Three ordinary men who became extraordinary heroes in Florida school shooting


Dr. William Allen & others Rebuke Claim That Trump Is 'Driver' of Racial Division


US Skier David Wise: Olympics Are 'Temporary,' Faith and Family Are Forever


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Billy Graham gives 'final, most important' message to America



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US News


Mueller: NO AMERICANS, but 13 Russians Interfered in Election - To No Affect


'In These Moments of Darkness, We Hold onto God's Word' Trump re: FL Shooting


Warnings from the Founding Fathers on Our Reckless National Spending and Debt


President Trump Donates His 4th-Quarter Salary to Rebuilding the Country's Infrastructure


Keeping Promises, President Trump Unveils a Pro-Life Budget; Here's What's in It


Trump’s budget proposes defunding some abortion providers


Gov’t report finds overwhelming acceptance of U.S. abortion funding restrictions


Trump’s Education Department will no longer accept LGBT student bathroom complaints: report


Franklin Graham, Greg Laurie, Evangelical Leaders Discuss 2018 With Ivanka


UN Ambassador Nikki Haley Argues with CNN's Jake Tapper about Moving Embassy to Jerusalem


Trump's Envoy to Israel Tells Abbas, Palestinians, "Stop Denying Jewish History"


Trump at Prayer Breakfast Says US ‘Strengthened by the Power of Prayer’


Trump's New Religious Freedom Amb. Praises Islamic Scholars in First Public Speech


Pro-Israel Group Targeted by IRS During Obama Administration is Finally Vindicated


READ THE MEMO – House Intelligence Committee Report On FISA Abuses


5 Trump Cabinet Members and Their Christian Faith


Trump Administration Relentless in Fighting Mideast Terror: Designates Hamas Leader as "Global Terrorist"


CBS: Viewers Overwhelmingly Approve of President Trump's SOTU Speech


President Trump's Border Wall Prototypes Pass 'Rigorous Testing'; said to be 'Virtually Impassable'


Trump 'Scorched' NFL Flag Protests in His Address Last Night


Top 10 Highlights From Trump's First State of the Union Speech




U.S. Senate rejects banning late-term abortions of babies who feel pain


Is the 'Deep State' Real? Robert Gates Responds


Hillary Clinton Reportedly Shielded Faith Advisor Accused of Sexual Harassment


Trump Apologizes for Retweeting Anti-Muslim Britain First Tweets in Piers Morgan Davos Interview


President Trump Offers Citizenship Path for Dreamers, with a Few Conditions


"If You Don't Want Peace, You'll Get No Aid from Us" President Trump Slams Palestinians for Disrespecting the U.S. by Boycotting Pence


Former Fox News Host Eric Bolling Meets with President Trump to Discuss Opioid Crisis


Pro-life group praises U.S. Senate for confirming new HHS secretary


Sam Brownback Confirmed as New International Religious Freedom Ambassador


DOJ recovers missing text messages between anti-Trump FBI agents Strzok and Page


A Healthy Dose of Religious Freedom: New HHS Division to Protect Medical Professionals


Tony Perkins: Evangelicals Gave Trump a Do-Over on Porn Star Sexcapade, Moral Failings


Trump releases fact sheet showing his pro-life accomplishments


Missing Text Messages: New Evidence Emerges on Anti-Trump Agents at FBI and Mueller's Russia Team;


VP Pence Says U.S. Embassy Will Move to Jerusalem 'Before the End of the Year'


"Trump Holds, Schumer Blinks": Senate Votes 81-18 and Ends Gov't Shutdown


Mike Pence Takes Heat for Trump's Jerusalem Decision on Middle East Tour


Pro-life battle is ‘greatest human rights struggle’ on earth: congressman tells March for Life


Trump Administration Opens Office to Protect Healthcare Workers' Conscience Rights


Victory! U.S. House Votes to Protect Babies Who Survived Botched Abortions




Timeline: U.S. to Convert the Jerusalem Consulate into the New Embassy by the End of 2019


President Trump's "Firewall" of Faith: What These Leaders are Saying about This Administration's New Religious Freedom Division


These California Lawmakers Want Businesses to Give HALF of Their Tax-Cut Savings to the State


Do President Trump's Sons' Business Holdings Present a Conflict of Interest?


Two Christian Senators Offer Simple, Godly Solution for Racial Healing in America


Paying the Price: Death Threats Against FCC Chairman Are Unprecedented and Must Stop


President Trump Touts Diversity, Religious Freedom Day, Amid Accusations of Bigotry


White House Announces Religious Freedom Day


Hawaii Missile Scare: What Went Wrong? Emergency Alert System Under Review


President Trump Has His Physical: Here are the Results



- Senator David Perdue: "Honestly Don't Remember" Trump Making Vulgar Comments


"Heartbeat" or "Born Alive"--Which Pro-Life Bill Will be Voted on during This Year's March for Life?


Star Parker: Trump CAN Take Credit for Black Unemployment Drop


Investigation into Voter Fraud 'Thwarted' by the Left; a Leaked Memo Reveals Why


First Female Fighter Pilot in Combat Now Announces Her Senate Run to Replace Flake


Trump Says His 'Tough Language' Was Response to 'Outlandish' DACA Proposal

- African-American Pastor Responds to Trump's Controversial Comment on Immigration


Pro-lifers furious New Mexico attorney general won’t investigate baby parts sales


Alveda King Thanks President Trump for Signing Bill Honoring Her Uncle, Martin Luther King, Jr.


Human Rights Groups Urge Confirmation of Governor Brownback as Religious Freedom Ambassador


The Great Negotiator: Trump's Bipartisan Press Conference on DACA Hailed by All as "Extraordinary" but What Will the Final Outcome Be?


President Trump Freezes $1 Billion in Funding for Jihadist Hotbed Pakistan


President Trump nominates marriage champion to the federal bench


Congressman fights to ban sick ‘child sex dolls’


President Trump Replaces Gay Ambassador With a "Family Man" Signaling End to LGBT Diplomatic Agenda


"You're Making Israel Greater": President Trump Honored in Israel


Confusion in Kansas Over New Religious Freedom Ambassador: Political Correctness and Senate Inaction to Blame


Tax Benefits Kick In, Some Americans Rush to Lighten Tax Load


Barack Obama, Donald Trump Top Gallup's 'Most Admired Men' List Above Pope Francis, Billy Graham


Israel Minister Plans to Name Train Stop at Western Wall After Trump


Trump Told Words Can Be 'Destructive' and 'Divisive' in Christmas Eve Homily


After the U.N.'s Condemning Vote against the U.S. and Israel, President Trump Slashes Their Budget


Netanyahu's Colorful Criticism of the UN After Yesterday's Vote: "Theater of the Absurd"


Vice President Pence Makes Surprise Visit to Afghanistan: "Victory is Closer Than Ever Before"


Sessions Orders DOJ Review of Obama Admin. Over Hezbollah's Drug Trafficking in the US


President Trump Signs Tax Bill into Law: Merry Christmas!




Mike Pence: "It Was an Honor to Host Charlie Gard's Parents at the White House"


U.S. Expects Western Wall to be Part of Israel in Any Peace Deal


Congress Fails to Repeal Johnson Amendment in Tax Bill


Roy Moore Still Not Conceding Alabama Senate Race


Putin Thanks Trump for Tip That Thwarted ISIS Bombing Plot


Will Justice Kennedy Decide for Religious Freedom?


Mike Pence Meets 12-Y-O Iraqi Christian Boy Whose House Was Burned Down by ISIS


Obama-appointed judge blocks Trump’s rule ending HHS contraceptive mandate


7 Trump Accomplishments That Evangelicals Like


Vice-President Pence Postpones His Israel Trip




House, Senate Leaders Agree in Principle on Tax Package


Former Planned Parenthood VP will be appointed to U.S. Senate


Trump Receives Friends of Zion Award: "No American President Has Done More"


Former Top U.S. Spy: Maybe We Shouldn't Have Attacked a New President


Report: Iraq is ‘Fully Liberated’ from ISIS Control


In Thanks to America & Trump, Jerusalem Projects U.S. Flag onto Old City Wall


"Historic Day"-Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Praises President Trump's Recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's Official Capital


Breitbart claims Soros groups registering felons to oppose Moore in Alabama election


U.S. Department of Justice investigating Planned Parenthood for selling baby parts


Survey: 3 in 10 White Evangelicals Will Support Trump almost No Matter What


Trump endorses Roy Moore: ‘We need his vote…on Pro Life’


Major Supreme Court Victory for President Trump as Travel Ban Approved


President Trump Signs Proclamation to Scale Back 2 National Monuments in Utah: Praise Pours In


U.S. Senate passes major tax reform, excludes unborn


Does the Old Testament Support Voting for Morally Questionable Candidates Like Roy Moore?


Bill That Would Allow Churches to Receive FEMA Aid Advances in Congress


‘Please Pray for Us’ Asks Politician as Congress Addresses Sexual Harassment


‘Monster’ North Korean Missile Poses Threat to U.S.


Historic Tax Cut Legislation Advances in Senate


Senators Cruz, Rubio demand justice for Air Force colonel fired for standing up for pro-family values


Report: Pro-abortion, pro-LGBT Rex Tillerson to be ‘forced out’ as secretary of state


Delaware Takes Self-Determination a Bit Too Far


Navajo Code-Talker Lavishes President Trump with Praise at White House Ceremony


Trump’s Christmas card says ‘Merry Christmas,’ Obama’s never did


Israel and U.S. Racing to Prevent Publication of UN "Blacklist" of Companies with Business Ties to Israel


Party Leaders Aid Accused Molesters: Trump Boosts Roy Moore, Pelosi Defends 'Icon' John Conyers




Trump mentions God 8 times in Thanksgiving address. Obama refused to mention God once


Trump Declares North Korea a State Sponsor of Terrorism


Why Evangelicals Might Vote for Roy Moore Anyway


Massachusetts Republican governor mandates employers provide ‘free’ birth control


John Kerry Accuses Israel of Failing to Work for Peace


Despite Law, State Department Misses Deadline to Name Religious Freedom Violators


Dear Judge Roy Moore: Time for the Lie Detector






House Passes $1.5 Trillion Tax Reform Bill

- House passes GOP tax bill that recognizes unborn children


Here's How Rep. Steve Scalise Responded to Rosie O'Donnell's Profane Remark about GOP Tax Bill


Democrats React to Al Franken Sexual Assault Allegations, Now Say Bill Clinton Should Have Resigned

- Sen. Franken Prefers Southern Poverty Law Center Bias to Constitution in Nomination Process


Virginia governor-elect names abortion, LGBT activists to transition team


Mitch McConnell Calls for Investigation as Franken Accused of Sexual Harassment


FBI May Investigate Allegations against Planned Parenthood


House Set to Vote on Tax Reform Bill, Which Includes Provision for Unborn


Two Current Members of Congress Accused of Sexual Harassment, Congresswoman says


Founder of Trump Dossier Firm Just CONFIRMED What Many Always Suspected


Trump Team is Drafting Middle East Peace Plan


Pro-Marriage Speech is Again Allowed in This U.S. Government Department after Years of Censorship, Thanks to President Trump and Jeff Sessions


Pro-life Advocates Urge Congress to Pass Bill Protecting Conscience Rights of Healthcare Workers


New Bill Would Provide Veterans with Better Healthcare Options


GOP Leaders Reinstate Adoption Tax Credit


Mike Pence Pledges to End Bureaucratic Bungling That Enabled Church Massacre


Because the Mainstream Media Is Ignoring President Trump's Historic Reception in Beijing, Here are Stunning Photos of His Welcome in China


Trump considers strong pro-life, pro-family advocate for global women’s post


Tax reform bill essential to help families, businesses ‘thrive’: Ivanka Trump


President Trump is Filling Federal Courts with Scalia-like Conservative Judges


Virginia Gov. Candidate Ed Gillespie Gives Gracious Concession Speech, Cites Scripture

- Author of Virginia's Marriage Amendment Defeated by Transgender Challenger


Judge blocking transgender military ban ‘should be impeached’: pro-life Senate candidate Judge Moore


'Stand By Me' actor sparks fury with response to Paul Ryan offering prayers


Senator Rand Paul recovering from 5 broken ribs after assault while mowing lawn


New Education Department Office of

Civil Rights Nominee is a Defender of Religious Freedom


Senate Confirms Christian Circuit Court of Appeals Judge


Christian Leaders Urge Republicans Not to Scrap Adoption Tax Credit


GOP Aims to Repeal Johnson Amendment in New Tax Reform Bill




Majority of Americans Claim PC Culture Silences Important Debates; Afraid to Share Their Political Views


Senate Confirms Notre Dame Prof., 'Catholic Pentecostal' Mom of 7, to Serve as 7th Circuit Court Judge


Ex-Trump Campaign Manager/Ex-Podesta employee Indicted on Conspiracy, Money Laundering


Judge Roy Moore blasts LGBT agenda in campaign speech: ‘We don’t need transgender bathrooms’


‘Judicial activism’: Judge blocks Trump’s ban on transgenders in the military


First American Convicted of Joining ISIS Gets 20 Years in Prison


Speculation swirls as Mueller indictment looms in Russia investigation


John Boehner unleashed: Ex-House speaker curses at lawmakers, says congressman once held a knife to his throat


Japan Ready to Support US Strike against North Korea's 'Imminent' Threat


Newly Released JFK Files Reveal Shocking Details


About Time! Senators Aim to Draft Legislation That Protects ALL Speech on U.S. Campuses, No Matter How Unpopular


Jerry Falwell Jr. is calling on evangelicals to join Breitbart Chairman Steve Bannon's war against "fake Republicans" in Congress


VP Pence Vows Aid for Persecuted: "God Will Breathe New Life into Mid-East"


President Trump Declares Public Health Emergency to Combat Opioid Crisis: Prayers for Those Recovering from Addiction


Finally! Trump DOJ Settles Lawsuits Over Tea Party Targeted by IRS


Jimmy Carter: NFL Players Should Stand for Anthem, Protest in 'Different Way'


Federal Judge Tells Sheriff Joe Arpaio Trump Can't Erase Facts, Refuses to Wipe Criminal Record


President Trump Claims Tax Reform is a Moral Obligation: "We Can Make It Morning in America Again"


Alveda King "Fact Checks" Trump's Condolence Call to War Widow and Slams Court-Ordered Abortion for Immigrant: How Racism Plays a Part


Gold Star Mom on Trump's Call to Her: "It Was Like Talking to a Friend"


Trump's Travel Ban Blocked Again by Federal Judge


U.S. Senate candidate: bringing back ‘knowledge of God’ will be my priority


Trump admin makes protecting citizens “from conception to natural death” top priority


Trump Declares This Week 'National Character Counts Week'


Conway: ‘When I get to the White House in the A.M., I say a prayer as I walk in’


Trump Decertifies Iran Nuclear Deal


George Barna Explains How Christians Altered America's Future by Supporting Trump


Trump Tells Values Voters: 'We Are Stopping Cold the Attacks on Judeo-Christian Values'


The IRS Puts the Squeeze on Clergy Housing


Trump signs executive order gutting part of Obamacare


'Rights Come from God': Congressional Prayer upheld Despite Atheist Challenge


In Victory for Trump, Supreme Court Dismisses Travel Ban Case


Media forced to admit Trump is right about horrific U.S. abortion laws


President Trump Postpones Moving U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem


President Trump Champions Religious Freedom, Instates These 20 Key Principles




Trump's Proposals for 'Dreamers' Deal Include Border Wall, Crackdown on Unaccompanied Minors


President Trump's "Radical" Heart Change: A Legacy of Faith and Prayer...


5 Must-See Speeches as House Passes Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks


‘Pro-life’ Congressman who asked mistress to have abortion resigns


Pentagon cuts ties with liberal law center that demonized Christian orgs as ‘hate groups’


‘Pro-life’ congressman urged mistress to abort, said he ‘winced’ at his pro-life statements


U.S. House votes to ban late-term abortions on babies who feel pain


5 Significant Events to Watch on Capitol Hill This Week


President Trump's Inaugural Committee Will Give $3 Million to Hurricane Relief


Trump Congratulates Roy Moore for Alabama Runoff Victory: "Sounds Like a Really Great Guy"


Jeff Sessions Warns Campuses Must Defend and Enforce Free Speech: Protesters "Take a Knee" Outside University Venue


Pro-life HHS secretary resigns after backlash for gov’t-funded private plane trips


Cuba Off Limits! US Stops Issuing Visas


Christian Leaders Criticize Trump for Capping Refugee Acceptance at 45,000

- Evangelicals Urge Trump to Condemn Alt-Right in Open Letter


Trump expected to sign ban on late-term abortions of babies who feel pain


Scalise's Surprise Return to the Capitol, Testifying about God, Prayer & Miracles


5 Faith Facts about Roy Moore: Evangelical in Excelsi


John McCain Says Brain Cancer Prognosis Is 'Very Poor,' Sometimes Gets Feelings of Fear


Taliban Attacks Kabul Airport after Defense Secretary James Mattis’ Arrival


Roy Moore, the Christian Judge Who Was Fired Over Ten Commandments, Wins Alabama Senate Primary

- Roy Moore Defeats Luther Strange to Win Alabama GOP Senate Primary Runoff


Supreme Court cancels arguments in dispute over Trump travel ban


Under Pressure, The Smithsonian FINALLY Gives Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas a Spot in its African-American History Museum


First Lady Melania Attends Invictus Games for Injured Servicemen and Women


BIG Development: Trump Announces Chinese Banks to Stop doing Business with North Korea


Trump hit hard at globalists in UN speech


Texas Officials Urge Trump to Act on FEMA Funding for Houses of Worship


Conservatives back Judge Moore for Alabama senate; Trump stumps for opponent


Netanyahu's UN Speech: Warns Iran's Leadership, But Gives jope to its People


Pro-life Senate candidate: ‘Abortion, sodomy, sexual perversion sweep our land’


Republicans give final push to repeal Obamacare, defund Planned Parenthood bill

- Mitch McConnell to Introduce New Healthcare Bill in Senate Next Week

- Congress seeks to defund Planned Parenthood with Graham-Cassidy bill


Conservative Senate candidate calls Trump-backed opponent part of the DC ‘swamp’


All the President’s Clergymen: Trump’s ‘Unprecedented’ Ties with Evangelicals


Trump Hopes to See “Significant Progress” in Middle Eastern Peace


5 Christian Leaders' Reactions to Trump's UN Speech: 'Trump Was Churchill'

- Donald Trump delivers first speech to U.N. General Assembly (Video)


U.S. military decides to pay for transgender surgeries for another six months


Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Late-Term Abortions as "Disgusting and Sub-Human"


Are Evangelicals Slowly Backing Away From Trump?


The Solution to the Cultural Madness Surrounding the Berkeley Protests of Ben Shapiro


President Trump Backs Texas Churches Suing FEMA for Disaster Relief Funds




Trump Budget Deal Funds Planned Parenthood


SCOTUS Puts Temporary Hold on Lower Ruling That Would Allow More Refugees




President Trump's Powerful Proclamation for 9/11

- Cry Out America!—Monday, Sept 11 - 3 Major Prayers to See America Awakened

- Day of Remembrance: Pres. Trump and Thousands Pause for 9/11 Anniversary


President Trump in "Deep Prayer" with His Cabinet during Hurricane Irma Meeting


U.S. Issues Travel Warnings Following Hurricanes Irma and Jose


President Trump Urges the Supreme Court to Uphold the Right of Bakers to Refuse Gay Wedding Cakes


Omarosa put on White House 'no-fly list' to keep her away from Trump: report


47 Conservative Groups Urge Media to Stop Using SPLC and Its 'Hate List' as Legitimate Source


Napolitano Sues Trump over DACA


President Trump Tweets on "Epic" Irma: "Be Safe and Get Out of Its Way!"


Faith Profiling Trump's Judicial Nominees: Some Senators are Rebuking the Ones Who Love and Follow Jesus

- Democrats Use Religious Test on Federal Appeals Court Nominee


DACA Decision in Trump's Own Words: "We Will Resolve the Issue with Heart and Compassion but Through the Democratic Process"


Trump Admin. Backs Christian Baker in Supreme Court Gay Wedding Cake Case; ACLU 'Shocked'


Hillary Clinton Reveals She Turned to Prayer, Yoga and Chardonnay After 'Devastating' Loss to Trump


Congress Approves $8 Billion in Aid Funding After Hurricane Harvey Devastation


Must See: This Prayer Over President Trump in the Oval Office is Going Viral!


AG Sessions: DACA 'Is Being Rescinded'




President Trump Observes National Day of Prayer


Draining the VA Swamp: These Are the Victories for Vets Under Trump


Houston Reminds Us Who Americans Really Are; NOT the Parade of Deplorables Portrayed by Media...


President Trump on Response to Hurricane Harvey: 'We Want to do it Better Than Ever Before'


Justice Dept.'s Actions Contradict Trump's Promises on Religious Freedom


Trump Signs Memo Directing Pentagon to Implement Transgender Ban

- Trump: Military has 6 months to prepare for transgender ban

- Trump to Rescind Obama Rule Forcing Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Gender Transition Treatments

- Leaked Document Shows Trump Planning to Roll Back Obama-Era Contraception Mandate


GOP Eagerly Awaits Tax Reform Debate


How United Methodists Became Pro-Life After 44 Years and Left Hillary Clinton Behind


Atheist Group Demands Marco Rubio Stop Tweeting Bible Verses


Poll shows former Alabama judge with big lead in GOP runoff race for senate seat


Is America on the ‘cusp of a second civil war’? Conservative leaders think so


Under Fire After Pastor AR Bernard's Exit, Evangelical Advisory Board Explains Work With Trump


President Trump Makes Major Announcement on War in Afghanistan: America Will Not Abandon Them to ISIS


62 Nebraska Pastors Sign Anti-Racism Statement Calling White Supremacy 'Blatantly Sinful'


Should Trump's Evangelical Advisers Abandon Him?


If You Want to End White Supremacy, Start with Planned Parenthood Says Bi-Racial, Pro-Life Reporter: It All Gets Down to the "Supernatural"


Condoleezza Rice: "When You Start Wiping Out, Sanitizing, Your History to Make You Feel Better; It's a Bad Thing"


Bannon Out!


Trump set to end Obama’s rule requiring employers to pay for abortion: report


Conservative judge Roy Moore sails to victory in Alabama senate primary election

- Strong pro-life, pro-family judge seeks big upset in Alabama senate primary


Tillerson: Protecting Targets of ISIS’ ‘Genocide’ a Religious Freedom Priority


President Trump: ‘I Wanted to See the Facts’ before Denouncing White Supremacists

- One Person Killed, 35 Others Injured in Clashes at 'Unite the Right' Rally in Charlottesville, VA

- President Trump on Charlottesville: "Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups..."

- Christian Leaders Respond to Charlottesville White Supremacy March and Attack

- More Than 14,000 Clergy Members Condemn White Supremacy


Trump admin demands end to harmful experiments making babies with 3 parents


Trump defends transgender military ban: ‘I’m doing a lot of people a favor’

- Gay Republicans blast Trump’s trans military ban, suggest it’s ‘hateful’

- Pro-gay U.S. embassy features ‘art’ by anti-Trump professor


Trump Criticized for Not Naming White Supremacists in Condemning Charlottesville Violence


Defense secretary says war with North Korea would be 'catastrophic'


Trump quickly filling federal courts with conservative judges


Nikki Haley Warns North Korea Trump Isn't 'Playing Around'


Trump officially notifies UN that U.S. is out of Paris climate change accord


The major influences on Trump regarding ‘LGBT…


White House issues guidance on Trump’s transgender military ban


"ISIS' Defeat 'Dramatically Accelerated' by Trump Strategy, State Dept. Says


Pro-life investigators ask SCOTUS to end censorship of Planned Prnthood videos


Democrats Reverse Decision Requiring Candidates to Support Abortion


Christian Photographer Cannot be Forced to Work Same-Sex Weddings, Court Rules


Trump’s ‘transgender’ ban could stop military from wasting almost $2 billion

- Retired generals praise Trump’s ‘courageous’ transgender military ban


Is President Trump Already Building "The Wall" With the Aid of Israeli Technology?


Trump Cabinet Members Meet Faithfully Every Week for Bible Study


An Army Vet Explains Why President Trump's Transgender Military Ban Makes Sense in This Viral Video


Trump admin: Christian business owners can’t be forced to employ homosexuals


All 100 US Senators to UN: End 'Unacceptable' Anti-Israel Bias


After Just a Week as Communications Director, Scaramucci Is OUT


Transgender activist agrees with Trump’s military ban: ‘We should be disqualified’


Trump: Senate ‘let the American people down’ by not defunding Planned Parenthood, axing Obamacare

- Why John McCain voted to save Planned Parenthood and Obamacare


North Korea Launches Missile Test at Japan: Is the U.S. Next?


US Senate AGAIN fails to defund Planned Parenthood, repeal Obamacare


San Francisco Chronicle Admits: Some Anti-Trump Protesters are Paid


Federal Court Says the Department of State Must Release Clinton's Benghazi Emails


Former High Ranking Advisor to President Obama Says Christians Deserve to be Killed by ISIS: "What Goes Around Comes Around"


Pence: Trump Prays for Persecuted Christians, Says ISIS Will Be Destroyed


A Political Glossary Part IV - Addressing laws such as ICWA


Rare Footage of Pres. Ronald Reagan Speaking the Gospel

- Reagan's 'Sign Of The Cross Speech'


Should Christians be in politics?

 - Our Citizenship: Social Activism

- The Mount Vernon Statement

- SIGN the Manhattan Declaration



World News


Exploitation, Graft Thrive in Europe’s Migrant Crisis


France Rejects a Third Gender Category


Assad Regime Reportedly Holding Syrian Boy in Viral Video under House Arrest


Colombia: Mudslide Death Toll over 250


Mexico: Another Priest Killed in Increasing Violence


Syria: Christians Killed for Refusing to Deny Jesus, Staying to Help Victims


UK Defies 70 Nations to Defend Israel, Refuses to Sign Paris Summit Statement


Ethnic-Religious Cleansing Cited as Herdsmen Kill More Christians in Nigeria


Over 75 Percent of North Koreans Don’t Survive Persecution


200 New Christian Converts are Baptized in Iran


Opposition in India Forces Shift in Evangelism


Evangelical Pastor Wins Election, Becomes Mayor of Rio


Pakistan Bans Honor Killings but Support for Murderers Persists


Boko Haram Victims: ‘We are in a Catastrophe’


Indonesia: Faith of Christians Remains Strong Despite Muslim Threats


Boko Haram Health Crisis: Polio Returns to Nigeria


China Criticized for Trial against House Church Leaders and Activists


Iraq: Few Christians Who Remain Vow to Stay and Rebuild Country


China: Seminary Students Forced to Deny God, Obey Communist Party


Assyrian Christian Church Attacked and Burned by Gunmen


Church of England Increasingly Divided over Same-Sex Marriage


Death and Destruction by Fulani Herdsmen Continues in Central Nigeria


77 dead, 50 injured after truck drives into Bastille Day crowd in France


Churches to Russia: We’re Not Leaving


Nepal: 8 Christians Face Trial for Handing out Bibles


Nigeria: Woman Preacher Hacked to Death


New Zealand denies abortion parental notification rights for girls 15 and younger


United Reformed Church approves same-sex ‘marriages’ in churches in UK


Pakistan: Christian Lawyer Forced into Hiding after Receiving Death Threats














Christian Persecution


(Below Ministry & Missions - click here)


Ministry & Missions


Christian Ministry Open Doors is Helping Restore Nearly 700 Homes Destroyed by ISIS


Christian Leaders Call America to Prayer after School Shooting in Florida


Son of Imprisoned North Korean Man Asks for Help, Prayer for Father


Austrian Evangelical Community 'Adopts' 100 Christian IDF Soldiers


Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplains Deployed to Westerville, Ohio, and Richardson, Texas, after Law Enforcement Officers Shot and Killed


International Mission Board President David Platt Announces Resignation


Tim Tebow's 'Night to Shine' Touches 90,000 Guests with God's Love

- Tim Tebow Says Special Needs Prom Night to Shine is 'The Best Night of My Life'


Evangelicals Join Interfaith Leaders in Washington to Promote Religious Tolerance


Understanding Jesus Through the Eyes of an Arab Christian, Jerusalem Native (Interview)


UK Activists Try to Prevent Franklin Graham from Preaching, But He Says "I'm Not Coming to Preach Hate, I'm Here to Preach About a Savior"


Second Lady Karen Pence: How Music, Art Therapy is Healing Military Members


Did You Know You Can Send a Letter of Encouragement to a Persecuted Believer?


Despite Critics, Worship Leader Says IHOP's 24/7 Prayer Movement is Centered on Christ


Victims of Trafficking Share How God's Love Gave Them Hope


Lou Engle: "God Showed Me: It's Time for the Latter Rain"; His Global Call to the Body of Christ


Denver Program Helps Homeless and Shows Biblical Principles Work


Thousands Attend Missions Fest Vancouver; Apologist Tells of Devastating Effect of Atheist Richard Dawkins' Book


Denver Program Helps Homeless and Shows Biblical Principles Work


Prayer Alert: Saturday's Taliban Suicide Bombing Death Toll Climbs Over 100, More Than 200 Injured


Last Hope for Life: How One Pro-Life Center Is Rescuing Lives from Abortion Near a Planned Parenthood


Anne Graham Lotz Event Draws 500,000 in India; Multitudes Accept Jesus as Savior


Franklin Graham Warns: "Pray for President Trump as Forces at Work to Destroy Him and Take Government Over by Force"


Armed with Their #1 Podcast, a Christian Pastor and an Atheist Philosopher Revive the Lost Art of Respectful Discussion and Debate


Young Woman Shares Gospel During Victim Impact Hearing for USA Gymnastics Doctor


Prayer Alert: 80 Nigerian Christians Slaughtered in 'Inhuman' Violence; Victims Describe Being Hacked by Machetes


Urbana Director: Why Following God's Calling Doesn't Just Mean a Missions Trip


Muslim Woman Converts to Christianity, Influences 1,500 Others for Christ






Bill Would Require All West Virginia Schools to Ofas

0fer Bible Courses


16 Ways You Can Care for the Vulnerable This Year


Israeli Doctors Save Desperately Sick Palestinian Teen Despite Middle East Politics


One Man’s Kindness Spurs a City’s Change of Heart


Pray! Death Toll Continues to Rise From Southern California Mudslides: Scene Described as Nothing Short of "Apocalyptic"


Rich Stearns to Retire from Charity Behemoth World Vision




Over 32,000 Students Unite in Worship at Passion Conference


This Former Radical Muslim Issues Urgent Prayer for Iranian People: Countless Have Already Come to Christ


How to Promote Bible Literacy Among Teens: Be Authentic


Thousands Pray at the Western Wall for Rain to Break Drought in Israel: Told to "Bring Umbrellas, Because Together We Will Tear Open the Gates of Heaven!"


Greg Laurie Hails 'Epic' Year at Harvest Ministries With 25,000 People Deciding to Follow Christ


The Simple Yet Powerful Thing about Linus' Epic Christmas Speech Most People Have Never Noticed


Christians Minister at Refugee Camps in Paris


How Christian Techs in Silicon Valley are Giving Their Best Talents for God's Kingdom


Chick-fil-A Comes to the Rescue During Atlanta Shut-Down, Violating Its Oath to Stay Closed on Sundays


"I'm a Slave Stealer": How This NFL Coach Rallied His Team to Fight Child Sex Trafficking


The Gettys Sing Modern Hymns, Traditional Christmas Carols With Mike and Karen Pence


Christmas Carolers Gather Outside Abortion Clinics This Season


Salvation Army Ranks as Top Christian Charity in the UK, No. 4 in the US


Somalia: Ex-Muslim Converts to Christianity and Now Leads Others to Christ


Three Dallas Cowboy Players Get Baptized in Viral Video


'The Holy Spirit Brought the House Down': US Senate Chaplain Pursues God's Power on Capitol Hill


Over 10,000 People Attend Franklin Graham Rally in Vietnam


Mrs. Trump and Mrs. Pence Go to Texas to Shine a Spotlight on Hurricane Relief


21-Year-Old Christian Shot Dead While Clutching His Bible and Sharing God With His Murderer


Canadian Schools Cancel Operation Christmas Child over Organization’s Stance on Homosexuality


Amazing Revival in South Africa Begins With "Momentous Prayer" in Parliament: The Israel Connection


Police Officer becomes Good Samaritan to a Pregnant Homeless Woman; His Inspirational Act of Love...


This Pastor is Getting Jesus Noticed by Using Peanuts Comic "Lucy's Help Booth" on NY Street Corner


Giant "Prayer Walk" Causes Over 50% Drop of Abortions at This City's Busiest Abortion Center


In Kenya, an HIV-Positive Pastor and His Wife Model New Thinking about AIDS


Family of Slain NYPD Police Officer Receives Amazing Christmas Present


Over 100 Churches to Participate in Prayer Walk outside Charlotte Abortion Clinic


The Guy in the Red Apron: How a Salvation Army Bell Ringer Brings Heart to the Job


The problem with Catholic evangelization today in less than 150 words


After Singing 'Amazing Grace' to Cheer Up His Fellow Captives, This Kidnapped Christian Missionary was Suddenly Martyred


[Watch] A Cook's Incredibly Kind, Humble Act for a Veteran in Need Goes Viral


6 Christians Arrested After Praying for Sick Woman Lead Fellow Inmates to Christ, Report Says


The One Place the Abortion Advocates Don't Want You to Know About


Push the 'Radical Jesus Agenda' Rather Than Fight the 'Radical Liberal Agenda'


Franklin Graham Issues Call to Prayer for This Air Force Colonel Suspended for His Beliefs


Christian Man Risks His Life to Distribute 100,000 Children's Bibles in Vietnam


A Big Win for Grandfather Banned from Reading Bible on Public Sidewalk


Tim Tebow Says God Called Him to Share Love of Christ to People at Airport


Operation Christmas Child Delivers Gifts to Children Affected by Hurricane Irma


100 Years After His Death, Oswald Chambers and 'My Utmost for His Highest' are Still Impacting Lives


Owners Hope 8-Foot Tall Ten Commandments inside This Mall Will "Inspire" Shoppers, Give Them Hope


Atheists Unwittingly Spark Spiritual Revival at Georgia High School


City of Malibu, CA Tells Church to Stop Feeding Homeless


More Than $1 Million Raised to Help Texas Church Shooting Victims and Families


The Incredible "God-Led" Ways People are Helping Texas Church Victims


Wycliffe Bible Translators Turns 75


Prayer Alert: Saudis Warn Iran; Latest Missile Launch Could be Considered 'Act of War'

- Saudi hits out at Iran over Lebanon and Yemen (Video)


Why Johnny Can't Read...the Bible: The 'Teach the Bible in Schools' Campaign


Bethel Music Hosting Benefit Concert to Raise $100K for Displaced Christians in Iraq


Christians Called to Take Action on Intrn'l Day of Prayer for Persecuted Church

- International Day of Prayer for the Persecuted Church: Wake Up, Speak Out, Pray


Film about Unique Christian Charity Wins Award for Best Human Interest Documentary


‘Fixer Upper’ Stars Help Elderly Hurricane Victim Rebuild Her Home


Amazing Secret Mission: Israel Partners with This Christian Ministry to Save Lives Deep in Syria


Greg Laurie: No Christian Is 'Off the Hook,' All Are Called to Evangelize, Make Disciples


30 Million Expected for Reinhard Bonnke's Final, Farewell Crusade in Africa: "Passing the Torch to All Who Want to Follow in My Footsteps"


Bad Math: Why Just Planting More Churches Is Not Enough


Bobby Schuller Calls Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic 'Our Generation's Billy Graham'


Liquid Church's 'Love Week' to Mobilize 4,000 Volunteers to Serve New Jersey Communities


Testimony: (Video) - ISIS Leader Comes to Christ - Leading The Way Testimony


Christian NBA Player Steph Curry Prays with Grieving Boy Who Lost His Father


'Prayer is Changing Our City,' Says Pastor of Largest Church on Capitol Hill


This year’s 40 Days for Life has saved over 300 babies from abortion so far


Evangelist Says 400,000 People Gave Their Lives to Christ at Event in Ukraine


Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Says 400,000 Ukrainians Chose to Repent of Sins, Follow Jesus


Texas Pastor on What Muslims Believe, How to Engage Them With the Gospel


California Wildfires: Local Pastors Identify 3 of the Best Ways Christians Can Help


Sheltering the Victims of the California Wildfires


The Weekend of Worship that Filled the National Mall and Awakened the Dawn


The 'Dress Rehearsal' of Zechariah's Invitation: Thousands of Christian Pilgrims Stand with Israel for the Feast of Tabernacles


Nabeel Qureshi’s Wife Vows to Continue His Ministry




After the Massacre, a Las Vegas Church Seizes the Chance to Serve


URGENT: Australia Asks for Prayer and Fasting during October, as They Seek to Protect Traditional Marriage


20 Iranian Christians Embark on Secret Journey to Celebrate Baptism: Check Out These Exclusive Images


Iranian Christians Celebrate New Believers in Mass Baptism


Wycliffe Associates Aims for Hundreds of New Translation Launches in Next 90 Days Using Rapid-Translation Method


Missionary Family in Iraq Reveals Perils of Relief Work—and Hope in the War-Torn Region


Samaritan's Purse Ramping Up Aid Efforts in Caribbean After Hurricane Maria


North Korean Defector Sends 1,000 Digital Bibles in Balloons Across Border


Half-a-Million People Gather in the Streets of Ukraine to Praise the Name of Jesus


Students bring 300k baby socks on cross-country tour to demand Planned Parenthood defunding


‘Miracle of the Kurds’ Author Shares Why He Supports a Forgotten People


They Give Us Hope: WORLD Announces Winner of 2017 Hope Awards


‘Let’s Preach the Whole Gospel’: Q&A with Jemar Tisby on Bridging the Racial Divide


Church Lays Hands on Tim Tebow and Prays for His Encouragement as He Helps with Hurricane Relief


Faith-Based Orgs are Playing a Massive Role in the Hurricane Relief Efforts


Abortion group ‘alarmed’ that 145 clinics have closed in the last 5 years


Tim Tebow Rallies Volunteers for Special Needs Shelters in Florida


Samaritan's Purse Mobilizes 2,100 Volunteers to Help Texas Homeowners Impacted by Harvey

- Franklin Graham on Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes: World Needs to Prepare for Jesus Christ's Return


Greg Laurie Prays God Puts a 'Shield Over America' as North Korea's Nuclear Bomb Threat Grows


Florida Congressman Asks for Prayers as State Braces for Irma


South Asia Flooding Death Toll 20 Times Higher Than Harvey; Christians Helping as Diseases Spread


Samaritan's Purse Mobilizes 2,100 Volunteers to Help Texas Homeowners Impacted by Harvey


CHURCHES UNITING to Better Help Victims of the Texas Flood; You Can Help


Mike Pence Joins Franklin Graham's Texas Relief Work; Drone Video Shows Incredible Harvey Devastation


Iraqi Youth Hear the Gospel and Have "Wonderful" Response at a Retreat in Jordan


Former Muslim Assassin Encounters Christ


Christian Churches, Relief Groups Helping Thousands in Texas Floods Resembling 'War-Zone'


As Hurricane Harvey Lashes Texas, Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplains Deploy to Offer Hope and Comfort


Christian Churches, Relief Groups Helping Thousands in Texas Floods Resembling 'War-Zone'


Tips How to Teach Children About the Bible and Jesus


Rev. Franklin Graham Addresses Crowd at President Trump's Phoenix Rally: 'Lord, I Pray Tonight That You Would Unite Us'

- Flanked by Ben Carson and Alveda King, Franklin Graham Delivered a Powerful Prayer at the Arizona Trump Rally


Refugee Who Lost Everything Puts Faith in Christ and Finds New Hope


Over 10,000 People Give Their Lives to Christ at Greg Laurie Crusade

- Greg Laurie Condemns White Supremacy at SoCal Harvest: America Needs 'Spiritual Awakening' After Charlottesville


Christian Aid Raising Funds for People Affected by Mudslide Disaster in Sierra Leone


Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplains Respond to Barcelona, Spain, Following Terror Attack


Kirk and Chelsea Cameron to Host Online Course on Marriage and Parenting


Bible "Balloon Offensive" Floats into North Korea


Syrians Are Learning to Love Israel through This Amazing Humanitarian Operation


Even Secular Media is Praising ‘Mom of Pakistan’ Who Boldly Preaches the Gospel in a Dangerous Area




Sermon Writing Tool starts Kickstarter Campaign; Doubles Goal within 12 Hours


$2M Fundraiser Launched to Rebuild Christian Town Decimated by ISIS


'The Middle' Mom, Patricia Heaton Tweets Messages of Jesus and the Holy Spirit


WATCH: MercyMe's Lead Singer Gets Real with This Testimony that Many of Us Can Relate To


Hundreds of Muslim Refugees are Giving Their Lives to Christ in Finland


Former Pastor Helping Over 700 Cambodia Sex Trafficking Victims, 13-Y-O Girls Sold by Mothers for Rape


Good News about Sharing the Good News: The Longing That Won't Go Away


New Christian App is Extremely Popular with Women Who Struggle with Singleness


Actor Kelsey Grammer Shares How He Overcame Alcohol Addiction through Jesus' Power


How an Amazing Demonstration of the Gift of Tongues Brought This Jew to Jesus and into Christian Ministry


Radical Muslim Gives Life to Christ after Attending Christian Church Service


The African Famine: Our Brothers and Sisters Need Our Help


Good Works of Churches Often Go Unnoticed


Christians Rising in Venezuela: God Says, "I Will Raise You Up and Bless You!"


Did You Know Martin Luther King Jr. Prayed at a Billy Graham Crusade?


You Can Now Join an Online Bible Study Led by Sadie Robertson


Samaritan's Purse Comes to the Rescue of Wisconsin Flood Victims


Good Samaritans Rescue Family Trapped in Overturned Vehicle


When Loving God Conflicts With Loving Our Neighbor


More People Choosing to be Missionaries in Church of England


God’s Not Dead’ Creators Donate $25,000 to Restore Ten Commandments Monument


Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Releasing First Music Album to Spread Hope


J.John to Lead Largest Evangelistic Event in UK Since Billy Graham 32 Years Ago


Thousands of Christians to Take Part in National Prayer Event This Sunday


When Charity is Labeled 'Hate': Guidestar and the Southern Poverty Law Center




Evangelist to Launch 50,000 Teens to Share Gospel: Great Revival Coming


Billy Graham: World Has Reverted to Barbarism as People Have Forgotten Jesus' Words


Greg Laurie on What Could Happen If There's No Spiritual Awakening in America


5 Humongous Youth Ministry Myths


Harvest America: Greg Laurie Clarifies Views on God; Over 3,000 Make Decisions for Christ


Why Words Are Necessary to Share the Gospel


Too Tired for Evangelism?


"Pray for America With Confidence!": Vice-President Mike Pence Stirs Crowd at Faith and Freedom Coalition


Greg Laurie to Headline 'Super Bowl of Evangelism' Sunday in Phoenix


Update on one group’s language where Bible translation is making a difference


Pastor Reports 100,000 New Converts to Christ Per Year Despite Ongoing Crackdown in China


U2 Takes Jimmy Kimmel Audience to Church


Will Gov. Sam Brownback Leave Kansas for Trump State Dept. Religious Freedom Post?


Why You Need to Love the People in Your Church


Thank you, Jesus: Intercessors Hit DC to Pray for the President: "Tea at Trump's"


“As It Had Been the Face of an Angel” — A Commission for God’s Messengers


Alan Sears, Serving God and Protecting His People: The 2017 William Wilberforce Award


Christian Pastor Says Many Indonesians Are Realizing Islam Is False, Finding Christ


Billy Graham Chaplains Deployed to Manchester to Offer Aid


The Stunning Science Behind the Healing Power of Prayer


China, Once Officially Atheist, Now Booming with Religion


Nabeel Qureshi Says He's Not Lost Hope God Will Heal Him From Cancer


Thousands of Christians to Take Part in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Prayer Initiative


Christianity Growing in North Korea Despite Persecution, Defector Says


Christian Ministry to Hold Bible Study, Discipleship Camps in Russia Despite Crackdown on Evangelism


U.S. Amb. to Israel David Friedman Prays for President Trump at Western Wall


Ravi Zacharias and Ministry Team Say 'Goodbye' to Nabeel Qureshi


At UN Headquarters, a Prayer Group Beseeches Heaven to Protect Israel


Actor Chris Pratt Quotes Psalm 107:8-9 in Response to Witnessing the Faith of Sick Children He Visited: "Today My Hungry Soul is Filled"


The Love of God Turns an ISIS Leader from a Course of Death, to Life in Christ


Now Safe on U.S. Soil, This American Believer—Imprisoned by North Korea because of a Bible He Left Behind—is Sharing His Story




Mom And 6 Sons Donate a Combined 17 Feet of Hair after Friend Dies of Cancer


'Everywhere We Go, People Ask for Bibles': Pastor Says Muslims in Middle East Have 'Huge Thirst' for Gospel


Why Were 200,000 Baby Socks Taken to the U.S. Capitol Last Week?


90 Continuous Hours of Bible Reading at U.S. Capitol is Happening Right Now




China Gripped by Spiritual Revival as 'Hundreds of Millions Turn to Religion and Faith'


"These People are Made from a Different Substance"—Egyptian TV Host Astounded by the Forgiveness of a Christian Woman Widowed during the Palm Sunday Bombing in Egypt


How a Muslim Royal Family is Supporting a New Christian Church in Middle East


The Prayer & Bible Study that Are an Ongoing Part of the President's Cabinet


Wycliffe Associates Helping Mother-Tongue Translators Print Bibles Where Churches and Christians Are in Hiding


Baptist Missionaries From 3 States Biking Over 2,000 Miles to Help Kids in Nicaragua


Hate Hollywood But Want to Love and Pray for the Lost There? Insider Explains How Christianity is Growing in "One of the Loneliest Cities Ever"


Hashtag Tips for Inter net Evangelism and Networking


Ministry Is Shaped by the Condition of the Heart: Awe Puts Us in Our Place


Internet Evangelism Tip - Collect Prayer Requests on Facebook


Humility Key to Effective Leadership

- 8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders

- The most appreciated pastors preach and teach Word of God


Feature: is God calling you to become a 'techie missionary'?

- Social Media: Latest Evangelism Tool

- Internet Evangelism Site Making Disciples

- Burgeoning internet is helping Christians spread the Word in China

- Become an Online Missionary!

- Internet Evangelism Is Effective

- Apps and Spirituality? Blend Can be Mixed Blessing, Baylor Author Says

- Microsoft VP: God Can Use Whatever You Have to Spread the Gospel


Has God Told You NOT to do Ministry?


Billy Graham gives 'final, most important' message to America

- Billy Graham: Does Bible Teach That Some Races Are Superior?

- Billy Graham: ‘Don’t Let Shame, or Fear…Keep You from Christ’

- Billy Graham "Prays in His Preaching Voice and is Still Kicking": Here's Why

- Billy Graham: Now is time for 'fresh awakening'

- Billy Graham Makes Case for Existence of Christ for Those Who Doubt



Christian Persecution


2018 - North Korea is Worst Place for Christian Persecution, Group Says


10 Nations Where People Suffer Extreme Religious Persecution Exposed


2017 - Here are the 10 Worst Countries for Christian Persecution According to a UK Report


Evangelicals, Pentecostals Are More Likely Than Other Christians to Be Persecuted, Here's Why...


Top 7 Nations With Worst Record of Christian Persecution: Report


Hindu Extremists Torture 29 Christians for Their Faith



- UK Anti-Semitic Incidents Hit Record in 2014

- Pew Study: Christians Are The World’s Most Oppressed Religious Group

- Key findings about growing religious hostilities around the world


- Report: 9 out of 10 Top Christian Persecution Countries Due to Islamic Extremism

- Survey: Reported Christian "martyr" deaths doubled in 2013

- New Web Site encourages prayer for persecuted Christians

- China Still Persecuting Christians, Just Better at Hiding It

- Raymond Ibrahim and Pat Robertson Discuss Muslim Persecution of Christians

- World Watch List: 50 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians

- Christian Persecution: The world was not worthy of them

- A Day in the Tortured Life of Christians in the Middle East

- Human Rights Activist: Many Christians 'Ignorant' of Extent of Persecution

- 400% Increase in Persecution of Christians Prompts Urgent Prayer Call

- Persecution Podcast #123: Vietnam, Iran, Kenya, and Pakistan

- Persecution Podcast #124: Kyrgyzstan, India, China, and Laos

- Stunning historical attack on Christians

- Christians 'Most Persecuted' Religion in World

- Report focus: Religious persecution and 'diplomatic leverage'

- Crackdown targets SK missionaries helping defectors in China

- Is Religious Intolerance on the Rise Globally

- New commissioners appointed to monitor intern'l religious freedom

- Muslim Persecution: January 2013

- What Happens to the Children?

- Chair of US Commission on Inter'l Religious Freedom on Persecution

- Open Doors to Release Religious Freedom Abuser World Watch List

' - Religious persecutors' list incomplete

- Church, Americans Quiet on Persecution

- Afghan Christian Sayed Musa tells how he survived imprisonment, abuse

- "Have Christians in US heard about me?"

- 4 steps to fight religious persecution

- What We Don’t Know re Persecuted Church

- Christian dies for beliefs every 5 minutes

- Shocking Figures Reveal 105,000 Christians Martyred Each Year

- "They electrified, strangled him, broke his teeth...Hany died a Christian"



- Convert Back To Islam or Die

- Letter from man in prison for faith


- Muslim persecutors target believers


- Church Leaders Beaten

- Christian beaten for Defending Girls


- Christians Attacked During Christmas

- Christian Converts Lose Jobs & Homes

- Christian Civilians Targeted


- Christian Pastors Arrested in Buddhist Bhutan


- Chinese Authorities Destroy Christian Statues Depicting Passion of Christ in Wenzhou

- How Should Global Christians Respond to the Destruction of China’s Sanjiang Church?

- China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins

- China to become 'world's most Christian nation'...

- China clamps down on families who rescue abandoned babies

- New Campaign to Rid House Churches

- Christian Woman kidnapped, tortured

- Chinese Christians Protest Rule Requiring Bishops Be Elected by Gov't

- Farmer in Jiangsu attacked by 20+ family planning officials who beat him to near death

- Torture? See China's victims

- Editorial by Gao Zhisheng


- Official Admits Persecution


- Pastor Executed for Conversions


- Egyptian Christian Murdered by Islamic Extremists

- Egypt: Jizya-vigilantes target Christian minorities

- Egypt’s Young Coptic Christians Energized to Fight for Civil Rights


- The cost of Christianity in Egypt

- Coptic teacher tried for 'insulting religion'

- Christian paper Accused of Insulting Islam

- Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children

- New video shows Egyptian police allowing deadly attack on Coptic cathedral

- Coptic Christians Need Help Now

- Attacks on Copts Significantly Increasing

- Video: Christian Girls Gang Raped in Egypt to Screams of ‘Allahu Akbar!’

- The Kidnapping of Coptic Girls

- The ‘Epidemic’ of Sexual Harassment—and Rape—in Egypt

- Raymond Ibrahim: Blasphemy Charges Soar Against Christians in Egypt

- Coptic Billionaire Tried for "Insulting Islam"

- Egypt Arresting Copts for Massacre

- Massacre in Cairo (warning: graphic)


- Gov't Beats & Detains 125 Christians

- Arrests continue

- Christians Finding No Escape


- Released Christian finds kids missing

- Christian Churches / Homes torched


- Eunuchs coming to Christ in India

- India's Christians Shrug

- India: unrelenting persecution

- Karnataka Most Dangerous for Christians

- Christians targeted for trafficking


- Indonesian police demolish church

- Bombing at packed church injures 22

- Indonesia Frees Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as “Ramadan Present”



- Iran’s Oppressed Christians


- “I am in a fight with myself every day”

- Iran court convicts Pastor to death

- Pressure on Pastor to Convert or die


- Kids lead 2 lives to avoid beatings

- Silent killings of 'Christian Dogs'


- Israel Called a "Paradise for Christians" - Where Believers Say "We Enjoy Our Freedom"


- Arab Christians No Longer Grouped as Muslims in Israel

- Group targets Messianics


- Kazakh court orders Bibles to be destroyed


- Worship Service Targeted in Grenae Attacks

- YWAM Missionary Murderedd


- Women, kids, elderly slaughtered


- Police Arrest Pastor for Spreading Faith

- Officials Confiscate Church Buildings

- Christians Forced to Recant for Burial

- Officials: Give Up Faith or Face Eviction


- Seven Christians Executed in Libya


- Islam’s Persecution of Christians


- Crime wave targets Christians

- Persecuted Christians of Mexico


- 21 House Church leaders detained


- Christians in Nepal Sentenced to Prison for Praying for Ill Woman are Released

- “Those words were pricking my heart”

- Churches under threat, Discrimination


- World powers join hunt for abducted Nigerian schoolgirls

- Amid Sorrow Losing Pastor & husbands at Hands of Boko Haram, Three Nigerian Widows are Filled with Joy of Jesus Christ

- Nigeria Islamists kill 68 in two village attacks: witnesses

- Churches Bombed in Kano, Killing 45 People

- Christians Targeted in Univ Killings

- Fifty Christians Burned Alive in Pastor's Home

- Dozens Killed in Attacks on Christian Villages

- 'Christians must convert,' says Islamist group

- Boko Haram Explains Why It Kills Christians, Desire for an Islamic Nigeria

- President Jonathan Urges the Church to Intensify Prayers for the Country

- Hundreds of Christians slaughtered

- Christian Blood on Obama’s Hands?

- Obama: Slaughter of Christians a misunderstanding

- ‘Religion Not Driving Violence’ in Nigeria, Says Obama Official After Church Bombings

- Protecting Christians near impossible

- Boko Haram Declares War on Christians

- Army helped slaughter Christians

-  Read this Updating Blog

North Korea

- North Korea: Believers Say God Is at Work despite Severe Persecution

- Christian Activists allegedly murdered

- 3 House Church Leaders Executed


- Christians in Pakistan sentenced to death over text message...

- Forced Conversions hike Fears

- Another Christian Martyred

- Pakistan tops worst list for religious freedom

- Christian sex-slaves


- Missionary Shot Dead In Pasig

- Christian Philippinos beheaded


- Pastor Beaten to Death

Saudi Arabia:

- Saudi Arabian Sheiks Legally Importing Bibles

- Families come to faith in Saudi Arabia

- Dozens jailed during prayer meeting

- Church members jailed w/o trial


- Islamic Extremists in Somalia Behead Two Christians

- Convert to Christ beheaded

- Christian Widow Killed Four Months After Husband Slain

- Christian Girl Kidnapped

Sri Lanka:

- Pastor Dragged, Beaten in Sri Lanka

- Increasing violence from extremists


- Sudanese Christian woman, enslaved 19 years, liberated for $50

- Muslims Burn Down Church in Sudan

- Christians Fear Forced Repatriation

- Silent Scream: Ethnically Cleanse Christians


- Islamic Extremists Now Crucifying People in Syria—and Tweeting Out the Pictures

- Al Qaeda-Linked Islamists Capture Syrian Christian Village

- Christians Consider Fleeing Syria

- Christians in Syria City nearly wiped out


- Turkey’s New Jihad on Christian Armenians


- 10 religious prisoners in one camp


- Muslims Slaughter Convert to Christ

- Muslims Threaten Church, Cover Cross


- USSR's genocide against Christians ignored

- Martyred in the USSR, Militant Atheism in the Former Soviet Union


- Crackdown Worsens


- Recent Convert Tortured, Imprisoned

- Vietnam's Two-Front War on Religion

- Officials Destroy 2 New Church Buildings

- Hmong families evicted for turning to Christ

- Hmong Christians “Beheaded”


- God transforms lives in Yemen



Compass Direct News

Christian Life News


U.S. bishops want federal money, and lots of it


Facebook suspended me for sharing my religious beliefs about homosexuality


‘Red Rose Rescuers’ appear in court, plead ‘not guilty’ to charges of entering abortion center


Former Official: UN Staff Committed 60,000 Rapes, Sexual Assaults Last 10 Yrs


Boys play with trucks, girls play with dolls: new study finds gender is biological


Planned Parenthood sues Trump admin for cutting funding to sex ed programs


University in Oklahoma Reinstates Ken Ham Lecture School President Restores Creationist's Talk


Twitter reverses: allows Christian radio interview opposing transgenderism


Brain-dead woman kept alive on life support delivers healthy baby


Married Olympic Figure Skaters Demonstrate How Faith Helped Them through Adversity

- First Black Female Speedskater Maame Biney Smiles because ‘God Has Blessed Me’

- Veteran Team USA Hockey Player Gigi Marvin Wants Gold and God

- Skeleton Racer Katie Uhlaender Won’t Quit — on God or the Olympics


Catholic school fires teacher for ‘marrying’ lesbian partner, breaking moral contract


Governor Cuomo orders New York government to stop doing business with companies that ‘discriminate’


"Christianity Is NOT a Mental Illness!" VP Pence Blasts ABC for Mocking Faith

- Dr. Alveda King Cites the Ways Trump is Helping the African American Community, and Answers Joy Behar on Pence Hearing from Jesus


Christian parents lose custody of daughter after refusing to support her ‘transition’ to male


California High School Bans National Anthem for Being 'Racist' and 'Outdated'


College students release powerful ‘Way of the Cross’ video with music that will make you cry


Pro-lifers ask for meeting with FBI director over agents’ texts trashing March for Life


Twitter reverses: allows Christian radio interview opposing transgenderism


This Valentine's Day, Take Time To Strengthen Your Marriage

- This wedding homily is so awesome, it could save your marriage


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is Facing Charges of Bribery and Corruption


'Glorify God': Christian Olympians Overcome Potentially Deadly Disease to Compete in This Year's Games

- Olympic Figure Skating Legend Scott Hamilton Shares Powerful Testimony: 'God Was There Every Single Time'


This Will Happen to Rome's Colosseum Later This Month, to Remember Persecuted Christians around the World


High School Teacher is Suspended without Pay for Calling Homosexuality a Sin


Federal judge: pro-life witness at abortion centers is protected speech


Is Israel about to Go to War With Iran?


Report: Christian Persecution is Worse Today Than Ever Before


Church Compensates Server after She is Fired for Complaining about Them on Social Media


Hateful content’? Twitter bans Christian radio interview opposing transgenderism


Olympic Snowboarder Kelly Clark Finds Purpose in Christ

- The New Winter Olympics: praising gays and glamorizing murderous regimes while bashing America

- Don't Be Fooled by Korean Unity at Winter Olympics, Open Doors Warns

- Why We Should be Concerned about the Media's Praise of Kim Jong-un's Sister

- 5 Devout Christians Competing for Team USA in Winter Olympics


Authorities in Sudan Demolish Church Building in Khartoum


Christian Judge Forced Out for Not Doing Gay Marriages Awarded $300K


A 'Chance Encounter' in Hyde Park Changed the Life of This Muslim Woman Forever


‘I truly hate these people’: Disgraced FBI agents trashed pro-lifers, wanted to stop March for Life


Salon Pulls Article Bashing the Bible


Eagles Christian QB Wentz Will Give Keynote Address at Nat'l Prayer Breakfast


In-Depth Look at How God Intervened in Attempted Terrorist Attack on 'The 15:17 to Paris'


Jesus Has Redeemed Us From the Flu, Gloria Copeland and Judging Others


U.S. judge rules it would be ‘tyranny’ to force Christian to bake cake for lesbian ‘marriage’


Daughter of famed sci-fi author reveals sexual horrors she suffered growing up in LGBT home


‘It was incredible’: adult stem cells help paralyzed woman walk again


1,800-Year-Old Roman Mosaic is Discovered in Israel


Pro-Life, Pro-Science: How Advances Lift the Curtain on Roe


Here are 8 Ways to Protect Your Children from Cyberbullying


Priest: Gay Olympian: Mike Pence is a 'Bad Fit' to Represent U.S. in South Korea


Muslim, Christian, Jewish Leaders Sign 'Washington Declaration' for Tolerance


Georgetown accused of giving pro-family group’s donations to LGBT organization


More Teens are Identifying as Transgender: Here are the Real Reasons Why


New pro-life film shows how abortion destroys the special bond a mother has with her baby


African-American teacher faces three-year suspension for calling homosexuality a sin


Landmark Decision for Religious Freedom: Judge Rules State Cannot Target Magistrates for Beliefs on Marriage


Major Victory for Christian Cake Baker Who Refused to Make Gay Wedding Cake: Religious Discrimination is the "Stuff of Tyranny"


Oklahoma Central University Bans Creation Museum's Ken Ham from Speaking


Planned Parenthood refused to stop committing abortions to get U.S. aid money: gov’t report


People Want Pastor's Family Dead, Church Burned Down for Inviting Teen Girls to Discuss Gay Thoughts


Priest: Super Bowl champs: Football is ‘just a platform…to draw people to Jesus’


This Teacher Was Fired and Reported to Counter-TERRORISM Agency for Simply Telling a Lesbian Student "God Loves You"


Eagles QB Nick Foles Talks Quitting the NFL, becoming a Pastor, & How Prayer Kept Him on Track


What's Next?! Episcopal Church Votes In No Masculine Pronouns for God


First Lady Melania Trump Delivers Valentines to Child Victims of Opioid Crisis


Priest: Excommunicate the 14 Catholic senators who voted against abortion ban


New Film Debunks U.N. Denial of Israel's Jewish Roots




Russell Moore Condemns Clergy Members for Blessing Abortion Clinic


'All the Glory Belongs to God': Faith of Super Bowl-Winning Philadelphia Eagles


Evangelical Leader on Trump: Our Support Is Not Unconditional but He Has Kept His Promises


Franklin Graham: U.S. is One of '7 Worst Countries' When It Comes to Abortion


Muslim Herdsmen, Terrorists Kill Eight Christians in Central Nigeria, Sources Say


1,500-Year-Old Pool Discovered in Israel May Hold Biblical Significance


Costa Rica: Conservative Christian Candidate Leading in Presidential Election Polls


Did You Know That Groundhog Day Has Christian Origins?


Outraged at NFL's Refusal to Run Vet's "Please Stand" Ad, This Congresswoman is Running Her Own: "They Can't Stop You and Me!"


If You Missed the Super Blue Lunar Eclipse on Wednesday, Here Are Some Gorgeous Shots


More Millennials Support a Ban on Abortions After 20 Weeks of Gestation


Christians are NOT Trying to Take Over the Government: Leader of Trump's Bible Study Responds Atheists' False Accusation


'They're Going After the Next Generation': Christian Psychiatrist Warns Parents about New Facebook App Aimed at the Very Young


Bride Dies the Day after Marrying 'Her Great Love'; but 'She Chose to Let God Carry Her'


United Methodist Church Membership Passes 12.5 Million Worldwide; Continues to Shrink in US


Ancient Estate Where Apostle Philip Baptized Ethiopian Eunuch Opens in Israel


Ontario court forces Christian pro-life doctors to refer patients for euthanasia


Moody Bible Obfuscating, 'Using Silence as Defense' Amid Shakeup, Say Former Employee, Sources

- Moody Bible Controversy: Former Employee Reveals Confusion Over Inerrancy of Scripture


In Kenya, Debt-ridden Christian Universities Struggle to Stay Open


Senator Wants to Give "Almighty God" Ownership of Oklahoma's Wildlife


Don't be a Victim of Cyber-Hacking: Take These Important Steps Now to "Own" Your Online Presence


Ben Carson to Atheists: "I Refuse to be Intimidated--My Faith Helps Me Serve the Nation Better"


‘In God we Trust’: Trump tells moving story about adoption, unborn baby at first State of the Union


Cardinal Zen: Vatican is now backing a ‘new…schismatic Church’ in China


Iowa Public School Students Could Soon be Studying Hebrew Scriptures and New Testament


EXCLUSIVE: Bishop Schneider invites world’s prelates to sign Profession of Immutable Truths


New ‘Passion of the Christ’ sequel will be ‘biggest film in history’: Jim Caviezel


A Look at Possible Meanings behind Wednesday's Super Blood Moon

- The Coming 'Super Blue Blood Moon,' What Is It and Does It Have Significance?


Kentucky Governor Says School Shootings a 'Cultural Problem,' Calls for Day of Prayer


Planned Parenthood accidentally tweets about ‘baby’ doctors saved while in the womb


This Public School Used Propaganda Video to Teach Students Islam is the "True Faith": Federal Lawsuit Issued


‘Abuse’: Boston Globe slams academy-award nominated gay film that normalizes man-boy sex


Parish cancels talk by pro-LGBT priest after protest by faithful Catholics


Ancient Pottery Found at Site of Biblical Town Where Jesus Performed Miracles


Is the Rebirth of Babylon a Biblical Truth?


Jim Caviezel Warns Against 'Fake Christianity' in 'Pagan World' (Video)


Oscars 2018-Nominated Film Is True Story of Muslims Risking Lives to Save Christians From Radicals


The Transgender Movement In America Is Deluding Many: Where Do We Go From Here?


Atheist News Editor Warns Liberals Against Conflating 'Bigotry' With Sincere Religious Beliefs


Pastors Protest 6th Grade Assignment Claiming Christians, Muslims Worship 'Same God'


The Truth About Religious Freedom in China


2,700-Y-O 'Governor of Jerusalem' Seal Discovery Backs Biblical Accounts in 2 Kings, 2 Chronicles


The Powerful Prayer Behind Guatemala's Decision to Move Embassy to Jerusalem


"Don't Buy" the Lie That Christianity is on the Decline in America! New Study Reveals It's "Intense" and Only MODERATE Religion is Suffering


In His Near-Death Experience of Hell, He Saw Christians Who Refused to Forgive


Ancient Version of the Book of Acts is Finally Being Decoded; and There May be a "Bonus Discovery"


People Outraged as Google Home Identifies Buddha, Muhammad and Satan, But Not Jesus Christ


Chuck Norris Announces He's Giving Up His Film Career to Care for His Wife


Multiple Americans Confirmed Murdered in Afghanistan Hotel Terror Attack


‘We were crying’: Why helping abort quadruplets made this woman quit her Planned Parenthood job


The U.S. has become a totalitarian Sodom: one man’s escape from homosexuality


Study: Almost 75% of American women who had abortions were pressured


Jerry Falwell Jr. Defends Trump Amid Porn Star Affair Allegations: 'We Are All Equally Bad'


'Prayer Warrior' Pastor Tortured, Then Hung to Death in Church; Congregation Terrified


Elementary School Removes Dan Savage LGBT Quote on 'Gender Unicorn' Bulletin Board Amid Parental Outrage


Dead Sea Scrolls: 7 Ways to Decipher God’s Voice


Planned Parenthood CEO who oversaw 3.5 million abortions to step down: report


21-year-old with Down syndrome builds successful business with his father


Joni Eareckson Tada: If Christians Don't Act, US Assisted Suicide Laws Could Become Like UK, Canada


Vatican asks legitimate Chinese bishops to step down in favor of communist-picked bishops: report


Christian Filmmakers Ask Appeals Court to Stop Minnesota From Forcing Them to Film Gay Weddings


John Piper Ignites Debate for Saying Only Men Should Teach at Seminaries


Children Born between 1999-

\2015 are Most Non-Christian Generation, Study Finds


Parents Warn Virginia School District May Ban Public Comments Opposing Gender Identity Policy


Nancy Pelosi to judge ‘drag’ queen reality show


Dr. Corinne Weaver: Help for Migraines; How to Find the Root Cause and Treat Them Naturally


MSNBC Anchor Challenges Franklin Graham Live On-Air: 'Does Trump Have a Sin Problem?' His Responses Are Brilliant


Kentucky school shooting leaves 2 students dead, 18 others injured, officials say


Israel's President Rivlin Tells Vice President Pence He is a "Mensch": A "Dear Friend to the Jewish People and the State of Israel"


UK Schools Acting Too Swiftly to Change Kids' Gender; 11-Y-O Girls on Puberty Blockers, Expert Warns


Moody Bible Institute Faces History of Racial Tension and Attempts to Move Forward


Abortionist on trial for leaving half of baby’s skull inside mom during botched late-term abortion


Outrage after NFL Rejects Pro-National Anthem Ad from Veterans Group


LGBT ministry at New York parish promotes gay porn


"Abortion is Not Healthcare": President Trump Reverses Obama Warning to States That Cut Funds to Planned Parenthood


ACLU Using Undocumented Minors as 'Political Pawns' in Abortion Debate, Pro-Lifers Warn


How Big Was the Crowd for March For Life DC? MASSIVE! This Time-lapse Video Proves It


Scholars Decipher One of Last Remaining Mysterious Parts of the Dead Sea Scrolls, Oldest Bible Texts


Alveda King's Brilliant Discussion on Honoring MLK, 'Taking the Knee,' and Oprah


Over 1,000 Veterans Call on President Trump to Defend National Monuments


Paul Ryan Asks for Prayer to Heal the Country: "I Could Not do My Job Without My Faith. It is Indispensable"


Roe v. Roe: Women Hurt by Abortion Speak Out Against It


"It's Just a Miracle from God!" Girl on Life Support Now Awake and Talking


When God Didn't Heal You, it Wasn't Because of Your Lack of Faith


Every Year We Abort 1.5 Million Babies While Over 3 Million Families Are in Line to Adopt


This Week in Christian History: Second Vatican, First Pilgrim Worship Service, Georgetown Founded


Time-lapse video shows massive turnout for 2018 March for Life

- 4 Notable Speeches at March for Life 2018

- Four young mothers who chose life stand with Trump at White House during address


A Prayer You Can Pray on Sanctity of Human Life Sunday


I was pro-choice to the core. Then I had an abortion.


"It's Just a Miracle from God!" Girl on Life Support Now Awake and Talking


The bizarre fight between feminists and trans activists shows we’re at war with reality


Thousands of Frozen In Vitro Babies are Waiting for a Chance to Live


Facebook Censors Alveda King's Pro-life Documentary




Exclusive Sneak Peek at Clint Eastwood's New Film 15:17 to Paris: The Faith of 3 American Heroes Who Saved the Day


Two Christian Senators Offer Simple, Godly Solution for Racial Healing in America


Scholastic 'Not Safe for Your Child' Because of Pro-LGBT Books, One Million Moms Warns


'What Would You Do If You Had 20 Minutes to Live?' Franklin Graham Uses Hawaii Scare as Teaching Tool on Eternity


Coptic Christian Was Killed After Showing Muslims His Cross Tattoo, Brother Says




Noah's Ark Replica Crashes in the Netherlands


‘Roe v. Wade’s days are numbered’: Former abortion manager to largest-ever Chicago March for Life

- Chicago March for Life Draws Record Crowd


Christian Student Group Sues University of Iowa in Religious Freedom Case


Tidal wave of ‘out’ LGBT candidates run for political office in 2nd year of Trump presidency


Bolivia: Christians Fear New Law May Land Them in Jail


USSC Justice Clarence Thomas: Daily Mass helps me do my job the ‘right way’


Wisconsin School District Settles Lawsuit with Transgender Student


Feminist Says Chip and Joanna Gaines are 'Irresponsible' for Having 5 Children


Minnesota Vikings Quarterback Calls Giving Life to Christ the 'Best Moment of My Life'


On King Holiday, Religious Groups Look to 50th Anniversary of Assassination

- A Message of Justice and Hope From Martin Luther King

- Honoring Dr. King's Legacy through Serving Others--President Trump, Secretary Carson and MLK's Nephew Remark on Martin Luther King Jr. during Proclamation of Federal Holiday




Atheist Organization Complains about Biblical Posts on Sheriff Dept.'s Facebook Page


New NHS Guidelines Invite Men Who Identify as Women to Have Cervical Exams


Kevin Sorbo Banned from Comicon Due to Conservative Political Leanings


Trump Designates $55 Mil to Help Christians, Religious Minorities Rebuild in Iraq


Bill Bennett, Founder of 'Mentoring Men for the Master' Ministry, Dies at 93


Full list of 2018 March for Life events


Doctors Stunned by Miracle Recovery After Car Lands on This Teen's Head: "God Had a Plan for Me"


Egypt Tells Palestinians to Accept Donald Trump's Jerusalem Decision


Abortion is Not a Fundamental Right Rules Federal Appeals Court


Israel Moves to Strengthen Control of Jerusalem


Georgetown approves LGBT-only campus housing


‘Shadow banning’: How Twitter secretly censors conservatives without them even knowing it


Church to Thieves: Give Our Bell Back and All Will be Forgiven


New York Times Article Commends Lying in Children


Now Pro-life Woman Shares Heart-Wrenching Story of Her Forced Abortion


A Presbyterian Pastor Languishes in a Turkish Prison


Evangelical Chaplain’s Suspension Intensifies Denomination’s Gay Marriage Debate


California Considers Bill That Would Force Health Centers to Provide Abortion Pills


China: Officials Bomb and Destroy Church

- Church Closures Spur Fear of Crackdown in Algeria


Jon Voight, Alveda King, Involved in Pro-Life Film on Roe v Wade


Moody Bible President, COO Resign Amid Controversy, Provost Retires


Little Girl's Natural Reaction to Radical Sex-Ed Program Ignites Firestorm in Canada: "2 Chronicles 20 Moment" for the Church


Google Censors Six Conservative Media Sites, Treats Them as “Fake News” By Posting Warnings About Their Content




Pastor Paula White Implies God Will be Displeased if Someone Doesn't Donate to Her Ministry


Kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to sign gay ‘marriage’ licenses runs for re-election By Fr. Mark Hodge


NBC Will "Educate" Viewers on Kneeling During Super Bowl Game and Highlight the Players That Kneel: How Will Fans React?


Francis-appointed cardinal: Pope could ‘name a woman cardinal’


Mississippi Religious Freedom Law Will Stand Despite Challenges


50k expected to attend Walk for Life West Coast: ‘Our only choice is life’


Moody Bible Fires Radio Host Julie Roys; Tension Builds Amid Faculty Cuts, 'Self-Dealing' Allegations




"Every Moment Feels Like a Miracle": Parents, Bethel Church Thanking God for Amazing Turnaround after E. Coli Crisis


Pres. Trump Named 2017 "Pro-Life Person of Year": Courage to Keep Promises


Israeli Prime Minister Takes Stand for Persecuted Iranian Christians


Addictive Video Game Playing Now Recognized as Disorder by World Health Organization


Majority of Refugees Admitted into U.S. under Trump are Christian


CDC study shows decline in teen sex during abstinence education period


Chelsea Clinton, Church of Satan exchange Happy New Year wishes


5 Religious Liberty and Right to Life Issues to Watch in 2018


Wycliffe Milestone in Translation History; Starts 600 New Translations in 2018


FEMA to Stop Discriminating against Churches and Synagogues


49 US Abortion Clinics Closed in 2017, More Than Double the Number Opened


51 Girls Rescued From Sexual Exploitation in Indian Madrassa


Police Kill Christians in Churches in DR Congo as Demonstrators Protest President's Rule


Cathedral Shelters 2,000 Muslims in CAR; Conditions 'Deteriorating Dramatically' in Christian-Muslim War


The Power of Prayer in Setting Goals for the New Year 2018


7 Evangelical Leaders Who Made an Impact in 2017


135 Children Killed, Forced to Carry Out Suicide Bombings for Boko Haram in 2017


Does Modern Feminism Have a Misogyny Problem?


Nikki Haley Named One of America's "Most Admired Women"


What's Wrong With Being a White Evangelical?


This Week in Christian History: A Reformer Is Born, Vatican Encyclical on Birth Control, and Thomas Jefferson


Why We're Glad Joshua Harris Is Rethinking His Dating Advice


Australia: 'Praise in the New Year' with New Year's Sunrise Prayer Relay 2018


Persecution Trends Report Lists Top Countries of Concern for 2018


Francis Chan Says Churches Can Often Feel Like Zoos


Liberty University to Throw East Coast's Largest Christian New Year's Eve Party Ft. Switchfoot, Andy Mineo


Beloved Charismatic Renewal Pioneer Larry Christenson Dies After Falling on Ice During Daily Prayer Walk


Billy Graham on Gallup's 'Most Admired' List for a Record 61st Time


Facebook Rolling Back Controversial Initiative to Fight Fake News


Seriously? Israel-Hating Democrat Leader Accuses Celebrity Chef Rachael Ray of Committing "Cultural Genocide" Against Palestinians


Oregon Bakers Who Refused to Make Gay Wedding Cake Lose Appeal


Netanyahu's Announcement Concerning Christians in Israel Next Christmas

- 10 More Countries Reportedly Consider Moving Their Embassies to Jerusalem

- Why This Small Central American Country Became a Trail Blazer for Jerusalem


January 2018's Night Sky Show: a Full Moon, Blue Moon, Two Supermoons and a Lunar Eclipse!


Evolutionist Retracts Key Study on Origin of Life


Southern Poverty Law Center Adds "Merry Christmas" to Its Hate List

- Americans Overwhelmingly Prefer Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays, According to New Marist Poll


London Assembly Passes 'Orwellian' Motion to Arrest and Prosecute Pro-Life Christians


Christians in China Ignore Sunday School Ban: Vow to Teach Children About Jesus Anyway


Greg Laurie: No Christian Is 'Off the Hook,' All Are Called to Evangelize, Make Disciples


Franklin Graham Tells Rosie O'Donnell: 'Hell Is Filled With People Who Reject God's Laws'


Who Is Jesus, Emmanuel, God With Us?


This Persecuted Pakistani Christian Family Arrived in Canada Just in Time for Christmas


10 Tips for Reading the Bible as a Family in 2018




Kathie Lee Gifford's New David and Goliath Musical Project: "What is YOUR Stone?"


The Christian Post's Top 10 News Stories of 2017


Russell Moore Says Charlie Brown Kept Him From Quitting Ministry in Face of Church Hypocrisy, Sin


Christmas Around the World: A Look at 6 Countries' Traditions — From Festivities to Secrecy


Christians in Mosul, Now Liberated from ISIS Control, Were Finally Able to Celebrate Christmas


The Prophetic Purpose You Likely Never Knew About Jesus' Birth in Bethlehem


Ohio Gov. John Kasich Signs Law Banning Abortion of Down Syndrome Babies

- 'Evil Eugenics' of Aborting Down Syndrome Babies Brought Before UN Human Rights Council


The Spiritual Truth Behind Giving Gifts


"The Eternal Now" Caused Slaves to Create Christmas Spirituals That Differ From Traditional Christmas Carols


Univ. of Minnesota: Red and Green, Santa, Nativity Scenes 'Not Appropriate' at Holiday Parties


"Modern Day Magus" Wants to Revive the 3 Wise Men Gifts to Baby Jesus: Rare Plants for Medicinal Healing


No time for Baby Jesus this Christmas? Think again…


A wonderful talk on how to celebrate Christmas by a former Muslim Imam


The pain of that first Christmas gives us solace in our struggles


How to rediscover Christmas joy in an age that hates new life


All human history is ordered to the birth of Christ


How to Have a Very Merry Christmas


NYPD Beefing Up Security at Churches for Christmas After SF Terror Attack Is Thwarted


The Quiet Hero of 'It's a Wonderful Life' (Hint: It's NOT Jimmy Stewart)


God’s grace gets us through the toughest times. My friend Anja is proof of that


Evolutionist Retracts Key Study on Origin of Life


Alveda King Praises Fulfilled Promises, Blasts Fake News: We're Saying "Merry Christmas" Again!


Why Evangelicals Often See Israel-Related Policies as Signs of the End Times


Judge: Christian baker cannot be forced to make same-sex wedding cake


The Real Christmas Story Retold: When The God-King Became a Helpless Babe in the Manger


Quebec Makes Sex Ed Mandatory at Age 5, Will Teach About Same-Sex Couples in Kindergarten


Dear Cosmopolitan: Your evil sexual advice is literally destroying countless women


Judge orders Trump admin to allow illegal immigrant minors to abort


Is Fox News Producing Fake Evangelicals?


NY Times Columnist Praises Trump for Winning against ISIS


Repeal of Net Neutrality Leaves Pornographers Scrambling: Like Shining a Light in a Rat Hole


US Vetoes UN Resolution against Recognizing Jerusalem as Capital of Israel


New Discoveries from the Ancient City of Corinth Described as "Mind-Blowing"


Telling kids they can ‘change’ sex is harmful: US Catholic bishops with other faith leaders


Atheist Organization Demands End to Seminary Classes in WI Prisons




Young Boy Gives up Xbox to Buy Blankets for Homeless This Christmas


Marko’s Story: The darkness will be overcome


Muslim Mayor of Nazareth Now Says Christmas Will Go Ahead Despite Trump's Jerusalem Move


EU Will Not Recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s Capital


This Week in Christian History: D.L. Moody, Charles Wesley, NRB


Carl Lentz Convinced Homeless Man to Attend Church by Buying Him a Beer; Responds to Critics


How to Find Contentment? It Comes From Having an Intimate Relationship with God


A quick list of Justin Trudeau’s tyrannical acts against life, family, and Christians


ISIS Threatens Attacks on Churches in Washington DC, New York on Christmas


Repeal of ‘Net Neutrality’ under Trump leaves pornographers scrambling


Evangelical Leaders John MacArthur, John Piper Pay Tribute to RC Sproul

- RC Sproul Dies at 78


German President Rebukes Anti-Semitic Immigrants: Accepting Jews is "Non-Negotiable for All Who Live in Germany and Want to Live Here!"


Pastor Mark Burns Saves Donald Trump From Poisonous Spider Bite in Oval Office


What Pope Francis Requested of Alveda King When He Met Her This Week


Former Facebook exec: ‘You don’t realize it but you are being programmed’


Lawmakers Ask for Prayer to Tackle Capitol Hill Hush Funds Used in Misconduct Cover-Ups


Operation Outcry: Women Traumatized by Past Abortions Testify at U.S. Supreme Court to Uphold Freedom of Speech Outside Clinics


Pro-Life Group Calls for Mitch McConnell to Resign for Helping Pro-Abort Democrat Win Alabama Seat


Neurosurgeon-Turned-Pastor Uses Name of Jesus to Stop Armed Robber Who Threatened to Kill Him at Bible Study


Atheists Call the Nativity 'Fake News'


California Sued Over "Dirty" Voter Registration Rolls


'Peace in the Womb': Pro-Lifers Sing Christmas Carols Outside Abortion Clinics


Gwen Stefani's New Christmas Song is a Beautiful, Honest Cry Out to God


Man denied gay ‘marriage’ license by Kim Davis seeks to unseat her in election


Joshua 1:9 is 2017 Verse of the Year


Maine teachers forbidden from telling parents of their children’s gender confusion


The Striking 3-Word Message Left by This 6-Year-Old Sandy Hook Victim That Helped His Mom Forgive


Quarterback Carson Wentz is Trusting God Despite Season-ending Injury


Roy Moore refuses to concede despite opponent being declared winner


VICTORY: Aborted baby parts traffickers hit with $7.8 million lawsuit settlement


"I Felt Like a Lion": Fearless Netanyahu Defends Israel in the "Lion's Den" of EU Headquarters


Christian Website SocialCross Refused Service by Web Developer Over Views on Gay Marriage


Marco Rubio Urges Help for Persecuted and Displaced Christians in the Middle East: "Complacency is not an Option!"


Israel to Deport 40,000 Illegal Immigrants


Woman with Down Syndrome Becomes First to Compete in Miss USA State Pageant


Judge orders military to accept ‘transgender’ recruits, defying Trump


Suspected Suicide Bomber Attempts 'Terrorist Attack' in NYC Subway


Christmas Ads Cannot Promote Search for God, Federal Court Rules in DC Metro Dispute With Catholics


Do You Know the History behind These 10 Christmas Traditions?


How Abortion Covers a Multitude of Sins, Even Condoning a Pedophile


Science of Smell Points to Design


Russia Banned from the 2018 Winter Olympics


Occult Groups in Nigeria Kill, Kidnap Christians


UN Works to Send Home Libya’s Stranded Migrants


Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg Advocates for Universal Basic Income


Anne Graham Lotz Issues This Powerful, Prophetic Prayer Over Jerusalem


250 Rabbis Hail Trump for Jerusalem Decision With Blessing God Gave Joshua, Who Succeeded Moses


Mississippi Supreme Court to decide if boy’s legal ‘biological’ parents are two lesbians


Donut Shop Faces Wrath of Activists after Helping the Salvation Army Provide Christmas to a Needy Family


In Midst of Raging Ventura Wildfires, This Cross Stands Firm "By the Hand of God"


Ohio women being offered unsafe abortion, health inspection records show


Archaeologists Discover Muslim Artifacts Proving Jerusalem's Jewish Identity


"Maybe We Should Have a Cease Fire, Come to Jesus Moment": Alveda King Warns of the Dangerous Intent of Unproven Accusations


Renowned trumpet player walks off stage after pop star mocks Christmas carol


That Was Close! Asteroid That Could Have Obliterated New York City Skimmed by Earth - and NASA Didn't Notice


Clothing business uses young girls in vulgar videos to raise money for Planned Parenthood, LGBT causes


Mike Pence: ‘President Trump is a Believer and So am I’


U.S. Supreme Court hears case of Christian who refused to bake gay ‘wedding’ cake


Girl Guides/Scouts Told NOT to Pray before Meals, and Boys Who 'Identify' as Girls are Welcome




Playboy’s secret role in unraveling the traditional family


"Don't You Mess With My Children" Campaign in Peru Claims Victory: Gender Ideology Removed From Schools


Must See Video: 102-Year-Old Holocaust Survivor's Emotional Reunion with Nephew He Never Knew


Israel Forced to Cancel Dead Sea Scrolls Exhibit due to Palestinian Claim


Christian Baker's Religious Liberty Case Hits Supreme Court: Why This Man's Fight Has Huge Implications for Christians and Jews


Full text: President Trump’s extraordinary Christmas speech


Cardinal ‘evolved beyond’ stating right and wrong, thanks to Pope Francis: commentator


Ala. White Evangelicals Overwhelmingly Support Moore Despite Sexual Assault Allegations


Catholics to pray rosary across U.S. to protect nation from ‘Islamic jihad’ and ‘abortion’


Pro-lifers to pray outside new California abortion clinic, asking God to shut it down

- Students for Life sues university for blocking pro-life speech

- Former employee sues Planned Parenthood for refusing medical leave for cancer treatment


Trump Declares Jesus is Reason for the Season at Nat'l Christmas Tree Lighting


John Piper Addresses Racial Tensions in U.S. ;


Day of Prayer Called This Sunday for Christian Baker ahead of SCOTUS Next Week


Experts Believe They Have Identified Jesus' Tomb


FBI Begins Planned Parenthood Investigation


Somali Muslims Break In, Beat Children of Christian Widow in Kenya

- Kidnappings, Threats of Massacre Terrorize Christians in Kano State, Nigeria


Pro-life senator proposes Child Tax Credit amendment that includes preborn


Prayer Alert! Supreme Court Orders a "Quick Response" in Critical Abortion Case


Benham Brothers Defend Roy Moore, Say it's 'Sad' to See Christians Condemn 'Without Knowing All the Facts'


Carl Lentz Says Old Testament Passage about Tattoos Doesn’t Apply Today


How This St. Jude's Breakthrough Treatment Helped a 2-Year-Old Child Defeat Stage 4 Cancer: "It Was Literally as Bad as it Gets"


Kathie Lee Gifford Unashamedly Preaches the Gospel as NBC Deals With Disaster

- George Washington's Solution for Sexual Harassment: Whose Rules Will We Choose to Live By?

- Americans Asked to Pray for Their Leaders in Congress in Midst of Harassment Crisis: "We All Need to be Upheld"




Why the Concept of Moral Guilt Has No Meaning in Secular Culture


Vice-President Pence: It's Impossible Not to See the "Ha'=nd of Heaven" on Israel


The New Phariseeism is preparing the way for Antichrist to arise


Cdl. Dolan, alumni ‘baffled’ over Notre Dame decision to offer birth control coverage


Good News for the Cause of Life: Abortion Rate Decreasing in U.S.


Jerusalem's Church of the Holy Sepulcher Proven to be Older Than First Believed: Backs Up Claim it is the Site of Jesus' Tomb


10 Ways Christianity Has Made the World a Better Place


Israel's Jewish Fertility Rate Tops Arabs for First Time, Defying 'Demographic Doom'


Pope Francis First Pope to Commission Investigation into Human Trafficking


EU Considers Redefining Marriage for All Member States


Newest Barbie doll promotes LGBT agenda


Arkansas Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding after Court Clears the Way


Supreme Court Gives VICTORY to Student-Led Prayer in Texas


Miraculous: 12-Year-Old Who Beat Cancer as an Infant with Only a 25-Percent Chance is Now a Piano Prodigy Performing at Carnegie Hall


'The Man Who Invented Christmas' is a Glimpse Behind Dickens' Classic Holiday Tale


Amid NFL Controversies, the Faith of Philadelphia Eagles Players is Burning Brightly




Pagan War goddess Statue Unveiled at the U.N.: Idol Worship Makes Global Comeback


SCOTUS Justice Neil Gorsuch Draws Rave Reviews in First Year on Supreme Court


Trump White House displays stunning nativity set with baby Jesus


Stunning 1,500-Year-Old Christian Mosaic Uncovered on Israel's Coast; an Inscription Includes a Date on the Ancient Georgian Calendar


This Mississippi Faith-Based School Trains Up Young Men Ready to Work and Succeed


Christian Father Loses Appeal to Shield Kids from LGBT Agenda in Public School


Israel Stands "Shoulder-to-Shoulder" With Egypt after Massive Terror Attack in Sinai


'I'm a Human Being Just Like You': 21-Year-Old Woman with Down Syndrome Delivers Powerful Rebuke to the UN


He Gave God the Credit for His Show, But David Cassidy's Last Words Should Speak to Every One of Us


The Story of 'A Christmas Carol'


This Week in Christian History: Sojourner Truth, First Crusade, CS Lewis


Pope Francis is ‘the Pope of Islam’: Islam expert


Virginia Youth Pastor Charged With 1st Degree Murder in Thanksgiving Day Triple Homicide


Pro-Life Victory: Court Strikes down Abortion Buffer-Zone Law


Islam: A giant step backwards for humanity




The Story Behind the Ousting of Zimbabwe's Robert Mugabe


Corey Feldman Says God Told Him to Expose Hollywood Pedophiles: 'This Is What You Are Here For'


She Wanted to Join ISIS, but Met Jesus Instead and Was Delivered of Demons


California and Pennsylvania Force Little Sisters of the Poor Back to Court


Abortions in America Drop to Historic Low: CDC Report


Newly revealed vision of St. Pope John Paul: Islam will invade Europe


What Christians Should Know about the Phrase 'Allahu Akbar'


How God Restored This Precious Daughter's Womanhood, after Over a Decade Living as a Transgender Man


Priest: Challenge your pastors to ‘speak the truth’ against abortion


Museum of the Bible Opens amid Artifacts Controversy


An affordable, moral alternative to Obamacare


Thanksgiving Day Thoughts, 2017

- Thanksgiving Trivia and Adopting Grace

- 7 Ways to Enjoy a Delightful—Instead of Depressing—Holiday Gathering


George Soros may be part of biggest ‘international political collusion in history’




Prayers of Protection for Barron Trump,

Here's Why...


Trudeau sparks outrage with plan to ‘reintegrate’ ISIS terrorists into Canada


"Touched by an Angel Star" Della Reese Passes Away: "Her Greatest Trait Was Love"


Little Sisters of the Poor forced back into court to fight birth control mandates


Christians Can't Be Lawyers If Not Pro-Gay? University Fights Discrimination Case at Canada's Top Court


32-Y-O Pastor, Gospel Singer Shawn Jones, Dies While Singing 'Worthy Is He'


Netflix Orders Christian Series 'Messiah,' a Present-Day Jesus Drama


The 100 Most Influential Evangelicals in America, According to Newsmax


Dedicated to God, Museum of the Bible Opens with Prayer and Fanfare


Must-See: Oklahoma State Teams Pray with President Trump at White House


Patricia Heaton of 'The Star' Explains Why the World Needs to Hear the Nativity Story


LAPD is Investigating over 20 Hollywood Sex Crime Cases


Cancer Doc Tells Gospel Singer: 'Your God' Replaced Tumors with a Baby


Evangelist Alveda King Noted in Influential Christian Roster While Urging Pro-life Votes for Alabama


Senators Defend Colonel Punished by Air Force for Religious Views on Marriage


Christian Leaders Must Help Save British Woman Held Hostage in Iran: Former Archbishop of Canterbury


Chinese cardinal: There’s growing concern that Rome will ‘sell out the faithful church’ to Communist gov’t


Charles Dickens' Christian Values at Heart of 'The Man Who Invented Christmas,' Director Says


Paula White's Church Lost Hundreds of Members and Donations Due to Relationship With Trump, Son Says


4,000-Year-Old Assyrian Marriage Contract Discovery Mirrors Biblical Abraham and Hagar


Progressive Evangelical Pastor Says He Shouldn't Have Imposed His Pro-LGBT Announcement on Church

- Pro-LGBT Evangelical Church Sells Building to Growing Conservative Congregation


This "Goosebump-Worthy" Worship That Broke out in a SAM'S CLUB Has Just Gone Viral


Pro-Life Buffer Zones Outside Pittsburgh Abortion Clinics Upheld by Federal Court


Progressives hate everything old, including the elderly


Openly ‘gay’ Catholic deacon under review as San Francisco archdiocese considers obscene evidence


Imprisoned Pastor Andrew Brunson’s Daughter Gives Impassioned Plea for Father’s Release


Judge Moore’s former chief of staff: ‘Never once did I see anything improper’


Banned from Reading the Bible in Public—in Tennessee?!


Watch as a Man Reunited with Wife & Kids after 4 Years, Falls to the Floor at Dallas Airport to Publicly Praise and Thank God


FBI Confirms Anti-White Hate Crimes Are the Fastest Growing Racial Hate Crimes in Country: Also Increase in Religious Hate Crimes


School run by Dominican Sisters no longer Catholic, will promote ‘inclusive spiritual education’ instead


Male Students No Longer Need to Prove Gender Identity to Play Girls' Sports in New Jersey


Speaker tells Vatican conference: Reducing population is best solution to climate ‘crisis’

- At Vatican conference, California governor says ‘brainwashing’ needed on climate change


NBC article: Having lots of kids is immoral like releasing murderers from prison


California elementary schools to use pro-LGBT history textbooks


Young Christian Girls Gang Raped, Boys Tortured in 'Ethnic Cleansing' in Nigeria


Atheists Stop Coach from Praying with Team, but Then Students do Something Amazing


California Residents on Edge after a Swarm of 10 Earthquakes Hits near the San Andreas Fault


Chinese Christians Forced to Replace Posters of Jesus with President Xi


Tennessee Grandfather Banned from Reading Bible on Public Sidewalk


Jill Duggar’s husband tweeted transgenderism is ‘a myth’, gets booted from TLC show


NYT's op-ed calls pro-life websites ‘fake news’, demands Facebook silence them


DC Museum of Bible Readies to Open: Visitors Able to Touch Jewish Temple


The Adoption Tax Credit and Lessons Learned: Christians, Politics, and Vigilance


Israeli Soldiers Petition to Restore Army Bible Studies: "Makes Us Good Soldiers"


4 Things We Can Learn from Jesus' Words to the Ephesian Church


Indian Christians Accused of Kidnapping, Forced Conversion


Roy Moore Speaks at Alabama Church amidst Mounting Opposition


Could it Happen here? How One Church is Preparing for a Mass Shooting


Colorado Christian Baker Receives Support from Gay Community


Why This Journalist is Offering a BIG Apology to Sutherland Springs for Church Shooting Coverage: "I Was Sickened"


FBI Signals Criminal Probe into Planned Parenthood's Trafficking of Aborted Baby Parts


SCOTUS to hear case re: Calif law forcing pro-life centers to advertise abortion


Roy Moore's Pastor Says Allegations 'Untrue;' Defends Him as Man of 'Integrity'


Mexico Announces it will Stop Voting in Favor of Palestinians and Support Israel


Could This Christian Rehab's Faith-Based Solution to Drug Crisis Change America?


Sociologist: Sexual Revolution Has Cheapened Sex and Hurt Women


Church Sees Significant Decline in Membership Following Same-Sex Marriage Decision


Museum of the Bible Set to Open This Week


Satanist Who Got Abortion Sues State of Missouri over Pro-life Law


Athletes of Faith: Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger Receive Rookie of the Year Awards


Hundreds Return to Church at Texas Site of Massacre: "We Choose Life"

- Pastor Preaches Forgiveness After Texas Church Shooting, Says Victims Are 'Dancing With Jesus'

- Pence Tells Grieving Town ‘Faith is Stronger Than Evil’


Liberals now claim Christian parents are dangerous.


Over 400 People Dead in Earthquake on Iran/Iraq Border


14-Year-Old Former Trans Girl Reveals Dangers of Transgenderism for Young People


37 Percent Alabama Evangelicals Say 'More Likely' to Support Roy Moore After Sexual Misconduct Allegations


Muslim Fulani Herdsmen Ambush, Kill Nine Christians in Plateau State, Nigeria


LGBT Advocates Demand Christian University Change its Stance on Homosexuality


New Zealand Revises Parliamentary Prayer to Exclude Jesus' Name


Trump blocks international support for abortion groups at G7 meeting


Texas Church Where Massacre Occurred to Be Demolished


Christian Human Rights Lawyer Gao Zhisheng Escaped, Recaptured


Video of Little Girl Praising Jesus Goes Viral


Former baby parts harvester: Planned Parenthood ‘made us do the dirty work’


Man Who Helped Stop Texas Church Shooter is in Need of Prayer


Wycliffe Associates Hopes to Dramatically Increase Placement of Mobile Printing Systems for Mother-Tongue Translators


Notre Dame reverses position, allows birth control coverage through insurance


40 Days for Life Fall Vigil Ends with Over 500 Pre-born Babies Saved


Wow! Jesus Brought a Blanket to This Former Muslim Who'd Been Thrown into a Cold Jail Cell


Trump: Adoption means ‘no child in America, born or unborn, is unwanted’

- Steven Curtis Chapman and Wife Advocate for Keeping Adoption Tax Credit


Nurses testify on being forced to do abortions: ‘I still have nightmares’

- Abortion providers sue Texas for banning dismemberment abortion


Facebook blocks Right to Life group’s advertising, reactivates after media reports


Francis-appointed cardinal praises pro-LGBT priest as ‘foremost evangelizer’ of youth

- German Catholic archdiocese promotes fornication, abortion, to 15-year-old girls


Student group defending Catholic teaching at Georgetown won’t be defunded – for now


The Distinct Personalities of Twins Joined at Brain Show Miracle of Personhood


Paul Ryan Agrees: Prayer is the "Right Thing to Do" after Mass Shooting


Pastor Whose 14-Y-O Daughter Died in Texas Church Shooting: 'I Don't Understand, but I Know My God Does'


Denzel Washington and His Producer Prayed and Read Bible Together Every Day While Filming New Movie

- Denzel Washington Urges Christian Millennials to Boldly Share Their Faith


Iran Situation Drives Arab States to Develop Closer Relations with Israel: Talks of Building New $500 Billion City on Red Sea Coast


Pro-life group exposes companies that haul away Planned Parenthood’s aborted babies


Texas Shooting Raises the Question, 'Does Prayer Work?'


Atheist Immigrant Sues to Remove ‘So Help Me God’ from Citizenship Oath


Church Shooter Was Stopped by a Former NRA Instructor, and Other Details Emerge

- The Heroes of the Sutherland Massacre Who Risked Their Lives to Stop the Shooter

- Gunman Kills 26 Worshipers in Mass Shooting at Texas Church


"Israel's Hearts are with the Victims of Texas Church Massacre": Netanyahu Sends Condolences to the U.S.


"We Must Let Go of the Grudges of Slavery" Because We "Disrespect Our Ancestors with Negative Thinking While Living in the Greatest Country Ever"


Billy Graham is 99 Today! A Look Back at All God Has Done through This Man


Unborn Children Not Considered Worthy of Right to Live by U.N. Human Rights Committee


This State May Let Students Decide Their Race and Gender without Parental Consent!


Hall of Famer Vin Scully: "I Will Never Watch Another NFL Game Again" Because of Anthem Protests


This Week in Christian History: Dante Exiled, Pastor Murdered, Martin Luther's Birthday


Denzel Washington Implores Millennials to Be Unashamed of Their Faith in Social Media Age (Interview)


Is USAID Deifying Trump's Orders to Aid Christians in Iraq?


An Open Letter to Dan Brown, Author of 'Origin' and the 'Da Vinci Code'


She Planned to End Her Life but God Intervened


Christian Mother, 2 Children Murdered by Muslim Radicals in Nigeria After Priest Killed in Kidnapping


ACLU Sues Michigan for Allowing Religious Adoption Agencies to Turn Away Gay Couples


Scientists: Existence of the Universe Defies Physics


Christian nurse sues hospital for requiring her to assist abortions


Science Tells Moms to Prioritize Motherhood in the First Three Years


Georgetown Students Vote Not to Sanction Pro-Traditional Marriage Campus Group


Children Fast-tracked into Gender Transition


Pro-LGBT teacher suspended after teaching 11-year-olds about ‘genital reconstruction surgery’


Kevin Spacey’s abuse of male minor exposes link between homosexuality and pedophilia: report


Priests and laity slam US bishops conference for sacking theologian critical of Pope


1 in 5 Jewish Millennials Believe Jesus Is the Son of God


Billy Graham Prepares to Celebrate 99th Birthday This Month


‘I am a mass murderer,’ former abortionist tells Congress

- Ohio House votes to ban abortions on babies with Down syndrome


Egypt's President Sisi Meets With US Evangelical Leaders in Cairo


John Piper Lists 6 Ways Some Protestant Preachers 'Dishonor God's Word' Despite Reformation


Man with Down Syndrome Gives "Riveting, Eloquent" Speech on Capitol Hill: "I Don't Feel I Should Have to Justify My Existence. My Life Is Worth Living!"


The amazing miracle that led U.S. bishops’ theologian to criticize Pope Francis


Balfour Declaration Was "Biblically-Based Miracle" Bringing Christians and Jews Together


"We Never Outgrow the Need for Family": President Trump Lauds Adoptive Parents as "Loving Part of God's Plan" in National Adoption Month Proclamation


Tragedy in Yemen: The Rest of the Story


‘Shocking Behavior’: Only 1.5 Percent of Syrian Christians Accepted into Western Nations


Falwell Jr. Announces Effort to Protect Liberty U Students From Protesters

- Liberty University Reportedly Bans Man Critical of Jerry Falwell Jr. from Campus


Victory for The Innocents! Judge Rules California Law Making Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Refer Patients to Abortion Clinics Violates State Constitution


Democrat shouts down black pro-life woman at House hearing, accuses her of ‘ignorance’


Doctor Suggests Abortion for Woman with Down Syndrome Baby; She Chooses Life

- Appalling new video shows Planned Parenthood gave patient info to baby parts harvesters


Blessed Reversal: Former Late-Term Abortion Clinic Is Now a Flourishing Pregnancy Center


U.S. bishops ask theologian to resign after letter criticizing Pope


NYC Terror Attack: 8 People Killed


Women protest notorious Planned Parenthood that has sent dozens to hospital


Judge halts California law forcing pro-life centers to advertise abortions


Are You, or Someone You Love, Living in a Prodigal's "Pigpen?" This Miraculous Testimony from Daughter of Pastor Karen Wheaton Could Change Your Life


Studies Show Volunteering and Giving Improves Your Physical Health


ISIS Targets 4-Year-Old Prince George


Duck Dynasty Stars Make Hotel Cleaning Woman’s Day with Act of Kindness


Scientists Pinpoint Oldest Recorded Solar Eclipse, and It's Mentioned in Joshua's Biblical Battle


Reformation Day: What Happened on Halloween 500 Years Ago That Challenged Religion and Compels Repetition


Police arrest young Catholics praying rosary at Cathedral to protest Reformation event


The Reformation Turns 500: How Luther Shaped Our World

- Ligonier Ministries Scholar: With Reformation, Martin Luther 'Gave Us Back the Gospel'

- 12 Memorable Quotes From Martin Luther's 95 Theses


Judge OKs Suit over Baby Body Parts Research


Lara Trump: My Father-in-Law "Truly is a Man of God"


Mom is Jailed for Refusing to Vaccinate Son with Vaccine Containing Aborted Baby Cells

- Pro-lifers Protest UN Proposal to Endorse Abortion, Euthanasia

- Pro-Life Activities Continue Outside Abortion Clinic Despite NY Attorney General Lawsuit


Pakistani Christian is Attacked for Faith and for Displaying Cross


Scientists Suggest Why the Sun Stood Still for Joshua in Battle


Facebook Blocked Two Christian Ministry Pages This Month


Report: 1 in 4 Church of England Congregations Has No Children


Contraception is being used to ‘separate’ kids from parents: Catholic doctor


Cdl. Sarah: Some people ‘exploit the Word of God’ to promote multiculturalism, immigration


Hamas: ‘We Will Wipe Out Israel’

- Why You Should Pay Attention to Threats about Israel


Church Bans Singing 'Onward Christian Soldiers' on Remembrance Sunday to Not Offend Non-Christians


Tim Tebow Pokes Fun of Baseball Career in Nissan 'Heisman House' Halloween Ad (Watch)


This Week in Christian History: Protestant Reformation, CMA Founder Dies, 'Rock of Ages' Hymnist Born


Gospel and Guns? How Did Those Become Linked?


Vote to Expand Israeli Settlements in Jerusalem Set for Sunday


Pro-Life Activities Continue Outside Abortion Clinic Despite NY Attorney General Lawsuit


Pastor Says Millennials Have almost ‘Completely Lost the Knowledge of God


Story of a Surgery Performed on Unborn Baby Speaks of the Inherent Worth and Beauty of Human Life


Survey: Most Brits Think These 4 Commandments are No Longer Relevant


Pope Francis has abolished hell, purgatory, heaven: papal confidant


NFL Player-Turned-Executive Prays for God to Use Him Amid National Anthem Protests


Facebook Blocked Two Christian Ministry Pages This Month


Disney Channel introduces homosexual teen character, pushes LGBT agenda


Hundreds of Iraqi Christian Families Forced to Flee Again After Resettling in Town Liberated From ISIS

- 'ISIS Might Have Lost the Battle but Won the War' If Christians Can't Safely Live in Iraq, Charity Warns


Texas Abortion Clinics Marred with Gross Health, Safety Issues: "Tanning Salons More Closely Regulated Than the Abortion Industry"


Benny Hinn's Nephew: Hinn Clan Like 'Royal Family' and 'Mafia,' Prosperity Teaching Is 'Twisted'


UK Judge Rules Against Christian Student Expelled From University Over Views on Gay Marriage


John Piper Says Parents Should Take Children on Dangerous Mission Trips: There Are 'Worse Risks' Than Death


This Fall's 40 Days For Life Has Saved Over 300 Babies From Abortion So Far


PragerU Sues Google and YouTube over Censorship


Shocking Undercover Video: Late-Term Abortion Center Offers to Abort Baby at 37-Weeks for $17,000


Oops! New York Times Accidentally Reveals Humanity of a Preborn Baby in Article on Fetal Surgery


Dodgers Star Pitcher Clayton Kershaw: ‘It’s Giving up My Life to God That Puts My Life in Control


Music Legend Little Richard Rejects Homosexuality: "I Want to be Holy Like Jesus"


Robert P. George Warns: Militant Secularists 'Want Your Kids'


Hamas ‘Begs Iran for Help’ to Destroy Israel, Says U.S. Envoy


African American Coalition Says it 'Has Jack's Back' in Christian Baker Case


The Surprising Reason Tents Started Popping Up Around One California City


Church Clarity Leaders Respond to Concerns About New Church LGBT-Affirmation Database




Six Divine Healing Cases, including TB, Blindness and Even Appendicitis, Presented at World-Renowned Medical Conference


'If You Don't Believe in God, You Should Have Been with Us on That Day': Vietnam Vet Gets Medal of Honor


Bishop Schneider: Catholics must be prepared to be martyrs for their faith


‘Peace Cross’ veterans memorial must be torn down, orders U.S. appeals court


‘Progressive’ Cardinal in running to head U.S. bishops’ pro-life activities


John Piper Says Parents Should Take Children on Dangerous Mission Trips: There Are 'Worse Risks' Than Death


Pro-lifers protest ‘very dangerous and particularly gruesome’ illegal late-term abortion center


1 in 4 Church of England Congregations Did Not Have Any Children Attend Worship: Report


Christian Magistrate Fired for Views on Gay Adoption Loses Appeal Case


Tim Tebow Will be a Guest on Final Season of ‘Fixer Upper’


Jimmy Carter: NFL Players Should Stand for Anthem, Protest in 'Different Way'


Gretchen Carlson Slams Fox News for Renewing O'Reilly Contract After Sexual Harassment Settlement


'Revive Us 2': Cameron Says Christians Shouldn't Throw in Towel During Troubles


Ethnic Cleansing in Myanmar has Become Full-Scale Genocide

- Horrific Ethnic Cleansing Creates Humanitarian Crisis in Myanmar


This Week in Christian History: A Major Battle, Influential Treaty, and 'Great Disappointment'


Canada: Pro-abortion Liberals walk out after gov’t committee picks pro-life chair


Colonel suspended for not thanking homosexual serviceman’s ‘spouse’

- FDA Approves "Revolutionary" Cancer-Killer Gene Therapy


FBI Rescues 84 Children in Crackdown on Sex-Trafficking


4 British Missionaries Kidnapped in

Nigeria; Justin Welby Urged to Help as Manhunt Begins


Kathie Lee Gifford Honors Late Husband in Song: "He Saw Jesus and Jesus Took His Breath Away"


Sen. Marco Rubio Says He Won't Stop Tweeting Bible Verses, Taps Proverbs 18:2


America Back to Work: Fewest Jobless Claims Since 1973!


N. Korean Escapee Says Children, Babies 'Dying Without Hope,' Talks Eating Mice to Survive


Former Rep. Michele Bachmann on Millennials and Political Correctness: We Must Become More Spiritually Active Because The World is Approaching a Culmination Point


What Christians Should Know About the Balfour Declaration Controversy


Cross-Shaped World War I Monument Ruled Unconstitutional


Will Church School be Forced to Ban Bible, Crosses, and Religious Assembly?


Climate change is ‘the biggest scientific fraud ever perpetrated’: scientist


6 Police Officers Arrested for Beating Christian Teen to Death in Pakistan, Activists Say

- South African Pastor 'Burned Beyond Recognition'; Hands Tied Behind His Back


China: House Church Leader, Daughter, and Grandson Arrested for Sharing Faith in Public


Reformation Turns 500: Authors Explain 'What Remains at Stake' Between Catholics, Protestants


Prominent Democrat Feminist Camille Paglia Says Hillary Clinton 'Exploits Feminism'


North Carolina governor signs order forcing businesses to allow men to enter women’s bathrooms

- Transgender Person On Trial For Sexually Assaulting 10-Year-Old Girl In Bathroom


Franklin Graham Reveals the Life Verse His Father Has "Pinned Up" Around His Home


Judge temporarily stops gov’t from facilitating abortion for illegal immigrant teen

- Judge orders Trump gov’t to allow illegal immigrant teen to abort her baby immediately


‘Regular’ voter in Democrat’s ad is actually a professional abortion activist


Australia: Churches Vandalized by Gay Marriage Supporters ahead of Legalization Vote


Former Trans Men Explain 'All the Lies' Surrounding the Glorification of Transgenderism


Dancing With the Stars contestant was in a ‘vegetative state’ for 4 years as a child


Hollywood Sells Sex and Enables Predators




Archaeologists Uncover 'Enormous Find' with Roman-Era Surprise Beneath Jerusalem's Western Wall


Plucky Duck Commander Phil Robertson Asks Politicians, Media Outlets, "Do Y'all Love or Hate Jesus?"


Pray: Christian-Killing Al-Shabaab is Behind Somalia's Worst-Ever Bombing



- Abortionist cancels illegal late-term abortions after pro-lifers expose him

- Apple removes popular pro-life prayer app after liberals complain


Transgender hormone blockers are ‘institutionalized child abuse’: pediatrician


Satanists ask Christian baker to make ‘birthday cake’ for Lucifer


Has the New Museum of the Bible Left Jesus Out?


AP pushes LGBT agenda, tells reporters to use ‘transgender pronouns’


Philosophers warn Europe: protect borders, restore marriage to survive


Tens of Thousands Participate in Jerusalem March, Celebrating Unification


Netanyahu Condemns Iran for Persecuting Christians: Uses Bible to Explain Why Israel Helps Others


OCT 17-19: FREE Online conference "How Radical Enemies of Life are Pushing Their Global Agenda to End Poverty by Eliminating the Poor."


Liberals mad Trump spoke at event where guests learned truth about gay STD epidemic


Georgia Mother Shocked Over School Quiz Asking 12-Y-O Daughter to Name Her Sexual Identity


Ten Commandments Display Unconstitutional, SCOTUS Affirms by Declining Case


ISIS Fighters Leave Raqqa as US-Backed Militia Prepares to Retake City


3-Y-O Christian Girl Who Loved to Pray Drowns in Grease Pit at Ice Cream Shop


More Planned Parenthood baby parts videos coming ‘very soon’


[Watch] What These Patriotic Coal Miners Do before Going Underground Will Make You Proud


Tony Perkins: Trump Has 'Uncharacteristic Courage'


FEMA is Withholding Disaster Relief Aid from Religious Organizations So Churches Took Legal Action


Bring Back America's Rural Churches!


Catholics can never ‘assent’ to Communion for habitual adulterers: Filial Correction signer


PRAY: Death Toll Increases to over 30, As California Infernos Grow to Size Of NYC


"In America, We Don't Worship Government--We Worship God": President Trump's Address at 2017 Values Voter Summit


Christian Persecution Hits All-Time High Worldwide: Report


Polish People Pray for Protection from Radical Islam Invasion


Roy Moore: We Need to Make America 'Good' Again, We Have Forgotten God


Abortion clinic planning to kill unborn babies up to nine months is unlicensed


Check Out These Awesome Photos of The Proud Lion of Judah in Israel


NFL Team Uses Hotel Pool for Baptism Prior to Eagles and Panthers Game


Police in Pakistan Beat Christian Boy to Death, Father Says


Imprisoned Pastor Andrew Brunson Writes Moving Song to God


Lifesitenews announces free online conference to discuss population control groups infiltrating the Catholic Church


Kenya’s Presidential Race Takes Pages from the Bible


U.S. to Fund Restoration of Israel’s Ancient Solomon Pools


Actor Tim Allen Finally Speaks About 'Last Man Standing' Sudden Cancellation


Apple Removes Pro-life App from App Store


Eritrean Mother Details Challenge of Raising Christian Children in Secret


Anglicans Donate Nearly $1M to Fight Gay Marriage in Australia, Warn of 'Irreparable Consequences'


'Armageddon'-Like California Wildfires Kill 11; Hundreds Missing as Churches Shelter Victims


How a Super Christian Company Is Infiltrating Hollywood


George Soros is funding massive pro-abortion rallies in Poland


Alabama High School Marching Band Refuses to Stop Playing Christian Music


More Planned Parenthood baby parts videos coming ‘very soon’...


AWAKEN the DAWN in DC, 50 Prayer Tents: Worship Gathering on Nat'l Mall


Former Satanist is Shocked Parents Allow Kids to Celebrate Halloween


The Dead Sea Scrolls Discovery — Still Riveting after 70 Years


Alabama High School Marching Band Refuses to Stop Playing Christian Music


Franklin Graham Issues Warning for America Following Las Vegas Shooting


Supreme Court Will Hear 'Cake Case' in New Fall Term


More and More Transgender Individuals Regretting Sex-Change Surgery


LGBT lobby wants to ban sex-change reversal research. Here’s why.


4 Things Christians Should Know about the Feast of Tabernacles


A Hurting Nation Turns to Scripture for 'Comfort' and 'Clarity'

- 3500 Las Vegas Residents Come Together for 'Amazing Grace' after Horrific Massacre


US Votes No on UN Resolution against Death Penalty


The 59 music fans who went to a concert and never made it home

- Blood on Her Boots and Tears in Her Eyes, Teen Survivor of Las Vegas Turns to God, Changed Forever

- Las Vegas Survivor Says Shooting Turned Him From Agnostic to Firm Believer in God (Video)

- Heroic Stories Emerge from Vegas Carnage: A Nurse, an Army Vet and a Financial Adviser

- 4 Christian Leaders Offer Perspectives on the Las Vegas Massacre


Sex Change Regret: Gender Reversal Surgery is on the Rise, So Why Aren't We Talking About It?


Spirit-Filled Puerto Rican Pastor: "I'm Not the Same Man I was Two Weeks Ago"


'There Is Hope': Man Comes Out of 'Permanent Vegetative State' after 15 Years


Christian Flight Attendant Fired Over Opposition to Union's Support of Women's March, Lawsuit Claims


Pentecostal Preacher's Daughter Sues Restaurant for Rescinding Job Offer Because She Asked to Wear Skirt


Satanic Temple Demands Christian Bakers Make Cakes 'for Satan'


Palestine Allowed to be Admitted to Interpol, World's Largest Police Organization


Suspect in Toronto terror attack is Somali refugee, RCMP reveal


Judge throws out Kentucky pro-life ultrasound law; governor vows appeal

- Illinois governor breaks promise, supports bill forcing taxpayers to fund abortions


Puerto Rican CEO: Local government in charge of Maria cleanup 'completely inept'


Spires and Crosses: Historic Churches Along the Single Lane Country Roads of England's Romney Marsh


Liberal British politicians attack 'obscene' Royal Family, even Prince George


Congressmen condemn assisted suicide: ‘Puts everyone at risk of deadly harm’


Witch hunt continues: Ontario Conservative leader shuts down pro-life grassroots

- Australian Catholic priest spat on, cursed at for opposing gay ‘marriage’


Secret First-Temple Jewish City Discovered Under IDF Training Base


Cardinal Burke re-appointed to Vatican court, but not as prefect

- 62 Scholars Correct Pope Francis for 'Propagating Heresies'


Missy Robertson Shares Undeniable Proof That God Can Transform Even the Most Broken Lives


Packers' Attempt to Involve Fans in Anthem Demonstration Backfires: Most Chant "USA, USA!" Instead


While NFL Players Tout "Free Speech" Rights in Anthem Protests, These Cheerleaders Just Got Court Approval to Exercise Theirs by Using Bible Verse Banners


Prayer: The UN Pushes for International Law to Make Abortion a Human Right


Scientists Create Human Life for Experiments; Christian Bioethicist 'Disturbed'


U.S. Doctors Take Official Stance against Euthanasia


New Ager-Turned-Christian Steven Bancarz Exposes Connection Between Psychedelic Drugs and Witchcraft


‘Apocalyptic’: Filial Correction organizer warns of schism if errors aren’t corrected

- Former Vatican doctrine chief: ‘People working in the Curia are living in great fear’


96% of transgender youth engage in self-harm: study


High School Coach Fired for Praying Calls out Double Standard


Texans’ Rookie Quarterback Gives First Paycheck to Cafeteria Workers


Church Youth Leader Finds Abandoned Baby on Roadside: ‘All I Know is That God Intervened’


Tennessee Church Holds Emotional First Service Since Shooting


5 Things Christians Should Know about the Day of Atonement


'Please Help Us Mr. Trump': Iraqi Children Plead with the President


5 Things You Should Know about the Minnesota Religious Freedom Case


Pastor Vows to Destroy Florida Teacher’s Demonic Display at Public Park


Ireland to Hold National Referendum on Abortion

- PRAY! "Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act" Vote in U.S. House Next Week


Signatories more than double on filial correction to Pope Francis


New Netflix series for teens ‘glorifies children’s sexual escapades’


Students around the World Gather for 25th Annual ‘See You at the Pole’ Prayer Event


Google and Target among corporations backing LGBT ‘civil rights’ bill


New Discoveries in Jerusalem Point to Fulfillment of Biblical Prophecies


Witch Doctors are Sacrificing Children in

This Drought-Stricken African Country


Judge rules abortions based on race, sex, disability are OK


Christian Filmmakers Fulfill Steve McQueen’s Dying Wish in New Movie


TV viewers turn away from NFL in droves as players take knee to defy Trump


"Apocalyptic" Conditions Left by Maria Have Brought Puerto Rico to Its Knees


More Evangelical Leaders Opposing GOP's Obamacare Repeal


Evangelist Alveda King: America is Distraught and Distracted by Free Abortions, SOBs, Fallen Idols and Foreign Feuds; Cease Fire, Take the Knee and Pray!

- This NFL Player Raised His Hands in Prayer during National Anthem: Bless Him!


Birth of a Country? Kurds Vote Overwhelmingly for Independence


This State is Working to Protect Down Syndrome Children From being Aborted


Dobson, Franklin Graham Praise Roy Moore Ahead of Alabama's Senate Runoff


New Evidence Reveals Why the Bible Called Ancient Israel the "Land of Milk and Honey"


Afterlife Snack? What Was Found Inside This 4,000-year-old Canaanite Tomb Dig


Sunday's Deadly Church Shooting in Nashville, and the Usher Who Helped Stop It


Life Lynn, the Baby Whose Mother Declined Chemo to Save Her, Has Died


Is God 'Redrawing' the Borders of Iraq? Monday's Historic Kurdish Vote on Independence


Political Earthquake in Germany: Angela Merkel Wins Election but Huge Immigration Anger Pushes the Nation to the Right


LifeSite launches petition supporting correction of Pope for ‘propagating heresies’


A Picture of Unity We Want Mainstream Media to Show More Often! St. Louis Police Sergeant Helps Man with His Tie for Job Interview


NASCAR Owners Threaten to Fire Drivers and Crew if They Kneel during National Anthem: "This is America"


Benjamin Watson: Trump's NFL Comment Was 'Direct Attack on Our Brotherhood'

- While Majority of His Team was Kneeling, This NFL Player Took a Stand


Kirk Cameron Shares His Prayer for America, Says Millions Are Not Racist or Bigots but Seek Unity


University Bans Research Into Transgender Surgery Regrets


Poll Finds That Most Millennials Support Private School Vouchers, But Favor Censoring 'Offensive' Political Views


This Week in Christian History: A Pope's Death, a German Peace Agreement, and a Medieval Council


Teacher Makes Kids Recite Gender Neutral Version of the Declaration of Independence


God Redeems Man with a 500-Year Prison Sentence: Now, You Wouldn't Believe the "Dead" Things This Ex-Con is Bringing Back to Life!


Weakening pro-life activist vows to keep hunger strike until truth about abortion is exposed


This pro-life app is about to throw a BIG wrench into the abortion industry

- Planned Parenthood wants to help nurse practitioners, midwives do abortions in Maine

- Professor: One day killing newborn babies will be widespread, and ‘it will be for the better’


Polygamists’ lawsuit: ‘If gay marriage is legal, then polygamy marriage should be legal’


UK doctors defy members, vote to support abortion on demand


Cardinal Burke: ‘urgency’ to resolve dubia ‘weighs very heavily on my heart’


Washington Post religion columnist says ‘all religion is magic’


Mexican Workers Race to Find Survivors after Massive Earthquake


Turning down ‘gay wedding’ jobs the same as racism, judge rules


More than 40 families pull children from school that forced transgender lesson on 5-year-olds

- School Board Decides Students Will Not be Permitted to Opt Out of Transgender Lessons


ACLU sues Michigan for allowing adoption agencies to refuse same-sex couples


Boston city hall denies Christian flag, but allows LGBT flags


Man charged with raping teen stepdaughter took her to Planned Parenthood


New 400-page report documents ‘massive’ increase in attacks on religious liberty


Top UK doctor wants abortion to be as easy as ‘getting your bunions sorted’


Benham bros reveal secret to ending abortion and gay ‘marriage’ in America


Online conference will expose population control groups infiltrating the Catholic Church

- Did the Pope just answer the dubia by abolishing the John Paul II Institute?


After Harvey Criticism, Joel Osteen Opens Church to Jews for High Holy Days


Kansas suspends Planned Parenthood abortionist over illegal abortion on 13-year-old

- Abortion facility permanently closes after 44 pages of ‘horrific’ violations


Hurricane Maria Leaves All of Puerto Rico without Power

- #PrayForPuertoRico: Hurricane Maria Slams U.S. Island with 155 MPH Winds


Outraged Parents Issue Urgent Warning Against Media Lying to Children about Transgender Agenda


Franklin Graham: Islam Puts Women ‘behind a Veil of Horror’


46 Million People Living in Slavery Worldwide, New Report Reveals


New study shows extremely premature babies viable at 22, 23 weeks


Indiana University to sue state so it can continue experimenting on aborted babies’ body parts


Israel Digs against the Clock to Save Desert Scrolls from Looters


My Dad Was Transgender: Why I Still Think Gender Can't be Changed




- GoFundMe Changes Policy to Ban Fundraising for Those Accused of ‘Discriminatory Acts’





Sage's Story - Running from ICWA (Video)


Watchman Nee - Chinese Martyr


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