Ruling on Asia Bibi Case as Islamist Pressures Mount


Lecrae Says He's Battling Depression and Can No Longer Take the Unlawful Killing of Black Lives


More than 80 arrested at ND pipeline protest


Jesus Christ Scenes Cut From 'Ben-Hur' Distress Filmmakers Roma Downey, Mark Burnett


Ravi Zacharias Warn Christians Are on Brink of Losing Their Religious Liberties


Mosul: Archbishop of Erbil Says at Least 2 Christian Villages Are Now Liberated

- Churches around the World Ring Bells for Thousands Killed in Aleppo


Planned Parenthood rips proposal to require father’s consent for abortion

- James Dobson Urges California Clinics to Disobey New Law Forcing Them to Promote Abortion


Christians Celebrate Jewish Festival of Sukkot in Jerusalem




UN Set to Appoint Global LGBT Advocate

- Doctors, Lawmakers Embrace Gender Dysphoria Treatments


North Korea Teaches That Christians Kill People and Suck Their Blood


Niger: Thousands of Children Suffering from Severe Malnutrition

- U.S. Missionary Kidnapped in Niger


Site Where Romans Breached Jerusalem Walls is Pinpointed

- Archaeological Discovery Confirms Biblical Account of Pooping on False Gods


California Legalizes Euthanasia for the Mentally Ill


Liberty U President Falwell Denies Wrongdoing in Not Publishing Anti-Trump Piece in School Paper


Ahead of Al Smith Dinner, Cardinal Dolan says Hillary owes Catholics an apology


The Football Player Who Stood Alone While His Teammates Refused to Come Out of the Locker Room for the National Anthem


Did the Smithsonian's New Museum of African American History Exclude Some People because They Were Conservative?


Judge reaffirms nationwide ban on Obama transgender school bathroom policy


Max Lucado: 2016 Election Has 'Sucked the Joy' Out of Americans


Jerry Falwell Jr. Responds to Student Petition against Trump


Tim Tebow: It was God Who Revived Fan, Not Me


Iowa State requiring students to give up free speech to graduate


Christian Leader Calls for Ceasefire, Says Aleppo is a ‘Living Hell’


Air Force Officer Facing Repercussions for Saying Jesus Influences His Decisions


Iraqi Christians in Mosul Forgive Persecutors


Big Relief in Washington State as Satanic Temple Cancels Plans for After-School Club


Lance Wallnau, Who Prophesied Trump Would be Like Bible’s King Cyrus, on Trump's Lewd Tape Controversy


UN event shows how sexual agenda tramples children’s rights


Switzerland: Christian Nursing Home Forced to Allow Assisted Suicide


California Prosecutor Charges Fetal-Tissue Traders with Illegal Profiteering


Outrage Around World After UNESCO Says The Temple Mount is Not Jewish


Tebow: The God I Serve Performs Miracles


Liberal Media: No Trump in Women's Dressing Rooms, but Males in General Are OK?


Liberty University Student President Says Majority at School Will Vote for Trump Despite Petition

- Mike Pence Defends Trump at Liberty University amid Evangelical Debate

- Liberty University Students Sign ‘Liberty United Against Trump’ Document


‘New Atlantis’ editors push back after gay advocacy group bashes homosexuality study


YouTube blacklists PragerU educational videos


Fragments from Dead Sea Scrolls are Published in New Books


MA Churches Sue after Being Forced to Accommodate Transgender People


WikiLeaks: Hillary Clinton Confidantes Mock Evangelicals and Conservative Catholics in Podesta Emails


Johns Hopkins caves to gay lobby: will offer ‘sex changes’ again


I Endorsed Ted Cruz, but Might Never Do That Again


"We Have a Moral Obligation to Serve as 'Daniels, Josephs, and Esthers,' by Speaking Out for Israel": Hispanic Christian Leaders Meet in Washington


Franklin Graham: What We Need to Keep in Mind after Donald Trump's Lewd Remarks, and Apology


Israel Surpasses Everybody in Loving Their Enemies


Maryland Imam Tests Limits of Free Speech by Praising ISIS Beheadings


Pakistani Christian Girl Kidnapped, Raped After Family Refused to Convert to Islam


Defying the Occult Comes to the American Stage: This Must-See Ballet is Straight From Heaven


InterVarsity Denies It Will Fire Employees Who Support Gay Marriage


LGBT Is Not the Same as Race: Stop Hijacking Civil Rights


Franklin Graham on Matthew: We Don't Run Away From Disasters, But to Them


Pastor Saeed Abedini Files for Divorce From Wife Naghmeh, Says 'Only Path Toward Healing Is Apart'


Brian Houston: Why Hillsong Doesn't Sing 'Shout to the Lord,' 'Oceans' Anymore


Putin's Russia Cracks Down on Religious Freedom


Hundreds pray rosary for life, marriage, religious freedom in front of U.S. Capitol


California to Make Distribution of Planned Parenthood Secret Recordings Illegal


Megachurches in America Spend Half Their Budget on Salaries Kept Mostly Secret, Study Finds


Judge orders university to release names of aborted baby parts purchasers


Powerful ad shows why young women support North Carolina’s bathroom privacy law


Franklin Graham: Islam Puts Women ‘behind a Veil of Horror’


46 Million People Living in Slavery Worldwide, New Report Reveals


New study shows extremely premature babies viable at 22, 23 weeks


Indiana University to sue state so it can continue experimenting on aborted babies’ body parts


Israel Digs against the Clock to Save Desert Scrolls from Looters


My Dad Was Transgender: Why I Still Think Gender Can't be Changed




- GoFundMe Changes Policy to Ban Fundraising for Those Accused of ‘Discriminatory Acts’





Sage's Story - Running from ICWA (Video)


Watchman Nee - Chinese Martyr


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