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Attorneys grill dad trying to save 7-year-old from gender ‘transition’

Anti-Religion Group Says Public School Mentoring Program By Christians Unconstitutional

Legalizing Assisted Suicide Will Remove Treatment Options from Patients Based on Cost Effectiveness, New Report Finds

Who Are the Kurdish People in Syria Being Attacked by Turkey?

Hindu Extremists, Police Shut Down Worship Services in Uttar Pradesh, India

‘Sad Day’ in Algeria as Officials Seal Buildings of Country’s Largest Churches

New Bill Seeks to Introduce Bible Classes across Florida Public Schools

Chip and Joanna Gaines to Host Their 5th Annual ‘Silobration’ This Weekend

Pro-LGBT adults admit 7-year-old in gender ‘transition’ case isn’t totally convinced he’s a girl

Sculptress whose pro-life statue sparked feminist protest speaks out: My art is made in love

Christian Tourists Warned to Not Display Bibles in Saudi Arabia

School Administrator Suspended for Questioning Why School Introduced LGBT Agenda

Key group behind Amazon Synod accepting funds from large U.S. pro-abortion charity

Pope appoints cardinals with ties to UN, gay activists to help draft Amazon Synod doc

Supporters struggled to believe dad has to fight 7-year-old’s gender ‘transition’ in US

Deacon ‘Took a Leap of Faith,’ Tackled Gunman During NH Wedding

Georgia school district delays transgender bathrooms after parents revolt

Supreme Court lets stand court ruling OK’ing Muslim indoctrination in school

UK judge orders forced abortion, says doctors can restrain woman to do it

How the creator of the ‘Magical Birth Canal’ viral video is saving unborn babies

U of Michigan ‘just killed my son’: Hospital yanks life support hours after judge dismisses case

Attorneys for mom seeking gender ‘transition’ for 7-year-old: Dad, who calls son a boy, is ‘unstable’

New March for Life Theme Proclaims ‘Life Empowers: Pro-Life is Pro-Woman’

Christian Doctors Can’t Be Forced to Perform Transgender Surgeries, Judge Rules

Kurdish Politician, Champion of Christians Hevrin Khalef Killed in Syria

Museum of the Bible Says Oxford Professor Sold Fragments Illicitly

Ethiopia’s Christian Prime Minister Wins Nobel Peace Prize for Helping to Reconcile Ethiopia, Eritrea

Former NFL Coach Tony Dungy Shares How God Led Him, His Wife to Adopt 7 Kids

Jordanian House of Representative Says Jordan-Israel Peace Treaty Is ‘Under Threat’

Elizabeth Warren Says She’s ‘Open’ to Decriminalizing Sex Work

‘I Need Jesus,’ Too – Orlando Magic’s Jonathan Isaac on Why He Attends Church

Peaceful Sit-In Provokes Order to Close Church in Algeria, Christian Leader Says

Cyntoia Brown-Long Thanks God for Changing Her Life While Serving Life Sentence for Murder

U of Michigan hospital trying to yank life support from 14-year-old boy against parents’ wishes

Andrew Brunson considered suicide in Turkish prison as he felt betrayed by God

Christian leaders respond to shooting of Atatiana Jefferson: ‘This injustice is outrageous’

An open letter to President Trump

China’s War on the Bible: If You Can’t Ban it, Alter it

American Christians Are More Likely to Call Their Pastor a ‘Friend,’ Barna Survey Finds

Gal Gadot to Star in, Produce Movie about Christian Who Saved Thousands of Jews from Nazis

California governor signs law forcing colleges to offer students abortion pills

Erased: How the Middle East Was Expunged of Its Judeo-Christian Heritage

Wildfires, Blizzards, and Flooding, Oh My! US Braces for Extreme Weather from Coast to Coast

Teen Boy in Dress Wins Homecoming ‘Royalty’ as More Public Schools Go Gender Neutral at Homecoming

Thousands of Christians Flee Syria as Violence Continues between Turkey and Syria

‘God Still Loves You’: Memphis Pastor Forgives Church Vandals Who Caused Thousands of Dollars’ Worth of Damage

Think Drag Queen Story Hour for Kids is a Bad Idea? ‘Too Bad’ Says Major Health Insurer in TV Ad

How dare Liberty University be Christian!

New slam-dunk video exposes global warming fraud in 12 minutes

Infanticide is not a crime after failed abortion: California AG in baby parts case

Christian Volunteers in Hong Kong Stand Between Police and Protesters, Hope to End the Violence

A Meme of Mass Violence: ‘Joker’ and the Rise of ‘Demonic Anti-Heroes’

17 Percent of Evangelical Teens Aren’t in Public School, Survey Shows

Ex-Drug Addict Baptized at Church He Vandalized 6 Months Earlier – ‘God Is Real’

Most teachers quite disturbed about their unions’ push for sexualization and indoctrination of school children

More Fetal Remains Discovered in Abortion Doctor Ulrich Klopfer’s Car

Christian Woman Killed in Kidnapping of Four Baptists in Nigeria

NBA boycotts states for trans bathrooms, but censors critics of authoritarian China

Pat Robertson Says the President Could Lose the ‘Mandate of Heaven’ If Kurdish Allies Are Massacred

Kentucky School Must Remove ‘Prayer Lockers’ after Group Says it’s Unconstitutional

Pope’s favored interviewer claims Francis denies Christ’s divinity

58 Percent of Evangelical Teens in Public Schools Regularly Discuss Faith

In-N-Out Owner Keeps Adding New Bible Verses to Packaging: It’s ‘a Family Touch’

Tyler Perry Opens 330-Acre Studio, Hosts Star-Studded Worship Service

Christian Filmmakers Brought Back to Court over Refusal to Film Gay Couple’s Wedding

Supreme Court to Consider Reviewing Case of High Schooler Forced to Recite Islamic Conversion Prayer

Grandma tells court why she went undercover to expose Planned Parenthood selling baby body parts

Judge Says She Told Amber Guyger, ‘God Can Forgive You and Has’

‘Hundreds’ of Young Transgender Adults Are Seeking to ‘Detransition,’ Advocacy Network Founder Says

California Pastor Says He’s Discipled Kanye for Weeks, Affirms His Conversion

5-Year-Old Cancer Survivor Celebrates His Birthday by Delivering Thousands of Toys to Children’s Hospital

Six Girls, Two Staff Members Kidnapped from Christian-Run High School in Nigeria

Israeli Research Team Discovers Massive Bronze Age City, Dub it ‘New York’ of the Middle East

Thousands Show Up for Kanye West’s Sunday Service in Salt Lake City

Christian Florist Sued for Turning Down Same-Sex Couple Appeals Case to U.S. Supreme Court

Catholic priest speaks out against ‘pagan rituals’ at Vatican: We must ‘preach Jesus’

Tennessee Gov. Declares Day of Prayer and Fasting: ‘Give Thanks to God Almighty’

Lauren Daigle’s ‘You Say’ Breaks Billboard Record, Becomes Biggest Christian Song of All Time

Museum of the Bible Fails to Authenticate Miniature Bible Believed to Have Gone to Space, Pulls it from Display

Star Wars Children’s Series Features Gay Couple: ‘We’re Proud of That,’ Producer Says

NFL’s Benjamin Watson Shares How He Uses His Career to Bring Glory to God: ‘We Do Exist for His Glory’

Pastor of Vandalized Church Says He Forgives Vandals, Offers Them Help: ‘There Is Help for You’ A federal judge rebukes a university for its ‘ludicrous’ anti-Christian discrimination

CBN’s Operation Blessing Helping Hurricane and Tropical Storm Victims in the Bahamas and Texas

MUST SEE’God Is There for Us’: FL Student Makes Headlines for All the Right Reasons, Praying for Police Sergeant

‘Weaponizing’ Forgiveness in the Botham Jean Case: Is It Wrong to Forgive When Injustice Still Exists?

Free Speech Revival Prevailing Against Socialist Intolerance of Faith

This is what Christianity looks like in Zimbabwe

Israel Will Have No Better Friend Than Kelly Craft’: New US Ambassador to UN Reaffirms Unwavering Commitment to Israel

Tim Tebow makes surprise visit to maximum security prison, shares Gospel with inmates

How can I know the will of God?

Praying for the Peace of Jerusalem With Millions of Christians Worldwide

Iowa boy and family fear retribution for resisting LGBT propaganda at school

Intel Corp is the biggest Planned Parenthood supporter in corporate America

Catholic historian: There are now two religions within Catholic Church. One has an ‘Amazonian face’

First to forgive

Hundreds rescued from Nigerian ‘house of torture’ posing as Islamic reform school

Huge win: Judge strikes down city’s ban on counseling minors with unwanted same-sex attractions

Lay Catholic leaders warn about Amazon Synod: ‘Pope Francis has gravely harmed the faith. It is time to say it out loud.’

Supreme Court to review Louisiana abortion regulations, could mean the end of Roe

Left-wing group files complaint against Christian judge who hugged, gave Bible to remorseful killer

Planned Parenthood Quietly Builds Massive Abortion Clinic in Illinois

Amazon synod’s relentless push for female ministry is rooted in paganism and idolatry

Mexican Catholics defend churches against pro-abortion feminists, shouting ‘Viva Cristo Rey!’

Church Hosted Gas Giveaway Is Shut Down after 2 Times the Anticipated Number of People Turn Up

NFL Player Is Fined $7,017 for Wearing ‘Man of God’ Headband

Lay Catholic leaders warn about Amazon Synod: ‘Pope Francis has gravely harmed the faith. It is time to say it out loud.’

More than Half of Christians under 35-Years-Old Believe Christians Should Not Date Unbelievers, New Study Finds

WATCH: 250,000 Americans petition Supreme Court to ‘overturn’ Roe v. Wade abortion decision

Bible’s Teachings on Gender Are ‘Incompatible with Human Dignity,’ British Court Rules

Mom solves daughter’s mystery illness: School nurse secretly inserted birth control implant

Texas Dad Fights to Keep 7-Year-Old Son a Boy in Final Court Battle

Title X Protect Life Rule Reallocates Millions of Dollars from Planned Parenthood to Other Providers

Christian Family in Hiding after Hindu Extremist Mob Assaults Them in India

‘Give Your Life to Christ’ — Brother Forgives, Hugs Ex-Cop Who Killed Botham Jean

Thousands of Students Prepare for ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ on October 3

A Conversation with Immanuel Bible Church Pastor following False Hate Crime Claim: ‘Just as Repentance Is Immediate, So Is Forgiveness’

Kids of Imprisoned Iranian Pastor Not Allowed Back to School for Refusing to Study Islam

Former Atheist and Terminal Cancer Patient Baptized in His Final Days

Kanye West Quits Secular Music: ‘Only Gospel from Here on Out’

Christian in Uganda Loses Children, Mother and Stepfather to Islamist Attack, Sources Say

Christian Teacher Fired for Not Using Transgender Student’s Pronouns, Sues School Board

Church Leaders Protest Shocking Northern Ireland Abortion Law Changes

Crossway Launches New ESV Bible Specifically for New Christians

Pennsylvania Bill will Allow Schools to Display ‘In God We Trust’

Norway Removes 3 American Christian Children from Home despite Abuse Accusations Being Falsified

Faith-Based Agency Can’t Be Forced to Place Kids with Same-Sex Couples, Court Rules

Tennessee Students Plan Prayer Circle after Atheist Group Complains

Pope Francis Meets with Priest to Discuss LGBTQ Catholics

Teen Boy Saves Neighbor Trapped under Car, Says God Helped Him Rescue Him

LGBT Lobby Group Proposes the United Methodist Church Be Separated into 4 Denominations

Walmart-Owned Streaming Service Introduces Movie Filtering Option for Families

Selena Gomez Says Lauren Daigle Has an ‘Anointing,’ Calls Her Music a ‘Blessing’

Boko Haram Executes Two Christian Aid Workers in Nigeria

Vocational Ministry: How to Use Every Gift to Glorify God

This week in Christian history: Old Fashioned Revival Hour, Reformation dispute, Missionary Society formed

When will Jesus return?

China forces churches to sing national anthem, raise Chinese flag to honor Communist history

Major Winter Storm Threatens the Northern Rockies With Record Snowfall

‘Mommy says I’m a girl’: Dad fights to save 7-year-old son from gender ‘transition’

The Amazing Way Jesus Reached Down and Rescued a Desperate Iranian Atheistic Woman Who Tried to Hang Herself after Years of Abuse

China Is Harvesting Organs from Thousands of Persecuted People, New Report Claims

The ‘Fastest Growing Church’ in the World Is ‘Spreading Like a Wildfire’ in Iran: New Documentary

‘Revival Is Coming’: Historic Ministry Collaboration to Reach College Campuses

Transgender Man Who Gave Birth Loses Case, Must Be Listed as ‘Mother’

Ransom Paid, but Kidnapped Pastor’s Wife Is Killed in North-Central Nigeria

Christians in Algeria Hit with More Church Closure

In Private Meeting, Pope Francis Opens Up about His Faith after His Election

Washington D.C. Based Mission Group Works to Provide Food, Housing to the Homeless

Mattel Launches Gender-Fluid Dolls ‘Free of Labels’

Former Atheist Who ‘Mocked’ Jesus Now Teaches at Christian Seminary: ‘My Eyes Were Opened’

9th U.S. Town Becomes ‘Sanctuary City for the Unborn’

Photo of Young Man Praying Over Police Deputy Goes Viral

Honduran Youth Pastor Wins Asylum Case, Enters the United States

Alabama High Schoolers Recite Lord’s Prayer at Football Game despite Prayer Ban

Why is Autism Called a Spectrum Disorder? Expert Shares Tips for Helping Parents of Kids with Disabilities

Texas High School Football Player Saves Mom, Child Trapped in Floodwaters: ‘I Had to Make Sure Two of God’s Children Didn’t Die’

Police Help Hindu Extremist Efforts to Shut Down Christian Worship in India, Sources Say

Archaeological Evidence Points to Discovery of Biblical Kingdom of Edom

Anne Graham Lotz, a Year after Breast Cancer Diagnosis, Says Joy ‘Never Left Me’

Weeks-Old Baby Rescued by National Guard after Puerto Rico Is Struck by Earthquake, Tropical Storm

Huge Magnitude 5.8 Earthquake Hits Kashmir Region Killing at Least 19

Thousands of deaths linked to hormone blockers that are also used as puberty blockers for gender-confused kids

‘Stop Talking, Start Doing’: Conservative Volunteers Clean Over 50 Tons of Garbage in Los Angeles, Media Ignores

Unplanned Star Ashley Bratcher Shares Powerful Testimony: ‘I Was Intended to Be Aborted’

Christian TV Network Pays Off $2.5 Million in Medical Debt for 2,500 Families

Muslim in Middle East Says Jesus Visited Him, Recited Gospel of John: ‘I Couldn’t Look at Him’

Minister to Homeless Says City Officials Denied Him a Permit for Church Worship

Christian Recording Artist Lecrae Gets Baptized in the Jordan River

Miracle Micro-Preemie ‘Fighting Finn’ Is Finally Home

Why Are Abortion Clinics Closing?

Christian Persecution on the Rise in India with Over 200 Violent Incidents This Year, New Report Finds

Facebook CEO Admits to ‘Clear Bias’ in Blocking Pro-Life Videos

Chinese Communist Officials Deport 13 South Korean Missionary Families

India Orders Nonprofits to Sign Statement Promising Not to Participate in Religious Conversions

Abortionist Testifies That Babies Likely Born Alive in Abortion to Harvest Their Body Parts for Sale

Atheists Ordered School Board to Drop Football Prayers, Crowd Erupted When They Did This Instead

Groundbreaking Study Reveals: 90 Percent of World’s Plastic Waste Comes from Asia and Africa

When Suicide Is Legal and the Money Runs Out: An Evil and Unnecessary “Choice”

Saving Pastors’ Lives: A Call to the Church to Help Those Struggling with Ideas of Suicide

Vatican experts tell EWTN host that real schism is underway in Germany, not America

Dad devastated as newspaper refuses to print memorial for aborted baby

Children Should Not Be Allowed to Medically Change Their Genders,’ Says Johns Hopkins Professor

Decade of Tears and Blood: 10 Years of Boko Haram Terrorism in Nigeria

United Methodists Float Plans to Split Denomination after LGBTQ Vote

Maine enforces new laws for health plans to cover abortions, non-doctors to commit them

How Does a Church Make the Poor Visible? This One Immortalized Them in a Fresco

Lawsuit goes ahead to force Catholic hospitals to remove uterus from gender-confused females

Switzerland’s supreme court rules parents have no right to homeschool their kids

Covington boys sue Kathy Griffin for harassment over March for Life doxing demand

U.S. Abortion Rates Hit All-Time Low

Catholic Hospital Declines to Do Hysterectomy on Trans Man, Court Rules They May Have Violated the Law

Doctors and Nurses Say They’d Quit if Forced to Violate Beliefs

Dallas Churches Vandalized, ‘LIES’ Graffitied on Steeple

Museum of the Bible Hosts First-Ever Biblical Fashion Show

Abortionist testifies at Daleiden hearing: ‘No question…some of these fetuses were live births’

Only hearts harvested from living babies can be used for research, expert tells Daleiden hearing

Chick-fil-A’s Sales Have Doubled Since LGBT Boycott Began in 2012

California Senate Passes Resolution Calling All Californians to Embrace LGBTQ Lifestyles

Daleiden: I broke no law in undercover investigation of aborted-baby body-part racket 

Former Members of LGBTQ Lifestyle Proudly Proclaim Freedom From Homosexuality in FL March

International missions leaders designate 2020 as ‘Global Year of the Bible’

Iran imprisons bookshop owner for selling Bible as crackdown on Christianity continues

‘God Won’: Georgia School OKs Prayer at Football Games, Despite Atheist Complaints

Chicago Bears Kicker Acknowledges Jesus after Making Game-Winning Field Goal

Chinese pastors ordered to base sermons on book comparing Bible to Confucianism

Daleiden tells court why he suspected Planned Parenthood, StemExpress of ‘homicide’

Thousands Gather for National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children

Mississippi Students Protest Classes after School Moves Prayer Group to after School Hours

Doctor Acquitted of Charges for Euthanizing Dementia Patient Despite Clear Resistance

Prosperity Gospel Has ‘Damaged a Lot of People,’ Benny Hinn Says in New Interview

Duke University’s Student Government Rejects Young Life over LGBTQ Policies

Millennials boldly preach freedom from LGBT lives at Orlando march 3 years after Pulse mass shooting

Joni Eareckson Tada reveals ‘first thing’ she’ll do in Heaven: ‘It will be my joy and sacrifice’

‘Load Me up with Bibles’: Oil Boom Becomes Ministry Boon in US Heartland

FCA’s National ‘Fields of Faith’ Event Continues to Grow, Allows Students to Take a Stand For Their Faith

TN School District Fights Back After Atheist Group Complains of Baptisms on High School Football Field

Boys in Girls’ Locker Rooms…What Could go Wrong?

Bodies of over 2,000 unborn babies found on dead abortionist’s property

Planetary ‘Holy Grail’ Discovery by NASA’s Hubble Reveals Water Vapor and Possible Rain Clouds: Could This Exoplanet Contain Life?

Samaritan’s Purse Opens an Emergency Field Hospital in the Bahamas to Treat Hurricane Dorian Survivors: ‘We Lost Everything … But We Still Have Life’

Daleiden reveals to court his horror of finding that ‘live beating’ hearts of aborted babies were for sale

Judge to rule if search warrant on Daleiden was valid, could result in charges dropped

Chick-fil-A on Campus Promotes Inclusion and Freedom, Purdue Tells Upset Faculty

Doctor Acquitted of Charges for Euthanizing Dementia Patient Despite Clear Resistance

Prosperity Gospel Has ‘Damaged a Lot of People,’ Benny Hinn Says in New Interview

Abortion director at Daleiden hearing: We had no ban on changing ‘technique’ to harvest better baby body parts

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu Vows to Annex Parts of the West Bank if He Wins Election

Kirk Cameron Creates TV New Series Featuring Faith-Based Conversations with Celebrity Friends

British Schoolchildren Are Taught There Are 100-Plus Genders in New Video Series

Eight Women Hospitalized in Nine Months from Planned Parenthood Flagship Facility

Young Father in India Shocked at Why Relatives Attacked Him, Daughter and Killed His Wife

Christian Pastoral Couple in Cuba Imprisoned for Homeschooling Children

Planned Parenthood Closes 2 Ohio Clinics due to Trump Pro-Life Rule

Jerry Falwell, Jr. Faces Blistering Accusations, Fights Back

How Witnessing 9/11 Brought One Woman Closer to Christ

Citizens Sue San Antonio over Chick-fil-A Ban, Claim City Targeted Christian Beliefs

Pro-Life Clothing Brand Strives to Be the ‘Chick-Fil-A of Fashion’

For Anxious Young Adults, Religion Can Be a Wellness Tool, Says New Study

Former Victoria’s Secret Model Shares How Leaving the Modeling Industry Led Her to Jesus

Over 100 Attacks Have Occurred on Syrian Churches Since Its Civil War Began

Missionary Helped Lead 1,000 North Koreans to Christ Before Being Killed, Report Says

Protesters at New Toronto Chick-fil-A Outnumbered by Customers, 100 to 1

NC School Pulls ‘Diversity Inventory’ Asking Students about Gender, Sexuality, Religion

‘The Lord Is My Master’ Reads Bible-era First Temple Seal Impression Found by Archaeologists

Chick-fil-A Employees Give 500 Free Sandwiches to Texas Police Officers after Mass Shooting

Faith-Based Overcomer Expanding to a Record 2,125 Theaters

Hindu Extremists Demand Death of One of Organizers of Christian Film in India

6-Year-Old Uses Disney World Birthday Trip Money to Feed Hurricane Dorian Evacuees

Christian Wedding Venue Owner Denies Interracial Couple, Apologizes after Studying Scripture

Former Police Officer on How to Promote Reconciliation, Mend Police-Community Relations While Maintaining Bible-Based Justice

Vocational Ministry: How to Use Every Gift to Glorify God

Former MLB all-star, wife launch horse ministry to help people overcome emotional struggles

Gender transition poses ‘serious and irreversible damage’ to kids, top psychiatrist warns

StemExpress CEO admits selling beating baby hearts, intact baby heads in Daleiden hearing

Did the sexual revolution launch identity politics?

Republican targeted with civil rights complaint for canceling Down Syndrome ‘drag show’

45 Percent of College Students Want ‘In God We Trust’ Removed from Currency

Drew Brees Faces Backlash for Promoting ‘Bring Your Bible to School Day’ with Christian Organization

10 Things I Discovered about Johnny Cash

Operation Blessing Deploys Team to Distribute Medical Relief, Clean Water to the Bahamas

Boy Who Was Thrown Off Mall of America Balcony Finally Returns Home

Benny Hinn Renounces Prosperity Theology: ‘The Gospel Is Not for Sale’

Hong Kong Withdraws Controversial Extradition Bill That Incited Weeks of Violent Protests

11-year-old Boy Praises God for Surviving Being Hit by Semi-Truck

Saints QB Drew Brees Urges Students: ‘Live Out Your Faith,’ Bring Bible to School

LifeWay Finds Way to Get Christian Books, Study Guides in More Bookstores despite Its Closing

Archaeologists Discover Mosaic Potentially Showing the Location of Jesus’ Feeding of the 5,000

China: Children Cannot Become Christians until They Are 18

Survivors of Dorian Plead, ‘Please Pray for Us!’ Prime Minister of Bahamas Calls Hurricane Damage ‘Unprecedented, Historic Tragedy’

Facebook uses abortionists to ‘fact-check,’ then suppress pro-life content

There Is NO ‘Gay Gene,’ Comprehensive Scientific Study Finds

Woman enters scandal-plagued Ohio facility for abortion, dead next day

New Study Shows Growing Political Differences Between Older and Younger Evangelicals

Chick-fil-A Vice President of Training Breaks Down Why Every Employee Is Trained to Be a Leader

Jews, Christians, Meet in Netherlands to Call the Nations Back to Zion: Jerusalem Prayer Breakfast Meets in The Hague

Three Dire Concerns to Pray About in China; ‘There Is a Systematic Attempt to Purge the Gospel from the Nation

Liberty Says Falwell Did Nothing Wrong in Athletic Club Deal

Pro-Family Hungarians Earn ‘Partial Victory’ as Coca-Cola Pulls Selected LGBT Ads

Tesla’s Elon Musk: ‘Population collapse’ is ‘biggest problem’ facing world

After Listening to Popular Christian Song, ‘Redeemed,’ Man Confesses to Murder and Robbery

HEALTH: If Ever There Was a Miracle Spice, It’s Turmeric; Boosts the Brain, Eases the Pain, Fights Cancer

Never Let Grief and Loss Derail Your Relationship with God: How to Get Back on the Faith Track

Using the words ‘baby’ and ‘delivery,’ late-term abortionist offers parents the chance to cuddle with dead babies before disposal

Christian Worship Song Emerges as Anthem for Hong Kong Protests

Killings, Kidnapping Target Christian Leaders in Mexico

Satanic Temple head: ‘More than 50% of our membership is LGBTQ’

Overcomer Expanding into 100 Additional Theaters This Weekend

Instagram blocks pro-life ad about mom who chose life despite brain tumor

SBC Organization Gifts 2,100 Backpacks, 35,000 School Supplies Items to Refugees


Alveda King Calls the Church to Fight and Intercede for the Unborn This Week: ‘Pray for Me’ as Well, She Asks

Spirit-Led Cell Phone Carrier, Offering a Christian Alternative, Takes a Big Leap of Faith

Democrats Pass Resolution Applauding ‘Nonreligious Americans,’ Criticizing Churchgoers

‘Hope for the Hopeless’: SoCal Harvest Weekend Brings Life Changing Good News to Thousands

Government Cannot Force Christian Filmmakers to Video Gay Weddings, Appeal Court Rules

Facebook Bans ‘Women for Trump’ Ads and Women for Trump Aren’t Taking It

Benny Hinn’s nephew shares how Christians can fight ‘damning and abusive’ prosperity gospel

Mother Miriam urges parents to pull kids from public school: ‘I don’t know of anything more urgent’

Abby Johnson Will Send Unplanned to Hundreds of Abortion Workers

John Piper on Josh Harris, Apostasy and Eternal Security

These Leading Companies Are Rooted in Christian Beliefs — and You Never Even Knew It

Google Policy Limiting Advertising for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers Fails to Work


Tim Tebow’s Birthday Fundraiser Helps 150 Children Receive Life-Changing Surgeries

Social Media Companies Shutdown China’s Efforts to Sabotage Hong Kong Protests

Louisiana governor candidate: ‘As a doctor, I can assure you there are only 2 genders’

Father Faces Human Rights Complaint for Asking Gender of Babysitter

Kansas guidelines would force foster parents to indulge kids’ gender confusion

Planned Parenthood Whistleblower Wins Massive Payout for Wrongful Termination

Priscilla Shirer discusses challenges Christian women face working in Hollywood


Priscilla Shirer: Culture’s rejection of biblical definitions will have ‘staggering’ effect on children

More Pulse Survivors Who Abandoned Gay Lifestyle After Shooting Talk About Their Faith: ‘Thank You, Jesus’

Google ‘blacklisted’ The Christian Post, whistleblower reveals

Can Christians get political without hurting the Gospel message?

US News

‘Trust in God’s Infinite Mercy’: Never Before Seen Letters from President Reagan Reveal His Thoughts on God, Israel

Lt. Gov.’s Prayer for Atheist Group Was Unconstitutional, Atheist Group Says

Rhode Island cuts abortion restrictions 1 week after woman hospitalized for torn uterus

US, Turkey agree to 5-day ‘ceasefire’ in Syria, Vice President Mike Pence says

San Francisco Blacklists 22 Pro-Life States – Banning Travel and Business

Abortion Rate Decreased under New Tennessee Pro-Life Law, Study Finds

Federal Judge Blocks Trump’s New Immigration Rule

Pastor Brunson Just Prayed for Trump, Now He’s Opened the US Senate with Prayer Too

Franklin Graham: ‘The Left, the Socialists Have Made It Very Clear That They Stand Against the Church’

Leftists attack Attorney General Barr for denouncing ‘militant secularists’ in Notre Dame speech

‘I Respect His Decision’: Franklin Graham Tells CBN News He Won’t Second-Guess Trump on Syria

House Democrats Will Not Vote to Formalize Impeachment Probe into President Trump

Biden, Warren Pledge to ‘Codify’ Roe v. Wade into Federal Law

Watchdog Finds Major Increase in TV Profanity and Violence, Says Congress Should Act

Pro-life congressman, wife welcome ‘perfect’ baby girl with Down syndrome

Trump, Congress Threaten Economic Sanctions on Turkey for Endangering Religious Minorities

Why Do So Many Americans Embrace the 20th Century’s Deadliest Ideology?

Conservatives consider impeachment ‘political theater,’ more concerned about Syria, Tony Perkins says

‘Our Rights Come from God Almighty:’ President Trump Reassures Christians at Values Voter Summit

Trump talks religious freedom, Kavanaugh, impeachment at Values Voter Summit

Justice Clarence Thomas once left the church ‘disillusioned,’ but found faith again in ‘darkest’ hour

Edward Graham responds to Beto O’Rourke’s threat to churches: ‘God is bigger than tax exemption’

We Don’t Worship Government, We Worship God’: Trump Speaks at Values Voter Summit

Authorities Order 100,000 Evacuated in California Wildfire

Todd Starnes: ‘The Left is Bulldozing Through American History’ – But ‘We the People’ Can Stop Them

‘Our Deepest Needs Are Met Through God’: Clarence Thomas Speaks Openly About His Fall From Faith

‘Look Back to Jesus’: Young Immigrant Prays for Trump at White House Young Black Leadership Summit

Ukrainian President Makes Statement, Says President Trump Did Not Blackmail Him


Thousands of Christians Flee Syria as Violence Continues between Turkey and Syria

Criticism of President Trump’s Syria Decision Escalates: How Should Christians Relate to Him?

Stand by the Kurds—and Our Christian Brothers and Sisters: Let the White House Know

O’Rourke: Churches Opposed to Same-Sex Marriage Should Lose Tax-Exempt Status

President Trump Secures ‘Tremendous Victory for American Farmers, Businesses’ in New Trade Agreement with Japan

Evangelical Christians must demand Trump stand by the Kurds, protect Christians

US attorneys ignoring Trump’s orders to prioritize religious liberty

US Supreme Court divided in LGBT discrimination cases; Justice Gorsuch weighs both sides

Fox News Poll Shows Majority of Americans Want Trump Out of Office

Democrats presidential candidates compete for LGBT votes at CNN town hall

President Trump Encourages Inclusion of People with Down Syndrome in Awareness Month Message

California Faces Historic Power Outage Due to Fire Danger

Judge Strikes down Tampa Ban on Conversion Therapy: ‘Parental Rights’ at Stake

Christians Urge California Governor to Veto Bill for Abortion Pill Access at Colleges

Gorsuch Is Key Vote on Supreme Court LGBT Cases, Observers Say

Alveda King: A Message to the Church on Love and Kindness, and a Warning to Beware of George Soros’ ‘Counterfeit Kindness Campaign’

Trump Says “Biggest Pastors” Believe His Feud with Democrats, Media Is Fueling a Great Revival

Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments that Could Redefine ‘Sex’ as ‘Gender Identity’

A Crushing Burden of Debt’? US Deficit Approaches $1 Trillion Mark, Highest in 7 Years

Dems: Ben Carson is ‘transphobic’ for trying to keep men out of women’s shelters

Republicans introduce bill to require states to report when babies survive abortions

Franklin Graham’s Tar Heel State Tour Draws Crowds In a Decisive Swing State 

Worship artist Sean Feucht explains why he’s running for Congress

‘It Just Exploded’: #WalkAway Movement Grows as Former Democrats Leave Party 

‘Use This Case to Overturn Roe v. Wade’: Supreme Court to Hear Louisiana Case, Tackle Abortion for First Time in 3 Years

‘TYRANNICAL’: CA Foster Care Bill Allows Secret Abortions, Forces Parents to Use Preferred Pronouns

Who’s Behind America’s Immigration Crisis? Michelle Malkin Follows the Money to Find the Truth

President Trump’s Title X ‘Protect Life Rule’ Reallocates Millions of Dollars from Planned Parenthood to Non-Abortion Providers

Republican Lawmakers Push New Bill Requiring States Report All Babies Born Alive After Failed Abortions

Leaked audio reveals Zuckerberg defiant about political crackdown efforts

Republican Lawmaker Spearheads House Resolution Classifying Pornography as ‘Public Health Hazard’

New US Ambassador to UN Reaffirms Unwavering Commitment to Israel

Trump Administration Faces Legal Action over New Refugee Resettlement Limit

Fox News drops Todd Starnes after guest challenges pro-abortion Democrats’ faith

Judge Upholds Virginia Pro-Life Laws: State Can ‘Favor Childbirth over Abortion’

Illinois Congressman Proposes Bill Banning State-Funded Travel to Pro-Life States

I Pray for the President All the Time,’ Nancy Pelosi Says

Bethel Musician Announces Run for U.S. Congress: ‘Together We Can Be the Change

Eric Metaxas on Trump, Bonhoeffer, and the Future of America

New Study Identifies Evangelicals’ Top Public Policy Priorities for the 2020 Election

How to think about impeachment: 3 timely points from Chuck Colson

Sworn Testimony: Ukrainian Prosecutor Fired Because He ‘Made Biden Unhappy’, Yet Dems Steamroll ahead to Impeach Trump

‘Grievous Violation of Trust’: Former CIA Analyst on Whistleblower Complaint; ‘The Way This Was Written Suggested the Author Had a Lot of Help’

Trump skips big UN climate summit, enraging environmentalist left

House Democrats Use SPLC ‘Hate Groups’ List to Argue Conservative Non-Profits Should Lose Tax-Exempt Status

Ex-transgenders tell US Supreme Court: It’s ‘abuse’ to affirm gender confusion

Presidential Harassment:’ Does Pelosi Impeachment Inquiry into Trump Violate Rules of Congress?

NO Quid Pro Quo in White House Transcript of President Trump’s Call with Ukraine President: Here Are Some Highlights

Department of Education Considers Pulling Funds from Duke-UNC Middle Eastern Studies Program over Pro-Islam Bias

House Intelligence Committee Releases Declassified Whistleblower Complaint against President Trump

College Students Want Inclusive Society over Freedom of Speech, Poll Finds

What You Need to Know about How the Impeachment Process Works

Over 50% of young Americans think climate change means the world is about to end: survey

Trump admin says UN ‘undermining role of the family’ by promoting abortion

Democrats Intensify Calls for Impeaching Trump as Transcript Is Released

Trump blasts ‘global bureaucrats’ for pushing abortion ‘until the moment of delivery’ in UN speech

Breitbart’s Jerome Hudson Reveals the Shocking Facts the News Media Doesn’t Want You to Know

Franklin Graham Says Trump Critics Should ‘Give it a Rest’ following New Calls for Impeachment

Trump Announces $25 Million to Protect Religious Freedom: ‘America Stands with Believers

Biden Backs Nationwide Ban on Conversion Therapy at LGBT Forum

‘Nobody gets extra rights’: Carson defends protecting women in shelters from gender-confused men

U.S. Tells United Nations: ‘There Is No International Right to an Abortion’

Victims of Gun Violence Come to Capitol Hill to Side with The Second Amendment

At first LGBT Presidential Forum, Democrats compete to become first ‘woke’ President

House Dems want to strip tax-exempt status from pro-family groups who oppose homosexuality

Conservative legal scholar proposes new marriage-defense bill to challenge Obergefell ruling

Toledo’s Only Abortion Clinic Surrenders License, Halts Surgical Abortions

Thousands sign petition asking Trump to defend life, marriage and make family ‘great again’

Mike Pence: Abortionist’s 2,200 baby ‘trophies’ ‘should shock conscience of every American’

If Christians don’t personally engage in politics, it’s all over for America

President Trump Will Speak on Religious Freedom at Upcoming UN Event

Surprisingly hopeful’: Notre Dame professor talks about the future of conservatism, liberalism in the U.S.

President Trump, Israel’s Netanyahu Express Support for ‘Historic’ U.S.-Israel Mutual Defense Treaty

Will Iran’s Big Oil Attack Lead to Mideast Conflict? Trump Insists ‘I Don’t Want War…’

How the Supreme Court Could Severely Hinder or Help Religious Liberty in its New Term

Critics Say NY Times Built a Fake Kavanaugh Bombshell by Omitting Key Details

Former Planned Parenthood President Says the Corporation is Threatening Her into Silence

VP Pence Says He Can’t Recall ‘Greater Honor’ Than Casting Final Vote to Defund Planned Parenthood: ‘I Couldn’t Be More Proud to Serve as Vice President For a President Who Stands … for the Sanctity of Human Life’

Christian artists can’t be forced to make same-sex wedding invitations, Ariz. Supreme Court rules

5 Major Takeaways from the September Democratic Presidential Debate

Midwest Farmers Facing Crisis After Heavy Rain, Epic Flooding, and Trade War with China

Jeanne Nigro, Challenger to Democrat Congressman Nadler, ‘Stands Facing a Goliath’ and She Asks You to Pray

New York Moves to Force Its Values on Religious Schools: Parochial School Leaders and Homeschool Families Alarmed

The Left, They Don’t Want to Hear My Story’: Father of a Parkland Victim Warns Parents of ‘Obama-Era Policies’ in Schools that Led to ‘Shooter’s Rampage’

New Chick-fil-A Opens in Brooklyn–Despite DeBlasio’s Call for Boycott–with Line around the Block

Agent changes story on Obama AG asking for investigation of Daleiden and Merritt

Conservatives file briefs to defend biological reality in Supreme Court Title VII case

Israel Stood with America in Mourning 9/11 Attacks

House Committee OKs Guidelines for Impeachment Investigation

Tulsi Gabbard is the first Democratic presidential candidate to support abortion limit

Testimony reveals Obama AG urged prosecution of pro-life investigators Daleiden and Merritt

 Judge denies California AG request for gag order to restrict pro-life reporting on Daleiden hearing

Trump-endorsed Republican who fought trans bathrooms wins North Carolina election

Two Texas Cities Outlaw Abortion and Become ‘Sanctuary for the Unborn’

House Democrats Block Act Designed to Protect Babies Born after Failed Abortions

Trump Proclaims National Days of Prayer and Remembrance to Honor 9/11 Victims 

Chinese Dissident Insists Trump’s Tough Handling of China is the Only Way to Go

Left-wing election commission chair calls tech giants to summit on ‘fraudulent news’ crackdown

Daleiden hearing: Planned Parenthood staffer admits to supplying aborted body parts to broker

‘Their Primary Focus Is Not Women’s Healthcare’: What Planned Parenthood Just Revealed 

Bernie Sanders: I ‘Strongly Support’ Abortion to Slow Population Growth

Sanders declares funding abortions abroad part of his plan to address climate change

Kavanaugh accuser motivated by desire to taint future Roe ruling, book reveals

Congressional Oaths Affirming ‘God’ Are ‘Preposterous,’ House Democrat Says

YouTube kills 5 times more videos, channels as Christians allege persecution

Polls are Lying about President Trump, Says Newsmax Chief: Here’s How

Congressman suing Twitter: ‘I’ve run out of patience’ for biased tech giants

Democrats endorse ‘nonreligious’ values, reject religious liberty in new resolution

Pence defends Bible at veterans hospital, declares VA not ‘religion-free zone’

Liberal columnist accuses pro-lifers of alliance with white nationalists

Rep. Dan Crenshaw Fires Back after Progressive Minister Tells DNC Rally Scripture Endorses Socialism: ‘Deliberate Misreading of Biblical Principles’

President Trump Makes Billion-Dollar Trade Deal With Japan at G-7 Summit

Why Greenland? Why NOT?! The Reason America Gaining Greenland May Be the Opposite of ‘Crazy’

Veterans Affairs Secretary Lifts Ban on Bibles: ‘Enough is Enough. Secularization Doesn’t Work Well in the Military World’

This Senator is Not Getting Away with Openly Threatening Supreme Court: Judicial Watch Files Complaint

Cherokee Nation Appoints Delegate to Congress for First Time: A Promise Made in 1835 Treaty Finally Comes to Life

Trump admin warns U of Vermont after it forced nurse to help with an abortion

State legislatures attempting to allow teens to get HPV shot without parental consent

Trump admin allows veterans’ hospitals to have Bibles, Christmas trees again

Beto O’Rourke defends abortion the day before birth

Jewish Congressman: It’s ‘Crazy’ to Label President Trump as Anti-Semitic

Federal court to hear new PragerU lawsuit on YouTube restricting conservative videos


Trump admin launches ‘unprecedented’ pro-life effort at UN to fight pro-abortion EU

5 Things President Trump Has Fulfilled From the Wish Lists of Christian Voters: ‘Most Pro-Life President in Modern History’

Congressman Says Islam’s Growing Influence Within Democrat Party is Fueling Anti-Israel, Anti-Jewish Views: Religious Irony in Siding With Pro-Abortion, Gay Marriage

2020 Election at Stake: Google Insider and Pysch Expert Warn Tech Giants Could Unfairly Shift Outcome

LA residents fed up with officials, demand change after homeless crisis spirals in city

Department of Justice May Prosecute Antifa Using 1968 Anti-Crime Law

Jon Voight Slams Radical Left, Praises Trump as Man of Truth, Love

U.S. Rep. Rashida Tlaib Blasts ‘Racist’ Israel, Won’t Accept Country’s Offer to Visit

New Trump Rule Would Protect Religious Freedoms of Federal Contractors

White House Restricts Immigration Based on the Use of Public Benefits

A Well-Kept Secret: The US Has Become an ‘Energy Superpower’

How to Contact, Have an Effective Conversation with Your Congressperson

Dems, Republicans Unite for Bipartisan Israel Trip While ‘The Squad’ Stays Home

Vice President Mike Pence Is Criticized for Saying He Prays for His Critics

Department of Education Will Investigate State Rule Requiring Biological Girls to Compete against Transgender Girls in Athletics

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