Congress seeks to defund Planned Parenthood with Graham-Cassidy bill


Bible Studies in the White House: an Active Spiritual Awakening


All the President’s Clergymen: Trump’s ‘Unprecedented’ Ties with Evangelicals


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Billy Graham gives 'final, most important' message to America

- Billy Graham: Does Bible Teach That Some Races Are Superior?

- Billy Graham: ‘Don’t Let Shame, or Fear…Keep You from Christ’

- Billy Graham "Prays in His Preaching Voice and is Still Kicking": Here's Why

- Billy Graham: Now is time for 'fresh awakening'

- Billy Graham Makes Case for Existence of Christ for Those Who Doubt


World News

(Below US News - click here)


US News


Trump Hopes to See “Significant Progress” in Middle Eastern Peace


5 Christian Leaders' Reactions to Trump's UN Speech: 'Trump Was Churchill'

- Donald Trump delivers first speech to U.N. General Assembly (Video)


U.S. military decides to pay for transgender surgeries for another six months


Donald Trump Jr. Blasts Late-Term Abortions as "Disgusting and Sub-Human"


Are Evangelicals Slowly Backing Away From Trump?


The Solution to the Cultural Madness Surrounding the Berkeley Protests of Ben Shapiro


President Trump Backs Texas Churches Suing FEMA for Disaster Relief Funds




Trump Budget Deal Funds Planned Parenthood


SCOTUS Puts Temporary Hold on Lower Ruling That Would Allow More Refugees




President Trump's Powerful Proclamation for 9/11

- Cry Out America!—Monday, Sept 11 - 3 Major Prayers to See America Awakened

- Day of Remembrance: Pres. Trump and Thousands Pause for 9/11 Anniversary


President Trump in "Deep Prayer" with His Cabinet during Hurricane Irma Meeting


U.S. Issues Travel Warnings Following Hurricanes Irma and Jose


President Trump Urges the Supreme Court to Uphold the Right of Bakers to Refuse Gay Wedding Cakes


Omarosa put on White House 'no-fly list' to keep her away from Trump: report


47 Conservative Groups Urge Media to Stop Using SPLC and Its 'Hate List' as Legitimate Source


Napolitano Sues Trump over DACA


President Trump Tweets on "Epic" Irma: "Be Safe and Get Out of Its Way!"


Faith Profiling Trump's Judicial Nominees: Some Senators are Rebuking the Ones Who Love and Follow Jesus

- Democrats Use Religious Test on Federal Appeals Court Nominee


DACA Decision in Trump's Own Words: "We Will Resolve the Issue with Heart and Compassion but Through the Democratic Process"


Trump Admin. Backs Christian Baker in Supreme Court Gay Wedding Cake Case; ACLU 'Shocked'


Hillary Clinton Reveals She Turned to Prayer, Yoga and Chardonnay After 'Devastating' Loss to Trump


Congress Approves $8 Billion in Aid Funding After Hurricane Harvey Devastation


Must See: This Prayer Over President Trump in the Oval Office is Going Viral!


AG Sessions: DACA 'Is Being Rescinded'




President Trump Observes National Day of Prayer


Draining the VA Swamp: These Are the Victories for Vets Under Trump


Houston Reminds Us Who Americans Really Are; NOT the Parade of Deplorables Portrayed by Media...


President Trump on Response to Hurricane Harvey: 'We Want to do it Better Than Ever Before'


Justice Dept.'s Actions Contradict Trump's Promises on Religious Freedom


Trump Signs Memo Directing Pentagon to Implement Transgender Ban

- Trump: Military has 6 months to prepare for transgender ban

- Trump to Rescind Obama Rule Forcing Doctors, Hospitals to Perform Gender Transition Treatments

- Leaked Document Shows Trump Planning to Roll Back Obama-Era Contraception Mandate


GOP Eagerly Awaits Tax Reform Debate


How United Methodists Became Pro-Life After 44 Years and Left Hillary Clinton Behind


Atheist Group Demands Marco Rubio Stop Tweeting Bible Verses


Poll shows former Alabama judge with big lead in GOP runoff race for senate seat


Is America on the ‘cusp of a second civil war’? Conservative leaders think so


Under Fire After Pastor AR Bernard's Exit, Evangelical Advisory Board Explains Work With Trump


President Trump Makes Major Announcement on War in Afghanistan: America Will Not Abandon Them to ISIS


62 Nebraska Pastors Sign Anti-Racism Statement Calling White Supremacy 'Blatantly Sinful'


Should Trump's Evangelical Advisers Abandon Him?


If You Want to End White Supremacy, Start with Planned Parenthood Says Bi-Racial, Pro-Life Reporter: It All Gets Down to the "Supernatural"


Condoleezza Rice: "When You Start Wiping Out, Sanitizing, Your History to Make You Feel Better; It's a Bad Thing"


Bannon Out!


Trump set to end Obama’s rule requiring employers to pay for abortion: report


Conservative judge Roy Moore sails to victory in Alabama senate primary election

- Strong pro-life, pro-family judge seeks big upset in Alabama senate primary


Tillerson: Protecting Targets of ISIS’ ‘Genocide’ a Religious Freedom Priority


President Trump: ‘I Wanted to See the Facts’ before Denouncing White Supremacists

- One Person Killed, 35 Others Injured in Clashes at 'Unite the Right' Rally in Charlottesville, VA

- President Trump on Charlottesville: "Racism is evil. And those who cause violence in its name are criminals and thugs, including the KKK, neo-Nazis, white supremacists, and other hate groups..."

- Christian Leaders Respond to Charlottesville White Supremacy March and Attack

- More Than 14,000 Clergy Members Condemn White Supremacy


Trump admin demands end to harmful experiments making babies with 3 parents


Trump defends transgender military ban: ‘I’m doing a lot of people a favor’

- Gay Republicans blast Trump’s trans military ban, suggest it’s ‘hateful’

- Pro-gay U.S. embassy features ‘art’ by anti-Trump professor


Trump Criticized for Not Naming White Supremacists in Condemning Charlottesville Violence


Defense secretary says war with North Korea would be 'catastrophic'


Trump quickly filling federal courts with conservative judges


Nikki Haley Warns North Korea Trump Isn't 'Playing Around'


Trump officially notifies UN that U.S. is out of Paris climate change accord


The major influences on Trump regarding ‘LGBT…


White House issues guidance on Trump’s transgender military ban


"ISIS' Defeat 'Dramatically Accelerated' by Trump Strategy, State Dept. Says


Pro-life investigators ask SCOTUS to end censorship of Planned Prnthood videos


Democrats Reverse Decision Requiring Candidates to Support Abortion


Christian Photographer Cannot be Forced to Work Same-Sex Weddings, Court Rules


Trump’s ‘transgender’ ban could stop military from wasting almost $2 billion

- Retired generals praise Trump’s ‘courageous’ transgender military ban


Is President Trump Already Building "The Wall" With the Aid of Israeli Technology?


Trump Cabinet Members Meet Faithfully Every Week for Bible Study


An Army Vet Explains Why President Trump's Transgender Military Ban Makes Sense in This Viral Video


Trump admin: Christian business owners can’t be forced to employ homosexuals


All 100 US Senators to UN: End 'Unacceptable' Anti-Israel Bias


After Just a Week as Communications Director, Scaramucci Is OUT


Transgender activist agrees with Trump’s military ban: ‘We should be disqualified’


Trump: Senate ‘let the American people down’ by not defunding Planned Parenthood, axing Obamacare

- Why John McCain voted to save Planned Parenthood and Obamacare


North Korea Launches Missile Test at Japan: Is the U.S. Next?


US Senate AGAIN fails to defund Planned Parenthood, repeal Obamacare


President Trump Picks Pro-Life Champion Sam Brownback as International Religious Freedom Ambassador


GOP's ObamaCare 'straight repeal' proposal fails in Senate vote


Trump Says No to Transgender Personnel Serving in the Military

- Military says transgenders can still serve for now

- Trump’s Evangelical Advisors Discussed Transgender Ban at White House Meeting


Rep. Steve Scalise Discharged from Hospital, on Road to Recovery


Report: FBI Investigating Smashed Hard Drives Retrieved from Former DNC Chairwoman, Wasserman Schultz's IT Worker's Home


Attorney General Jeff Sessions Gets Tough on Sanctuary Cities: Connects Immigrant Tragedy in Texas to Them


Republicans who voted against ObamaCare 'straight repeal'

- Senate moves forward with plan to defund Planned Parenthood, dump Obamacare


This Company is First in U.S. to Offer Chip Implant to Employees


Sen. John McCain to Return to Senate on Tuesday Ahead of Crucial Health Care Vote


Jared Kushner Is a 'Great Gift,' 'Key Liaison' to the Evangelical Community, Christian Leaders Say


The Most Republican Book of the Bible: Proverbs and Politics


All conservatives must support President Trump… the stakes couldn’t be higher


Evangelical Leaders Aren't Selling Themselves to Trump, Ronnie Floyd Says


Supreme Court Exempts Grandparents From Trump Travel Ban


Pray for Sen. John McCain: He's Been Diagnosed with an Aggressive Brain Tumor


Sean Spicer Resigns as White House Press Secretary: Sarah Huckabee Sanders Takes Over


Supreme Court Exempts Grandparents From Trump Travel Ban


Senate will vote to defund Planned Parenthood, unable to replace Obamacare


Proposed Budget Bill Would Add Teeth to Trump’s Johnson Amendment Order


GOP Again Fails to Pass Healthcare Bill

- Can More Time in Washington Save the Stalled GOP Agenda?


Still need convincing? Here: 20 more reasons why it is crucial to support Trump


Late Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia Would Have Loved What President Trump is Doing to the American Judicial Landscape


24 Republicans decide taxpayers should fund ‘sex-change operations’ for gender-confused soldiers

- Congress votes against ban on U.S. military funding of ‘sex change’ surgeries


The U.S. House Just Passed These 3 Bills Aimed at Ending Human Trafficking; President Trump Urges Senate to Pass Them as Well


Democrats Refer to Alliance Defending Freedom as ‘Hate Group’


U.S. Senate Recess Put On Hold So They Can "Get 'Er Done" With Healthcare Bill


Faith Leaders Again Pray for President Trump in Oval Office, and enjoy an Open Door at the White House


Donald Trump Jr. under Fire for Allegedly Accepting Campaign Help from Russia




Voter Fraud Commission Struggles out of the Gate


10 Things You Should Know about North Korea


Trump: Freedom is ‘given to us by God, and no earthly force can ever’ take it away


Prayer Alert for Rep. Steve Scalise: Readmitted to Hospital with Infection


President Trump Promises Support to Military, Evangelicals at Fourth of July Event


North Korea Claims Successful ICBM Launch, Boasts It Can 'Strike Any Place in the World'


Trump administration delays Obama policy allowing transgenders to enlist in military


In Iraq: ISIS is DEFEATED! "Their Fictitious State Has Fallen"


The good, the bad, and the ugly in Senate healthcare bill


CNN producer caught admitting media’s on ‘witch hunt’ against Trump


Pelosi: Republicans ‘dishonoring God’ by trying to defund Planned Parenthood


PRAY: National Security Advisor Says North Korea Threat is "Much More Immediate Now," Military Strategy is Being Developed


Yale Sues Gov't for Requiring Certain Number of Gender-Assigned Bathrooms


Obama's Cybersecurity Adviser Says He's Certain Russians Did NOT Hack Election Results


"We Will Not Stand Idle as Our Families Are Devastated, Our Communities Hollowed Out and Our Nation's Future is Diminished": President Trump Makes War on Drug Abuse and Trafficking


Republicans Delay Healthcare Vote in Attempt to Gain More Support


Trump Warns Assad Will 'Pay Heavy Price' If He's Plotting Chemical Weapons Attack in Syria


Supreme Court reinstates key parts of Trump travel ban


Three journalists quit CNN in fallout from retracted Russia story


High court skips Calif. conceal carry case over Gorsuch, Thomas dissent


Donald Trump Declares Gay Marriage Debate 'Settled,' Uninterested in Overturning Supreme Court Decision


New York suing peaceful pro-life protesters for ‘harassment’


"Trump Effect" in Israel as UN Blocked from Entering Hebron


Senate Republicans roll out tweaks to health care bill


Why Trump Delegation Rejected This U.N. Resolution on Violence Against Women: The Devil's in the Details


Supreme Court May be Asked to Decide if Opening Government Meetings with Prayer is Constitutional


Draft Senate bill will defund Planned Parenthood, replace Obamacare


Bi-partisan Lawmakers Push for "National Day of Civility"


Steve Scalise Update: An Answer to Prayer!


Nancy Pelosi says homosexuality is ‘consistent’ with Catholicism. Are Church leaders taking her lead?


Reagan Statue to Replace Communist One in Kiev Square: Symbol of "Victory Over Totalitarianism"


Republican who fought Planned Parenthood wins Georgia Congressional election


Navy Releases Names of the 7 Sailors Killed in Pacific Collision; Pray for Families




Pro-life senators can defund Planned Parenthood… Are they reconsidering?


Alex Jones / Megyn Kelly Full Interview Leaked (Video)


Evangelist Alveda C. King: "Father's Day Looms as Attempted Massacre Rocks America," a Call to Prayer and Nonviolence


Bernie Sanders Needs a Remedial Course in U.S. Democracy


Democrats Win Congressional Baseball Game and Give Trophy to Rep. Scalise

- Democrats Will Host a Post-Game Dinner to Honor Republicans on Thursday: In Display of Unity "The Game Must Go On"


Trump rips 'WITCH HUNT' in response to reports of obstruction probe

- Trump Under Investigation for Obstruction of Justice


Democrat Congressional Baseball Team Shown Praying for GOP Colleagues Just After News of Shooting


'WE WERE SITTING DUCKS' Attempt made to Massacre Republican Congressmen

- (Video) Sen. Paul: Would have been a massacre without Capitol police


For the First Time Since John F. Kennedy, A President's Young Son is Living in the White House: Melania and Barron Move To Washington


Delta Airlines, Bank of America Yank Support of 'Reimagined Shakespeare' Play that Depicts Stabbing of President


U.S. Embassy promotes LGBT propaganda at the Vatican


Mike Pence Headlines National Catholic Prayer Breakfast


Bipartisan Senate Group Slams Jeff Sessions' 'Counterproductive' Sentencing Guidelines


Bernie Sanders Grills Nominee Over Religious Beliefs


James Comey Admits He Was the Source of Leak About Trump


Christian Leaders Respond to James Comey Testimony


Standing Ovations as President Trump Delivers Powerful Speech to Evangelicals: "We're Under Siege, But Our Best Days Are Yet to Come!"

- Trump to Christian Right Conference: 'We Are Under Siege,' 'God's Glorious Wisdom Will Shine'


"Getting It Done!" President Trump Announces a New Round of Judicial Appointments Who Will Stick to a Traditional View of the Constitution


Comey: I Was Fired Because FBI Russia Probe Was Irritating Trump


Senate Votes Unanimously: Move the Embassy to Jerusalem!


Senator Bernie Sanders Attacks Trump Appointee for Christian Views


World Health Organization: United States Among Least Polluting Nations on the Planet


Time to Stop Hiding From Politics!


Navy Chaplain Punished Over Biblical Advice on Homosexuality Felt 'Betrayed' by America


Hoeven Presses Panel for Greater Accountability and Oversight for Federal Indian Programs


The Military is Building a Case to Block Transgender Applicants Allowed by Obama... at Least for Now


President Trump Called Leaders of France, Germany, England and Canada After Announcing Withdrawal From Paris Climate Accord: Here's What He Said...


This State Representative is Getting Death Threats for Calling Abortion "Greater Than Animal Cruelty"


Trump to Supreme Court: Restore Travel Ban Now


While Deep State "Gangster Culture" in DC Tries to Get Revenge on the President, "Trump Army" is Reportedly Taking Names of Treacherous Republicans


Strong Religious Reaction to Trump Climate Accord Decision


Trump breaks with Obama tradition of designating June as ‘LGBT Pride Month’


Fareed Zakaria Says Intolerant Liberals Are Silencing Conservatives


"We're Getting Out!" President Trump Pulling Out of Paris Climate Accord


CNN Fires Kathy Griffin over Disturbing Photos Mocking President Trump


Sec. of State Rex Tillerson Declines to Host Traditional Ramadan Reception


James Mattis Warns of 'Catastrophic' War as North Korea Tests 'Large, Heavy Nuclear Warhead'


Jesuit chaplain to U.S. House: Church teaching on homosexuality is a ‘dead end’


Crucial Missile Test Was a Huge Success! "An Incredible Accomplishment" Meant to Keep America Safe


Opportunity is Knocking: Why There's a Huge Need for a "Middle America" News Network


In Memorial Day Address, President Trump Calls Fallen Heroes ‘Angels Sent by God’


Paul Ryan shunned by dozens of middle schoolers during photo op


Obama Admin. Illegally Spied on Americans, Court Docs Reveal; MSM Silent


Trump was right: Abortion does ‘rip the baby out of the womb’


Trump Has Not Improved Religious Freedom in the Military, Says Chaplain


Are There Really More 'Radical Christians' in the Military Like Newsweek Said?


President Trump Told NATO "It's Time to Pay Up": The Powerful, Politically Incorrect Belgium Speech the Mainstream Press Hates


Enough is Enough! After Federal Court Rules Against Trump's Travel Ban, Attorney General Says "We're Taking it to the Supreme Court!"


ACLJ Goes to Battle against the Current "Shadow Government" in Washington Trying to Take down Trump


After President Trump's Visit: "Hell Breaks Loose" on Jerusalem's Temple Mount


Will 23 Million Americans Really Lose Health Care? Here's the Truth about the CBO Report


Trump budget completely defunds abortion providers; Planned Parnthd is furious


Top Pro-Life Conservative Selected by President Trump to Lead Faith Based Office


Trump's Powerful Israel Speech from Jerusalem: "I Was Humbled to Place My Hand upon the Wall and Pray in That Holy Space for Wisdom from God"

- Unscripted: A Sweet, Personal Moment between the Trumps and the Netanyahus Was Caught on Camera—Watch This Short Video


A Look at First Lady, Melania's Visit to an Israeli Hospital That Treats Both Arabs and Jews


In Aftermath of Manchester Bombing, President Trump Has a New Name for Terrorists


Trump's Speech in Saudi Arabia Garners Twitter Praise as "Historic, Iconic"

- President Trump to Advocate for Peace, Religious Tolerance in First Overseas Trip

- Trump Insider Hints on "Historic" Visit: "There Are Always Surprises"

- Trump Receives Warm Welcome in Saudi, Awarded Kingdom's Top Honor


Historic and Meaningful; Trump Becomes the First Sitting U.S. President EVER to Visit Israel's Western Wall

- President Trump in Israel "We Share an Unbreakable Bond Between Us"




Confirmed Fatalities after Reported Explosion at End of Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, England


Historic Milestone in Texas: Governor Signs Law to Protect Pastors from Being Persecuted for Religious, Free Speech


Wives of Chinese Torture Victims Beg Congress for Help


Fair and Balanced Report on James Comey Drama: "He's Trying to Take Down the President"


These Billboards Lining Jerusalem's Streets Will Welcome President Trump to Israel


New Sheriff in Town: President Trump Hires Big Name - Sheriff Clarke - to Join Homeland Security!


Pro-abortion lesbian to lead US Democratic Party’s formal governing body


A Word of Encouragement in the Face of Political Confusion and Opposition in America


Chase CEO Jamie Dimon: "I'll Help Trump Because I'm a Patriot"


Trump drastically expands order defunding International Planned Parenthood


Here's What President Trump is Doing for America's Police Officers this Week


"We Thank You, Support You, and We Have Your Backs": Attorney General Jeff Sessions at Candlelight Memorial Vigil for Fallen Police Officers


Revoked: Obama Exec Order Awarding Contracts to Companies w/ LGBT Policies


Trump's Israel Itinerary is Confirmed: NO MASADA—and Here's Why

- Trump Will Be the First Sitting President Ever to Visit the Western Wall

- Israel Itinerary Announced: President Trump Will Visit at Least Two Major Sites of Jewish Heritage This Month

- Israel Update: A Gesture of Blessing, a Trip to Jerusalem, a Prayer Request

- President Trump to Advocate for Peace, Religious Tolerance in Overseas Trip




James Comey Replies to Being Sacked: The President Can Fire Me for Any Reason or No Reason


San Francisco Chronicle Admits: Some Anti-Trump Protesters are Paid


Federal Court Says the Department of State Must Release Clinton's Benghazi Emails


Former High Ranking Advisor to President Obama Says Christians Deserve to be Killed by ISIS: "What Goes Around Comes Around"


Pence: Trump Prays for Persecuted Christians, Says ISIS Will Be Destroyed


FIRED, in True Trump Fashion, and FBI Director James Comey Didn't Even See It Coming!


ACLJ Meets With Trump, Urges Him to Bring Up Imprisoned US Pastor in Meeting With Turkey's Erdogan


North Korean Defector Says War With US 'Unavoidable' Amid End Times Warning


The James Comey Firing and Media Bias Today


Texas House votes: adoption agencies won’t be forced to give kids to gay couples


Minnesota governor vetoes pro-life bills, forcing state to continue paying for abortions


President Trump Announces Federal Court Nominees


Texas Governor Signs Sanctuary City Ban: "Texans Expect Us to Keep Them Safe"


Netanyahu Slams Abbas for "Lying to Trump's Face"


Department of Homeland Security Opens Much-Needed Office for Victims of Crimes by Illegal Immigrants


Director of VA Post Fired: the Fixing of the Dept. of Veterans Affairs Has Begun


Israelis Expect Big Things from Trump's Upcoming Visit


As Palestinian Leader Abbas Meets Trump, Regional Dynamics Play Out in Israel's Favor


President Trump Builds a Coalition as His Security Adviser Warns of War with North Korea


PRAY for Trump's Pick for Army Secretary to Replace Openly Gay Eric Fanning: "The Left is Trying to Paint Me as a Hater for My Christian Views"

- Trump’s pro-life Army Secretary now bows out amid liberal witch hunt


Healthcare Act Passed in US House Defunds Planned Parenthood: PRAY That The Senate Follows Suit!

- US House votes to defund Planned Parenthood, scrap Obamacare


Trump's First Foreign Trip Will Take Him to Israel for 50th Anniversary of Their Six-Day War: He'll Make a Speech at This Historic Landmark


"Freedom is a Gift from God"--President Trump Marks the National Day of Prayer with Leaders of Faith in the Rose Garden, and Signs Executive Order Protecting Religious Liberty


New Spending Bill Involves Billions for Israel: Slashes Aid to Palestinian Authority

- Paul Ryan Defends Not Defunding Planned Parenthood in New Spending Bill

- US Senate approves budget that funds Planned Parenthood

- President's First Budget Deal Avoids Shutdown, Beefs Up Military, but Disappoints Pro-life Community Big Time—However...


Lawmakers consider resolution labeling abortion ‘the ultimate form of child abuse’


Jerry Falwell Jr.: Trump is Evangelicals’ ‘Dream President’


Trump to sign order protecting opponents of gay ‘marriage,’ abortion on National Day of Prayer


President Trump Proclaims May as National Jewish American Heritage Month


Republicans compromise: Congress’ budget won’t defund Planned Parenthood


Jim DeMint Ousting Likely at Heritage Foundation, Steve Bannon Possible Successor


Pro-Lifers Praise Trump Appointment of Fellow Activist to HHS


Pro-life Victories in Trump's First 100 Days


Trump Budget to Cut Gender Office that Falls Outside Mexico City Policy Protection


Supreme Court's Upcoming Decision on California's 'Reproductive FACT Act' Will Impact More Than Religious Liberty


Gary Cohn: President Trump's Tax Reform Plan Is "Once-in-a-Generation Opportunity"


Trump Warns of 'Major, Major Conflict' with North Korea


GOP Legislators to Trump: You Promised to Protect Religious Liberty. It's Time to Deliver


Lighting up America: Judge Roy Moore running for Senate



A Political Glossary Part IV - Addressing laws such as ICWA


Rare Footage of Pres. Ronald Reagan Speaking the Gospel

- Reagan's 'Sign Of The Cross Speech'


Should Christians be in politics?

 - Our Citizenship: Social Activism

- The Mount Vernon Statement

- SIGN the Manhattan Declaration



World News


Exploitation, Graft Thrive in Europe’s Migrant Crisis


France Rejects a Third Gender Category


Assad Regime Reportedly Holding Syrian Boy in Viral Video under House Arrest


Colombia: Mudslide Death Toll over 250


Mexico: Another Priest Killed in Increasing Violence


Syria: Christians Killed for Refusing to Deny Jesus, Staying to Help Victims


UK Defies 70 Nations to Defend Israel, Refuses to Sign Paris Summit Statement


Ethnic-Religious Cleansing Cited as Herdsmen Kill More Christians in Nigeria


Over 75 Percent of North Koreans Don’t Survive Persecution


200 New Christian Converts are Baptized in Iran


Opposition in India Forces Shift in Evangelism


Evangelical Pastor Wins Election, Becomes Mayor of Rio


Pakistan Bans Honor Killings but Support for Murderers Persists


Boko Haram Victims: ‘We are in a Catastrophe’


Indonesia: Faith of Christians Remains Strong Despite Muslim Threats


Boko Haram Health Crisis: Polio Returns to Nigeria


China Criticized for Trial against House Church Leaders and Activists


Iraq: Few Christians Who Remain Vow to Stay and Rebuild Country


China: Seminary Students Forced to Deny God, Obey Communist Party


Assyrian Christian Church Attacked and Burned by Gunmen


Church of England Increasingly Divided over Same-Sex Marriage


Death and Destruction by Fulani Herdsmen Continues in Central Nigeria


77 dead, 50 injured after truck drives into Bastille Day crowd in France


Churches to Russia: We’re Not Leaving


Nepal: 8 Christians Face Trial for Handing out Bibles


Nigeria: Woman Preacher Hacked to Death


New Zealand denies abortion parental notification rights for girls 15 and younger


United Reformed Church approves same-sex ‘marriages’ in churches in UK


Pakistan: Christian Lawyer Forced into Hiding after Receiving Death Threats










Christian Persecution


(Below Ministry & Missions - click here)


Ministry & Missions


They Give Us Hope: WORLD Announces Winner of 2017 Hope Awards


‘Let’s Preach the Whole Gospel’: Q&A with Jemar Tisby on Bridging the Racial Divide


Church Lays Hands on Tim Tebow and Prays for His Encouragement as He Helps with Hurricane Relief


Faith-Based Orgs are Playing a Massive Role in the Hurricane Relief Efforts


Abortion group ‘alarmed’ that 145 clinics have closed in the last 5 years


Tim Tebow Rallies Volunteers for Special Needs Shelters in Florida


Samaritan's Purse Mobilizes 2,100 Volunteers to Help Texas Homeowners Impacted by Harvey

- Franklin Graham on Hurricanes, Fires, Earthquakes: World Needs to Prepare for Jesus Christ's Return


Greg Laurie Prays God Puts a 'Shield Over America' as North Korea's Nuclear Bomb Threat Grows


Florida Congressman Asks for Prayers as State Braces for Irma


South Asia Flooding Death Toll 20 Times Higher Than Harvey; Christians Helping as Diseases Spread


Samaritan's Purse Mobilizes 2,100 Volunteers to Help Texas Homeowners Impacted by Harvey


CHURCHES UNITING to Better Help Victims of the Texas Flood; You Can Help


Mike Pence Joins Franklin Graham's Texas Relief Work; Drone Video Shows Incredible Harvey Devastation


Iraqi Youth Hear the Gospel and Have "Wonderful" Response at a Retreat in Jordan


Former Muslim Assassin Encounters Christ


Christian Churches, Relief Groups Helping Thousands in Texas Floods Resembling 'War-Zone'


As Hurricane Harvey Lashes Texas, Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplains Deploy to Offer Hope and Comfort


Christian Churches, Relief Groups Helping Thousands in Texas Floods Resembling 'War-Zone'


Tips How to Teach Children About the Bible and Jesus


Rev. Franklin Graham Addresses Crowd at President Trump's Phoenix Rally: 'Lord, I Pray Tonight That You Would Unite Us'

- Flanked by Ben Carson and Alveda King, Franklin Graham Delivered a Powerful Prayer at the Arizona Trump Rally


Refugee Who Lost Everything Puts Faith in Christ and Finds New Hope


Over 10,000 People Give Their Lives to Christ at Greg Laurie Crusade

- Greg Laurie Condemns White Supremacy at SoCal Harvest: America Needs 'Spiritual Awakening' After Charlottesville


Christian Aid Raising Funds for People Affected by Mudslide Disaster in Sierra Leone


Billy Graham Rapid Response Team Chaplains Respond to Barcelona, Spain, Following Terror Attack


Kirk and Chelsea Cameron to Host Online Course on Marriage and Parenting


Bible "Balloon Offensive" Floats into North Korea


Syrians Are Learning to Love Israel through This Amazing Humanitarian Operation


Even Secular Media is Praising ‘Mom of Pakistan’ Who Boldly Preaches the Gospel in a Dangerous Area




Sermon Writing Tool starts Kickstarter Campaign; Doubles Goal within 12 Hours


$2M Fundraiser Launched to Rebuild Christian Town Decimated by ISIS


'The Middle' Mom, Patricia Heaton Tweets Messages of Jesus and the Holy Spirit


WATCH: MercyMe's Lead Singer Gets Real with This Testimony that Many of Us Can Relate To


Hundreds of Muslim Refugees are Giving Their Lives to Christ in Finland


Former Pastor Helping Over 700 Cambodia Sex Trafficking Victims, 13-Y-O Girls Sold by Mothers for Rape


Good News about Sharing the Good News: The Longing That Won't Go Away


New Christian App is Extremely Popular with Women Who Struggle with Singleness


Actor Kelsey Grammer Shares How He Overcame Alcohol Addiction through Jesus' Power


How an Amazing Demonstration of the Gift of Tongues Brought This Jew to Jesus and into Christian Ministry


Radical Muslim Gives Life to Christ after Attending Christian Church Service


The African Famine: Our Brothers and Sisters Need Our Help


Good Works of Churches Often Go Unnoticed


Christians Rising in Venezuela: God Says, "I Will Raise You Up and Bless You!"


Did You Know Martin Luther King Jr. Prayed at a Billy Graham Crusade?


You Can Now Join an Online Bible Study Led by Sadie Robertson


Samaritan's Purse Comes to the Rescue of Wisconsin Flood Victims


Good Samaritans Rescue Family Trapped in Overturned Vehicle


When Loving God Conflicts With Loving Our Neighbor


More People Choosing to be Missionaries in Church of England


God’s Not Dead’ Creators Donate $25,000 to Restore Ten Commandments Monument


Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Releasing First Music Album to Spread Hope


J.John to Lead Largest Evangelistic Event in UK Since Billy Graham 32 Years Ago


Thousands of Christians to Take Part in National Prayer Event This Sunday


When Charity is Labeled 'Hate': Guidestar and the Southern Poverty Law Center




Evangelist to Launch 50,000 Teens to Share Gospel: Great Revival Coming


Billy Graham: World Has Reverted to Barbarism as People Have Forgotten Jesus' Words


Greg Laurie on What Could Happen If There's No Spiritual Awakening in America


5 Humongous Youth Ministry Myths


Harvest America: Greg Laurie Clarifies Views on God; Over 3,000 Make Decisions for Christ


Why Words Are Necessary to Share the Gospel


Too Tired for Evangelism?


"Pray for America With Confidence!": Vice-President Mike Pence Stirs Crowd at Faith and Freedom Coalition


Greg Laurie to Headline 'Super Bowl of Evangelism' Sunday in Phoenix


Update on one group’s language where Bible translation is making a difference


Pastor Reports 100,000 New Converts to Christ Per Year Despite Ongoing Crackdown in China


U2 Takes Jimmy Kimmel Audience to Church


Will Gov. Sam Brownback Leave Kansas for Trump State Dept. Religious Freedom Post?


Why You Need to Love the People in Your Church


Thank you, Jesus: Intercessors Hit DC to Pray for the President: "Tea at Trump's"


“As It Had Been the Face of an Angel” — A Commission for God’s Messengers


Alan Sears, Serving God and Protecting His People: The 2017 William Wilberforce Award


Christian Pastor Says Many Indonesians Are Realizing Islam Is False, Finding Christ


Billy Graham Chaplains Deployed to Manchester to Offer Aid


The Stunning Science Behind the Healing Power of Prayer


China, Once Officially Atheist, Now Booming with Religion


Nabeel Qureshi Says He's Not Lost Hope God Will Heal Him From Cancer


Thousands of Christians to Take Part in ‘Thy Kingdom Come’ Prayer Initiative


Christianity Growing in North Korea Despite Persecution, Defector Says


Christian Ministry to Hold Bible Study, Discipleship Camps in Russia Despite Crackdown on Evangelism


U.S. Amb. to Israel David Friedman Prays for President Trump at Western Wall


Ravi Zacharias and Ministry Team Say 'Goodbye' to Nabeel Qureshi


At UN Headquarters, a Prayer Group Beseeches Heaven to Protect Israel


Actor Chris Pratt Quotes Psalm 107:8-9 in Response to Witnessing the Faith of Sick Children He Visited: "Today My Hungry Soul is Filled"


The Love of God Turns an ISIS Leader from a Course of Death, to Life in Christ


Now Safe on U.S. Soil, This American Believer—Imprisoned by North Korea because of a Bible He Left Behind—is Sharing His Story




Mom And 6 Sons Donate a Combined 17 Feet of Hair after Friend Dies of Cancer


'Everywhere We Go, People Ask for Bibles': Pastor Says Muslims in Middle East Have 'Huge Thirst' for Gospel


Why Were 200,000 Baby Socks Taken to the U.S. Capitol Last Week?


90 Continuous Hours of Bible Reading at U.S. Capitol is Happening Right Now




China Gripped by Spiritual Revival as 'Hundreds of Millions Turn to Religion and Faith'


"These People are Made from a Different Substance"—Egyptian TV Host Astounded by the Forgiveness of a Christian Woman Widowed during the Palm Sunday Bombing in Egypt


How a Muslim Royal Family is Supporting a New Christian Church in Middle East


The Prayer & Bible Study that Are an Ongoing Part of the President's Cabinet


Wycliffe Associates Helping Mother-Tongue Translators Print Bibles Where Churches and Christians Are in Hiding


Baptist Missionaries From 3 States Biking Over 2,000 Miles to Help Kids in Nicaragua


Hate Hollywood But Want to Love and Pray for the Lost There? Insider Explains How Christianity is Growing in "One of the Loneliest Cities Ever"


Hashtag Tips for Inter net Evangelism and Networking


Ministry Is Shaped by the Condition of the Heart: Awe Puts Us in Our Place


Internet Evangelism Tip - Collect Prayer Requests on Facebook


Humility Key to Effective Leadership

- 8 Traits of Effective Church Leaders

- The most appreciated pastors preach and teach Word of God


Feature: is God calling you to become a 'techie missionary'?

- Social Media: Latest Evangelism Tool

- Internet Evangelism Site Making Disciples

- Burgeoning internet is helping Christians spread the Word in China

- Become an Online Missionary!

- Internet Evangelism Is Effective

- Apps and Spirituality? Blend Can be Mixed Blessing, Baylor Author Says

- Microsoft VP: God Can Use Whatever You Have to Spread the Gospel


Has God Told You NOT to do Ministry?



Christian Persecution


Evangelicals, Pentecostals Are More Likely Than Other Christians to Be Persecuted, Here's Why...


Top 7 Nations With Worst Record of Christian Persecution: Report


Hindu Extremists Torture 29 Christians for Their Faith



- UK Anti-Semitic Incidents Hit Record in 2014

- Pew Study: Christians Are The World’s Most Oppressed Religious Group

- Key findings about growing religious hostilities around the world


- Report: 9 out of 10 Top Christian Persecution Countries Due to Islamic Extremism

- Survey: Reported Christian "martyr" deaths doubled in 2013

- New Web Site encourages prayer for persecuted Christians

- China Still Persecuting Christians, Just Better at Hiding It

- Raymond Ibrahim and Pat Robertson Discuss Muslim Persecution of Christians

- World Watch List: 50 Most Dangerous Countries for Christians

- Christian Persecution: The world was not worthy of them

- A Day in the Tortured Life of Christians in the Middle East

- Human Rights Activist: Many Christians 'Ignorant' of Extent of Persecution

- 400% Increase in Persecution of Christians Prompts Urgent Prayer Call

- Persecution Podcast #123: Vietnam, Iran, Kenya, and Pakistan

- Persecution Podcast #124: Kyrgyzstan, India, China, and Laos

- Stunning historical attack on Christians

- Christians 'Most Persecuted' Religion in World

- Report focus: Religious persecution and 'diplomatic leverage'

- Crackdown targets SK missionaries helping defectors in China

- Is Religious Intolerance on the Rise Globally

- New commissioners appointed to monitor intern'l religious freedom

- Muslim Persecution: January 2013

- What Happens to the Children?

- Chair of US Commission on Inter'l Religious Freedom on Persecution

- Open Doors to Release Religious Freedom Abuser World Watch List

' - Religious persecutors' list incomplete

- Church, Americans Quiet on Persecution

- Afghan Christian Sayed Musa tells how he survived imprisonment, abuse

- "Have Christians in US heard about me?"

- 4 steps to fight religious persecution

- What We Don’t Know re Persecuted Church

- Christian dies for beliefs every 5 minutes

- Shocking Figures Reveal 105,000 Christians Martyred Each Year

- "They electrified, strangled him, broke his teeth...Hany died a Christian"



- Convert Back To Islam or Die

- Letter from man in prison for faith


- Muslim persecutors target believers


- Church Leaders Beaten

- Christian beaten for Defending Girls


- Christians Attacked During Christmas

- Christian Converts Lose Jobs & Homes

- Christian Civilians Targeted


- Christian Pastors Arrested in Buddhist Bhutan


- Chinese Authorities Destroy Christian Statues Depicting Passion of Christ in Wenzhou

- How Should Global Christians Respond to the Destruction of China’s Sanjiang Church?

- China accused of anti-Christian campaign as church demolition begins

- China to become 'world's most Christian nation'...

- China clamps down on families who rescue abandoned babies

- New Campaign to Rid House Churches

- Christian Woman kidnapped, tortured

- Chinese Christians Protest Rule Requiring Bishops Be Elected by Gov't

- Farmer in Jiangsu attacked by 20+ family planning officials who beat him to near death

- Torture? See China's victims

- Editorial by Gao Zhisheng


- Official Admits Persecution


- Pastor Executed for Conversions


- Egyptian Christian Murdered by Islamic Extremists

- Egypt: Jizya-vigilantes target Christian minorities

- Egypt’s Young Coptic Christians Energized to Fight for Civil Rights


- The cost of Christianity in Egypt

- Coptic teacher tried for 'insulting religion'

- Christian paper Accused of Insulting Islam

- Jihad on Egypt’s Christian Children

- New video shows Egyptian police allowing deadly attack on Coptic cathedral

- Coptic Christians Need Help Now

- Attacks on Copts Significantly Increasing

- Video: Christian Girls Gang Raped in Egypt to Screams of ‘Allahu Akbar!’

- The Kidnapping of Coptic Girls

- The ‘Epidemic’ of Sexual Harassment—and Rape—in Egypt

- Raymond Ibrahim: Blasphemy Charges Soar Against Christians in Egypt

- Coptic Billionaire Tried for "Insulting Islam"

- Egypt Arresting Copts for Massacre

- Massacre in Cairo (warning: graphic)


- Gov't Beats & Detains 125 Christians

- Arrests continue

- Christians Finding No Escape


- Released Christian finds kids missing

- Christian Churches / Homes torched


- Eunuchs coming to Christ in India

- India's Christians Shrug

- India: unrelenting persecution

- Karnataka Most Dangerous for Christians

- Christians targeted for trafficking


- Indonesian police demolish church

- Bombing at packed church injures 22

- Indonesia Frees Terrorist Who Beheaded 3 Christian Girls as “Ramadan Present”



- Iran’s Oppressed Christians


- “I am in a fight with myself every day”

- Iran court convicts Pastor to death

- Pressure on Pastor to Convert or die


- Kids lead 2 lives to avoid beatings

- Silent killings of 'Christian Dogs'


- Israel Called a "Paradise for Christians" - Where Believers Say "We Enjoy Our Freedom"


- Arab Christians No Longer Grouped as Muslims in Israel

- Group targets Messianics


- Kazakh court orders Bibles to be destroyed


- Worship Service Targeted in Grenae Attacks

- YWAM Missionary Murderedd


- Women, kids, elderly slaughtered


- Police Arrest Pastor for Spreading Faith

- Officials Confiscate Church Buildings

- Christians Forced to Recant for Burial

- Officials: Give Up Faith or Face Eviction


- Seven Christians Executed in Libya


- Islam’s Persecution of Christians


- Crime wave targets Christians

- Persecuted Christians of Mexico


- 21 House Church leaders detained


- “Those words were pricking my heart”

- Churches under threat, Discrimination


- World powers join hunt for abducted Nigerian schoolgirls

- Amid Sorrow Losing Pastor & husbands at Hands of Boko Haram, Three Nigerian Widows are Filled with Joy of Jesus Christ

- Nigeria Islamists kill 68 in two village attacks: witnesses

- Churches Bombed in Kano, Killing 45 People

- Christians Targeted in Univ Killings

- Fifty Christians Burned Alive in Pastor's Home

- Dozens Killed in Attacks on Christian Villages

- 'Christians must convert,' says Islamist group

- Boko Haram Explains Why It Kills Christians, Desire for an Islamic Nigeria

- President Jonathan Urges the Church to Intensify Prayers for the Country

- Hundreds of Christians slaughtered

- Christian Blood on Obama’s Hands?

- Obama: Slaughter of Christians a misunderstanding

- ‘Religion Not Driving Violence’ in Nigeria, Says Obama Official After Church Bombings

- Protecting Christians near impossible

- Boko Haram Declares War on Christians

- Army helped slaughter Christians

-  Read this Updating Blog

North Korea

- North Korea: Believers Say God Is at Work despite Severe Persecution

- Christian Activists allegedly murdered

- 3 House Church Leaders Executed


- Christians in Pakistan sentenced to death over text message...

- Forced Conversions hike Fears

- Another Christian Martyred

- Pakistan tops worst list for religious freedom

- Christian sex-slaves


- Missionary Shot Dead In Pasig

- Christian Philippinos beheaded


- Pastor Beaten to Death

Saudi Arabia:

- Saudi Arabian Sheiks Legally Importing Bibles

- Families come to faith in Saudi Arabia

- Dozens jailed during prayer meeting

- Church members jailed w/o trial


- Islamic Extremists in Somalia Behead Two Christians

- Convert to Christ beheaded

- Christian Widow Killed Four Months After Husband Slain

- Christian Girl Kidnapped

Sri Lanka:

- Pastor Dragged, Beaten in Sri Lanka

- Increasing violence from extremists


- Sudanese Christian woman, enslaved 19 years, liberated for $50

- Muslims Burn Down Church in Sudan

- Christians Fear Forced Repatriation

- Silent Scream: Ethnically Cleanse Christians


- Islamic Extremists Now Crucifying People in Syria—and Tweeting Out the Pictures

- Al Qaeda-Linked Islamists Capture Syrian Christian Village

- Christians Consider Fleeing Syria

- Christians in Syria City nearly wiped out


- Turkey’s New Jihad on Christian Armenians


- 10 religious prisoners in one camp


- Muslims Slaughter Convert to Christ

- Muslims Threaten Church, Cover Cross


- USSR's genocide against Christians ignored

- Martyred in the USSR, Militant Atheism in the Former Soviet Union


- Crackdown Worsens


- Recent Convert Tortured, Imprisoned

- Vietnam's Two-Front War on Religion

- Officials Destroy 2 New Church Buildings

- Hmong families evicted for turning to Christ

- Hmong Christians “Beheaded”


- God transforms lives in Yemen



Compass Direct News

Christian Life News


Dr. William Allen & others Rebuke Claim That Trump Is 'Driver' of Racial Division

- Lara Trump: My Father-in-Law "Truly is a Man of God"


#PrayForPuertoRico: Hurricane Maria Slams U.S. Island with 155 MPH Winds


5 Wheaton College Students Facing Felony Charges over Hazing Incident


Nearly 220 Dead in Devastating Mexico Earthquake; Donald Trump, Pope Francis Call for God's Help


Virginia Church Votes to Remove Robert E. Lee from Name


5 Things Christians Should Know about the Jewish New Year


'Fixer Upper' Fans Criticize Chip and Joanna Gaines' Collaboration with Target


Abortion clinics in 375 cities to be targeted with 40 days of continuous prayer


Religious Researcher Claims Rapture Begins on Saturday


Hurricane Maria Wreaks "Mind-Boggling" Devastation in Caribbean: "We Shall Survive by the Grace of God!"


Christian Father of Two in Pakistan Sentenced to Death for 'Blaspheming' Prophet of Islam


Watch severely handicapped woman play incredible love song on violin


Tennessee town fights LGBT agenda, tries to ban drag show


Franciscan order supports priest arrested at U.S. abortion center

- Jailed priest: Abortion centers are ‘modern-day Calvary.’ The Church must be there


ISIS Calls for Attacks on Hurricane Relief Shelters


Dozens Arrested after St. Louis Protests Turn Violent


Emmy Awards Ceremony Blasts Trump


This Imam hated Christians until Jesus raised him from the dead


Catholic leaders call out cardinal, bishops for being soft on abortion

- Cardinal Cupich: Pope’s liturgical reforms are ‘reconnecting’ Church to Vatican II


Survey: Hurricanes, Floods, 'Satan-Influenced' Kim Jong-Un All Signs


Judge Stops City's Ban on Christian-Owned Business at Farmer's Market Over Gay Marriage Opposition


Christians, Muslims Unite to Protest Against Myanmar's Rohingya Crisis


Children Starting Gender Transition Using Hormones at Early Age Is OK, Medical Org. Claims


Biblical Type Miracle? What Happened in Tampa Bay as Hurricane Irma Roared Through


Stunning Confrontation: Down Syndrome Teen Asks Angela Merkel Why Germany is Killing the Disabled Through Abortion


"Passion of the Christ" Actor to Star in New Film of the Apostle Paul


Selena Gomez "Incredibly Blessed" After Receiving Kidney Transplant From Her BFF


Survey: White Evangelicals Most Likely to Forgive Politicians’ Immorality


Terrorist Attack on London Subway Injures Dozens, Wreaks Chaos




Mysterious Honey Bee Disappearance Nonexistent in Land of Milk and Honey


Biblical Type Miracle? What Happened in Tampa Bay as Hurricane Irma Roared Through


Only 6 Percent of Brits Are Practicing Christians Who Read the Bible, Attend Church Regularly: Poll


Pakistani Christian Teen Beaten to Death by Muslim Classmates


Asia Bibi, Christian Sentenced to Death, Nominated for Religious Freedom Prize


Okla. Police Chief Defends Posting Bible Verses Amid Lawsuit Threats


Franklin Graham: Current Events Could be ‘Biblical Signs before Christ’s Return’


School Custodian Who Selflessly Stopped Deadly Shooting Spree Identified


Study: Attacks on Religious Liberty Have Increased 133 Percent in Last 5 Years


Seattle’s homosexual mayor resigns as fifth alleged boy sex-abuse victim comes forward


Hillary Clinton: Abortion is ‘sacrosanct’ and non-negotiable for Democrats

- Pro-Life Group Ordered to Stop Teaching Nurses How to 'Reverse' Abortions


Congressman urges Trump admin to investigate dangerous New Mexico abortion facility


Pregnant mom of 6 declines cancer treatment, dies to save baby girl’s life


Catholic leaders defend Trump after Pope challenges his pro-life views

- Pro-gay Vatican adviser gets Catholic group suspended from Twitter

- Princeton president defends Trump nominee attacked for being Catholic


Some Floridians Are Surprisingly Unscathed After Irma; Others are "Living Like Savages"


St. Peter's Bones Found in an Ancient Church in Rome: A Mystery Unraveled


Why Israel Has a 9/11 Memorial, and How They're Honoring the Victims


Hurricane Jose Could Threaten Florida as Irma Leaves More Than 6 Million Powerless


Pope Francis Injured in Colombia; Urges Unity, Respect for Human Nature


PBS to Air Martin Luther Docudrama for 500th Anniversary of Reformation

- Why We Need 'Hard-Faith' Movies


Greg Laurie Asks: Is God Trying to Get Our Attention With Hurricanes and North Korea?


Eagles QB Carson Wentz Responds to Criticism He Receives for Expressing His Christian Faith


Christian Parents Pull Son From Church of England School After It Allows Boys to Dress as Girls

- Gov't Spends $138K to Ask 4-Y-O Kids About Their 'Internal Sense of Gender Identity'


12-Y-O Boy Starts Gender Transition to Become a Girl, Then Changes His Mind Years Later


Human Sexuality and the Spirit of the Age: A Statement Abandoning the Faith


He Lived as a Transgender Woman for Over 20 Years Until He Heard God Speak to Him


Trusting God in Hard Times: A 9/11 Reflection

- Thousands at Ground Zero for 9/11 Anniversary: A Day of Remembrance and Prayer


Couple Who Survived 9/11 From the 81st Floor of World Trade Center Recall God's Grace and Holy Spirit Power


Incredible! Watch Florida Residents Singing "The Great I Am" on Beach as Hurricane Irma Approached

- Hurricane Irma literally sucks away Bahamas shoreline

- BRACING FOR THE WORST Hurricane Irma regains Cat 4 status

- Georgia volunteers show Southern hospitality toward Irma evacuees


Lesbian feminist scholar: transgendering kids is ‘child abuse and ‘wrong’


Hurricane Harvey Teaches Unwelcome Lessons

- Grab on to This Powerful Promise for Today! There is Hope After Harvey and Irma’s Devastation


Who Decides When Life is Worth Living?


Ken Ham Slams 'Evil World' as Abortion Group Uses Hurricane Harvey to Raise Funds


Russian Anti-Missionary Law Mainly Hampers Christians


Pope: Marriage Is Only Between a Man and a Woman, 'We Cannot Change It'


Billy Graham to Be Played by Grandson Will in Second 'Unbroken' Film


'The Dogma Lives Loudly Within You': Senate Democrats Grill Appointee Over Catholic Faith


Florida Congressman Asks for Prayers as State Braces for Irma

- CBN News: Must See Footage of Hurricane Irma's "Incredible Power"


- Hurricane Irma: Most Powerful Atlantic Storm in Recorded History

- 8.2 Earthquake Rocks Mexico: Scores Dead


Former Lesbian: 'Why I Signed the Nashville Statement'


Doctors Wanted to Abort 'Britain's Smallest Baby'; Now She's a Healthy Teen


'The Stray' Movie Director Recounts the Terrifying Moment He Was Struck by Lightning—And the One Word that Saved His Life


The Importance of Good News: Headlines You're Not Hearing


Nat'l Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children; Saturday, September 9th


Christian Refugee Children in Sudan must Recite Islamic Prayers to Get Food


Hillary Clinton's Pastor's Book Yanked From Shelves Due to Plagiarism


Abortion Clinics Closes Doors, Reopens as Pro-life Pregnancy Center


China Continues to Hold and Presumably Torture Nobel Nominee Gao Zhisheng


Iraqi Christians in U.S. Face Deportation

- 7 Things You Should Know about the Middle East Christian Genocide


‘Transgender’ prison nurse sues Iowa for right to use men’s showers


Grocery Chain Removes Crosses from Product Packaging


Hurricane Irma: 9 Dead in Caribbean as Florida Braces for Impact

- Prayer! Irma Strengthens to Cat 5 as It Nears Puerto Rico; Aims at Florida


Greg Laurie Prays God Puts a 'Shield Over America' as North Korea's Nuclear Bomb Threat Grows


Scientist: Don’t Blame Harvey on Global Warming


The Reliability of Scripture: 'That Which We Have Seen with Our Eyes'


5 Christian Leaders' Reactions to Trump Admin Rescinding DACA


Thrilling! Ancient Seals Found in City of David Confirm Israeli History


South Korea holds second live-fire drill after North Korea's hydrogen bomb test


'SEVERE THREAT' TO FLORIDA State of emergency declared as Hurricane Irma grows to Category 4


4 Lessons From the Joel Osteen Controversy


The Southern Poverty Law Center Is the Most Dangerous Hate Group in America


John Piper: Questions Christians Need to Ask Themselves Before Watching Netflix Shows


Pro-gay religious Left condemns ‘toxic’ Evangelical Nashville Statement defending Biblical morality


Latin Bible Commentary Lost for 1,500 Years Rediscovered, Interprets Jesus Stories in Matthew


Florida Church Recreates 'Last Supper' Painting With Over 78,000 Legos


"Life is a Gift, Iceland, No Matter What": Arizona Rep. Trent Franks Pens Incredibly Personal, Powerful Rebuttal of Selective Abortion


Atheists' Scheme Backfires Big Time after Winning Fight to Take Down Ten Commandments Display


Kirk Cameron Film ‘Revive Us 2’ Will be in Theaters for one Day This October


People Gathered in Hurricane Shelter Break into Spontaneous Worship


Colorado Christian Baker’s Lawyers File Initial Supreme Court Brief


Prayer: As Iran Expands Its Military in Syria, Israel Puts the World on Notice


Canada Acquiesces to LGBT Pressure, Allows a THIRD GENDER Option on Passports


Christian Mom Drowns 'Saying Prayers' to Save Daughter Found Clinging to Her Lifeless Body


"The Nashville Statement": 150 Evangelicals Release Biblical Manifesto on Sexuality to Help Guide Christians

- Pastors issue powerful statement against gay ‘marriage,’ liberals are furious

- Complementarian Leaders Endorse Conservative Christian Statement on LGBT Issues


Max Lucado Responds to Hurricane Harvey: ‘Catastrophes Must Occur’ before Christ’s Return


Court declares the Cherokee Nation shares "the shameful taint of African slavery"


Study: Small Churches That Evangelize Retain the Most Converts


Planned Parenthood Tweets about Dating and it Really Backfires


‘Chestfeeding’? Even liberals believe ‘trans’ phenomenon has gone too far


As Australia Considers Legalizing Gay Marriage, Psychologists are Encouraging Children to Support It


Inaugural Pastor Defends Trump's Evangelical Advisory Board from Critics: "It's a God-Given Assignment"


Woman in Labor is Rescued When People in Houston Form Human Chain

- Baby girl born during Hurricane Harvey: ‘She belongs to God’


Gender dysphoria purely a ‘social craze’ that will lead to regrets: psychiatric expert


President of the American College of Pediatricians Calls Explosive Kindergarten Transgender Lesson in California "Psychological Abuse"

- Yet, Florida county on verge of banning ‘conversion therapy’ for gender confused kids

- Pediatric expert calls kindergarten transgender lesson ‘psychological abuse’


How Big Abortion Strikes Out on 'Choice,' 'Access,' 'Reproductive Health'


Pastors Arrested in Sudan as Government Moves to Take Over Church


Will Christian Athletes be Forced to Choose between Their Careers and Their Convictions?


Princeton sponsors Planned Parenthood event, pro-life students are outraged


Texas Residents Desperate for "More Boats" for Rescues

- Stories of Bravery Emerge in Texas, Even as Floodwaters Continue to Rise

- Local Dog becomes Symbol of Undefeatable Texas Spirit in Hurricane Aftermath


Coach not allowed to pray silently after high school football game, appeals court rules


AMC's EXTREMELY offensive Prime-time drama portrays Jesus in graphic sex scene - and more. Send the CEO an email, and sign Petition NOW


In California, it May Soon be a Criminal Offense to Call Someone by the Wrong Gender Pronoun


Students, parents want gay pride flag taken down in high school classroom


Catholic school removes 162 saint statues to be more ‘inclusive’




A Small Group of Pastors to Hold Press Conference Discussing the Church's Role after Charlottesville on Monday morning, August 28th


Judge Refuses to Dismiss Charges Against Activists in Planned Parenthood Undercover Investigation

- South Carolina defunds abortion, Planned Parenthood

- Late Term Abortion Clinic to Close in Maryland


'Charlottesville Declaration' Calls on Evangelicals to Condemn White Supremacy


Abortionist who threatened pro-lifer, botched abortions forfeits license


Whoa, Bethsaida! Archaeologists May Have Found Peter's Home Town


TV show forces babies to cross-dress, pushes for a ‘gender free’ world


Pro-gay Vatican advisor: Some of my critics just fear their own ‘complicated sexuality’


Hurricane Harvey results in at least one death, up to 14 injuries


Wake Up: The Stage Is Set for Revival


Why Are White American Evangelicals So Skeptical About Climate Change?


Building Intimacy With Christ


Anne Graham Lotz Says America 'Seriously Divided,' - 'Toxic, Dark, Dangerous'


Tony Perkins Calls for Day of Prayer for America's Healing


Pastors Launch Christian Alternative to Facebook


Local Authorities in Upper Egypt Prevent Christians from Holding Sunday Worship


Is Free-Speech Becoming Extinct? Google Under Fire for Censoring Christian, Pro-Life Content


East Texas Braces for Harvey; Which Could become First Major Hurricane in U.S. Since 2005


Woman Dies After Late-Term Abortion at Shady Clinic with History of Abuse

- Pro-choice Advocates Call for Judge to Recuse Herself in Abortion Case


5 Ways Your Kids Can Express Their Faith at School


Surprise Acquittal! Four Linked to the Bundy Ranch Standoff Judged Not Guilty


Ohio may ban discriminatory abortions against babies with Down syndrome


Righting a Terrible Wrong: D. James Kennedy Ministries Files Defamation Lawsuit Against Southern Poverty Law Center


Our First Lady with True Class: Melania Trump Thanks Chelsea Clinton for What She Did for Barron


Ninth Circuit Rules Against Football Coach Suspended for Praying With Players After Games


Woman dies after late-term abortion at shady clinic with history of abuse


Calif. Bill Seeks to Punish Nursing Home Workers Who Use Wrong Gender Pronouns for Transgender Patients


Pastor Offers 10 Rebuttals to Christians Who Defend Watching Sex-Heavy 'Game of Thrones'


America's Greatest Need: Unified Prayers, Spiritual Awakening


How the SPLC Uses the Word 'Hate' to Silence Dissent


Digital Addiction, Sexualized Culture Driving Rising Teen Suicide Rates; Fight Is 'Spiritual Battle,' Some Say

- Rescuing iGen: Teens Raised on Smartphones Need an Escape Plan

- Smartphone Technology Causing Mental Health Crisis; Parents Urged to Place Limits

- Sexting Has Become 'Rite of Passage' for Teens, Internet Safety Activist Warns Parents


Conservative Groups File Brief for Christian Grandmother Florist Sued for Refusing to Serve Gay Wedding


YouTube Just Demonetized Hundreds of Our Videos


VIDEO: Solar Eclipse 2017: Best images across America


Australia: This Hillsong Pastor Urges Christians NOT to be the "Silent Majority" in Upcoming Vote on Same-Sex Marriage


Mainstream Media Caught Red Handed Again with False Accusations against Trump; This Time over Secret Service


Falwell dismisses Trump-hating grads

- Some Liberty University Alumni Planning to Return Diplomas Over Falwell Support of Trump


Kindergarten celebrates 5-year-old transgender ‘transition;’ kids traumatized


Apple gives $1M to liberal group labeling pro-lifers as ‘hate groups’


Christians Believe in Supremacy — in Christ


Could Getting Better Sleep Help You Hear from God More? This Author Says Yes 


The Eichmann in All of Us: Chuck Colson on the Root of Evil


Lesbian teens are getting pregnant more than twice as often as their peers


Nabeel Qureshi's Stomach Removed Due to Severe Bleeding; Tumors Found in Liver


Did a Solar Eclipse Darken the Skies during Jesus’ Crucifixion?


Record Number of Jews Visit Temple Mount Under Threat of More Violence


Signs and Wonder: How People of Different Faiths View the Total Solar Eclipse

-10 Facts About the August 21 Solar Eclipse That Will Absolutely Blow Your Mind


Kim Burrell Admits Being Hurt When Fellow Christians Spoke Out Against Her Sermon on Homosexuality


Trump's Evangelical Advisers Respond to Calls for Them to Abandon Him: It Would Be 'Immoral'


Not All Faith Leaders Want to Remove the Johnson Amendment, These Are Working to Protect It


Attendance is up at UK Churches Due to Choral Music Performances


Catholics ‘too wishy-washy’ in face of secular attacks: Scottish archbishop


PRO-LIFE VICTORY: Another state defunds Planned Parenthood, after 2-year legal fight

- Arizona taxpayers forced to give $600K to Planned Parenthood’s lawyers


Abortion group compares pro-lifers to white supremacists… and gets slammed for it


Former Navy SEAL commander: Transgenders have ‘no right to serve’


Pray for Spain! Three Terrorist Attacks in Three Days Leaves Country Reeling


This list of ‘hate groups’ inspired a terrorist attack on pro-lifers. Today, CNN published it


Stunned, Local Christians in Virginia Reveal What REALLY Happened in Charlottesville




100-Year-Old Jewish Prophecy Says Eclipse Signals End of North Korean Regime


Actress Patricia Heaton Speaks out Against Killing of Down Syndrome Babies in Iceland


Father of Woman Killed in Charlottesville Releases Powerful Message About Jesus


Should men go in the girls’ restroom? This mom says no way


Alveda King Warns against "Erasing History": Instead, Put Confederate Monuments in Museums


Late-term abortion facility: We ‘euthanize’ babies in the womb, deliver them dead

- Hundreds of Botched Abortions Were Carried out at Abortion Chain, Report Discovers


Liverpool Church under Fire for Holding ‘Gay Cure’ Sessions


LGBT lawyers won’t help ‘non-binary’ man because he wouldn't parrot their agenda


Eclipse Will Showcase the Beauty of God’s Creation


Back from the Brink: North Korea Backs Off Guam Threat, But...



David Daleiden Takes Pro-Life Legal Fight to Supreme Court

- The Democratic Party’s Abortion Identity Crisis


Planned Parenthood abortionist performed illegal abortion on 13-year-old girl


Mom pregnant with sixth child rejects cancer treatment, hopes to survive until baby is born


Muslim takeover of Europe is ‘biggest story of our time’ and nobody knows it


Herdsmen in Plateau State, Nigeria Quietly Seizing Christians' Property, Pastors Say


Biologists Analyze 900-Year-Old Gospel of Luke


‘America is the new Babylon’: Catholics to pray Rosary for 54 days to end abortion, porn


Message from Alveda King: Racism Must Die So That America Can Thrive


Transgender Kids Camp Welcomes Kids as Young as Preschool Age

- Charter School Adopts Transgender Policy with No ‘Opt out’ Option for Parents


Former transgender: ‘I bought into the lies of Satan


Anne Graham Lotz Warns of God's Judgment After Great American Eclipse

- What is the Biblical Significance of the Upcoming Solar Eclipse? 8 Christian Leaders Explain

- The Coming Rare Solar Eclipse: You Don't Want to Miss It, & How You Can See It


Playing field simply not level when ‘trans’ men compete against women: doctor


5 Billy Graham Quotes About the Person and Activity of the Holy Spirit


Christian Convert Released from Prison in Iran after 4 Years

- North Korea Releases Canadian Pastor amid Rising Tensions


Medical waste disposal company stops doing business with ‘many Planned Parenthood’ clinics


Pastor Robert Jeffress: ‘God Has Given Trump Authority to Take out Kim Jong-Un’


Do American Christians Value Free Speech? Not nearly as Much as Religious Freedom, Survey Shows


Cardinal Burke warns against ‘idolatry of the papacy’


Evangelical Trump supporters want meeting with Pope over article accusing them of ‘hate’


Legendary Country Star Glen Campbell Has Died at 81, Following Long Battle with Alzheimer's


Hillary Clinton is considering becoming a pastor. Seriously.


‘Unsafe for children:’ Conservatives slam Disney for pushing LGBT cartoon on preschoolers

- Disney’s pro-gay cartoon for preschoolers: 12 facts you need to know

- Disney cartoon features lesbian ‘moms,’ promotes gay ‘marriage’ to preschoolers


Bakers Refuse to Make Pro-Trump MAGA Birthday Cake for 9-Y-O Boy


‘Confusion and error’ from Catholic leaders may be sign of end times: Cardinal Burke


Parents Are Donating Their Girls to Blow Themselves Up in Nigeria

- ISIS Secret Unit Training Jihadists to Strike Targets in the West


Charlie Gard opened his eyes, looked at his parents right before dying




School District Learns a Free Speech Lesson


Discovery in Israel! The "Lost" City That was Home to Three of Jesus' Apostles


Mother of Transgender Teen Appeals Dismissal


Alert Airline Passenger Saves 2 Children from Sex Abuse After Overseeing Explicit Text Messages on Plane


What He Did After Finding a Missing Purse Changed Everything in This Homeless Heroin Addict's Life


US Bishops president urges Trump to not force employers to pay for contraceptives

- Cardinal supports reparative therapy for homosexuals


Liberal actress demands airline punish employees who oppose transgenderism


Despite Smuggled Antiquities Purchase, Some Say Criticism of Bible Museum is Unfair


Israel on Edge: Russia Builds Military Base in Southern Syria Near Israel's Border


How Ex-Gay Activist Was Transformed: God Said, "I Will Reveal Myself to You"


Gene Editing: Gateway to Promised Land, or Key to Pandora’s Box?


Can Volunteering Replace Tithing? Pastors, Church Members Disagree: Barna Study


Senator Defends Christian Nonprofit after it was Called a ‘Hate Group’


LGBT cartoon targets young boys, promotes gay relationships to children


3 Years Later, Genocide of Yazidis by ISIS Still Ongoing


In Touching Letter, Young Boy Offers to Mow White House Lawn


Professor Who Opposes Gender-Neutral Pronoun Mandates Suspended by YouTube, Google


What Christians Should Know About 'Intersectionality'


'Jesus, Jesus, Jesus': WATCH Fishing Boat Captain Save Crewman from Certain Death


Is the Upcoming Solar Eclipse a Sign of the End Times?


School Privacy Matters, Texas Dad and Daughter Tell State Lawmakers


‘The View’ host: Jesus cares more about the environment than abortion


U.S. parents seek treatment for son with same condition as Charlie Gard

- Children Don't Belong to Their Parents?


Digging up Biblical History: Gath, Gaza, and Goliath


Prayer: Two Opposition Leaders Jailed, as Venezuela Falls into Dictatorship


Another Charlie Gard Case? UK Baby with Undiagnosed Condition Fights for Life


'It Left Deep Scars': Men Share How Abortion Affects Them


Federal Judge Gets Tough on 'America's Toughest Sheriff' Joe Arpaio, But He Plans to Appeal


The Promises to God Behind the Hero Just Awarded the Medal of Honor by President Trump


Israelis March in Jerusalem Demanding Access to Temple Mount and Building of the Third Temple


New Jersey Residents Aren't Allowed to Say Words "Islam" or "Muslim" at Public Hearing on Mosque Construction: Lawsuit Filed


Matthew McConaughey Shares the Amazing Story of How His Son Received a Biblical Name


Pro-life Movement Making 'Sure and Steady' Progress with Legislation


Starting Tonight, a Christian Alternative to Left-leaning Late Night Shows


The Cold, Hard Truth: Many Americans Are Too Drugged Up to Work Skilled Jobs


Planned Parenthood Worker Admits 'It's a Baby,' Begs for God's Forgiveness


Rodney Howard-Browne: Threat on Trump Is 'Physical'—PRAY!


Four moms say no way to transgender bathrooms invading their kids’ school


Pastor, Wife Allowed Son to Start Identifying as Girl at Age 2 Because He Liked 'All Things Girly'


Minnesota Transgender 'Toolkit': 'Segregate' Students Who Object to Transgender Kids in Bathrooms


'Activist Mommy' Writes to Maybelline, Teen Vogue Advertisers to Drop Magazine Over Sex Guide


NYC Public School Installs Urinals in Women's Restroom; Voyeurism, Rape Victims Speak Out


Smartphone Technology Causing Mental Health Crisis; Parents Urged to Place Limits


U.S. judge to inmates: Get sterilized and we’ll reduce your prison time


Conservative Anglicans in Open Revolt Against Church of England's 'Capitulation to Secular Values'


Charlie Gard Has Passed Away: Parents Say Goodbye to Their 'Beautiful Boy'

- Charlie Gard's Parents Fight to Spend Last Moments with Him


Planned Parenthood’s new sex-ed: ‘Your genitals don’t make you a boy or a girl’

- Planned Parenthood VP admits brutal abortion methods, shady legal loophole


'One of the Strongest Pro-life Bills to be Passed in Years' Becomes Law in Missouri


U.S. Justice Department won’t ban pro-lifers from Kentucky’s last abortion clinic


Franklin Graham slams Teen Vogue: Don’t let ‘this kind of trash be pawned off on our children’


U.S. bishop criticizes Vatican advisor for being part of ‘LGBT lobby…within the church’


Owners of Christian Bridal Shop Close Doors after Receiving Death Threats


Archaeologists Discover Treasure Trove of 2,600-Year-Old Artifacts in Jerusalem


Big Pro-Life Win: Federal Court Protects Christian Doctors from Promoting Abortion


Professor: If abortion is morally acceptable, infanticide should be too


Atheist Richard Dawkins Responds to Berkeley Event Cancellation: 'Why is it Fine to Criticize Christianity but Not Islam?'


European Christians Defend Israel from Condemnations over Temple Mount Policy


Richard Dawkins Banned for Bashing Muslims, But Bashing Christians Is OK?


China's Crackdown on Christianity Continues as Government 'Shuts Down Sunday Schools, Vacation Bible Schools for Children'


Al-Shabaab Slaughters 7 Christians in Door-to-Door ID Checks in Kenyan Villages


Parents Lose Legal Battle--Charlie Gard to be Taken off Life Support

- The Full HEARTBREAKING Statement From Baby Charlie Gard's Devastated Mother


Israel Removes Metal Detectors, Security Cameras at Temple Mount Entrance


No More Abortions: Indiana Planned Parenthood Closes Doors


Courageous Pro-Life Women Who Fight for Real Equality


Archbishop Defends Catholics Under Attack for Joining Evangelicals Who Support President Trump: "Groups That Fight for Religious Freedom are Heroes, Not Haters"


Conservative Anglicans in Open Revolt Against Church of England's 'Capitulation to Secular Values'


'I Never Felt Qualified' to Preach, Perry Noble Responds to NewSpring Leaders


Praying for President Trump Is Biblical, Not Heresy, Evangelical Leaders Say


Church of England Withdrew Pastoral Care From Abuse Victims After Settlements


Students Sue School for Hushing Pro-life Speech


How to Respond to the Intolerance of Tolerance


Learning from the Tragedy of O. J. Simpson


Canadian Man Convicted of Murder Wins Right to Spend Life in Women's Prison as Transgender


The Tragic Effect of China's Two-Child Policy: Woman Dies after 4 Forced Abortions


Binge on These 5 YouTube Channels to Feed Your Spiritual Life


Same-sex ‘marriage’: Religious right was right all along


Scores of Muslims Turning to Christ in Middle East


Facebook blocks conservative Catholic pages, calls it a ‘malfunction’


The A - Z list of concerns with Pope Francis


Kentucky Suspends Ark Encounter's $18 Million Tax Break Deal Over Breach of Contract


A Baker and a Florist Walk into the Supreme Court: Two High-Profile Religious Freedom Cases


Oregon Seizes Children From Parents Who Have Low IQ


Ontario: There’s a price to pay for body-mutilating ‘gender change’ surgery


All Eyes on Jerusalem as Muslim "Day of Rage" Engulfs City


Study: Conservative College Students Fear Backlash for Political Beliefs


Hawaii Pro-life Centers Sue over Abortion Promotion Law


China Levels New Ultimatum to Christians: Give Up Your Faith, or Else

- The Tragic Effect of China's Two-Child Policy: Woman Dies after 4 Forced Abortions


Activist Mommy Starts 'Operation Pull Teen Vogue' After Mag Peddles Sexual Perversion to Minors

- Teen Vogue editor flips off critics of anal sex article, blames backlash on ‘homophobia’


An Update on Billy Graham as His 99th Birthday Nears


U.S. Grants Dying U.K. Baby Charlie Gard Permanent Residence Status so He Can Come to America for Treatment


Judge rules Daleiden in contempt for violating gag order, awards $137K to abortion group


Priest rebukes Vatican archbishop: No, Christian values don’t ‘defend themselves’


How God Used President Trump to Keep This Distraught Mother from Committing Suicide


Washington, DC rushes to implement assisted suicide before Congress blocks it


Want to Learn about the Bible’s History? This New Card Game May be for You


Archaeologists Find Clues in Search for Ark of the Covenant


American Embassy Will Be Moved to Jerusalem, Vice Presidentz Pence Says


Ken Ham: The Ark Encounter Will 'Take Back' Rainbow Lights from LGBT


Trump Says He Prayed for Wisdom From God While Touching Western Wall


Charlie Gard’s Parents Optimistic after Encouraging Medical Tests


Pence Roots Administration’s Support for Israel in Faith


Persecuted Christians Face One Trial after Another in Refugee Camps


Florida Fortifies Religious Freedom in Public Schools


Archaeologists Discover Solomon-era Linens


Florist Fined for Not Working Gay Wedding Takes 'Last Stand' at Supreme Court


Charlie Gard's Appointed Lawyer Is Tied to Pro-Assisted Suicide Group




Alliance Between Traditional Catholics and Evangelicals Stronger Than Ever on Many Important Social Issues


Atlanta spends $200K on rainbow crosswalk promoting ‘LGBT pride’


Ex-gay Army veteran slams policy forcing women to share showers with ‘transgender’ men


‘Piece of trash’: Activist mom burns Teen Vogue for pushing anal sex


Was Naboth's Vineyard, Which the Biblical King Ahab Coveted, Just Discovered?


Christian Refugees Outnumber Muslims in First Year Under Trump: Pew


Beautiful marriage proposal includes a second ring for a sister with Down syndrome


Drowning Family Rescued by Beachgoers Who Make 80-Person Human Chain


Teachers in Ontario Told to Keep Child’s Transgenderism from Parents

- Mom encourages 8-year-old son to be a ‘drag queen’


100 People Murdered in the Philippines Last Month and Nobody Is Talking About It


World desperately needs to recover a natural understanding of human sexuality


Are Facebook, Google, Twitter Manipulating Public Opinion?


Elephant Rescued 5 Miles Out at Sea: Amazing Video!


Christians to Protest America's First Satanic Monument on Public Property

- Christian Legal Group Blasts ABC News for 'Hate Group' Smear


White House Responds to Trump Prayer Photo: "People Should Pray Daily"


Victory in California State Court for Pro-Life Pregnancy Centers


New Surprise In Our Cynical Society: The Church Has a Better Reputation Now Than Media or Higher Ed



- American doctor will examine Charlie Gard on Monday


Father Stuns Courtroom with His Message for the Drug Dealer Who Killed His Daughter


African-Americans Most Bible-Engaged Group, Lead in Time Spent Reading Scripture: Study






Cuban Pastor Punished With 1-Year Heavy Labor for Homeschooling His Children in Evangelical Faith


Good Samaritans Rescue Family Trapped in Overturned Vehicle


These are 8 of the Most Controversial Topics in the Church Today


UK Judge to Announce Decision 'ASAP' on Fate of Baby Charlie Gard


Eugene Peterson Retracts Statement Saying He Would Perform Same-Sex Wedding


Dangerous ‘Do it Yourself’ Abortions on the Rise

- Oregon Lawmakers Pass Bill Requiring Insurers to Cover 100% of Abortion Costs




Christians Overtake Muslims to Become Largest Group of Refugees Entering U.S


Republican Senator Hails 'Biblical Miracle' That Donald Trump Is President


Research Reveals Church has Better Reputation Than Higher Ed or Media


Franklin Graham Reports on Rev. Billy Graham's Condition before 99th Birthday


Judge finds Daleiden attorneys in contempt of court


Teachers’ union radically promotes transgender ideology, Trump-bashing


Army prepares women to shower with men as part of ‘transgender’ training


Archbishop criticizes pro-gay Vatican advisor for book normalizing homosexuality

- U.S. archbishop: Active gays must repent and change lifestyle before receiving Communion

- Church leaders rip Fr. Martin’s new book on homosexuality


Mike Pence: ‘We hope and pray that little Charlie Gard gets every chance’


Video game store promotes graphic animated porn to 35 million child users


Church of England Votes to Affirm Transgender People: It’s ‘Not a Sin,’ Says Bishop


Is Google Censoring Anti-Abortion Group From Top Search Results Lists?


Female ISIS Fighter Seen Clutching Child Before Exploding Suicide Vest


Hobby Lobby to Pay $3M Fine, Forfeit Biblical Artifacts Smuggled From Iraq


'Bible Answer Man' Hank Hanegraaff Says Watching 'Pastor-Preneurs' Led Him to Leave Evangelicalism


Most Americans Believe Culture Corrupts Kids, Will Be Harder to Raise Kids in Future: Survey


Christian Crisis Pregnancy Centers Sue Illinois Over Law Forcing Them to Promote Abortion


This Week in Christian History: John Calvin, 'In God We Trust,' Scopes Monkey Trial


The Most Technologically Advanced, Immersive Museum Coming Soon


Robert Jeffress: Singing 'Make America Great Again' No Different Than Singing National Anthem


Teachers’ union radically promotes transgender ideology, Trump-bashing


Mental Illness Plagues Abortion Workers Claims New Book on Kermit Gosnell


Thousands of Christians to Take Part in National Prayer Event This Sunday


Pastor Donates Life-Saving Kidney to Ailing Congregant After He Spent Years Praying for Miracle


Beth Moore Warns of Allegiance to Political Party Instead of Jesus After Trump Mean Tweets


LGBT Mega-Donor Reveals Next Goal: 'Punish the Wicked' Gay Marriage Opponents

- LGBT 'Acceptance Panel' on Transgenderism, Gender Identity to Be Hosted at Virginia Public Schools


Gay Activists Really Are After Your Children


Christian Mother Seeks Justice for 3-Y-O Daughter Raped in Pakistan

- Christian Woman Gang Raped in Front of 5 Children in 'Honor' Attack in Pakistan

- Pakistani Christian Girl Kidnapped, Raped After Family Refused to Convert to Islam


Christian Geologist Wins Fight over Grand Canyon Rocks


Author of 10th-Century Hebrew Biblical Text is Identified


CNN has Fallen and Can’t Get Up


Louisiana Sued (Again) for its Pro-life Laws

- Where Have All the Babies Gone? Birth Rate in U.S. Reaches Record Low


Experts Say Hobby Lobby Must Have Known it was Illegally Importing Artifacts


‘What is the Devil’s Most Successful Scheme?’ Billy Graham Responds


Attending Church is Good for Your Health. Now What?


Barna: Most Evangelicals Say Religious Freedom Is 'What Makes America Great'


Pastor Sent Feces and Threatened after Opposing Facebook’s Gay Pride Emoji


Pensacola Residents Won't Give Up the Cross: Now They Have a Help in Their Fight to Keep It


Oklahoma College Regrets Giving in to Secular Demands to Remove Christian Symbols


Health experts: ‘Transgender’ men will bear children within next decade


Hobby Lobby Accused of Importing Ancient Artifacts Illegally


Planned Parenthood touts its ‘trans’ healthcare for the gender confused

- Woman says Planned Parenthood abortionists told her: If born alive, ‘we would break the baby’s neck’

- Legislator describes ‘perfectly formed little head’ of aborted baby found by dog


National teachers’ union wants to kick ex-homosexual educators out of convention


Alveda King: America's Independence Should Be for Everyone


Sweden: Pastors Told They Cannot Refuse to Marry Same-Sex Couples


Bishop takes away pastoral duties from priest who upholds authentic Church teaching on marriage


America - Why Didn’t Someone Do Something?


Evangelical Parents Fighting for 10-Y-O Son's Life as UK Doctors Want to Let Him Die


The Founders and the Presidents: A July Fourth Reflection


Trump, Pope Francis Proclaim Support, Offer Help for Sick Baby Charlie Gard


Sad Statistics: Over 100 People Have Killed Themselves in 6 Months Since Passing of California 'Right to Die' Law


In Emotional Video, Willie Robertson Baptizes Friend Who Later Dies of Cancer


Here's the "Morning Joe" Segment That Preceded Trump's Tweets: Personal Attacks Were Immature and Inexcusable, But They Shine a Light on Feminist Hypocrisy


Facebook Blocks Video Explaining America’s Christian Heritage


YouTube bans ‘Gay Pride’ video because it ‘sexualizes minors’ - - (but leaves others up)


8 Freedoms to Thank God for This Independence Day


Russell Moore, Franklin Graham Urge White House to Help Persecuted Sudanese Christians


Televangelist Todd Coontz Indicted on Tax Fraud, Claims $1.5M Condo, Ferraris Are Business Expenses


Seven ways the ‘logic’ of progressives is destroying society


Boko Haram Leader: There is No Way for Christians and Muslims to Work Together


President Trump to Native Tribal Leaders: "Government Restrictions Have Kept Energy Wealth Out of Your Hands, But No Longer Under My Administration"


'War Room' Actress Becomes Youngest Christian African-American Author, Inspires Girls to Love God


Trump Admin. Transgender Student Pronoun Policy Is 'Compelled Speech Violation,' Liberty Counsel Says


YouTube bans ‘Gay Pride’ video because it ‘sexualizes minors’


Facebook CEO: We can play the role that churches once filled


Ohio Senate passes ban on gruesome dismemberment abortion


Less Than 24 Hours After Ten Commandments Monument Was Placed; a Man Destroyed It with His Car


Atheist Group Files Complaint against Anne Graham Lotz Prayer Event


Incredible Heroism Led by Prayer: Details Emerge about U.S. Vet Risking His Life to Save a Little Girl From ISIS


Philippines: Christians Face Torture, Enslavement from ISIS-Affiliated Terrorist Group


Twitter censors pro-life ads


How artificial wombs are creating a genderless, family-free future


California bans travel to states that protect Christians who oppose gay ‘marriage’


CNN Busted Live and On Camera in Hidden Video Concerning Russia Stories!


Huge Supreme Court Win for Religious Liberty! Signals That the "Government Must Stop its Growing Hostility Towards Religion"


DNA Analysis of Egyptian Mummies Supports Biblical Story of Noah’s Descendants


National Security Expert Verifies: Muslims Are Encountering Jesus in "Stunning Ways"


Pastors say no to radical LGBT program in public schools: ‘Not in our city, not our children’


"First Thing I'll Do is Pay My Tithe": Christian Quarterback Derek Carr Signs Biggest NFL Contract in History


Movement Toward Dalit Emancipation in India Can't Be Halted: Bishop


Detroit: Judge Halts Deportation of Over 100 Iraqi Christians


Poll: Nearly Half of Americans Pray before Meals


Supreme Court to hear case of baker's refusal to make wedding cake for gay couple

- Supreme Court protects Christian schools from gov’t discrimination


Christians in This State Who Oppose Gay Marriage Are Now Protected by Law: Federal Appeals Court Win


Supreme Court Orders States to List Same-Sex Parents on Birth Certificates; Gorsuch Dissents


Supreme Court Rules 7-2 in Favor of Missouri Church for Public Funding Access


Girl with Down syndrome named ‘mayor’ of her parish, welcomes everyone


What the Six-Day War Meant for Jews and Christians


LGBT Groups: Conservative Christians 'Have No Place in Government'


Christian Woman Ordered by Cops to Stop Praying in Her Home Loses in Court


Evolutionists Try to Nourish Darwin’s Wilting Tree of Life


Americans of Faith are Solidly Pro-Trump According to New Pew Poll


Schools must refer to students by preferred gender pronoun or face investigation


I’ve seen the future that transgender activists are fighting for… and it’s terrifying


Pro-lifers stop Planned Parenthood from opening inside high school – for now


U.S. Bishop: No funerals, Communion for people in same-sex ‘marriages’


Gender-Confused Kids Are Being Experimented on With Hormone Therapy: Experts

- Feminist author: Giving kids transgender hormones is ‘criminal’


Planned Parenthood kicked Handel out of Komen, but couldn’t keep her from Congress


Court drops charges against pro-lifers who exposed Planned Parenthood

- 15 Felony Charges Against David Daleiden in California Are Bogus, Former Prosecutors Say


Ontario releases offensive, anti-child ad: Kids are annoying, use birth control


Only Pope Francis can end the ‘apostasy’ his words have caused: Italian monsignor


Skillful Shot: Canadian Sniper Sets World Record with 2.2-Mile Pickoff of ISIS Fighter


Otto Warmbier's Family Kept His Jewishness Under Wraps While North Korea Held Him


Could It Happen in Your Child's School? Canadian District Bans Christian School from Teaching 'Offensive' Parts of Bible


Victory: Oregon bill allowing dementia patients to be starved fails to pass


Billy Graham Answers Most Popular Questions about Heaven


Scalise Family: This Father's Day Had a Special Meaning


Limbless Evangelist Nick Vujicic Has 'Extraordinary' Father's Day, Wife Expecting Twins?


Harvard legal journal just shattered arguments for legal abortion


'Patterns of Evidence' Expert Sets Out to Historically Prove Life, Miracles of Moses (Video)


Bernie Sanders Says Christian Trump Appointee Has Religious Freedom But Shouldn't Work in Government

- LGBT Groups: Conservative Christians 'Have No Place in Government'


Porn Addiction Is Eroding Teenagers' Humanity, Says Counselor


Duck Dynasty's Korie Robertson: "Don't Lose Your Confidence in God to Raise Your Children for Him"


This Dad and Daughter Almost Didn't Go to Franklin Graham's Decision America Tour—But They Would've Missed This Eternally Precious Moment...


Vatican releases loaded survey for young people


A Catholic nun and four tribal girls were arrested in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh after authorities received a complaint of forced conversion from a local hardline Hindu activist.


ISIS Used Mosul Church as Site to Rape and Imprison 200 Girls


Dads Can be Heroes to Their Kids




Missouri Catholics pray for diocese to scrap ‘transgender’ school policy


Involved Dads Save Daughters from Risky Behavior


UK Supreme Court Upholds Protections for Unborn in Northern Ireland

- Delaware Legalizes Abortion through all Nine Months


Major League Baseball team under fire for inviting Christian speaker who opposes transgender bathrooms


Christian Families in India Forced into Hindu Ritual, Denied Water


Franklin Graham Warns U.S. Christians of Ontario's Anti-Parent LGBT Law


Otto Warmbier's Dad: Obama Admin. Said Be Quiet, Don't 'Offend' North Korea

- Otto Warmbier's father lashes out at North Korea, hits Obama inaction


ICYMI - Model gay adoptive ‘fathers’ sexually abused 6-year-old for years: offered him to pedophile ring


In Biblical Town of Thessaloniki, Netanyahu Visits Future Site of Holocaust Museum: Shares Incredible WWII Story of Greek Bishop and Mayor


America’s largest protestant denomination just declared war on Planned Parenthood


Southern Baptist Convention Resolution Denouncing 'Alt Right,' White Nationalism Hits a Snag


Southern Baptists Won't be Bullied: Push Back Against LGBT Activists


‘Disgusting:’ McDonald’s introduces ‘gay pride’ fries, Christians call for boycott


"Nazi" Oregon Votes to Allow Dementia Patients to be Starved to Death: If That's What Progressivism Is, God Help Us


VidAngel Re-Emerges with Netflix and Amazon Filtering Service Despite Opposition from Disney, Warner Bros


114 Chaldean Christians with criminal records arrested in Detroit


Otto Warmbier's father lashes out at North Korea, hits Obama inaction


After Shooting of Rep. Scalise, Prayer Takes Hold on Capitol Hill


Children of 21 Beheaded Coptic Christians Proud Fathers Showed What It Means to Die for Christ


GOP Senators May Fund Planned Parenthood in Obamacare Repeal Bill


House Majority Whip Steve Scalise Remains 'Critical' After Shooting That Left Him in 'Shock'


Bern Victim: Christians Need Not Apply


Iraqi Christian Family Thanks Jesus After 6-year-old Daughter Returns from ISIS Captivity


Continue praying for her: Katy Perry Breaks Down in Therapy; Talks God Saving Her From Suicide, Christian Upbringing (Video)


AMAZING RESCUE: Ex-US Soldier Says 'God Opened a Way' to Save a Girl Trapped by ISIS


Oregon Senate votes to allow dementia patients to be starved to death


This Famous Atheist Says Islam is "The Most Evil Religion in the World" and That Christianity "May Be Our Best Defense"


Jared Kushner's Jewish Family is a Legend Still Spoken of Today in Belarus: Their Daring Escape From the Nazis


Trump: ‘We worship God … We will not back down from doing what is right’


Why liberals care about climate change, but not abortion


Tennis Legend Margaret Court, Now a Pastor, Facing Fierce Backlash for Her Stand for Traditional Marriage


Judge who censored undercover Planned Parenthood videos was on pro-abortion group’s board


Israeli Scientists: There is Evidence for the Biblical Miracle of the Sun Standing Still, and They Even Know WHEN It Happened!


NFL Star Ben Watson: Bernie Sanders 'UnAmerican' for Questioning Trump Nominee's Evangelical Beliefs


Evangelists of Victimhood Want More Segregation


Pro-LGBT Group Wants Southern Baptists to Remove Homosexuality, Transgenderism From 'Sin List'


Katy Perry Talks Preacher Parents Disagreeing With 'Bon Appetit' Song


Abortion clinic loses fight to silence LifeSite, but plans emergency appeal


PRAY!!! ISIS is Using Thousands of Children as Human Shields in Mosul


5-Y-O Iraqi Christian Girl Kidnapped by ISIS Returns to Family 3 Years Later


Christians: In Ontario, Gov't Can Take Your Kids From You; Are You Awake Yet?




Christian Comedian Chonda Pierce: Kathy Griffin Ruined Her Own Career by Denouncing Jesus


This will be one of the biggest pro-life events this summer… and you’re invited


LGBT community celebrates 8-year-old drag queen. Critics call it child abuse


New Study Shows Euthanasia is about Fear, Not Pain


Is Opposition to the LGBT Agenda Child Abuse?


8 Ways You Can be Ready for Jesus' Return


Chinese Couple Accused of Selling 2-Month-Old Baby Online


Shake-Up in UK! Theresa May Suffers "Stunning Losses" in Election B ut Gets Queen's Permission to Form New Government


Christian Soccer Player Withdraws from Roster after Teams Decide to Wear Gay Pride Jerseys


"Streaked, Speckled and Spotted": Jacob's Lambs, First in 2,000 Years, Born in Native Land of Israel


How Faith-based Investing is Converting the Skeptics


Parents question daughter’s ‘transgender’ transition after her suicide


"Jesus Week" in Times Square Brings Deliverance to Thousands


Nikki Haley Prays at the Western Wall: "My Heart is Full. It Was a Blessing!"


Planned Parenthood wouldn’t let him stop his fiance’s abortion. And then he saw the ambulance


Silence About Conditions at Pine Ridge Reservation


Abortionists Can No Longer Mutilate Babies in Abortion or Sell Their Body Parts in This State


Radical leftists attack Christian group for helping ex-lesbian keep child from abusive partner


Nun celebrates her Catholic schools’ leadership in allowing transgender students


U.S.-Backed, Kurdish-led Forces Launch in Syria to Reclaim Raqqa from ISIS


Archbishop of Canterbury: Islam Needs to "Take Responsibility" for Terrorist Attacks


Man Shot and Wounded after Attacking Police Officer At Notre Dame; He Yelled "This Is for Syria"


Mike Pence: ‘American Catholics have an ally in President Donald Trump’


Christian pro-family leader wins five-year battle against ‘frivolous’ LGBT lawsuit


Catholic bishop: If it’s legal, it’s not automatically moral. Just look at slavery and abortion


Ivanka Trump’s ‘pride’ tweets upset LGBT activists and people of faith


Scathing gov’t report: Abortion center had no nurse, no anesthesia records, expired drugs


Texas abortionist uses sister facility in New Mexico for abortions on underage girls


Franklin Graham: US, UK Need to Wake Up to Threat of Islam


His Mercies Will Never Cease


Muslims in Philippines Risk Lives to Save Christians From ISIS, Escape Hellish Streets of Rotting Corpses


Ontario Passes Law Allowing Gov't to Seize Children From Parents Who Oppose Gender Transition


The Brave Bouncer—Reportedly a Pentecostal Christian—Who "Saved Countless Lives" in London's Latest Terror Attack


This Island Nation, Led by an Evangelical Christian, Just Recognized Jerusalem as Israel's Capital


Teacher Files Lawsuit After School Threatens to Fire Her for Saying 'I Will Pray for You'


Christian Sanitary Worker Dies as Doctors Refused to Touch His 'Dirty' Body During Ramadan Fasting


Is Dead Sea Fulfilling Bible's End Times Prophecy?


4 Reasons I'm Convinced We're on the Verge of the Next Great Awakening


Reverend Samuel Rodriguez Explains Why The Bias Against President Trump in the News is "Astonishing" and Why Americans Deserve More From the Media


The Once Mighty Church of Scotland Falls into Politically Correct Place: Same-Sex Weddings Now Allowed


Hard-Hitting Dennis Prager Calls on Anti-Trump Conservatives to Drop Their Pride, Forget Their Reputations and Support "Our New General": Otherwise...


Amazing! Caught on Video: Newborn Baby, Just Minutes Old, "Walks" across a Table; "I can just imagine how precocious she is going to be as she grows up"


Two More London Attacks: Van crash into London Bridge crowd, stabbings nearby


What is the Significance of Pentecost Sunday?


Oregon "Community Marriage" Initiative Aims to Protect and Grow "Sacred Marriages"


8 Filipino Christians Killed for Refusing to Recite Islamic Creed


13-Y-O Girl Kills Herself After Christian Parents Allow Her to Live as Transgender Boy


PM Theresa May After London Bridge Terror Attack: There's 'Far Too Much Tolerance of Extremism'


Archaeology Breakthrough: 1,700-Y-O Hebrew Scroll Discovered to Be Bible's Leviticus


This Minister Was At Death's Door: Then, "The Most Incredible, Lazarus-like Story of Healing" Occurred


50 Years after the Six-Day War, Israeli Jews Reflect on the Victory


Christians who reject transgenderism banned from adoption, working with children in Illinois


Catholic University welcome assisted suicide group, bans Chick-Fil-A


Rhode Island House votes to ban ‘sexual orientation change’ therapy for LGBT kids


Federal court forces high school to allow ‘transgender’ girl to use boys’ bathroom


Catholic farmers banned from market for Christian view of marriage, but they won’t back down

- You Can't Sell Blueberries From Your Farm in This City Unless You Affirm Gay Marriage


Rock & Roll Legend Carlos Santana Reveals How Jesus Saved Him After Seven Suicide Attempts


School Defies Threats from 'Civil Rights Activists,' Brings Back a Popular Bible Class


What Israel Taught Me about Memorial Day


Beloved Christian Police Officer Killed Trying to Quell Domestic Dispute That Left 8 Dead


Woman Who Attempted Abortion Has Change of Heart, Saves Her Baby


Missouri City Won’t Remove Public Cross Display Despite Atheists’ Demands


Mariam Ibraheem Told Ted Cruz the Reason She Didn't Give Up on Death Row


India Arrests Christians for Taking Kids to Bible Camp


152,000 Jews & Christians Sign Covenant Affirming Eternal Undivided Jerusalem


ISIS Overruns City, Murdering Christians, as War Rages in Philippines


Egypt's Coptic Christians Declare: 'We Take Pride to Die' for Jesus Amid ISIS Terror Attacks


Philippines: Priest Abducted by Islamic Extremists Appears in Video


Planned Parenthood reports record number of abortions, whopping $554.6 million in taxpayer funding


Nabeel Qureshi's Wife Shares the "Toughest Part" of Her Husband's Cancer Ordeal


Pope’s ‘new’ theology ‘does not first demand a change of life’: bishop


Pro-life speech could become a crime in Ohio if it ‘annoys’ someone


Disgusting: Abortion clinic staff tells child incest victim not to go to police


Church of England to Vote on Offering 'Baptism' for Transgender People to Mark New Identity


Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos Won't Promise Extra Privileges to LGBT Activists


Volunteers place roses at Arlington headstones (Video)


Veterans make it their mission to clean up historic cemetery


Shane Owens performs '19' in tribute to US veterans (Video)


Navy SEAL widow's Memorial Day event honors America’s fallen


Don't Argue the Exceptions: Beating Bad Arguments for Abortion and Transgenderism


Coptic Christians Targeted by ISIS Say They Are 'Suffering,' Getting No Help From Government


Millennial 'Silent Majority' Overwhelmingly Supports Free Speech, Religious Liberty, Poll Finds


Twitter Under Fire for ‘Misgendering’ Millions of Users to Advertisers


U2 Turns Whole Audience Into Gospel Choir on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live' (Video)


‘I need 4 intact limbs’: Planned Parenthood abortionists describe beheading, ripping apart babies to sell body parts


In Parts of Mexico, Christians Cling to Faith Despite Violent Persecution




Francis-appointed Cardinal personally welcomes ‘LGBT Pilgrimage’ to cathedral


Coptic Christian Death Toll Rises to 29 as Egypt Fights Back by Striking ISIS 'Terror Camps' in Libya


YouTube Removes Latest Video Exposing Planned Parenthood


1.5 Million Americans Sign Pledge to Boycott Target for Transgender Policy


Actor Tim Allen 'Stunned, Blindsided' by Cancellation of Conservative-Values 'Last Man Standing'


8 Signs Your Church May Be Closing Soon


Mom loses lawsuit against school that secretly gave her son ‘transgender’ treatment


Judge censors video exposing Planned Parenthood. See it here.


911 Call Reveals Mother's Horror at Discovering Dead Daughter From Planned Parenthood Abortion


Urgent Call to Pray for Canada! Radical New Bill Could Mean Jail for Christians and Others Who Reject Transgenderism


While the World Focuses on Manchester, 15 Christians Have Reportedly Been Kidnapped by ISIS-Linked Islamists, Prompting Martial Law in the Philippines


Mob Throws Smoke Bombs in Failed Attempt to Stop March for Life in England: "All We Could Do was Kneel and Pray"


Queen Elizabeth Visits Young Survivors of Concert Blast: "It's Dreadful. Very Wicked."


"Profound, Political Courage:" Christian Leaders React to Trump's Mid-East Trip


"Israel Will Never Be the Same" after Trump Visit: "Triumph of the Century, like When the Biggest Guy on the Block Puts His Arm around You for the Entire Neighborhood to See!"


Loss of Faith Among Top Reasons Young Adults Are Committing Suicide: Family Policy Institute


Alabama Lawmakers Approve Law to Protect Christian Adoption Agencies


Ravi Zacharias: Christians Must Reject 'Tepid' Christianity as 'Scorching Paganism' Rises in West

- Ravi Zacharias: Millennials Have 'Burned Themselves Out' Sexually, Are Hungering for Real Jesus


Good News for Pro-life Movement: 8 States Have Only One Abortion Clinic Left


Texas Governor Signs 'Sermon Safeguard Bill' on Sunday at Megachurch


PRAYER: Kim Jong Un to Mass Produce & Deploy Missile Targeting U.S. Bases


Thousands Turn out for Rome's March for Life--It's "Taking on a Life of Its Own"


Pastor in Iraq Blasts Critics of Franklin Graham Who's Helping Families in War-Torn Region


Manchester Suicide Bombing: Salman Abedi Likely Did Not Act Alone

- Greg Laurie on Manchester Terror Attack: 'There Is a Spiritual Element in Play Here'


Former Jakarta Christian Gov. Withdraws Appeal of Jail Sentence


School Cancels 8th Grader's Faith-Based Graduation Speech, But the Neighbor across the Street Offers His Yard Instead


Man in threesome marriage: ‘This should be the future of relationships’ 




Powerful pro-life conference for women coming in June


Christian Leaders Praise Trump's Saudi Arabia Speech; Tillerson Says Trump's Views on Islam Will 'Evolve'


Major Jewish Group Praises President Trump's "Refreshing Honesty" and Call on Muslim Nations to Confront Islamist Extremism


Michael Bublé's Wife Says Son Noah's Miraculous Cancer Recovery Strengthened Her Faith in God


Magdala Stone, Known as the Christian-Jewish "Crossroads" is a Dream Finally Come True


Trump Has Done More to Reach Out to Evangelicals Than George W. Bush


Christians Are Our Brothers: Israeli President, Makes Powerful Statement after Visiting Syria


Russia's Persecution of Christians Intensifies; Putin Can't Be Trusted, Experts Warn


Ray Comfort to Atheists Rejecting 'Tyrannical' God of Old Testament: God Without Justice Is Worse


"MS-13 Gang Decapitated": Police Conduct Largest Gang Raid in LA History


Major University Launches a New Center on "The Work of the Holy Spirit"


Worship Leader on 'The Voice' Snags Finale Spot With Spirit-Filled Praise


Cuban Pastor and Wife Sentenced to Jail for Homeschooling Children


Major University Launches a New Center on "The Work of the Holy Spirit"


Supreme Court Justice Warns Students That Religious Liberty is Under Attack in America


This Vice-Principal Should Get an Award for Compassion After Fulfilling a Grandma's Dying Wish in the Most Amazing Way


ISIS Savages Dismember Children, Behead Women in Rampage in Syria


Worship Leader on 'The Voice' Snags Finale Spot With Spirit-Filled Praise


High school allows gay club, bans pro-life club


Woman dies from complications after ‘sex change’ surgery


The Stunning Science Behind the Healing Power of Prayer


Franklin Graham: Christians ‘should pull out of the Boy Scouts completely’


Report: U.S. Embassy to Stay in Tel Aviv for Now


How the Prisoner Who Spoke in Tongues Before His Execution Came to Know Christ


Dr. James Dobson Calls President Trump and VP Pence "Defenders of the Church" as They 'Go to Bat' for Imprisoned Pastor Andrew Brunson


Marco Rubio Defends His Bible Tweets After Bloggers Mock, Insult Him

- Twitter Freaks Out after Sen. Marco Rubio Tweets Bible Verses




"Lord Jesus, Help Us Get Her Out": Watch This Intense Rescue of a Teen Trapped Behind ISIS Lines


Jim Bakker: The Lord Told Me President Trump's Life is in Danger—Pray for His Safety


Christians Slam 'Demonic' Practice of Turning Frozen Embryo Children Into Jewelry for Parents


Upcoming Total Solar Eclipse Brings End Times Speculation


Bishop praises pro-life prayer warriors after abortion center shuts down


Court Grants Christian T-shirt Printer Religious Freedom to Decline Pro-LGBT Orders


Women Bloggers Spawn an Evangelical 'Crisis of Authority'


1,000 Candlelight Vigils Held Worldwide to Protest Prison Sentence for Jakarta's Christian Governor


‘The strength that he has is so inspiring:’ NHL star befriends disabled boy who was almost aborted


China Projected to Have World’s Largest Christian Population by 2030


Trump at Liberty Univ: 'In America We Don't Worship Gov't, We Worship God'


Christian Bakers in Ireland, Fined for Refusing to Bake Cake for Gay Marriage, Get a BIG Surprise


A Giant Symbol of Christianity Rises in Chinese Communist Mao's Birthplace


120-year-old Illinois church Ditches 'Baptist' Name over 'Negative Stereotypes'


French Election Winner Macron Again Rules Out Palestinian Statehood Recognition


The Bible Confirmed: The War that Catapulted Archaeology in Jerusalem


Church of Ireland Holds Their Ground; Rejects Same-Sex Proposal


Harvard Mulls Dropping a Line From School Song Referring to Its Christian Heritage


"Duck Dynasty" Star Missy Robertson Gets Real on Imperfection and the Deep Connection of Motherhood and Faith: "This Life is Not About Me. It's About Jesus"


Moms celebrate their special day at Northwest Christian School

- Mother's Day 2017: Ten Best Bible Verses for Cards, Gifts


Cancellation of Tim Allen's "Last Man Standing" Galvanizes Mainstream Americans to Demand Fair Representation in Hollywood


Outraged Parents Issue Urgent Warning Against Media Lying to Children about Transgender Agenda


Franklin Graham: Islam Puts Women ‘behind a Veil of Horror’


46 Million People Living in Slavery Worldwide, New Report Reveals


New study shows extremely premature babies viable at 22, 23 weeks


Indiana University to sue state so it can continue experimenting on aborted babies’ body parts


Israel Digs against the Clock to Save Desert Scrolls from Looters


My Dad Was Transgender: Why I Still Think Gender Can't be Changed




- GoFundMe Changes Policy to Ban Fundraising for Those Accused of ‘Discriminatory Acts’





Sage's Story - Running from ICWA (Video)


Watchman Nee - Chinese Martyr


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